You have to understand, it is not Takear himself that is so terrifying. In fact, of the Manindron I have met, he is a rather poor excuse of one. What makes him terrifying is what he represents. ...The final dying breath of over eight hundred years of uncertainty and fear for an entire galactic sector.

- Eosi'i

The Manindron Conflicts were a series of battles and invasions instigated by the Manindron Star Empire against the Sildasi Communion and the Dvarg Grand-Realm, the two major political powers of the time within the Imi-Khattok Sector of the Tuuros Galaxy. Considered by many to be an important turning point in the sector's history and the political climate of Tuuros, the Conflicts marked the rise of the once negligible Sacrosanctity of Hiroghain and Ikara into an influential political power in the galactic community.



Since becoming spacefaring, the Manindron Star Empire had been carving out a powerful foundation for their empire, while systematically eradicating every trace of the other species they happened to have encountered for the last two hundred or so years. Never having come into the attention of Imi-Khattok's more powerful civilizations due to their close proximity to the sector's border with the Schism, the Manindron had been left unopposed as they destroyed countless cultures, and by taking advantage of their species' extremely adaptable physiology took the worlds that were left uninhabitable after their racial purges, amassing in the process an exponentially powerful industrial base and a massive well-trained military.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the Sildasi Communion, one of the two major powers of the sector, had grown increasingly concerned over the relative quiet coming from the Schism border; with fears that The Congregation was making a push into the Imi-Khattok Sector beginning to propagate. As a result of this, Speaker Elenei Isen, the elected chairperson for the Communion's Citizen Forum, initiated a vote for the Communion to take a more active role in providing protection to all species of Imi-Khattok, including even those that had previously been left without much needed attention. The proposition passed with an almost unilateral vote given by every citizen present to do so.

First Contact Crisis[]

The initial spark of conflict arose when the Sildasi Communion's First Response Fleet, a moderately-sized military fleet purposed with examining the mostly unknown space bordering the Schism, came into contact with a spaceport belonging to the Manindron Star Empire. This first contact ended extremely abruptly, as almost immediately after the spaceport command was able to affirm the alien origins of the Sildas fleet, the Manindron opened fire on the fleet. Not wishing to cause a international incident, the Sildas commander in charge of the First Response Fleet was forced to retreat from the system. Unfortunately for the Sildasi, the Manindron on the spaceport managed track the fleet's movements, and forwarded them to a nearby fleet of their own. Eventually managing to locate the First Response Fleet, the Manindron fleet contacted by the spaceport entered into the first actual combat situation of the Conflicts with the Sildas fleet. Being incredibly more militaristic, and therefore more accustomed to warfare, the Manindron decimated the First Response Fleet, while also allowing dozen or so surviving ships to escape; with the goal of such an action being to help better locate the aliens' home territory.

Early Manindron Invasions into the Sildasi Communion[]

Escalation and the First Battle of Paltiyr[]

Alliance with the Dvarg Grand-Realm[]

Second Battle of Paltiyr[]

Siege of Sil[]

Manindron Invasion of the Dvarg Grand-Realm[]

First Contact with the Sacrosanctity of Hiroghain and Ikara[]

Allied Counter-Attack[]

Third Battle of Paltiyr[]

Battle of Aro Aro[]

Siege of Rounan[]

Ezesi'i Subjugation of the Manindron Star Empire[]



When speaking of the Ezesi'i, many people tend to only focus on their negatives. And don't get me wrong, I agree with all of it. They are slavers, they are conquerors. But what most people tend to forget is that they once were saviors. ...Had it been the Manindron who came out of Imi-Khattok all those years ago, the galaxy would have choked on its own blood.

- Talnin Aneivin

Circumvent reality all you wish; fate comes to pass regardless.

- Sethzak
  • Galaxy Colonisation - Open
  • Native Civilisation System Limit - 62,500
  • Foreign Civilisation System Limit - 10,000
  • Advancement Cap - Tier 3.5/Kardashev Scale II