We will not be the slaves of cruel alien overlords. Let the Human Superstate prostitute itself to the DCP. Let us be condemned by both the collaborator and the overlord. We will never give in. They can suppress us, they can kill us, but we will not capitulate!

- High Commander Albert von Manstein upon the formation of the Reich.

The Magellanic Reich is a Human empire that was created to oppose the influence of the Human Superstate and any aliens who dare to interfere with humanity. Originating as both a political movement and a secret society, the Reich would not become a fully fledged political entity until the Great Xonexian Schism ended in the defeat of the human portions of the Xonexi Allies. In the confusion and terror of the defeat, the Reich leaders relocated from the various nations that they resided in, heading for worlds colonized outside of the public eye. Millions of panicked humans from all across Humanity's varied nations followed as well, though the journey was long and winding in order to throw of any attempts at pursuit.

What the Reich may lack in size it makes up for in technology, being privy to scientific achievements unheard of in other Empires. This level of advancement is due to several factors. The first is a virtually restricted stance on technology. Incredibly Generous research grants, coupled with advanced facilities and virtually no government interference makes the Reich an incredibly appealing place for scientific societies to operate. The second primary factor is the discovery and reverse engineering of advanced alien technology discovered among the dying suns of the Magellanic Cloud and across the Gigaquadrant. Reich Fleets are often dispatched to hunt for alien artifacts and civilizations, in order to bring new and useful technology back to the Empire.

The Magellanic Reich is a militaristic society formed around the tenets of duty, order, and courage. The culture of the Reich emphasizes hard work and strength above all tenets. The duty of the individual is to strengthen the Empire in order to ensure that his people may triumph. While the ancient divides along the lines of race, culture, and religion still exist in the Reich, the hatred of the Alien and the human collaborators overrides all other issues, and keeps the Empire relatively stable.

Though the Empire is in its infancy, it has already made impressive strides in technology and territorial expansion. The Reich will let no one stand in the way of Humanities inevitable ascension, and will use any means necessary to crush all who oppose them.



The Modern Magellanic Reich originated as a fragmented political movement originating in the early 21st century, though the political ideologies that form its core tenets can be traced all the way back to the 18th century. While the Reich's ideologies were extremely prevalent pre Second World War, the era post war signaled a dramatic shift. The horrors of two world wars prompted many nations of the world to band together in order to find peaceful solutions to global problems. Advances in transportation and communication, one of the most notable being the internet, lead to the birth of a much more inter connected global society. By the early portion of the 21st century, far-right political ideologies had become very irrelevant and distasteful in the minds of the general masses, especially as the nascent millennials began to mature and began to take over important roles in societies across the globe. This lead to an era of global cosmopolitanism that many humans began to embrace.

An idea once thought up cannot truly be destroyed, however. The tenets of the previous centuries that had been seen as backwards and were considered by mainstream society as part of the dust bin of history survived. Across the globe, the tenets of nationalism, traditionalism, fascism, and other political ideologies of this particular support were still alive in various forms. The ideas survived in official political parties, grass root movements, internet forums and websites, official and unofficial radio shows, obscure magazines and newspapers, and other small organizations. These political groups were fractured, however, and warred with each other more than they warred with the global society they considered the enemy.

It wasn't until the year 2035 that any semblance of order was achieved. Ancient data logs point that it was a small number of users of some obscure and long defunct website that sowed the seeds for transformation. This small group of people had amassed a sizable fortune among st each other, the fruits of two decades worth of labor in a variety of business fields. With wealth comes power, and slowly the foundations of a political movement began to emerge. A central political manifesto was written up, know as the Manifesto of the Last Men. Its primary points was that Globalism stripped the soul from a country and reduced it to a gray culture less husk ruled by International Banking cabals. Furthermore, it stated that people had become degenerate, praising ugliness and obscenity, and that they had become slaves to pleasure, no better than beasts. The Manifesto also said that a nation must remain pure in blood if it was to remain pure in culture, and that persons own folk were the most precious resource in the world.

Through the power of the internet and other distribution means, the fractured right wing political elements began to coalesce. Various groups helped amend the manifesto, adding in information that the initial writers missed, and ensuring that the document stayed up to date. Behind this document a new political movement was founded, know as the Indomitus Society, a collection of right wing parties from around the world committed to the preservation of their homes and kin folk.

The Indomitus Society was not focused on a wide spread revolution, for it was determined that the conditions for such a widespread upheaval were impossible at the time. The Indomitus instead acted as a secret society, operating via cells and political connections that were virtually impossible to trace to one another. Its members operated in nations across the world (primarily the Americas and Europe), and embedded themselves within positions of power and influence. The Indomitus would being to slowly spread their influence and ideology among the populace, ensuring more people would take up the cause. Communications were transmitted via coded mail, encrypted messages via internet, word of mouth, and hundreds of other ways.

The Indomitus rode through the storm of WW3 relatively unscathed and continued to spread their influence throughout the nations of the world. Their plan to return nationalism and right wing ideology began to seem that it would come to fruition after centuries of machinations. Plans changed, however, with the birth of major interstellar travel and the dispersal of humans across the galaxy.

The Middle Era and the Diaspora of MankindEdit

By the 23rd century, the Indomitus had created a power network that stretched throughout many of the most powerful human nations and institutions. Despite this wide spread reach, the society faced a series of major problems, namely a widespread feeling of obsolescence among the members, as well as the increasing number of cells being destroyed. Why should they try to rid humanity of those they saw as degenerate if they simply could leave them behind and settle light years away? The great societal shift that had been planned for centuries seemed pointless now. Arguments began to flare up amongst the higher ups of the society, prompting the Grand Master of the Indomtus, a shadowy, virtually unknown figure, to call an emergency assembly of the Societies leadership.

The assembly was held at a remote stronghold located at the south pole that had been constricted a century prior for this exact purpose. The leadership of the society from around the world congregated at this one spot, in order to heed the words of the Grand master, a person that they had never met. The Grand master was revealed to be the original founder of the society, now decrepit and barely kept alive on advanced life support. The Grand master revealed that his death would be soon, but before he died he had to show them the second portion of the Manifesto of the Last Men, a portion unknown to everyone aside form the Grand Master himself until now.

Despite their power, the Indomitus had always been forced to hide themselves, for if they were discovered the powers that be in the world would be able to mobilize resources that vastly eclipsed them. The plan had always been to survive and preserve. No one in the society had dared to hope that they would ever make it this far. The Grand Master had always had faith in his comrades, and at long last revealed the societies new plan.

The society was to colonize worlds far away from the ever watchful eyes of the nations of Earth, where they could develop the society that they had envisioned for so long. These worlds would become the core of a new empire that would be arrayed against the Human nations that the Indomtus considered degenerate and weak. Furthermore, this Empire would destroy any aliens that threatened human dominance. This Empire would be developed in utmost secrecy, no one outside of the Indomtius would know that it even existed. The Indomitus network would continue to operate throughout the other human nations, gathering influence and diverting resources to the Empire in secrecy.

The Grand Master did not live to see the beginning of the project, as he died several days after the Assembly. The Indomitus carried on his legacy, and the preparations to form the what would become the Magellanic Reich began in earnest. Research vessels ranged far afield, heading to Magellanic Clouds, the Galactic Halo, and the outer reaches of the Milky Way. While the clouds were a mysterious and rather desolate area, their isolation was the perfect location for the core of the Empire. When Bastion, the first world settled by Humans within the cloud, was established, the Indomtus hierarchy held a meeting to determine the name of the new empire they had established. Noting the location and the European influences that had been the core of the movement for centuries, the name of Magellanic Reich was settled upon.

The next centuries saw settlement waves being dispatched throughout the Reich, bringing more and more worlds into the fold. Earth was reluctantly abandoned by the Reich at around the same time as the rest of mankind abandoning it. The Reich vowed to return one day as conquers and make it the true capital of all mankind.

The next centuries saw the Reich expanding slowly throughout the clouds and the halo stars. Each world had to be made self sufficient and heavily defended, for no one knew what sort of threats lurked in this mysterious territory. The early 2700's saw the Reich expand into the Andromeda regions of Segementum Umbra and Segementum Exterioris. The isolation of these regions provided the perfect base of operations for the Reich's first extra galactic efforts. The Reich also sent colonists to Mirus, establishing a foothold in that galaxy as well. By the end of the 28th century, the Reich had successfully establish an intergalactic empire of moderate size in relative secrecy.

The Xonexian Schism and BeyondEdit

The defeat of the Orion League at the hands of the DCP created a crisis among st the Human nations. As the fleets of the triumphant Civilization forces approached human space, people began to panic and flee in every direction away from approaching invaders. As the chaos spread throughout Human space, the Reich enacted plans centuries in the making. Numerous organizations, all fronts for the Reich, evacuated hundreds of millions of human refugees in one of the greatest logistical feats in human history. Agents of the Reich sabotaged records and flight plans, ensuring that no one would be able to follow the mass wave of humans back to Reich territory. In the chaotic aftermath of the invasion, many Human governments assumed that the civilians missing were either dead or had emigrated and changed identity. Reich agents ensured that no one could effectively investigate the disappearances or discover the existence of the Reich in the first place.

Following the evacuation, the Reich began to fully mobilize its military. The naval vessels of the Reich spread out across the Gigaquadrant, pursuing inscrutable goals outside of the public eye. The advanced Holofields on board the ship allowed them to move virtually undetected throughout the Gigaquadrant, allowing the Reich to pursue its goals unmolested. The Reich's intelligence network continues to grow and its special forces operate everywhere, performing assassination and sabotage missions throughout many nations. Despite the veil of secrecy they operate under, Reich ships have been glimpsed briefly in a variety of locations, spawning rumors and urban legends of so called "Ghost Ships". These ghost ships are akin to 20th and 21st century conspiracy theories about UFO's and aliens. The majority of people in the Gigaquadrant dismiss the Ghost Ships as bunk, pointing out that it could be explained away by sensor malfunctions or hallucinations.

The Ghost Ships are no urban legend, they are very real. The Reich's vessels are everywhere, keeping an eye on areas and events of importance to the governments agenda, intervening wherever and whenever it is necessary. The Reich will continue to fight for Humanities dominance, both directly and indirectly, until Humanity is the unquestioned master of the universe.


The Reich Military is a highly advanced and well trained military force that operates throughout multiple galaxies. The Military is divided into two distinct branches, the Reich Navy and the Reich Army, with their own respective chains of command. Both Branches are under the complete authority of the Reich Central Armed forces, which oversees all military forces in the Empire. Reich military forces are a complete enigma to the outside Gigaquadrant, partially due to the Reich's emphasis on stealth, and partially due to the fact that Reich troops leave no witnesses to their operations.

Military Service in the Reich is determined by a system of limited conscription. Each planet has to meet certain recruiting quotas a year, though the number of recruits generally varies based on population size and current events. All citizens must be trained for military action in case of wide spread conscription or planetary invasion. Civil service is a requirement for all adult citizens, and while the military is the most popular, other civil service paths can be substituted for military service. This system provides the military with more than enough new recruits.

Aside from the standard military units of the Reich, each planet is in charge of arming and maintaining a planetary militia, so that the citizens of the planet can defend themselves until reinforcements can arrive. Militas are drilled constantly and are held to very high standards in order to ensure they are an effective defense force. The best soldiers of the militia oftentimes go on to join the official Reich military.

For further information on the forces of the Reich, go to the Reich Military Database.





While the Reich is primarily centered in the Milky Way's Magellanic Clouds, the Reich also has territory in a variety of other places within the Gigaquadrant. Reich colonies are heavily defended planets that are engineered to withstand assaults from orbit and the ground. Buildings and streets are designed to give the maximum amount of firing angles and kill boxes. Multiple fortified, well concealed gun emplacements make Reich cities a formidable objective to conquer. The Reich always makes sure to fortify any new territory that they take, regardless of location. In their eyes, if they fail, Humanity is doomed to be the lackeys of foul xeno for eternity.

Magellanic CloudsEdit

The home territory of the Reich, the Magellanic territories were built up long before the fall of the Orion League. There are extensive colonies in both the Large and Small clouds. They are heavily industrialized, heavily defended colonies that provide the backbone of the Reich. The capitol world of New Berlin is located withing the clouds, heavily protected from all sides.

However, the Reich is not alone within the clouds. Both the Delpha Coalition of Planets and the Magellanic Sovereignty of Planets, sworn enemies of the Reich, have a large presence in the cloud (fortunately for the Reich, both factions have been busy doing other tasks, leaving the Reich ignored and undetected). The Vermulan Autonomy also has a presence in the cloud, and while they are hated by the Reich for being foul xenos who seek to enslave Humanity, the Reich is in no rush to fight them (yet). Combine all these threats with Magellanic Cloud natives, it shows that the Reich must bide its time.

Due to the hostility of this area, the Reich has slowed expansion within the clouds and is now primarily focusing on fortifying its Magellanic colonies, as well as expanding to other areas within the Gigaquadrant.

Halo Stars and Milky Way FringeEdit

The Halo stars form the galactic Halo that stretches both above and below the Milky Way's galactic disk. It is made of several dwarf galaxies, all of which have been heavily colonized by the Reich. Dwarf galaxies such as Sagittarius Dwarf and others sport colonies far away from the Reich's enemies. The Reich has also returned to the Milky Way, colonizing the outer extremities of galactic arms, away from the Prying eyes of the Coalition and the Human Superstate.

These areas are in constant expansion due to being free from the large amounts of hostile empires that the Magellanic Clouds Posses. Thus, these areas are important militarily and economically.


The Reich has arrived within this Galaxy via a cluster of natural wormholes that link from the Milky Way fringe to various points in Andromeda. The Reich has established a sizable presence in unexplored and isolated sectors of both Segementum Umbra and Segementum Exterioris. The Reich expands through these empty sectors at a quick pace, seeking both resources and technology to reverse engineer. They avoid the more populous areas of Andromeda for now, for the Reich is wary of the powerful alien civilizations that reside there.


Arriving via wormhole in remote parts of Mirus, The Reich set about what they have done with their other colonization zones. They quickly built up a solid core of fortress worlds and expanded outwards at a rapid rate. In Mirus, the Reich landed much closer to Xeno civilizations than in Andromeda, making run ins between the Reich and other empires more common than anywhere else in the Giagquadrant. Other empires are entirely unaware of what the Reich is, only knowing them as xenophobic humans with incredibly advanced technology. Despite the watchful eyes of many Mirus natives, the Reich continues to expand its sphere of worlds and an increasingly rapid pace.



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