Malegras is a mysterious and ruthless officer employed within Rambo Command around 20 AQF at personal behest of High King Rambert Ramveral. The Commodore is the main command of the clone trooper army and often leads them into battle himself. His employment was initiated during the Gorge Dispute as Rambo Nation realised it needed more firm military commanders after France rallied against the Rambo.

The Commodore himself isn't interessted in politics and loves to wage war and battles. A brilliant tactician he is prone to underestimating his enemies and has a fierce hatred for the Order of Light and Inquisitors.

Malegras wiels command over a dreaded and feared Caradhras-Class, the USS Galathynia! After the betrayal of High King Rambert Ramveral, his subsequent capture by Lady Astrosia and the fall of Rambo Nation Malegras was liberated from prison by Idris Vanguinar and joined the Rambo Loyalist faction. Assuming command of the dreaded Bismarck dreadnought he became an Imperial nemesis during the early years of the resistance within the Space in Between.

After the liberation of the Ramboidae Realm, Malegras continued his fight against Legatus and Imperial forces but acquired an additional hate for wielders of light sabers.


Early Life[]

Malagras on the bridge of the USS Galathynia

Malegras hails from an unspecified planet and race, and seems to have learned from the various conflicts that plagued the Cyrandia Cluster. During his early warrior years, he gained an infamous reputation as a ruthless battle commander and rumors about him reached Rambo Nation as early of 0 BQF, during the outbreak of the Second Galactic War though he wasn't involved in the war.

Over time however, High King Rambert Ramveral sought him out upon his ascension to Monarch around 08 AQF and recruited the savage warrior into his ranks. His existence is kept a secret until the time is needed to use his abilities, though in the time he studied the Rambo Command procedures and regulations, though often found them soft and weak. He became involved in the training and new appearance of the clone trooper army, working closely with rear-admiral Mjärt, though the two didn't get along. In 20 AQF, at the height of the Gorge Dispute Malegras was testing scenarios to invade the NZTO and close the wormhole leading to the Milky Way Galaxy if hostilities would break out between the Rambo and France. Malagras was given command of the Caradhras-Class, the USS Galathynia which its own unique outer appearance decoration.

He took the Ortella lieutenant Windsor as his personal adjudant and gave him a clone trooper appearance, reflecting the warrior spirit of the Galatynia. At the 1st of november in 20 AQF he escorted Lady Aur'Shivania to the second construction site of a Interdimensional Warp Gate though berated her for the Lady her impatience.

Second Great Cyrannus War[]

Main article: Second Great Cyrannus War & Tertius Bellum

Commodore Malegras was dispatched by High King Rambert Ramveral himself to blockade the wormhole near Lianna-station to prevent the New Cyrannian Republic from sending to many ships into the Cyrannus Galaxy. While Malegras prepared his fleet to engage the New Republic, he was forced to let them pass after the High King informed him the Rambo and New Republic came to somesort of mutual agreement. Much to his anger he stood down, eager to go into battle his chance of glory was taken from him.

Facing Akagêlth in combat

During the Escalation stages Malegras was informed by lieutenant commander Antonio Tennant that the Imperial Inquisitor Akagêlth illegally besieged the Aldárae Temple at Noldágorel in an attempt to either kill or arrest Rambo citizens. Realising a violation of the Concordat Malegras rushed to the planent and arrived in time to prevent the surrender of the temple to Imperial hands. Facing the Inquisitor after he ignited his sabre, Malegras responded in kind and ignited his own. Blinded by rage and hunger for battle the two attacked, Malegras losing one mechanical hand and recieving a chest injury before he was able to drive his own blades into the Inquisitor, bisecting him and ending the battle. The Imperial battle commander claimed to arrest the heretics though Malegras rebuked that the Empire had no authority to arrest Rambo citizens unless with the intent to violate the Concordat. Surprised to be informed that Janice Ross was no citizen of the Rambo he subsequently knocked her out and handed her over to the Imperial authorities. Soon after the Commodore left and continued his patrol duties along the Gorge. By June 2819 (21 AQF), he took onboard Cadet Jenna Lenissa Rambo as his personal yeoman for the duration of a month as part of her internship of the Academy.

Battle of Lianna (New Republic Civil War)

Later on during the New Republic Civil War Malegras came to the aid of a True Republic fleet to defend Lianna-station. Engaging the New Cyrannian Republic and allied fleet his deployed tactics soon turned the tide in the favor of the Rambo/True Republic fleet. However the timely arrival of New Republic admiral Shavalera forced Malegras to give up the battle as his own fleet was flanked. He later led the Rambo invasion of the northern sectors of the New Republic colonies in the Quadrants and even managed to capture former president Apaltar. Sieging New Republic planets and rendering atmospheres uninhabital on smaller farmer planets Malegras became the revenge of the damaged Rambo's trust of the New Republic. During the Precipice-storyline Malegras was blamed by High King Rambert Ramveral as an outlaw for the failiure to prevent the defeat of the True Republic. Still in command of the Galathynia Malegras wreaks havoc upon anyone that comes across his cannons in hopes to evade capture.

He later remained on the run within New Republic Space but when news reached him Rambo Nation had fallen in october after the death of the High King. Eager to make a stand at Lianna and meet with other refusers of Imperial rule he was intercepted by Raptor Squadron where his ship was disabled by Lady Astrosia. Malegras engaged her in personal combat but was defeated by her overwhelming magical abilities. Incapacitated, he was imprisoned so he could be secretly transported to the mines of Pauvenris.

Dawn and Twilight of Divina[]

Main article: Dawn of Divina & Twilight of Divina

Malegras and Idris escape Imperial custody

Due to the chaos and need to interrogate the flag officer, Malegras was send to the brick on starbase 33 shortly after the fall of Rambo Nation and remained there for the following months, awaiting questioning by Lady Astrosia. However, by 2 January 2820 (22AQF), Malegras was liberated from his prison by Idris Vanguinar and Lusitania Squadron and brought to the nebula in the Space in Between where he pledged to serve Lord Ramannis Le Rambo and the Rambo Loyalist faction. Malegras assumed command of the modified Dreadnought Bismarck and after test runs, Malegras and his crew were ready to unleash their fury against the Empire.

Loyalists and Imperials clash in the Space in Between with the emergence of the Bismarck

At January the 5th, 2820 Malegras and his Bismarck battle group struck an Imperial patrol heading to Isle Blue. Engaging the Autokrator-class star destroyer Tartatus and its Arquitens-class escorts the Bismarck and the deployed Loyalist tactics overwhelmed and surprised the Legatus/Imperial forces. Malegars personally boarded the vessel and managed to siege the bridge where he confronted the Legatus officer Veloci Onychus and issued him to evacuate the Tartatus before the cannons of the Bismarck would finish the star destroyer once and for all.

Bismarck battlegroup engages a SSC convoy, March 2820

On 10 January 2820 (22AQF), Malegras aided in the evacuation of Isle Blue when Imperial forces under admiral Apticyus overrun the Loyalist defenses. Though the Loyalists took heavy casualties, a small taskforce and the Bismarck itself managed to escape into the Quadrant Galaxies. By March 2820, after discussing his strategies with General Jar'Dris Ravencrow and captain Komamuka Sajin Malegras and his Bismarck battlegroup left Plerax Base and unleashed their fury on Saurien Sector Corporation convoyas that supplied the Empire with weapons and arms. By mid-May of the same year, Malegras led an unsuccesful attempt to liberate the shipyards of Eris when Raptor Squadron arrived. The tactics displayed by Astrosia proved unable to counter and Malegras issued a retreat.

Battle of Pauvenris, September 2820

In September 2820, Malegras onboard the Bismarck persued the captured ICS Provocateur though wished to withdraw upon arrival at Pauvenris. Intelligence was wrong and he and his soon arriving Loyalist forces would be outgunnend by the Imperial presence. However Yvenne convinced him to trust her and to his surprise she managed to destroy the ICS Athena and the ICS Poseidon. Calling in the rest of the fleet Malegras led the Loyalist and allied forces into battle. Pinned and barely holding the lines, Malegras looked in horror at the arrival of the super star destroyer Executor, an arrival what would predict a certain defeat. However the crew of the Eendragt rammed the super star destroyer, forcing it to withdraw and ensuring a costly, yet barely achieved victory for the allied forces. In addition, royalty Ramanei Joy Feather was liberated from captivity and Malegras was forced to plan the assault on the Rambo Capital.

Afterwards he led Loyalist forces during the liberation of the Rambo Capital. During the battle he went to the surface in an effort to hunt down Mandator Camron Dar but was forced to let hiim go after the Yudimaran threatened to level the royal city of Tirithsilliana. Malegras didn't take this insult very well and grew bitter, especially after he was scolded for it by Lord Ramannis Le Rambo. With the liberation of the Ramboidae Realm, Malegras decided to continue his fight against Imperial and Legatus forces- and was part of the conclusive battle of the Second Great Cyrannus War, the liberation of Orbispira. Shortly after he and the Bismarck vanished from the public sight for years.

=Rogue Commander[]

Personality and Traits[]

Malegras with his diplomatic cape

Malegras is a cold, ruthless and fierce military commander. He displays no mercy towards his enemies, though respects warriors and often faces them in personal combat. Once a proud and great warrior of flesh, he needed cybernatic enchancements to survive that left him bitter and full of anger. Malegras is known to be an excellent commander and ingenious tactician, fighting hard to bring down his enemies. He has no quelms sacrificing innocent civilians to ensure his own survival, often exploiting the weakness of compassion that his enemies posses. Often accused as being sadistic, brutal and arrogant many view him as an avatar of terror and don't understand why Rambo Nation employs him in their army.

Yet, Malegras is also known to show compassion to that what he holds dear and can show empathy. He is not completely emotionless and can show pity to his adversaries as well. He also shows a severe interesst in those he deems worthy or of interesst/use and seems to appreciate female beauty.

Malegras is trained and quite an able fighter in the use of energy sabres, often surprising his enemies with his skills and four arms for combat when his arms split in two. His technique invovles prolonged lightning-fast flurries and power moves designed to overwhelm his enemies. He is able to spin these arms in a whirling storm of deadly lacerating light that few could withstand, he could attack with as many as 25 strikes per second.

His armor is soft yellow and is often seen wearing a black ceremonial cape with the Rambo insigna on it for diplomatic purposes. His cybernetic body allows Malegras to survive in the vacuum of space and seems to be an adequate pilot as well. He talks with raspy and coughing voice.

Personal interesst seems reading about cultures and their backgrounds and Malegras appreciates fine and ancient art as well.

Ships Command[]



While serving the Rambo Loyalist faction, Malegras commands the massive, cylindrical 2,177-meter-long command destroyer/warship with a pointed nose that tapered towards the superstructure. Capable of holding a planetary blockade almost by itself, the vessels are the most powerful vessels the Loyalist Ensemble holds and the most feared. Rising from the stern portion of the vessel, was an elongated main communications and sensor pod. The ship is said to be capable of landing on water in case of emergencies. It's armement are said to be impressive, equipped with thermal and rotating shields it has a very powerful defense. It's offensive systems are even more impressive: 4 heavy ion cannons, 8 photon torpedo batteries with an arsenal of 2800 torpedoes, 2 forward phaser cannons and 16 phaser banks.

It could transport over 48.000 loyalist upholders into battle, able to hold over 80 fighter crafts and dropships. The class is equipped with a hperdrive as well and impulse power, though lacks warp drive

USS Galathynia (destroyed

USS Galathynia

Malegras, upon his recruitment into Rambo Command service demanded a strong vessel that could send fear into the hearts of the many enemies of Rambo Nation. High King Rambert Ramveral complied with the wishes of the Commodore (his rank upon recruitment) and issued Malagras to take command of the Caradhras-Class carrier, the USS Galathynia. Pleased with the command, Malagras issued the shipyards to make special adjustments to its cannons, systems and outer appearance. The Galatynia is decorated with golden/black emareld design to indicate it is the personal vessel of the Commodore.

The ship is equipped with 1250 phaser cannons, 25 phaser arrays, 250 heavy turbolaser cannons and over 450+ torpedo launchers. It houses multiple squadrons of Mirage Cascabel type fighters and Darkarg type fighters. Malagras himself often pilots a Darkarg fighter himself in battle or to go on personal patrol missions. It was later destroyed by the Empire after Malegras was defeated and the ship sieged.



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  • Malegras is obviously based upon General Grievous of the Star Wars Universe, and is one of the favorite star wars characters of Dino hency his Sporification".
  • Malegras is featured to become a major antagonist for the Quadrantia story.

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