Lourdes Windrunner is the young princess of the Carnthedain tundra elves and daughter of former grand king Garlboz. Born a royalty- Lourdes is confident in her own abilities and that of her people, kind and sometimes even rude she is loved by her people.

During her life, she and her people lived under the suffering evil known as the Sorceror of Carnthedain, but with aid of Ramashe they vanquished the evil and later on she was allowed to become a Consul of Rambo Nation, with her planet becoming a protectrate of the Nation.

Kind, sweet, but also bitter and vengeful she is as dangerous and kind for both her allies and enemies. She also posseses strong magical abilities.


Early History[]

Helping Ramashe escape with aid of a Valaxion

Born as the only child of Garlboz, former High King of the Elven Kingdom lived her life in the great palaces of the Elven Kingdom. There she learned to use magics, studies ancient scrolls and taught sword skills. Upon the desruction of the kingdom by the dragons and goblins; Lourdes fled to the nearby meteor and together with some elves they settled themselves nearby. Lourdes and her village lived in peace for a great period of peace until 0 BQF when the Sorceror of Carnthedain unified the tundra goblins and trolls and began plundering the area. In return for "protection"; Lourdes met the Sorceror and her village now fell under his control. In return for their safety the elves began harvesting fruit and other materials for the goblins, a fact Lourdes didn't like but could do little against.

Free from the Shadows and Consul of Rambo Nation[]

Somewhere in 06 AQF/03 NE- Lourdes learned that within the dark fortress a prisoner was held from beyond the stars. It turned out to be Ramashe- the Empress of Rambo Nation. Helping her escape on the back of a Valaxion she brought Ramashe to her village and asked the Serindia Monarch to take her people to another planet to escape the goblins and this dark lord. To the Empress her surprise a friend of her also arrived at Carnthedain, Riordan Rambertan who helped her and her people to escape to Rambo Nation. Riordan brought Lourdes and her people to Quadrant 21 where they docked at the Suiliagothrond II- under command of Claire Rambo. While Ramashe soon left to return to the Rambo Capital, Lourdes and her people remained at the station- waiting for Claire to finish her Zevian expiditon and her orders to take back Carnthedain. She later returned to Carnthedain with the aid of Claire and her troopers. Afterwards she made preperations to become a Consul of Rambo Nation and she began living once again in peace together with her fellow elves under the protection of a nearby Rambo trooper garrison.

Dignitaries sign the Treaty of Serindianliae

In the fourth month of 03 NE/06 AQF Lourdes travelled to the Rambo Capital where she met with Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation, Carnoria of Zevia and S'Rell of the Caizini.

During the meeting Ramashe announced the expansion of the Treaty of Fornaeria, the Treaty of Serindianlia! The expansion allows individual sectors/planets to become "protectrates" of Rambo Nation. Allowing them to keep their own ways of living, their traditions and beliefs, as well as their own selected rulers. As an addition the Rambo Navy would patrol and defend their territories against out side threats and individual members could become full Rambo Nation citizens if they would want to serve on Rambo Navy ships or at Rambo Command.

Afterwards Lourdes remained at the Capital for a few days before returning to Carnthedain. Pleased that her people could now explore the stars together with the people of Rambo. Lourdes dissapeared during the destruction of Carnthedain by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus after they sieged the Space in Between.

Personality and Traits[]

Lourdes is confident in her own abilities as she is part of the royalty of the ancient Carnthedain elves. Learning how to use powerful magics, she is well capable of protecting herself and those she loves. Lourdes is a kind and sweet person as welll, loving all things that live and believing that the light side will always prevail over darkness, no matter what the costs. However, she also has traits from her evil father, like jealousy and holding grudges against those she doesn't like. Also she wouldn't hesistate to use nasty tactics to get what she wants or desires.

In het second appearance Lourdes donned her headcrown, and instead began wearing a revealing outfit and a large cape to indicate her importance.



Green face.pngYou have my grattitude!


Yellow face.pngOh o, not sure about these!

  • Carnoria - the Saurien king and consul of Zevia
  • Chuinaylia - a senator of Rambo Nation
  • Riordan Rambertan - He aided us in our quest for freedom, but his affection towards the Rambo Empress I do not understand, why not show such devotion to me?
  • S'Rell - A Caizini who signed the treaty of Serindianliae at their behalf


Red face.pngBegon vermins!!


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My beloved and misguided daughter, do you not recognise your own father behind this helmet? How pathatic! You are not worthy of my blood!

- Garlboz


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