Magellanic map

The MSP has also a few colonies in the Small Magellanic Cloud.

The Magellanic Sovereignty of Planets or MSP is an empire of the combined seperatist remnant factions left over from the DCP Civil War. It formed shortly after the Emperor defeated the warlords and Titanozor betrayed Eclipsos. The Seperatist remnants were spread about, and were getting picked off by the Delpha Coalition of Planets and in order to survive, they fled and united, to form their own secret empire in the Large Magellanic Cloud, an irregular satellite galaxy of the Milky Way.

After the events of the Annihilation, which devasted most of the universe, the DCP had sacrificed itself. However, the MSP was able to escape the cosmic catastrophy. It is now scathing the universe in search of survivors. The MSP is now a bit larger than it was, incorporating the Coalition of Delpha from the alternative universe. It is as advanced as the DCP in terms of technology, however, it is still much smaller and has its infrastructure on a much smaller scale. There are other differences, seen below.

Comparison with the Delpha Coalition of Planets Edit

Not everyone in the wretched coalition likes its policies. Usually, when people split, they are hunted like animals for the slaughter, however, our split is on a much larger scale. When we have grown in power, the DCP will know and fear us! Their people will come our alliance!

- MSP Admiral.

Government and society Edit

Before Warlord Eclipsos took power of the MSP, and the merging with the Coalition of Delpha, the MSP was controlled by the Warlord Tricarrion, who had descended as a demon and appeared before the seperatists and has assumed control. Under Warlord Tracarrion's rule, the MSP was a theocracy, and even had an economy, rather in contrast with the DCP. But since Warlord Eclipsos has been in control, the MSP has been yet again changed.

Technology and industry Edit

The MSP has much the same technology level as the Delpha Coalition of Planets. What the MSP lacks however, is the DCP's size, and industrial capabilities. The MSP fleet is also built of typically larger ships, but they built for more multi-purpose usage, and are less in number.

Politics Edit

The MSP has had bad press from the Delpha Coalition of Planets, as it is rooted the seperatist rebellion in the DCP Civil War. It has been subject to propagander by the Coalition, and so the MSP has also been ignored by many empires in the universe. What must be understood however, is that the seperatists were no more ruthless than the DCP own martial laws, either faction was no better.

In order to survive, the MSP had to gain allies from questionably less friendly civilizations, such as the Vartekian Empire, the Trucinex, and other rebellions, such as the TIAF rebellion. However, since the Annihilation, the politics of the universe has changed, the MSP was granted access into the Seven Starr Alliance. It is still regarded with suspicion.

New policy (Post-cleanslate) Edit

The MSP itself has put its military duties behind its newest vendetta, to find survivors, in the interest of the survival of the species in the old Coalition (another difference to the DCP). The MSP is less conservative about sharing much needed technology throughout the Gigaquadrant than the DCP as well.

  • The survivors are scattered. They are mostly minor rebellions, ambassadors rescued by allied empires. Some survivors were absorbed into the Apalos collective mind, and have been aiding the MSP.
  • The Coalition of Delpha - The half left behind in the universe also joined the MSP.
  • Children of Kerobe - Who only wish to ally for now to colonize the Large Megallianic Cloud.
  • The Fleet of Retribution - There was a small DCP fleet that survived, it has now left the fleet and joined the ranks of the MSP.
  • The Epicon - This starship will not join the MSP, but will aid it.

History Edit

The MSP's history has been short, only lasting three years on the Grimbolsaurian calender. However, in that time, the MSP has changed hands at least twice has come under threat from both the Mantisorac Swarm and the DCP itself.

Fleet Edit

Superlasers versus carapice

Superlasers being tested on the closed hull armour. Note the closed capapice shields.

As said above, the MSP fleet is also built of typically larger ships, but they are built for more multi-purpose uage, and are less in number. They generally use similar technologies to DCP ships, using Tachyonic Shift Drives, non-phasic shielding etc. Their power sources are not as long lasting however. Due to the Coalition of Delpha, some are also outfitted with photonic cannons. They are also built differently to the Coalition's ships, being lozzange shaped they can close up if outgunned, not unlike a Terran Snail or Tortoise can retreat into its capapice for safety.

Shadow Fighter Edit

  • Task:A bomber, fleet escort and raider.
  • Size:80 meters long.
  • Weapons/defense:3 particle cannons, 2 heavy plasma cannons, 2 railguns, 2 antimatter warhead launchers (30 each), deflector shields, cloak, subspace cloak.
  • Tools:Scan, teleporter.
  • Significant events:First raid on the DCP, attacks on the Mantisorac.

This ship has only just been enrolled. It is a fast ship, and in fleets can prove very deadly. It is an easy match for most normal Grox ships and the DCP's Foron Raider (which is much less advanced), but is not quite a match for the DCP's Ion battlecruiser. The distinctive difference with this ship, is that it leaves absolutely no shadow in subspace, making it almost undetectable and hard to track down after its raid.

Sovereign Warcruiser Edit

  • Task:Defense and attack, to take on the Mantisorac and engage other enemies.
  • Size:417 meters in length.
  • Weapons/defenses:15 subatomic disruptors, 10 heavy qaud turbolaser cannons, anti-matter missiles, quantum resonance charges.
  • Defenses: Non-phasic shields, subspace cloak.
  • Tools:Typical, scan, teleporter.
  • Significant Events:None yet.

The Sovereign War Cruiser is a match for the DCP's Blade Class battlecruiser, and its built from a combination of the Blade and DCP Dreadnought. It could easily take on 3 DCP Ion Battlecruisers in one go. However, the ship is still not as poweful as the DCP's most powerful and advanced ships, such as the DCP Star Destroyer, Dreadnought and Vengeance classes. But still, it has a formidible range of weapons and powerful anti-matter reactors. It was first built to combat the Mantisorac hive fleet, but will probably defend the MSP from the DCP sometime in the future.

Biota class Edit

  • Task: Retrieve information on lost biospheres after the Annihilation, ressurect biospheres, terraform planets, transport colonists, minor defense roles.
  • Size: 1,202 meters in length.
  • Weapons: Two double long-range turbolaser cannons, drones, 6 subatomic disruptors.
  • Defenses: Non-phasic shielding, ghost phase.
  • Propulsion - Hyperspace, sublight drives.
  • Tools: Usual, terraforming tools, SSA-modded Staves of life.
  • Significant events: None yet.

This ship was created by the MSP to help the recovering empire and Seven Starr Alliance breathe life back into the universe. They have huge artificial habitats to support life that was saved, both "godspawn" and "truly alien" lifeforms.

Corvielle Colony and Military Supercarrier Edit

  • Task: Colonization, and military.
  • Size: 8,918 meters in length.
  • Weapons: 1 quad Photonic cannon, 12 Superlaser batteries, 2 long range double subatomic disruptors, transphasic torpedoes.
  • Defenses: Neutronium-laced hull armour, non-phasic shielding.
  • Significant Events:None yet.

The Corvielle class Supercruiser was issued shortly before the annhilation. It is based on the Coalition of Delpha's Expirator class ships, but is smaller and its armour is less thick. Never the less, these are still larger than most ships. It has three major roles; city ship, military carrier and for long-range colonization. Like the Expirtator class, the armour can close, protecting the ship if its onboard defenses are outgunned. They are large in size, so there will not be a great number of this class for a while... They will aid in terraforming the post-apocalyptic universe.

Expirtator class Supercarrier Edit

  • Task: Military
  • Size: 23.3 miles
  • Weapons: Giant double Photonic cannon, 5 duel photonic cannons, Quad orbital strike superlaser battery, 20 dual turbolaser cannons, railgun launched ion nuclear missiles.
  • Defenses: Neutronium-laced armour, non-phasic shielding.
  • Significant Events: Vartekian War.

This ship was originally designed by the Coalition of Delpha in another timeline, that had been temporarily merged with the universe. The Coalition of Delpha was much larger than the DCP in this universe, however, the other experienced a scourge, leaving forces trapped in the alternative Girdo Galaxy. When a wormhole was opened (via the Xyanxian Spore Henge), the CAD discovered this universe, and allied with the Magellanic Sovereignty of Planets, the two powers joined, and the devatated MSP was suddenly quite powerful.

These ships were bulk the CAD fleet, and could quite easily take on four to six DCP Dreadnoughts by themselves. The Expirtator lives up to its name, it is armed with a weapon rare in the original SporeWikiverse, the photonic cannon, but on a massive scale. It is lozzange-shaped and can close up if even this ship is outgunned, and few others can by themselves. It inspired later designs, such as the Corvielle class.

Exo-capapice class dreadnought Edit

Coming soon!

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