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The Mandatory Mardor Empire is a mandate of the Katar Sector Alliance established on January 4, 2793 after the surrender of its previous incarnation during the Great Tyranny War. It is occupied and administered by the United Federation of Species separately from the Former Mardor Territories mandate.




Upgrade to Protectorate Status 2800-2803Edit

When the 2800's came, the Mardor species in general had done major policy-changes after their decisive defeat to the hands of the KSA a decade or so ago. They collectively wanted to ditch their torturous policy of enslaving and torturing other species and even their own kind, and wanted in the process to have their own state once more, but this time dedicated to what they thought was the perfect key to a free society.

In 2801, the Mardor sent a representative to the KSA, and pushed their case to upgrade to protectorate status. The process was slow however, and it quickly got caught in red-tape. In 2802, the Mardor finally sent their representative to press their case infront of the delegations of the Drodo Empire and the FTC.

In 2803, after the Mardor had pressed their case and the Drodo Empire and FTC delegations had discussed their course of action, the two powers voted. The Drodo Empire supported the idea, under the condition that they are heavily monitored, while the FTC rebuked their idea, stating concerns about their past history against members of the FTC. With the Drodo Empire being a founder member of the KSA, they had 2 votes against the FTC's 1. The Mardor had won, barely, and were granted permission by the KSA to start setting up their government, and were hence upgraded to Protectorate status.

The Mardor Merchant Republic was born, with the KSA watching closely at their progress, waiting for them to slip up so they can pounce.

Territory Edit

Mardor Mandate Map

After the Mardor Empire's surrender, it was split into two Mandates. The Mardor Empire Mandate was drawn up to consist of areas of space where dense populations of Mardor were present. Everything else became part of the Former Mardor Territories, which are administered as a separate mandate by the USF with different laws and regulations.


The culture of the Mandatory Empire is defined by their sense of loss, victimization and resentment. The confiscation of their entire slave population, which denies them any means of torturing sapient beings except by illegally assaulting other mardor or somehow persuading other mardor to allow them to, has had a drastic and generally negative impact on their society. Without slaves, those mardor unable to give up torture all together have resorted to torturing each other. Seemingly random assaults are an epidemic in their society and serial killers run rampant. Persons of prominent position are sometimes able to get away with torturing members of the lower classes.

At the same time, it is an established practice for mardor to take turns torturing another in order to achieve pleasure. Such events are rare, but some mardor are willing to be tortured in exchange for being allowed to receive the pleasure of torture. These agreements usually involve amounts of torture much less severe than those inflicted on slaves in the old Mardor Empire. There is also a section of the population who sell themselves, allowing themselves to be tortured in exchange for money. These persons charge absolutely enormous prices, to the point where only the super-rich in mardor society can afford to buy their services.

The Mardor are largely resentful of the KSA and Farengeto Republic for occupying them, forcibly relocating a large portion of their population, and removing all self-governance from them. They also resent their slave population for escaping and for holding their planets. While abolitionists were previously treated as a joke in mardor culture due to the perception that their victory was impossible, they are now despised. Known or perceived abolitionists are regularly murdered, crimes which mardor police barely pretend not to support.

Videos of old tv shows in which slaves were tortured and killed are in high demand. For mardor unwilling to break or agree to be tortured and without the money to hire a victim, they are the only means of satiating their need to see others suffer. Digital downloads of such tapes are widely bought, sold and pirated.



Government Edit

Under the KSA Mandate System, the Mardor Empire is legally a territory of the Katar Sector Alliance, administered by the occupying forces of the United Federation of Species. As of February 2793, the territory remains under strict martial law.

Though the title High King of the Mardor Empire still exists in law, it has been stripped of all of its power and serves only to describe the holder's ownership of the royal estate on Malvire.

Diplomacy Edit

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As a mandate of the Katar Sector Alliance, the Mardor Empire is entirely subordinate to its foreign policy. It cannot declare war, make alliances, or broker peace as an independent entity.

Public Opinion Edit

Specify how the Mardor feel about being occupied.

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