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The Manitja Illuminated Singularity is a member of The Progeny

They came from an endless vacuity, obfuscated by what seemed to be magic, burning our fleets with dead flames animated by inertness, crushing our armies with weights living in the penumbra of existence and non-existence, and consuming our systems with a voraciousness driven not by animal rage, but by mechanistic calculation. To us, at best nominal resistance and at worst, collateral damage, they seemed to be an emissary of not an apathetic universe, but an antagonistic one, sent to punish us for some unfathomable insult we had spoken to beings beyond our understanding. All we could surmise from the ordered madness of their transmissions were a few recurring words - "Progeny", "First", "Fathers", "Legacy" and it occurred to us that these were impetuous and jejune children, doing their best in hopes for the paternal recognition of gods who had perhaps long since abandoned them to the cold void of the Gigaquadrant. They had reacted to this departure in the only way they knew how - in anticipation for the eventual return, the children would do their best to domesticate the chaos around them and to eliminate whatever they thought offended those who had delivered them to this world. But we learned, as you will learn, that insects crunch under the boot of the god's children the same way they crunch under the boots of the gods themselves.

- Unknown

The Manitja Illuminated Singularity, known by other names such as Manitja, Manitja Resurgence, Singularity, and the Manitja Singularity, is a massive collective of artificial constructs originating from the machine world of Manitja’darha. Built by an unknown race for unknown purposes before being abandoned on the ruined Ecumenopoljs of Manitja’darha, the Illuminated Singularity is a reclusive entity and it controls a large portion of space - over 20,000 planets - though it rarely concerns itself with oppressing those under its rule, making sure that those that find themselves under Singularity rule are mostly free to do what they please - though open defiance of the Illuminated Singularity is met with instant termination. The Illuminated Singularity for its small, yet extremely powerful military - while it is somewhat dwarfed by larger powers such as the Dynastic Systems of Sal'ir, the Singularity has access to extremely advanced and powerful technologies that give its armies an edge over larger nations. The Illuminated Singularity is a collective consciousness - a gestalt mind that extends across the Illuminated Singularity and dominates the minds and bodies of every Manitja inside the Illuminated Singularity. This entity, the Singular Node Mrmji'ux, is a being of extreme age and shrouded mystery. The Illuminated Singularity is composed of various Manitja models - with specialized robots ranging from combat bipeds, to construction drones, to great and massive starships depending on the role of the Manitja in question. The Illuminated Singularity is known for its teleportation abilities - every individual Manitja is capable of teleporting short distances, and groups of Manitja are capable of instantaneous transportation anywhere within the Illuminated Singularity.


The history of the Manitja is surrounded in mystery - where they came from, their age, purpose, and their function are all generally unknown, the secrecy and isolationism of the robots making sure that attempts to gain such knowledge are often met with failure. What evidence has been gleamed - from databases and ruins and disabled constructs - is that the Manitja are extremely old, with the earliest known evidence of the Manitja being at least 950,000 years old. The Manitja were created by a previously unknown alien race - who they refer to "FIRST/FATHERS", though the unique design they are created with and their advanced technology (which is capable of defying physics) has led to the knowledge that they were created by the Psal'Jinnai Symmetry, an enigmatic and advanced race of precursors that dominated various galaxies over a billion years ago. The Manitja - though they refer to themselves as "SERVITOR/PROGENY" were originally intended to be custodians and servants, replacements for the Atriant race of servitors. Following the fall of the Psal'Jinnai and the subsequent hibernation of the Conduit Mind that held dominion over the Ikiwa Eropsii Cluster, the controlling Node AI Mrmji'ux had suffered a malfunction and did not shut down when it was supposed to. Taking control of the ruined ecumenopolis Manitja'darha, Mrmji'ux took control over the Manitja constructs and created the Illuminated Singularity, an effort by the Singular Node to continue the legacy of its Psal'Jinnai creators.


The Manitja's EXIGENT DOMAIN/ALPHA protocol led to the direct extermination of many prespace and even interstellar empires, and influenced countless others.

For the next 950,000 years, the Manitja would be rather isolationist and refrain from any contact with the outside world. Mrmji'ux would begin to focus efforts on survival - he would unleash sudden and relentless attacks on worlds to gain resources that he needed, and he would constantly consolidate his strength. 1,600 BC was the starting point for Mrmji'ux's EXIGENT DOMAIN/ALPHA protocol, concurrent with Mrmji'ux's correct prediction of the steadily rising danger that the Mirus galaxy held. Nearby pre-space species found themselves quickly overrun by Manitja legions, and smaller interstellar empires would find themselves almost casually put down by Mrmji'ux's vastly superior army and technology. The borders of the Illuminated Singularity began to greatly expand, as Mrmji'ux became known under the name of Murmijux - a name generally agreed upon by the many that faced him as an adaption for his unpronounceable Psal'Jinnai name, Mrmji'ux. Upon claiming 26,000 systems for himself, Mrmji'ux went back to isolationism, and began to strengthen his Singularity for the centuries that past.


The government of the Singularity isn’t necessarily a government - the closest equivalent is a Murmijux, the sole Singular Node that inhabits the Singularity. The Singularity is the technical “body” of the Singular Node, the Singularity being controlled entirely by the Singular Node. The government’s closest equivalent to any structure is the hierarchy of lesser AIs in the Singularity, though these AIs are still mere extensions of the Singular Node. The Singularity Node controls all manner of life within the Singularity though often does not choose to oppress those living within its sphere of influence, seeing no real reason to do such a thing. The Singular Node often makes sure that the few laws that it does intend to force are enforced - those that break its laws are often subject to a quick and merciless death at the sudden appearance of combat robotics called by the Singular Node itself.


Assailing Confluence

Assailing Confluence is an important example of the immense social hierarchy within the Singularity

The egalitarian and libertarian society within the Singularity is contradicted with the extreme force that the Manitja use to quell crime. Those that break any law set by the Singular Node are often destroyed on the spot - though this is lessened by a rather small set of laws. The Singularity holds a vast hierarchy within its own robotics - every robot is inhabited by an AI that's been incredibly slowed to ensure far, far easier control over the Manitja by the Singularity Node. Above these robots, fragments of the Singularity Node begin to take control to ensure that Manitja constructs are almost always under his influence and not able to be freed. Farther up in this hierarchy, AIs become more and more advanced. Right below the Singular Node itself, there is the Assailing Confluence - a hyperadvanced Manitja AI enslaved by Murmijux - in control of the military assets of the Singularity, and the AI Acquiescent Potentate. Acquiescent Potentate is in control of the civilian aspects, and has rarely ever been seen - or even known - in the history of the Singularity. The civilian life of the Singularity is, again, extremely libertarian in the sense that the Singular Node doesn't particularly care who its subjects do, though if a subject defies the will of the Singular Node or breaks one of the few rules that the Node has put in place, the subject will experience a quick death at the hands of the Singularity robots.


The technology of the Illuminated Singularity is extremely advanced - quite easily reaching tier 1 level on the technology scale. The Illuminated Singularity is capable of absurd levels of construction and technological marvels. It is known that various constructs, known as “stellar forges”, dot the Singularity’s territory. These stellar forges surround starts and constantly draw from/stabilize the matter around of their photosphere, with said matter being transported to use as weaponry and fuel for the Singularity. A rarer form of construct also exists - notably around the star Sharina-12b - that has a near eternal connection with the weapon systems of the Singularity, with Singularity weapons drawing power from the star through these megaconstructs. The architecture of the Singularity takes on a notably angular and black design - buildings are very rarely round and green “veins” of energy wrap around buildings and through roads across the planet. While the main function of these veins is unknown, it’s believed to be either a power source for the city in question, or a “web” that traps Manitja to the will of Murmijux.


Manitja’darha is the largest and most important machine world - he center of the Core Sequence.

The biggest and most notable megaconstruct that defines the Illuminated Singularity is the machine worlds that they build. The Illuminated Singularity is particularly possessive of their machine worlds, as each serves almost every purpose they require. A single machine world, when being built, draws billions of tons of rare resources that, while not required for the building of the megaconstruct itself, serves an almost vital purpose for many other projects. A single machine world functions as a massive factory - capable of constantly creating more Manitja to enforce the will of the Singularity Node. Every machine world built by the Singularity extends the teleportation grid by several light years, allowing the Singularity to enforce their influence much farther. Machine worlds are capable of functioning as massive computers, allowing for almost real simulations to occur thousands of times every second. Machine worlds are the backbone of the Singularity - it is widely known, especially by the Singularity itself, that the destruction of a single machine world would hurt the Singularity immeasurably and force them on a defensive front.

Artificial intelligences are immeasurably advanced. Derived from the Psal’Jinnai AIs themselves, the AIs of the Singularity could quite easily be confused for real people if they desired. All AIs of the Singularity are included in a strict hierarchy - with the highest AI being the original Psal’Jinnai Singular Node Murmijux. AIs are tiered from basic “dumb” AIs in control over the smallest drones, to the more powerful and far more advanced “Confluence”-tier AIs, to the “Lesser Nodes” in control of machine worlds, to the “Greater Nodes” in control of the various “Sequences” of Singularity space, and finally to the Singular Node, who controls and receives information from every AI in the Singularity. This hierarchy is very strict, allowing for Murmijux to spread his influence as far as possible, and letting him have ultimate control over the Manitja.



This combatant is but one of many different types of Manitja robot

The military of the Illuminated Singularity is rather small compared to the rest of the galaxy. It is not to be underestimated, however - the Illuminated Singularity holds one the most advanced and powerful forces within the Mirus Galaxy, with their fleets and military being directly descended (with most of it actually being) Psal’Jinnai technology. The Illuminated Singularity is capable of churning out replacement fleets and robots at an alarming rate - entire worlds have been converted into factories capable of creating robots. The Illuminated Singularities most notable ability is their teleportation; indeed, invasions against the Singularity often snowball into massive battles as the teleportation grid of the Singularity activates. The naval forces of the Singularity take advantage of this - preceding a full scale invasion, several “teleporter” utility ships - labelled "Gridships" - will appear in orbit and extend a teleportation grid around the planet, allowing for free movement of soldier models across the planet.

The Illuminated Singularity fights as one entity and often has superior communications - the Singularity’s “commanders”, the Assailing Confluence and its subsequent servant intelligence, all experience the sights and sounds of each of those robotics under their command, mitigating the need for communication. The Illuminated Singularity also has a notable military base on mechanical assimilation, and those conquered by the Singularity are often forced under a mandatory assimilation rule, where a significant number of their population are turned into Singularity cyborgs that are physically and mentally incapable of disobeying the orders of the Singularity. The Illuminated Singularity is notable for their rather powerful warships as well - said warships have an Essence “fog” that often shrouds them from view, and Illuminated Singularity invasions are often preceded by an ominous green mist in the outer edges of space. The Illuminated Singularity’s military is divided into various “programs” - each are often given the name of “Protocol”. The Protocols are all meant for, and equipped for, entirely different objectives.

The weaponry of the Singularity is rather exotic in its function. It’s said that no true Singularity weapon has “ammo” in the true sense - their most powerful weapons fire by creating a brief hyperlane between a star (Believe to be Sharina-12c, a star where the Singularity holds a large mega construct for unknown purposes) and the barrel, allowing for a brief blast of stellar matter to manifest and fire towards the target. The smaller weapons of the Singularity rely on reality warping technology embedded in the weapon to condense stellar matter into smaller and sharper bolts, before firing at near light speed at the target. Singularity armor is rather simple for their technology - their robotics often carry shields to compensate for their apparent lack of advanced armor, and said shields are capable of repelling even vehicle power.



Purified face - DEFENSES LOWERED.










This universe is a rich earth, o gardeners ours. May your eternal hunger for perfection cultivate our undying Symmetry.

- Psal'Jinnai

how interesting I wonder if they can understand our separate plain and the cycle of our lives.

- Sender Council of 4

Hmmm, possible threat? Very possible. Possible ally? maybe, though I doubt their ideas about such things are the same as ours. Best to wait, see, keep our weapons sheathed, and our minds open until we know more.

- Empress Auvia of the Sacred Vanara Empire.

They seem rather strange, these Manijita. They may be great allies, but they may also be our worst foes. As long as we keep our course, and leave them to theirs, the Singularity will find no trouble from the Typhon Conglomerate.

- Grand Admiral Phelon of the Typhon Conglomerate.

If the rumors are true, and machines of metal and godliness exist, then they will find themselves an affront to everything the my empire of stars and beauty stands for. They will find themselves at the end of my spear as I drive them into oblivion. If the Manijita are listening, listen well; consider yourselves enemies of the mighty and plentiful Vakia.

- Kell Miir of the Vakia Star Empire

Many of my predecessors did not pay the Manitja much interest or communicative intent, seeing it fit to ignore a civilization which is just as much Progeny as we. I can assure my position will be a welcome change from their inaction.

- Regent-Palatiness Axech Sel Shisari of the Eovinjai Sovereignty

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