Thousands of voices speak, singing the melody of madness.

- Goret the Hatemonger

The ancient and dreaded Mali'Nar are one of the demons of Legion of the Deathmarch, and with peculiar origins. Originally mere mortals, they have learned the ancient scrolls of knowledge to ascend to the higher planes of existence and achieve immortality. Mali'Nar, in particular, are those who serve the Darkness.

All Mali'Nar are different and all have different goals - and many do not realise that they are in fact serving the grander power, believing themselves to fulfill their own desires while in fact being manipulated by the voices in their heads, coming from the mysterious leader, Divin-Ra. Their ultimate goal, however, seems to be far beyond the mortal comprehension, but what is seen is that they do spread anarchy and chaos wherever they come, caring neither for power nor oblivion. They see mortals as playthings they control and put against each ohter.



It is said that Mali'Nar have manipulated and empowered many species as puppets in order for them to wage war.

Nobody knows who was truly the first Mali'Nar. Legends are shared among mortals in dark whispers of terror, but truth remains sealed underneath tomes of sacred knowledge wrapped in shadows of enigma. Many believe, however, that the first Mali'Nar was a former Venhokwe councillor Divin-Ra, obsessed with dark knowledge. No matter whether this is truth or not, Divin-Ra is certainly the most powerful and most famous Mali'Nar in existence.

Ancient scrolls tell about the ancient wars between the Divin-Ra's forces and those who dared to oppose her. Their natures were neither truly good nor evil; all of them were former mortals, and as such, they had a choice; and many chose darkness. Divin-Ra seduced many with her power and turned others insane. Mali'Nar, Supreme Beings of Chaos, brought war and chaos, while Isio'Nar, Supreme Beings of Order, brought order and control. Yin and Yang collided and fought, shattering the ancient universe. It is said that in the ancient times, Andromeda was a toy for them, a battlefield where two armies controlled mortals to achieve their own goals, supporting mortals with their eldritch powers.

All across the universes, the ascended beings fought. At this point, more ancient and even more powerful powers were forced to intervene. Mighty Omnipotents, beings that controlled the very fabrics of the multiverse, have come to punish the young ascended mortals for the grand bloodshed they have brought in their wars, disgusted both by anarchy of Mali'Nar and tyranny of Isio'Nar. Using mighty energies, both powers were weakened to the point they could no longer fight.


Taldar exterminate Mali'Nar.

We do not care what do you want to bring; be it order or chaos; war or peace. You have defied the laws of reality itself; punishment shall be just and swift.

- Vyro'Narza

Filled with spite and hatred, the beings of war and beings of order were brought down; in their arrogance, they did not realise that despite all their powers, they were not the most powerful beings in the universe. Since their destruction by the Omnipotents, Mali'Nar and Isio'Nar have been split and shattered, each on their own, with many of them being destroyed completely. For all these years, the remaining Mali'Nar have been waging a different, indirect war with their brethren, with former Mali'Nar rising as "god emperors" of small nations throughout the universe, swiftly bringing them with might only to be eventually defeated either by other nations of the universe of by Isio'Nar who were greatly weakened as well.

Slowly, however, the ancient ascended have restored their original powers. Just as Isio'Nar have been recovering their powers to be finally unleashed in the Second War of the Black Fog, where they have used their powers to destroy the Corruptus threat. Fueled by hatred to their ancestral enemies and former comrades, Divin'Ra has started to rapidly consume the souls of mortals and ascended alike, feeding on carnage of War of Ages and Second Coming, to restore her power. She prepared the universe for her return, but her plans were not complete yet...

Meanwhile, other mortals in the universe, like the deceitful Loron warlord Br'klakkon or the mysterious Goret the Vexer have studied the dark powers. Divin-Ra still could not control them. Yet.


Divin-Ra creates the Dark Purger.

During the dreaded Annihilation, the Mali'Nar have finally returned, shattering the reality with their power. It was the mighty Legion that has brought them to the universe. Seeing the destruction of the universe as a chance to reform their mighty army, Divin-Ra has started to manipulate mortals in order to empower her dark legions.

Her first move was to create her lieutenant in the mortal world. Empowering a long dead human with essence and giving him a mission to spread her will to the universe. The newly created Dark Purger has left to form multiple Mali'Nar follower organisations like the Purgation Cult in the Kraw Galaxy. Afterwards, multiple other mortals were inducted into Mali'Nar like Alo'emonraz and Isperiona, while other ascended beings like Br'klakkon, the Progenitor and Goret became allies with the Divin-Ra's forces.

After restoring her original powers, Divin-Ra has affilated her armies with the Legion of the Deathmarch, seeing their goals as similar to her own.

War against all[]

In the post-annihilation period, Mali'Nar have been engaged in multiple conflicts at the side of the Legion, operating through their mortal servants. During the Recruitment and the short Corruptus campaign against mortals, Divin-Ra has made a terrifyingly destructive blow to Isio'Nar, destroying their leader, Felaanith, in battle. Later, Br'klakkon's Loron forces, now empowered with dark energies, have participated in Borealis conflicts, clashing with Da Rogue Boys. Meanwhile, the presence of the Dark Purger was spread into Kraw Galaxy.

Currently, the Mali'Nar observe and scheme in Andromeda, planning to plunge it into war unlike any other.



Mali'Nar are ascended beings and come from many species, from Venhokwe to Lorons. Each Mali'Nar has to go one process to become one; he or she must achieve ascension all by himself, with even those who were inducted having to accomplish massive feats of will and inner strength. Studying ancient energies and developing immense power, one is truly considered to be a Mali'Nar at the point he or she can be immortal. As one's power increases, a Mali'Nar accumulates energy to the point he or she can alter the universal laws. Ultimately, their bodies detoriate from sheer power and they become beings of pure essence, able to manipulate environment around them to form their flesh.

It is said that pain is the prime key to Mali'Nar's powers; simple desire to destroy the universe or to enslave it isn't enough. Only a mental trauma can fully make one willpower to become a true Mali'Nar - for Divin-Ra, the pain of her species being destroyed, for Br'klakkon, a life of being tormented, for the Dark Purger, his mysterious past, for Isperiona, the pain of all her works turned to ash.


Mali'Nar have vast powers over reality, even though they are weaker than Omnipotents, they are far more willing to operate, unbound by Omnipotents' ancient laws. Even the weakest of Mali'Nar can control reality at some level, enslaving minds and tormenting nature with their very presence. Stronger ones, like the Dark Purger, have stronger abilities, on larger scale. Divin-Ra herself is said to make galaxies scream in fear.


Mali'Nar have no society per se, each one acting alone and united loosely under Divin-Ra's control. Their goals differ but Divin-Ra manipulates her pawns well, each serving both their goals and hers.

Generally, Mali'Nar stand as rulers of various nations or organisations, like Br'klakkon being in charge of Legion of Badmanz and the Progenitor ruling the Mali'Zane.


Mali'Nar use numerous mortal servants to further their goals in the universe, each led by a single Mali'Nar. Some originate from empires whose leaders sided with darkness, while others were the results of malevolent corruption. Every signle servant, is, ultimately, nothing but a weak slave and cannon fodder for the immortals.


We are here to destroy you, take your life, your worlds, your blood and your soul, remove you from history and memory. You won't be a hero. My Lorons will stampede your home and your friends. Who will be left to remember you? Oh, and I find your mother rather... unintelligent. Let's say I... met her in private.

- Master Br'klakkon

The Legion of Badmanz is arguably the most important Mali'Nar military force, made of Loronz under the control of deceptive and highly intelligent warboss Br'klakkon, empowered with the Mali'Nar powers, they are terrible and brutal, as all Lorons are.

Being formed of Loron'Kikra under command of Gratz'kaoz and normal Lorons under control of the warboss Gar'dakkra, the Legion has good military system, sharing Lorons' brutality but extremely disciplined and using ancient arcan technology of Mali'Nar.

  • Tier level: 3
  • Leader: The Primogenitor
  • Type: Empire
  • Theater of operations: Andromeda Galaxy


- Mali'Zane
The mysterious Mali'Zane are a force that has only recently reveled itself to the universe, massacring Tybusen and Draconis during the Andromeda War. Favoured by the Mali'Nar as their main soldiers within the Gigaquadrant among with the Legion of Badmanz, the Mali'Zane are descended from ancient Zazane that colonised Andromeda many eons ago that were corrupted by the taint of the ancient gods.

They were originally loyalists to the Zazane Empire of old, although upon colonising a certain planet within Andromeda, Lorshchanaar, there were outbreaks of crime and soon rebellion, and the colonists slew their former leaders on the planet. They have been a murderous, violent and sadistic group ever since then, and their attacks on Andromedan colonies are supposedly random, although there is definitely some planning to these attacks.


It is time for the old order to be destroyed! It has become corrupt and tyrannical!

- Purgation Cultist

The Purgation Cult is a more subtle wing of the Mali'Nar military force, specialising in infiltration and corruption. A group of cultists and terrorists bringing chaos and subverting the old order wherever they come, the Cult is a powerful force in the Kraw Galaxy and its presence is also seen in Andromeda and Milky Way as well.

Formed by a Mali'Nar human known only as the Dark Purger, the Cult operates within other civilisations instead of being an independent political force. Those naive enough to submit to the Purger's promises become dreaded indoctrinated figures of terror, wreaking havoc from within like a deadly cancer.

We sense weakness. Yes, we do.

- Mecron slave
Coming soon

Power is not there to be studied under a microscope. It is there to be used.

- Cold Master

The Cold Sages are a force of practitioners of martial essence arts recruited by Isperiona from Mystic Energy practitioners who had been affected by the war with the Iron Bloc and were thirsty for vengeance. They eventually took to kidnapping war orphans until they held stable populations hidden away in temple-cities across the Gigaquadrant.

Their use by the Mali'Nar ranges from Isperiona's private guard to a sort of special operations unit. They use a unique blend of the darker Mystic arts with the Mali'Nar's elemental energy, making them variable combatants. Their efficient use of essence has caused them to be mistaken for Mali'Nar themselves, though they are nowhere near as powerful.


Divin-Ra Burd.png

Divin-Ra Iloserae was not always the dark goddess of chaos she is now. Originally one of the last Venhokwe leaders, she later became a goddess of the host of ascended beings, Eola'Nar. What caused her fall to darkness is unknown, but the result is certain: Divin-Ra lost her sanity over millions of years and eventually turned on her own subject, consuming their power and devastating countless worlds. Now under the command of Kamik'Shi, Divin-Ra and her Mali'Nar minions sow chaos around the whole Gigaquadrant.

In contrast with the other Deathmarch and Mali'Nar demons, Divin-Ra's goals are obscure and unclear. Her mind is incomprehensible and nothing is known about her plans. The mistress of elemental energy, Divin-Ra sows discord among mortals, turning them one against another and spawning anarchy, terror and conflict.

TDP Normal.png

The Dark Purger is an ascended human ressurected by the shadowy mistress of Mali'Nar, Divin-Ra, to serve as her enforcer. Dark, insane and sadistic, the Dark Purger is the living representation of anarchy and conflict brought by the Mali'Nar. Reveling in terror he brings, he is a mad, unstoppable force of nature, torment and pain, ready to bring about the destruction and ruin to all who stand on his path.

The Dark Purger is the most powerful Mali'Nar in existence save for Divin-Ra, and his powers are something to be feared and admired. As he steps, the laws of physics cease to exist, replaced by his own mad desires. Weak-willed mortals around him are affected by the same dark force, their sanity and morality slowly eroding until they ultimately become maddened slaves to the Dark Purger, made in his own image. Even powerful beings are still affected by the lucid whispers in their heads when they come near him, and they still must fight this influence to prevail.


Br'klakkon is a second Mali'Nar commander appointed by Divin-Ra to lead her forces, formerly a powerful Loron warboss. Surprisingly intelligent for his species, he was hated by his comrades. Living a life of beating and bullying, his mind became scarred and somewhat insane. His only wish was to dominate. Through studying ancient knowledge, he achieved immortality and gained dark powers, using them to carve his path to the leader of Andromedan Lorons. As Divin-Ra approached him, he became one of Mali'Nar, and now his plans endanger the whole Andromeda.

Br'klakkon is arrogant and violent, a result of him being beaten and bullied in his youth. He sometimes bursts in rage and beats a random person just for kicks. He constantly boasts himself to prove he is the most awesome here - and kills everyone who disagrees. Despite his arrogant nature, however, Br'klakkon can be manipulative and intelligent. Being the second (first being Kolossus) smartest Loron alive, Br'klakkon constantly tricks his foes with schemes and plots.

New Alo.png

A former Asgord diplomat, Alo'emonraz was once an ambitious and greedy individual, both traits rare for his kind. He became one of the most prominent Asgord individuals in FRA, but in the events of Asgord Genocide, his whole empire and all his wealth crumbled into dust. Enslaved by Gros, he worked in labor camp for months, harbouring his anger and pain. In secret, he began to scour for ancient knowledge that one of his Gros masters was studying. Helped by voice in his head, fueled by despair, he trascended mortality, killed his masters and escaped the planet to become a Mali'Nar.

Recently, Alo'emonraz reemerged, the Gigaqudrant unaware of his Mali'Nar nature. He has now infiltrated the political scene of FRA, becoming a senator and a personal advisor of president Vonzata'akanau. He is now targeting Lezia, for unknown purpose...


Isperiona Fernhio is one of the important Mali'Nar, a former Lequian scientist from the planet Satalkis. A biologist prodigy, she quickly became famous among her classmates and the whole world, showing extreme skills in developing new species, and she moved to a core world of DSB fairly close to Votch. But War of the Blocs erupted, and her planet was invaded by Felequians. As Isperiona rushed to her university and laboratory, ready to protect her creations and her comrades, she started a fierce and mad last stand against the Iron Bloc. However, she was no match for the deadly gas made by Felequians. Coughing blood, Isperiona fell, but empowered by mysterious presence, she was revived as the Mali'Nar destroying the Felequian forces in a single burst with her new psychic plague she mastered.

Isperiona has little traces of curious, knowledge-seeking scientist she was before now. Corrupted by despair and thirst for revenge, she is a heartless and soulless servant of Divin-Ra, with no morality or emotions left. She just follows her goal of destroying mortals, with neither happiness nor mercy from her dark crusade. She does, however, retains some curiosity and she toys with plagues and diseases in order to perfect her prime weapon.

Goret the Vexer.png

Many do not even believe Goret the Vexer is a Mali'Nar, as they did not show any signs of cooperation. Regardless, in terms of power and goals, he and Mali'Nar are the same. A being of war, he seeks to remove stagnation from the universe by maintaining permament conflict and bloodshed. He possesses unique anti-Essence abilities that emanate fear and discomfort into other beings - hence the name - and is a bane for all Essence beings that are not powerful enough.

Goret rules the Hatemongers, a cult spreading his ways and his goals towards the universe, currently hidden somewhere in Andromeda.



Blue face.png...

  • Legion of the Deathmarch - Our goals are... similar.
    • The Corruptus - Destroy the universe, yes... We shall savour the pain.
    • Vyro'Ralza - When you ravage time... how much despair do you bring...
    • Cult of the Deathmarch - We adore worship, ahahahaha...
    • Devourer's Chosen - Your madness is... delicious!


Yellow face.pngAhahahahaha... OBEY...


Orange face.pngHm...


Red face.pngSuicide is the most logical thing in the world for you - you reject it only because of our primitive cowardice and childish fear of the dark.


  • Mali'Nar first appeared during the Annihilation, but they were overhauled and only became active later, during 2012, while the original concept of manipulative beings that spread chaos originated even before from 2010.
  • Twilight's Hammer is the theme of Mali'Nar overall:

Quotes from other empires[]

We'll get rid of you, fallen brethren. Your wretched kind shall be exterminated.

- Overmaster Telfar

Wow, are they in our side?

- Navyrus Jaan of the Komorian Comitatus

I owe them for getting me out of hell...

- The Dark Purger

Do not bother me, for unlike the Ayrai'Shikua, I will not have mercy of you.

- Xi'Arazkha

You're mere pawns, soon to be added to my soul collection.

- Shu'rimrodir

These creatures are real, I have seen them! Carrying out my orders is going to be much more difficult than I originally thought.

- Inquisitor Sarec

dafuk is wiv dese geezas? deyz too crazy even fer gratz'kaoz

- Brag'klogga

Mali'Nar. A sure threat to this omniverse. They must be dealt with. But that not to say dealing with them is easy...

- Tuolog

I cannot consume...what you destroy...

- Enigma

Someone needs to take their finger off the "Caps Lock" button.

- Erissare
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