Malgrim & Grizeala are two Gorgorian, teamed up in a hunting pack in service of Gorzask the Great, leader of Gorgorthrond. The two are an effective duo, one the strong and powerful, the other agile and quick in thinking. Though often seen as a couple, they refuse to comment on their actual relationship.


Both born in an unspecified time at their homeplanet, Gorgorthrond the two were drafted into the hunter trainings and within their teenage years they were already send out together to hunt and raid. Though unknown how the two became acquintaned, they are a perfect hunting team and one of the more effective as well.


Malgrim and Grizeala hunting at Kirioohsk

Though the two are often in arguments and disagreement as well, a typical Gorgorian way of liking each other.

During the 6th month of 04 AQF, Malgrim and Grizeala found themselves at Kirioohsk to find and raid left overs of the once blooming Cargura civilization there. Sadly their ship alerted their prey on the ground, though the two Gorgorian didn't mind, they liked hunting after all. Though unable to find them, Malgrim managed to persue them after a Kiriebra alerted the due of their prey's location. Malgrim tracked them down in the forest, but was brought to his knees by Lassai and Zaa, the latter who he back handed into unconsciousness before being hit by the fist of Lassai. Meanwhile, Grizeal managed to stun Evaana before they beamed back to their ships. Leaving the planet, they brought Evaana before Gorzask and were rewarded as she was to be used as a pleasure girl.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Malgrim is a powerful, bulking and large Gorgorian male, a close acquintance of Grizeala. The two always hunt together, know each other well and make a perfect team together. A relentless hunter, physical strong and a brutal killer, sometimes even Grizeala is wary of him. Though he can also be quite clumsly, easily distracted and has a weak for female beauty, even from other species.

Grizeala is a ruthless Gorgorian female, wearing a black revealing outfit for optimal agility and speed, she together with Malgrim searches for slaves and farmers to raid and plunder. Grizeala is known to be abusive to all who cross her pass and loves to insult anyone. She is skilled in tracking, stealth and in the use of daggers.



Blue faceLet's hunt together


Orange faceConsider yourself hunted!



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