Borealis is a viable location for surviving. It would be inadvisable to wage a war against us.

- Mahanayan Commander

The Mahanayan Borealis States (Mahanayan - Māĥanāyan Thayannavā Syrovākoyontĥōraālom) is a relatively large aristocratic nation in the Borealis Galaxy. As the Mahanayans resisted the Xhodocto influence, they eventually relocated themselves to the Borealis Galaxy.


Following the creation of the Cult of the Deathmarch and the indoctrination of the Mahanayan race, some Mahanayans resisted the process. In retaliation, the Cult of the Deathmarch ordered an extermination of the Mahanayan race who resisted the Xhodocto's control. The war was short in length, but a great deal of Mahanayans were killed on either side of the war. Due to the technological advancements of the Mahanyan Empire, nearly a trillion inhabitants survived the war.

When the Annihilation occurred, the Shka'Tun Imperium and the Mahanayan Empire evacuated their universe, and took up refuge in this one. However, it still remains a mystery as to where the Mahanayans were relocated to. Eventually, the Mahanayans sought out residence in the Borealis Galaxy, in which they moved in and expanded to almost 3,500 systems within 5 years. They have since established strong relations with the Polar Crystal Alliance.


Mahanayan society since its arrival in the Borealis Galaxy has opened up, albeit slowly and very reluctantly. Mahanayan attitudes towards Borealis species are rather tense, due to the main picture of the Mahanayan race being one of the most hated and dangerous races in the universe. However, the attitude is slowly wearing out as more races within Borealis have begun to open up relations with the Mahanayan states.

Social Hierarchy[]

Since pre-spacefaring times, Mahanayan civilisation has been ruled by family states. The Naystathyo family is the most well known on the outside, as the Mahanayan warlord and servant of the Xhodocto Angazhar Hez'Kalka is the most prominent and best known Mahanayan in the Gigaquadrant. The Naystathyo family rests as one of the more affluent families in the Mahanayan aristocracy, however is not the most powerful.

In many periods of their history, aristocratic wars have taken place when there is a universal disagreement on who is the most powerful family. Often, these families would be removed of their wealth and then usually elect the most popular family as the most powerful. Such democratic tactics have not always work, and has lead to massacres, decade-long wars, but usually, is a stable and non-violent process.


Due to the extremely harsh conditions of their homeworld, Mahanaya, Mahanayans are dominantly nomadic. When it came to spacefaring, however, Mahanayans began to set up cities in the planet as it became prevalent that they would have to set up relations with other empires. Orthynyu, their capital, is the largest example of Mahanayan cities. Due to the extremity of the planet, Mahanayans have left in favour of safer and less extreme planets, adhering to their nomadic nature.


Despite the conceptions of the Mahanayan race being very aggressive, Mahanayans take much pleasure from creativity in the arts. Their arts manifest themselves mainly in architectural design, and, with inherited Vi'Navitum technology, their architectural prowess and creative vision is unparalleled. Some consider Mahanayan architecture to be almost too alien for natural perception, and it has been reasoned to the flexibility with Vi'Navitum architectural tools. Mahanayans also have a preference in literature, and have numerous epics upon the aristocratic wars that have taken place in their civilisation for tens of thousands of years. As Mahanayan society is heavily family based, such epics are often accredited to entire family groups.


Due to inherited technologies, Mahanayans have a post-scarce culture. It is considered an abnormality in the Borealis Galaxy, with the Kicathian Republic being the only other state in the Borealis Galaxy that is post scare. Mahanayans, however, do not offer weaponry or armaments in trade due to their technology being comparable to the Kormacvar in the eyes of Borealis indigenous species. Mahanayan main exports are instead clothing - Mahanayans have many fine methods for clothing, and can be regarded as some of the most expensive clothing in the Borealis Galaxy.


Due to the aggressive nature of Mahanayans as a race, Mahanayans have military service from 14 years of age until 40 years of age as mandatory. Most Mahanayan commanders that currently live are well over 500 years old. The Mahanayan military is among the most advanced militia in the Gigaquadrant, however they do not pride themselves with that knowledge. The Mahanaya Borealis States are very reluctant to use their militia, mainly upon the attitude taken upon the Mahanayan race as a highly destructive one.

The Mahanayan fleet is a vast array of ships, numbering over 12.7 billion in number. The fleet is also in reluctant use, as the destructive power the Mahanayans bear can easily lay waste to most planets.

On most militant affairs, Mahanayans send their most powerful soldiers as representatives, much in a similar fashion to how the Kicathian Republic send Agents - instead, the Mahanayans call these representatives the 'Colossi' (Mahanayan - Vorātĥayonża), however they are usually called 'Vorava' by Borealis external authorities. Due to the similarities drawn from the Kicathian and Mahanayan militant tactic, it was quite possibly a Vi'Navitum tactic to do the same. One known Colossus is Kamaris Vorava.


To avoid suspicions, the Mahanayan Borealis States no longer claim their native religion, rather having a 'technotheistic' religion in the Vi'Navitum. They believe that instead, technologies from the Vi'Navitum hold significant importance to their culture, claiming it to be god-tech. The Mahanayans now adopt this religion to draw similarities to the Kormacvar technology being hailed as god-technology by the rest of the Borealis Galaxy. Some Mahanayans however have openly preached their native polytheistic religion.



Green face.png "Your survival is essential to us, allies."

  • Polar Crystal Alliance - "Whilst we have no problem with recalcitrance, we only ask for our safety in this galaxy from ignorant eyes."


Blue face.png "It's not that we have a problem, we worry about your problem with us."


Yellow face.png "Be careful, outsider."


Orange face.png "Be very careful. We will not hesitate."


Red face.png "There will be no trace of you left."



Is it me, or is their culture a lot like ours?

- Agent Tau

Fools. You will never be safe as long our eyes are upon you.

- Hez'Kalka

The story of the Mahanayan people in the aftermath of the Cult's indoctrination of their race is very unfortunate. I can only hope that they gain a sense of normality and safety in Borealis.

- Apollo

So they're not all completely evil? Neat.

- Koluap

I can see many similarities between this species and my own. I welcome you to our galaxy.

- Arkarixus


- Fre'kloar