The existence of the agency is on a need-to-know basis.

- Operative Leucothea to President Apollo during the Second War of Black Fog.

Majestic is a secretive organisation that represents various enigmatic interests across the First Gigaquadrant prompting many who know of its existence to categorise it as a so-called "shadow government". At the highest level, Majestic is an enigmatic committee of powerful individuals including political leaders, scientists and military officers from across known space. Though it was formed with a noted preference for the Libertus, the dominant species of the Cyrannus Galaxy, Majestic has since become a cosmopolitan organisation including individuals of thousands of species. Though the existence of the organisation is known to few and understood by fewer, Majestic is believed to actively influence events for their own benefit and are a source of a great number of conspiracy theories across Gigaquadrantic space.

Secretly, the Majestic often masquerades as the Agency, otherwise known as the Universal Intelligence Agency, a front which had great influence in reconstructing the universe after the Annihilation, providing intelligence on the greatest threats to universal order. Though this connection remained unknown for years, during the New Cyrandia Wars, the truth behind the hidden influence and history of Majestic began to come to the forefront.



Founded soon after the creation of the Capricorn Sector Alliance in 53 BNE, the organisation known as Majestic was initially formed by powerful Libertus native to the Twelve Colonies, seeking to ensure that the Libertus species reigned supreme amongst neighbouring alien species, as well to support colonial interests on the galactic capital of Orbispira. As the years drew on, Majestic began to expand to include other species, though the Libertus remained an overwhelming majority, signifying their dominance over the Core Worlds as well as the efficiency of the Majestic organisation.

Gigaquadrantic ExpansionEdit


Apollo views Majestic's brainchild. Terminus was funded in full by Majestic and supported by Tyrómairon.

Though separate from any political organisation, in the years after the Trucinex War, the organisation began to expand outwards into the First Gigaquadrant, becoming involved in various universal interests both in Cyrannus and beyond, all in complete secrecy. In the process it extended its original operations to become an organisation coordinating the combined work of several individual intelligence agencies, mainly those of the Delpha Coalition of Planets, the Girdo Empire, Rambo Nation, the Salsetthe Republic and the United Republic of Cyrannus. Majestic set up several bases across the universe, including one in the space station Xonexi, and finally established themselves as the ultimate intelligence-gathering agency in the known universe.

Only a few Majestic operatives made themselves known to public officials, most notably when Tyrómairon gained some influence over the group during the demonic invasion of Cyrannus, prompting it to work on the Terminus project, a massive battle station capable of destroying an entire planet. President Apollo of the United Republic of Cyrannus also came into contact with the group during the same time, gaining a contact in the form of Operative Leucothea, who implied to the President that Majestic was a Republic government agency.

Majestic soon decided that a single agency, regardless of their connections with various empires, would not be ideal for coordinating intergalactic operations. Because of this, it made deals with most of its constituent nations to recreate the old Seven Starr Alliance, and return it to its former glory. Once the SSA had been reformed, Majestic still took an active role in its duties, but took advantage of the pooled resources and distributed nature of the international organisation to make its steps even more difficult to track.

Growth of PowerEdit


A secret below Mou'Cyran is covered up by Majestic.

What the?! Who are you people?"
"We're with Majestic. You have both done well, though the agency will take care of things from here."

- Commander Sevine speaking with a Majestic Agent in the aftermath of the Battle of Mou'Cyran

Xonexi survived the "Annihilation" and, hidden from the rest of the universe with hyperspace disturbances, was used as a top-secret military base for Majestic, with Station Halcyon remaining the official and political centre of the Seven Starr Alliance. The Girdo Empire was replaced in the agency by their successors, Apalos, while the DCP had disappeared and been replaced with the Magellanic Sovereignty of Planets before returning a few months later. The agency continued its behind-the-scenes manipulations of events, including coordinating the attack by the Salsetthe Republic and the Civilisation to bring about the downfall of the Grox Meta-Emperor and end the New Grox Wars for most of the universe.

With the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Board of Elders saw quite a lot of blurring between membership of the Empire and membership of Majestic, though they remained officially independent, ultimately also influencing the New Cyrannian Republic when it was formed. This level of influence was such that Majestic agents were able to travel to Mou'Cyran and apprehend the mysterious Xeranbha Overseer hidden beneath the surface. During this incident, the agents relieved the Overseer from the custody of Captain Helo Roslia. However, they were unable to hold the Ultraterrestrial for long as it and the ship that carried it disappeared without a trace.




Those who think they understand Majestic have seen but scant pieces of the whole.
 :- First Elder

Majestic is led by a mysterious Board of Elders, which are as enigmatic as their organisation itself. The board is often referred to as the Elders, Consortium or the Group and is made up of covertly allied individuals from a long list of occupations including political leaders from organisations such as the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus or the New Cyrannian Republic, military leaders, those representing intelligence organisations as well as morally ambiguous scientists. The vast majority of the board's members are Cyrannian in origin, though in recent years extragalactic races have joined its ranks. Given the utmost secrecy behind the organisation, members of the board operate in secrecy. The board is led by the First Elder, a Libertus tycoon who embodies both good qualities of his species and the worst.


Majestic's field of operations extends from the galactic cradle of Cyrannus across a great portion of the First Gigaquadrant, giving them a sphere of influence that gives them access to governments, trade routes, resources and colonies across the settled universe. Majestic's unseen influence is strongest in Cyrannus, understandable given its origins as a pro-Libertus organisation. Majestic also fields a fleet of stealth ship that it uses to spy on those whom it cannot directly influence as well as a great deal of top ranking scientists who report their top secret findings to the organisation.


Majestic has funded a great deal of highly secretive projects and experiments that often cross the lines of accepted morality, symbolising the importance of "the ends justify the means" attitude that most Majestic agents possess. Arguably the most notable (though still utterly classified) projects was the Terminus Project, which resulted in saving the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Ermitant people the horrors of The Corruptus. The Terminus Project later developed into the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation, which was requisitioned by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus soon after its creation.

Known Projects
  • Eirene Project: 04 BNE. Seven Starr Alliance-reconstruction.
  • Terminus Project: 02 BNE. Battlestation. One thousand five hundred kilometres in diameter. TX-01 Exalaser equipped. Requisitioned by Imperial Military.
  • Areios Project: 04 NE. Halcyon. Above top-secret.
  • Neit Project: 04 NE. Battlestation built from slumbering Corruptus Overworld. Went rogue and subsequently destroyed.
  • Apate Project: 05 NE. Above top-secret.


Name Leucothea
Species Libertus
Rank Operative
History Second War of Black Fog
Terminus Project



Through the guise of "the Agency", Majestic maintain a constantly-changing list of empires that they consider to be a potential threat to intergalactic security. Several of these are well-known to the general public, but there are several that are not even known outside of Majestic, most notably the Xeranbha. The top examples are those civilisations that are generally agreed to pose a present threat to even the most powerful empires of the Gigaquadrant, however minor this threat may be. The entries are annotated, sometimes with snarky comments, to summarise Majestic's opinions of the empires. At the present, the Top 5 are, in order:

  1. Dominion of the Xhodocto - "A nice, traditional enemy. All but self-declared evil."
  2. The Junction - "We've never been happy around extragigaquadrantic superpowers."
  3. Xeranbha - "They've been making inroads. We'll watch their activities carefully."
  4. Neraida Gigamatrix - "Grox wannabes, but with better guns. At least we can't blame Tokzhalat for these ones."
  5. Bisistar Domain - "Natural shapeshifting? We're practically convulsing with jealousy."


Majestic is not just an organisation or the people behind it. Majestic is an idea; that idea is not so easily destroyed...

- Agnassana

Curious. Their ideals pose a threat to the Dranvaman balance of power. But for now... we watch.

- Mentracus

Few are aware how intimately those beyond official states and governments have a say in the universe's workings. They are not alone, but they are not to be ignored.

- Sarec



  • Majestic is based on the concept of a shadow government and will have a large role in the upcoming fiction.
  • Like the Mortalitas, Majestic originates in old YouTube videos Cyrannian made in 2007/8.

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