Lusitania Squadron is a squadron aligned with the Cyrandia Resistance and is associated and considered part of the Rambo Loyalist Resistance movement. Led by the Libertus commander Altus Mirea, husband of the late Mer Mirea who perished during the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm. He aligned himself with Lord Ramannis Le Rambo and his squadron is the most effective and active within the Loyalist, often carrying out mission on behalf of the Loyalist and Resistance movements while the main fleet stays out of the frey.



Lusitania Fleet upon its formation

With the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War in 20 AQF following the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm the humble and proud Altus Mirea was devastated with the loss of his wife, Mer Mirea and his family during the destruction of the New Cyrannian Republic capital of Mou'Cyran. Vowing revenge, he used his late wife's political influence and status to get his hands on three Consular-class cruisers and modified them for combat. Due to his contact within Rambo Nation he managed to inform Lord Ramannis Le Rambo of his intentions and joined the Rambo Loyalist as an associated squadron shortly after the start of the opening stages of the war.

In february 21 AQF lieutenant Idris Vanguinar was dispatched to the remote and rather unknown Finduila Sector in the Endless Space to meet with the dissidents there that fought against the Legatus Finduilica. They met with Yvenne Thalyssaera who she gave instruction to head to Cyrannus where she would be able to help her. A few days later, the three Consular-class frigates attempted to aid the powerless dissident vessels but required the arrival and distraction of the Loyalist One to escape the Imperator-class star destroyer Relentless. The squadron rendezvouzed with the rest of the Loyalist fleet.


Escaping from Starbase 33 with Commodore Malegras onboard

Later on, Idris took the Acceptance on a mission to steal various modified Dreadnought-Class command destroyers from Concor Refuel Depot. Shortly after the Acceptance found itself under siege by the Imperial elite Raptor Squadron. At 2 January 2820 (22AQF), Idris undertook another mission for the Loyalists and assaulted former Rambo Nation starbase 33 in the Quadrant Galaxies. During the attack, she infiltrated the starbase and liberated Commodore Malegras from Imperial custory. Together they escaped and returned to the Space in Between where Malegras joined the Loyalists and took command of the dreadnought Bismarck.


The Acceptance goes up in flames as the Lusitania Squadron loses the battle for Ramgotheria

It later joined the the Loyalist forces that headed to the Finduila Sector and played a role in the liberation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Participating in the battle for Starbase 25 the squadron was suprised but hailed the arrival of a Civatron led Singularim Pact fleet that ensured a Loyalist victory. Afterwards Lusitania Squadron attempted to liberate Ramgotheria but the Legatus forces under captain Veloci Onychus proved to strong and the squadron experienced it first loss with the destruction of the Acceptance.

In September 2820, aided by starships from House Ramcelsior and House Ramelzen Lusitania Squadron succeeded in liberating Ramgotheria from Imperial control. Though its commander, Altus wondered why the Imperials were withdrawing from the planet.


Lusitania squadron is considered a small yet effective rebel squadron due to its effective and deadly use of the modified Consular-class corvettes. They are the main asset deployed by Lord Ramannis Le Rambo after the main fleet, who he rather keeps out of harms way due to the importance it needs to play in major battle campaigns. As such the Lusitania squadron is deployed on smaller missions, aimed to intervere with Imperial movements and small raids. It can be called upon to participate in larger battles as well. The squadron is led by Commander Altus Mirea.

The squadron is considered to be part of the command chain of the Rambo Loyalist.

Altus MireaLarge Name:Ambassador Altus Mirea

Birthdate: Unknown

Commander Altus Mirea is a Libertus and husband to the late Mer Mirea who perished during the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm. After losing his family, including his wife and children the once proud and humble Libertus turned into a broken and stern man. After forming his resistance squadron he is described as a by-the-books commander, operating his squadron using military protocols thaught during his time in the military. A keen strategist he realizes the Resistance needs to keep growing to ensure a free galaxy. The commander is described as courageous as well,

After losing his family, he considers Idris Vanguinar as somesort of an adopted daughter, a strenght and weakness of him. He took care of the girl after the so called Excelsior Incident, an event both refuse to talk about or comment. It is known however Altus saved Idris and showed her a differant path in life, she now acts as his main advisor and second in command.

Altus Mirea

Military and DefenseEdit

Lusitania squadron is a rather small squadron Resistance Cell though highly effective. If required, Lusitania command can request additional ships from the main Loyalist fleet to support their missions and both are well used to each other.

Name/Race/Rank/Status Name/Race/Rank/Status Name/Race/Rank/Satus
Hisharo Kyōrisibo (Pilot)Large Idris Vanguinar (v2)Large Lusitania Sqaudron PilotLarge
Hisharo Kyōrisibo
Idris Vanguinar
Numerous unidentified pilots
Starfighter Pilots


The following ships and starfighters are associated with Lusitania Squadron.

Name/Type/Status Name/Type/Status Name/Type/Status
MirMireaLusitaniaLarge ConsularClassLusitaniaRed ConsularClassLusitaniaRed
Mir Mirea
LusitaniatigerclassLarge LusitaniatigerclassLarge LusitaniatigerclassLarge
Russus Leader
Russus One
Russus Two
LusitaniatigerclassLarge LusitaniatigerclassLarge LusitaniatigerclassLarge
Russus Three
Russus Four
Russus Five


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