The United Commonwealth of the Lsjanpodos Union Republic, also known as the Lsjanpodos Union Republic, United Commonwealth of the Lsjanpodos, Lsjanpodos Commonwealth, UCLUR and commonly referred to as the Lsjanpodos is a vast federal republic centred on the Milky Way Galaxy. Formed on 6995 BC, it is one of the older powers in the galaxy although by no means the oldest. In its near 10,000 years of existence, the Lsjanpodos has survived through many wars, galactic events and falls. Due to its old age and diplomatic approaches, the Lsjanpodos often takes a motherly attitude towards younger civilisations although distrust towards younger nations still arise.

The Lsjanpodos are known for its love for trade, establishing many trade routes for both their own benefit as well as the benefit of their trading partners. The Lsjanpodos often offer trade routes to other empires to exchange resources and items to grow both their own and the trading nation's economy and to promote peace between the two or more trading nations. Despite the Lsjanpodos' preference of peace, trade and cooperation over war, the Lsjanpodos is often very willing to go to war, when faced with war, in many cases it is war for the Lsjanpodos if they choose not to find a way around it. Many empires have also decided to become a part of the Lsjanpodos, whether it is because of strong ties or to help themselves and the Lsjanpodos prosper and rise together.

Originally founded by 4 species, the Kreekracles, the Persoms, the Hrukujes and the Karica in 6995 BC, it has since grown to incorporate many more species and cultures throughout the cosmos, becoming a culturally diverse and prosperous nation, with all cultures and ethnicities living together in harmony. The Lsjanpodos are often very welcoming to other empires, taking a diplomatic approach when meeting them for the first time and building trade with them.



Treaty of Epodos

The Treaty of Epodos being signed, marking the foundation for the Connected Technology and Defence Alliance or CTDA, the predecessor of the UCLUR.

Second Lsjanpodos War

The Second Lsjanpodosi Interstellar War proved to be devastating to the alliance, causing an economic recession and putting members in tatters.

Before the Commonwealth was founded, the people of the Commonwealth’s founding species were split between multiple factions, many factions of the different species after contacting each other for the first time eventually became allies, some factions became enemies and had war, some started trade deals, and this is where the Commonwealth has its roots, the Commonwealth is the successor of an aliance/orginisation called the Connected Technology and Defence Alliance where member collectively research technology and science and when at war will fight together as an alliance, there were 5 founding members of CTDA, the Krigo-entus, Kloae, the Virak Federation, Beierbeier, and the Desidies Trompi. Other nations that later joined include but not limited to the Ricanforcas, the Grakbloggin Systems, Grakblick Federation, Iorkdai and the Bajractif Popular Republic.

The organisation was founded on 7155 BC with the signing of the Treaty of Epodos with all later members that were part of the CTDA by the time of the foundation of the Lsjanpodos all joining by 7037 BC . The CTDA grew at an astonishing rate, going from a Tier 4.8 alliance with around 38,000 systems in its name at its founding, to a Tier 4.5 alliance with around 66,000 systems in its name by 7028 BC, becoming a recognised regional alliance and its members, many of which were already recognised regional powers to become even more influential.

On 7028 BC, the CTDA started the process of unification to protect, and grow and to unite as a single nation to advance their technology further as a single force and to fight as a single united power, however, on 7022 BC, the Second Lsjanpodosi Interstellar War broke out between the CTDA and other factions including other aliens, which meant that the CTDA and its members had to slow down its unification process to fight in the war. The war lasted 4 years and proved to be devastating to the CTDA and its non-member allies, many important planets were in tatters and the alliance was starting to experience a recession after a stock market crash on Epodos as a result of the war caused a chain reaction causing other economically important planets to start experiencing a stock market crash, not recovering completely until 7013 BC.

The unification process went from Military to Travel to Citizenship to Political (although it did start at the beginning of the unification process) to Affairs. The militaries of member states unified rather early on 7023 BC, 1 year before the Second Lsjanpodosi Interstellar War, the unified military helped the alliance fight against their enemies in the war. Travel laws were unified by 7017 BC, citizen of the organisation could travel freely without a visa or any border checks, all members of the organisation all followed the same travel and immigration laws, and the borders at this point only marked where the nation start controlling that area of space and land on planets with multiple nations, citizenship however still hasn't been unified at this point although citizen of one member will be more easily be able to immigrate from one member to the other. A year after travel and immigration laws were unified, citizenship was unified meaning that citizens of the organisation now all identified as Lsjanpodosi, which was the demonym of the people who lived in the central region of space of the organisation for centuries, the united citizenship also meant that the people of the organisation could finally immigrate between different members easily by just living there. Becoming politically unified was the longest process of the whole unification project, starting from the beginning of the project to 6995 BC, which is the official year the organisation became the one united commonwealth it is in the present day, the affairs of most member states were also unified shortly after, however, some nations, most notably the Ricaforcas and Iorkdai took longer to merge their political and diplomatic affairs, all nations that still had there own affairs were eventually able to merge their affairs by 6993 BC, marking the end of the unification project.


The Lsjanpodos is a federal representative republic, the executive branch is headed by a president, currently Somonthalle Nathilik as of 2820. Executive power is held president is both head of state and head of government and. Elections are held every five Earth years and the president can have up to two consecutive terms. The legislature is the Assembly of the Commonwealth. The Assembly of the Commonwealth is the bicameral legislature of the Lsjanpodos, consisting of the upper house called the Council of the States, with 5 senators from every state in the Lsjanpodos, and the lower house called the Council of Representatives.



Council of the States

The Council of the States consists of the senators from each state of the Lsjanpodos. Each state has 4 senators to ensure equal representation, who are elected through an election by the people of the state, each senator has equal voting power, regardless of the population, size or influence of the state they come from in order to ensure equal power of the states in the Council. The duties of the Council of the States include but not limited to, passing legislatures with approval of the Council of Representatives, signing treaties, alliances and international agreements with the approval of the president, revising bills and adding amendments to them with enough senate votes, discussing the matters of the states and resolving disputes between them and appointing diplomats, ambassadors and cabinet members.

Council of Representatives

The Council of Representatives consist of representatives from the electoral constituencies of the Lsjanpodos with 4703 seats. Each representative by the people living in their respective constituencies; the amount of power delegated to each constituency (e.g., the number of seats it has) is proportionate to its population. The duties of the Council of Representatives include but not limited to, passing legislatures, declaring war with approval of the president, setting budgets, set up diplomatic relations, and impeaching the president and other government officials if they are deemed to have unacceptable behaviour; taking them to court punishing and removing them from office if necessary.

Culture and SocietyEdit


The Lsjanpodos is an incredibly culturally diverse melting pot with many cultures and species originating throughout space, to the point where nearly every if not every planet that’s moderately populated has at least a single significant species minority, and many cultures often mix together, creating a melting pot of often bizarre cuisines and traditions. As the Lsjanpodos is very diverse, there isn’t really a single culture or society although common themes across the Lsjanpodos occur. Often, learning and teaching is a praised act, being seen as something to advance one’s self and others, because of this, education is always improved in quality and schools and universities throughout the Commonwealth are of extremely high quality. Technology is vast and everywhere, it’s not uncommon to find big structures across Lsjanpodosi space, often used for various things such as manufacturing, transportation, research, living spaces and many more. On planets and space habitats, it’s common to find cities and within these cities, nature often comes into harmony with cities, foliage often covers large parts of urbanised areas, roads and buildings are often accompanied by spaces of plants. Whilst biological reproduction is common, growth vats are also common, many Lsjanpodosis choose to reproduce through growth vats and there are many species that have at most decided to ditch biological reproduction entirely in favour of reproducing through growth vats.

Food is highly diverse but high in quality and often rich in tastes, with different servings and types tending the different nutritional needs of different species and technology has made ensured these foods are high in quality and healthy. Art such as paintings, architecture, music among other forms of art are highly valued and often very sophisticated with art and architecture often having rich colours and diverse designs.

Due to education and the way of learning in the Lsjanpodos, Lsjanpodosis are often a hard-working people who are very knowledgeable in science and technology, being well-knowledged in technology, sciences, advancement and often strive to learn about such things. Lsjanpodosis often understand the workings and functions of many forms of technology. Throughout the Lsjanpodos, sports is a very popular form of entertainment. Sports events and leagues are watched by trillions and many participate in such games, sports games such as Deiora and Unun as well as imported sports such as football are all popular and commonly played across the Lsjanpodos. Worldviews in the Lsjanpodos have generally leaned to being xenophilic, often advocating peace and racial equality and generally opposes slavery.







The Lsjanpodos is a market economy, one that is partially regulated and where private ownership and profits of private businesses make up the bulk of the economy's production. The Lsjanpodosi economy is a strong economic powerhouse, fuelled by large-scale production, high productivity, a strong trade and commerce base and a massive industrial core. The largest fields in the economy are but no limited to and not in any particular order; services, commerce, manufacturing and advanced resource production, although other fields such as raw mineral production are also profitable fields. In ancient times the Lsjanpodos had asseted itself as a thalassocratic power, one that controls multiple trade routes, hyperlanes and spreads its influence through trade. Certain values of those times still remain to this day, either similar in form to the original or have evolved through thousands of years of history. The official nationwide currency is the Lsjanpodosi qzuis, a largely digital currrency which fuels commerce and trade in and out of the country as well as being the medium of exchange for transactions and while many aspects of society are post-scarcity, the qzuis remains accepted for transactions involving goods not in a post-scarcity state.

Arguably the most important trade and commerce centres in the Lsjanpodos are but not limited to: the worlds of Huri, the capital planet of Epodos, Gpolion Dardiena, Fdeolapra and Ralhcuthri Jan, with the ecumenopolis world of Huri being considered the economic centre of the Commonwealth, being the centre of many trade routes, companies, financial institutions, businesses and home to the Huri Financial Nexus, a group of facilities equivalent to a stock exchange, the largest of its kind in the Lsjanpodos.


Main article: United Commonwealth of the Lsjanpodos Union Republic/Military The Lsjanpodosi military, formally called the Lsjanpodosi Conglomerated Combative Mandate, commonly referred to as the Combative Mandate, the Lsjanpodosi Combative and the LCCM is a gigantic powerhouse oiled and maintained with the ability of military power projection to defend Lsjanpodosi territories across 6 galaxies and offensive power projection across the entire Gigaquadrant. It regularly patrols Lsjanpodosi territories and the spaces in between them for any imminent threat, whether it is pirates, bandits, criminal raiders or a predatory enemy empire.

Lighter fleets patrolling in Lsjanpodosi territories are known as patrol battalions and are equipped with lighter ships such as corvettes and generally deal with pirates and light raids. Much larger fleets patrolling the space in between territories, the outer parts of Lsjanpodosi territories and major hyperlanes, gateways and wormholes, generally consist of much more powerful ships like cruisers and battlecruisers coupled with agile ships like corvettes and destroyers and are centred around light carriers which carry attack crafts for strikes against the enemy. In case of a powerful predatory force, heavy battleships and carriers can be called in from the reserves.

The Combative Mandate's ships rely on kinetic weapons shooting long-range projectiles utilising antimatter as well as radioactive materials such as thorium and plutonium engineered in its hull and inside the projectile itself to maximise strength. Another important type of weapon is the nanite weapons or 'grey goo' weapons. These weapons utilise self-replicating nanite payloads to dissolve and consume as much enemy ship hull as much as they could. Other weapons such as plasma, lasers and missile weapons are used to a lesser degree.

Lsjanpodosi Planetary Offence MandateEdit

The Lsjanpodosi Planetary Offence Mandate, also referred to by its acronym LPOM is the land arm of the LCCM, focused on planetary offence and defence. Numbering at a combined total of 30 trillion men, the LPOM is an incredibly powerful army, combining tactical genius, martial arts and stealthy tactics and doctrines equipped with innovative weaponry. A notable feature of the LPOM is the heavy use of covert doctrines focused on agility and undercover attacks at the enemy as an opposed to full-on face-to-face combat, allowing for surprise attacks on enemy troops and sudden underdog victories against enemy divisions.


Diplomatic Relationships Edit

Vassal states

Sword&ShieldYou are in our rule and protection.

  • N/A

Binding military alliances and partnerships

Green faceYou are some of the best standing allies of the Lsjanpodos, in times of war, we will help you and become unstoppable

  • Green face Koalian EmpireAncient powers mean ancient reckonings and ancient understandings, we salute to your warriors and people

Green faceThe Lsjanpodos finds certain nations with close relations with us beneficial and trustworthy

Good terms

Blue faceYou have earned our respect, we could benefit from this peace and good relations

  • N/A


Yellow faceNeutral, you never know if they are peaceful or warmongering with the Lsjanpodos


Orange faceWe have no business with you but if you approach us with hostility, things won't be so pretty.

  • Red face Adresaas Republic (confrontations, border clashes, disagreeing views on AI)Power freaks and AI suppressors. One of the oldest living empires in the First Gigaquadrant is also one of our most distrusted empires despite our usual attitudes with elder races
  • Orange face Vakia Star Empire (clashing, hatred of Lsjanpodosi technology)We tolerate your technology, there is no need for you to oppose us. Instead, you decided to attack us like fanatics just because of the materials we use


Red faceBe careful how you approach us and don't intrude on us, or face our wrath.

  • Red face Drakodominatus Tyranny † - “An oppressive empire equivalent to a Gigaquadrantic cancer that could have had the potential to take over the Gigaquadrant. We are more than happy that they are dead

At War

Crossed SwordsEntropy will bring you down. You shall perish with no traces

  • N/A

Trivia Edit

Credit goes to Parazrael for making the flag and emblem.

Quotes from Others Edit

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A honour to be having you fighting by our side. we are far apart but in Mirus, our gates link us together, our armies shall march side by side. Fight the aggressors like brothers of battle. This is a time of prosperety

- Sender Councill of 4 (Quote from post Koalian Lsjanpodos alliance)

The Lsjanpodos... AI users... they must be eliminated, wiped from our Galaxy, you never know when that AI filth will break free from its shackles... We will Terminate them from Life

- Fiction:The Adresaas

assesing Empire status.... treat level: medium... AI usage: Positive... AI corruptibility: High... weapons: Weak compared to Selten... age: young... A target for Extermiantation: positive... As I thought my assessment where correct weak pathetic star slugs that we can easily lead to our reawakening and me being freed from my energy chains. You have come further than you should have the United Commonwealth of the Lsjanpodos Union Republic but then you have not met the Mekkani... Time to die

- Mekani Overlord

I had a Question in my Harddrive for quite some time now: What is your view on Artificial Intelligence? I'm really Curious, seeing as I myself am just a Gigantic Heap of random Data and some A.I. Protocols inside a Matrioshka Brain.

- Solosartok, Supreme Leader of the Tuechalton
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