Pulporious the Sixth (Πυλποριους VI in Soldarian), also known as Six, was born in 2771 AD on planet Militora. His father, Emperor Pulporious V, trained Six in the art of combat and swordsmanship. While he was growing up, Six was fascinated by his father and forefather's accomplishments. He learned various forms of martial arts under the tutelage of Antroth Empire general Oskel Leton and Ugandalore the Untouchable of the Ugandalorian Empire. Six even spent sometime learning about ecology with W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species.

Second Infectant WarEdit

Six and his father came to the aid of the Unified Federation of Glory due to their old enemy, the Infectants. Six's task was to aid in the protection of Militora. Unfortunately, Pulporious V was badly injured in the battle with Omega, the new Infectant commander, and Militora was lost. Six managed to get his father to safety on planet Ugandalore.

Later on, Six led the Soldarians into battle alongside his cousin King Brygon, king of the Volver Empire. He stayed back to face other Infectants while the UFG and Waptoria Alliance of Species leaders took on the Infectant Hive Mind, the true leader of the Infectants. After her defeat, the war was over.

After the war, Six returned to his father's side and kept him company while he rested from his injuries.

Enlightenment WarEdit

Some years later Six and his father got word that a powerful organization known as the Proditkar Movement was threatening the UFG and its allies. Pulporious V got his army ready and headed off into battle. He and his fleet arrived during the Battle of Ugandalore, where Crimson and his forces alongside other enemy forces had his friends cornered. Pulporious and Six rushed into battle with their troops, hacking, slashing, and blasting them away. While his father aided King Brygon in his fight against Kalaas Desaa, an ancient Volver revived to aid Crimson, Six went to the side of the Lavatuft Republic troopers to help them fight off other threats. During the fight, a mysterious Volver called the Knight appeared and destroyed Kalaas, the other revived Volver, and banished Crimson into the void.

After that battle, Six retreated back to Militora to defend it from harms way and command a portion of the Soldarian fleet while his father stayed on the front lines.

When the war ended, the Soldarians joined the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment (UAE).

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