Lost in SpaceEdit

Lost in space features the crew of the USS Elgorodaurl on their unscheduled voyage through the Endless Space. 126 years away from the Quadrant Galaxies, the crew desperatly tries to find a way home, facing the many challenges, joy and temptations of the Endless Space. New races are discovered, tensions within the crew arise, new and old enemies are encountered on their way home!


Any user who wants can participate or feature cameo appearances by one or multiple of their races that will have dealings with the crew of the USS Elgorodaurl can participate or write a story for the Lost in Space, provided they discuss the outlines first.



USS Elgorodaurl in drydock

04 AQF, the Cyrandia Cluster suffers the Great Cyrannus War as the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Confederacy of Allied Systems wage war upon each other to gain control over the Cyrannus Galaxy. Even the Quadrant Galaxies aren't spared from conflict, as the Confederacy launches bold attacks against Yudumarth, Ramghatulk and eventually an attack at vice-admiral Ramcard by the notorious and evil Lizardian officer Lizaconda. Driving Ramcard off, the Lizardian enters the Metruia Nebula with his prized Venator-class Star Destroyer, the Liberty II.

Rambo Command fears for the isolated and classified bastion of Lesrekta, if such a location was to be discovered an invastion against the bastion could threaten the safety and survival of Rambo Nation as whole. In a desperate move, the Rambo High Council orders the Tirithsilliana-Class, the USS Elgorodaurl to intercept the Liberty II and destroy the vessel. The USS Elgorodaurl is a classified experimental science long-range exploration vessel, with state of the art weapons and shields, a warp drive and the ability to use hyperspace jumps, the vessel is seen as a new generation of Rambo Nation vessels. As the only one of her class and nearing completion, captain Lassai Chiakian and his skeleton crew launch their ship on her maiden voyage on a desperate mission to cross the dangerous Metruia Nebula and intercept the Liberty before Lesrekta could be revealed and all her secrets are jeopardized. The mission launched in the second month of 04 AQF!

Chapter 01: An unknown sectorEdit

Captain Lassai Chiakian looked annoyed at the view screen in front of him. Crossing through the Metruia-Nebula proved to be a greater challenge than Rambo Command intelligence claimed. The massive energy storms and disturbances could tear the ship apart if caught in them.


USS Elgorodaurl drawn into the anomaly

  • Lassai Chiakian: "Lieutenant Penaeli, status report."

His science officer, the Amiaeria lieutenant Lassa Evaana Penaeli looked annoyed, it was no secret that the Chinawkya captain Lassai Chikian was not the easiest of the captains in the navy, though this assignment was temporarily the command crew were unified in their opinion that their captain was stern, arrogant and ordering around, though had to respect him due to his rank. It left the crew wondering to what their next commanding officer would be.

  • 'Evaana Penaeli : "Same as two minutes ago captain, increasing tachyon particles velocity becoming unstable".

Captain Chikian decided to ignore the slight of his science officer. Taking his seat, he ordered his Amphibiahria helm officer, lieutenant Corbar to take them in and prevent damage to his ship. Corbar rolled his eyes and tried his best to avoid the scouring swirls of energy, while the ship rocked violently it seemed they were getting through when a sudden flash of bright light appeared in front of the ship. A rift in space appeared behind the Elgorodaurl and the ship began to shake violently. Without warning the Elgorodaurl was hit by an anomaly and faced destruction as Lieutenant Corbar tried to steer the ship away but to no avail. The graviton pull was too strong and the Elgorodaurl disappeared in a whips of light as it was drawn into the anomaly.

Corbar opened his eyes, looking around he saw consoles flickering and sensors beeping. The bridge was damaged, and wondered what was the state of the rest of their ship. Their captain had done it, going blind into the Metruia-Nebula to be drawn in a war the Cyrannians caused. To his right, he saw Evaana getting to her feet with help of the captain.


Status Report!

  • Chiakian: "Lieutenant, status report."

The girl nodded and began accessing her console. The captain looked at Corbar.

  • Lassa Chiakian: "Helm, navigational report."

Corbar checked his console thrice, not believing what the sensors were doing.

  • Corbar: "S-sir, they are still resetting and searching?"
  • Lassai: "What?"

The captain headed towards Corbar and both looked at the screen in disbelief. Suddenly the sensors recalibrated and gave an answer.

  • Corbar: "S-sir, we are in what we call the endless space, the space between our known galaxies of the First Gigaquadrant, 126 years from the edges of Rambo space."

Lassai was speechless, looking at Evaana she informed the rest of the bridge crew about the ships status. Shields and engines were down, warp and hyper drive offline, of their 35 crew complement that started the mission 15 were wounded and 5 were dead, including their chief engineer and the medical doctor.

  • Lassai: "Start repairing the ship, staff meeting within two hours in the briefing room. I will be in engineering to see if I can get the warp drive back online. Corbar, get back impulse power. Evaana, stay on the lookout for enemies and find the nearest habitable planet, as well as an inventory of our supplies, including food and medical."
  • Corbar and Evaana: "Aye captain."

Lassai Chiakian sat in the briefing room of his prized vessel, the USS Elgorodaurl. He had been successful in aiding his engineering crew to get the warp and hyper drive back online before the warp core was threatened. Looking at the initial report in front of him he wondered how Rambo Command could have send them to undertake such a risky operation with an inexperienced young skeleton crew. His senior officers, the commander, the chief engineer and the doctor died during the relocation to the Endless Space, far away from any of their known galaxies. He would have rather be send to the demonic territories of Borealis instead to the uncharted regions of the endless space between the galaxies and so far from home. He was given command of the long range scientific exploration vessels only for the hunt of the Liberty, he was a battle captain, not an explorer or scientist like most of his ill-fated crew. Though he had to convince the crew to keep up hope and stand open for the chance of exploring the most mysterious part of the galaxy in hopes of finding a way home. The indicator of the door told Lassai that his command staff was ready to enter.

  • Lassai: "Please enter."

The rest of the crew looked fatigued and nervous, and all had their reports ready. Present were his science officer and his helm officer, as the, engineer and medical departments had to be assigned to new personnel yet.


First briefing within the Endless Space

  • Lassai: "Please start the report officers."
  • Evaana: "Very well sir, science and operations departments indicate that warp and hyper drive will be offline for another eight hours. Food and medical supplies remain intact though if used on rational rotation we can maintain ourselves for over four months. Energy storages will suffice for the same amount of time if we shut down holographic chambers and dim the lights during night shifts and shut down all other unnecessarily systems.
  • Lassai: "Four months?"
  • Corbar: "Indeed sir, navigational computer indicates we are 126 years from the nearest Rambo affiliated planet, Carnthedain. We are stranded in the Endless Space, nearest habitual planet which might indicate the possibility for resupplies at three months and twenty one days, if we travel a constant speed of Warp 1.2, not any faster."
  • Lassai: "W-what? You are indicating that on our course home the nearest habitual planet is four months away?"
  • Evaana: "That is correct sir, in all other directions time estimates are far longer and our energy, food and medical supplies will not be sufficient. We did not count in yet crew time, morale and shore leaves, but I assume they will all be suspended for the coming four months."

Lassai sighted, massaging the sides of his heads he told his fellow crew they had done fine and ordered them to continue repairs, start their heading at impulse towards home, or at least the known entrance in the space in between of the Quadrant Galaxies. He also told them the crew had to work hard for these months, if they reached the next planet safely they would reevaluate crew schedules and shore leaves, for now all had to work extra hours. Dismissing his senior staff, Lassai, with a heavy heart he looked forward to the coming months of cruising through the void of space, four months away from contact or planets. Suddenly the Elgorodarul felt like a prison to him.

Meanwhile, two and a half months have passed after the relocation of the USS Elgorodaurl. Lassai was sitting in his ready room, so far he was quite pleased with the progress of the ship and its crew. With the restrictions, repairs and food rations, they were well underway. They actually faced one true problem, moral. As a captain he had his senior officers to worry about that, but even they were itchy and snappy against each other. Two and a half months without new contacts or the use of the holodeck made people les motivated and easier on edge. His door signaled there was someone wishing to enter his ready room, accepting he was surprised to see lieutenant Penaeli entering.


Evaana confronts the captain with her displeasure!

  • Evaana: "Sir, might I speak freely?"

Surprised Lassai responded with a little resistance in his voice that she could. He didn’t like it when people wished to speak freely.

  • Evaana: Sir, I really can’t stand that annoying, selfish and smart ass anymore. He knows everything better, interferes with other departments instead and…"
  • Lassai: "Lieutenant, please I……"
  • Evaana: "Not to mention his attitude! He should focus more on navigating and getting us home instead with…"
  • Lassai: "LIEUTENANT!"

Evaana fell silent in surprise. Lassai was already tired of the conversation and felt his anger rising.

  • Lassai: "We are all a bit on edge, circumstances allow us little free time and we work constantly with each other. Deal with, that is an order. Dismissed"
  • Evaana: "B-but Sir".

Lassai raised an eyebrow. Looking stern, Evaana nodded in anger.

  • Evaana: "Yes sir".

Watching her stamp out of the room, he sighted, happy star ships were equipped with slide door, else she would had slammed it shut. This was the fourteenth this week complaining, though he hoped the crew wouldn't fall apart, they were only half way their journey towards the nearest habital planet.


Arrival at Kirioohsk

Flying over the abandoned ruins at the first planet they encoutnered after four months of nothingness, captain Lassai Chiakian looked in awe and amazement. The fine architecture dated back well over 2500 years ago. Watching his two staff officers, Corbar and Lassa Evaana Penaeli, he was glad to see the two smiling again. Since Evaana's last meeting, morale and the atmosphere onboard the USS Elgorodaurl wasn’t improving, only the discovery of this planet made people happy it seemed, finally a sign of life.

  • Evaana: "Sir, visible observation show no signs of battle. I have no explanation for why the entire population moved out of such a large city."
  • Lassai: "Well, let’s find out, shall we? I want to know if we can stay here for a while in search of food and supplies, the crew needs some time off the ship."

Corbar, who sat behind the controls took the shuttle passed the abandoned city and landed near a temple like structure. Exiting the shuttle, the trio were welcomed by the sight of a Kiriebra and a Kiriphaunt creatures. Evaana looked in awe and began making sketches, while Corbar noticed something unusual about the temple.


Solid ground once again after four months of nothingness!

  • Evaana: "Look at that skeleton armor, these creatures are gigantic!"
  • Corbar: "What are they?"
  • Evaana: "Mammals for sure."
  • Corbar: "No kidding…………"

Corbar nodded in disbelief, his Amiaeria colleague really believed he was born dumb or so. She always had to urge correct him or tutor him in things. Of course he could see it was a bloody mammal, his back would even know. Corbar left the captain and his point of irritation behind while he scrolled towards the remains of the abandoned temple.

  • Corbar: "Sir, look at that! The temple seems damaged, but it has a wooden construction attached to it. Perhaps sentient life?"

The captain approached as well, standing besides Corbar, smiling he placed his hand over the shoulder of Corbar.

  • Lassai: "Well done lieutenant, you found something of true importance here."

He beckoned a fascinated Evaana to follow him, while the captain followed Corbar. Entering the house, they only noticed a small blue bird, while the interior featured a bed, various gathered fruits and a small fire heart.

  • Lassai: "It seems this temple is inhabited, what can you tell?"
  • Corbar: "Well, it seems the interior is built for survival, it lacks any luxurious or technological features. Though I must admit, the fruit looks juicy."
  • Evaana: "I agree!"
  • Lassai: "Don’t think about it, we only observe, not interfere!"
Suddenly they heard a yelling sound behind them, a seemingly young female humanoid, riding one of the striped horse like creatures rode towards them. As they came closer, she stepped down the creature and approached the trio. Lassai noticed she was wearing little clothing. When the girl began speaking, none understood it. The captain looked at Evaana, who was busy working with her tricorder when she suddenly raised her thumb. The childish gesture took Lassai by surprise and raised an eyebrow in confusion. Scratching the back of her head, Evaana could simply smile shy.

Encountering the Cargura Zaa

  • Lassai: "Hmpf, very well. I am captain Lassai Chiakian of the Rambo starship Elgorodaurl. We come here with peaceful intentions."
  • Zaa Ashara: "I am Zaa Ashara of Kirioohsk, why are you in my house?"

Lassai bowed in gratitude and asked for an invite, who the young girl reluctantly accepted. While inside their house Zaa began chronicling her story of what happened to Kirioohsk and why the cities were abandoned. Taking notes, Corbar grew uneasy about the tales of the Gorgorian raiders and the harvesting Mandabit. Taking a small pause, while Zaa prepared some food and drinks, Evaana approached Lassai.

  • Evaana: "Sir, my assumptions are correct, my scans indicate she is a Cargura!"
  • Lassai: "A Cargura?"
  • Evaana: "Yes, a species native to the Cyrannus Galaxy."

Lassai looked shocked, how was this possible. Suddenly a shadow flew over, at once Zaa looked frightened.

  • Zaa: "They’re here! They’ve come! The Gorgorians are here! We must seek shelter!"

Lassai looked tense, but to his horror came to conclusion that they left their phasers inside the shuttle.

  • Evaana: "We must get to the shuttle, or at least the woods first!"
  • Lassai: "Perhaps these Gorgorian can be reasoned with. Stand down, signal the Elgorodaurl to standby for a possible emergency beam out."
  • Corbar: "Yes sir."

As the Gorgorians approached the shelter, they looked discontent.


Gorgorian hunting pack at Kirioohsk

  • Malgrim: "I thought I saw our prey here! Where are they!"
  • Grizeala: "Perhaps the noise you made scared them away?"
  • Malgrim: "Why you little miserable bitch."

Zaa’s Kiriebra made whinny sounds in panick, alerting the two Gorgorian raiders of their current postion. The larger one pointed his blaster in the direction where they were hiding and opened fire. Taking cover, the four of them withdrew deeper into the woods.

  • Malgrim: "They can’t escape us!"

Pursuing the four, the two Gorgorian’s speed allowed them to cross the distance far faster than anticipated.

  • Corbar: "We have to get to our shuttle!"

Lassai nodded and took charge, jumping over a fallen tree he guided the others towards the shuttle. Meanwhile the larger Gorgorian leaped over the tree and managed to catch up with them. Towering over his four victims he aimed his weapon and demanded their surrender. Not willing to go down without a fight, Zaa launched herself at the Gorgorian male and slapped him in the face. Laughing he back handed the young Cargura into unconsciousness. His actions made him unaware of Evaana who placed a well-placed kick at his knee, growling in pain the large Gorgorian fell to one knee, unprepared for the fist of captain Lassai who hit him in his right cheek. Suddenly Evaana fell to the ground, paralyzed by a shot from the smaller, stealthier female Gorgorian who suddenly appeared from behind a bush. Placing her hand at both Evaana and the male Gorgorian she smiled.

  • Grizeala: "Now this was fun!"

Suddenly they beamed away into their own ship, taking Evaana as hostage. Zaa looked releaved as she wasn’t taken while Lassai and Corbar looked shocked as the saw the yellow raider take off and gain altitude.

  • Lassai: "Intercept that yellow raider, I want it stopped…"
  • Corbar: "No response sir, they are jamming our signal, I am sorry."
  • Lassai: "Darn them!"

Captain Lassai sat in his comfortable chair in his ready room, in front of him a nervous Zaa Ashara was looking in amazement, often drawn to the view outside the window as Kirioohsk was shining in all its glory. Lassai noticed she changed into a far more revealing outfit and she brought her bird-like creatures, Lassai didn't like pets, often finding them a distraction.

  • Zaa: "I am really in space aren’t I? It is magnificent!"
Lassai looked at his viewscreen again, inviting her to come onboard and escape her life in poverty wasn’t easy, she demanded to take both her Bluea (the bird-like creature) and Kiriebra with her, one of the cargo bays had to be modified for the Kiriebra though in turn Zaa turned the cargo bay into an environmental and botanic garden, where plants were growing and fruits could be harvested, and she was to take care of it while other crew members could enjoy it as well.

Zaa comes up with a seductive plan, much to dismay of Lassai

  • Lassai: "As you wished, we turned the ship so you could see your planet from distance. Satisfied?"
  • Zaa: "Yes captain, we can proceed. Though not sure why you would want to go to Gorgorthrond, that is an awfully hostile and distasteful place to visit."
  • Lassai: "I need to safe my officer, I cannot leave her to her fate! I will level that fortress if need be."
  • Zaa: "Good luck with that!"

Surprised by her uninterested and defiant answer Zaa walked towards the couch, Lassai did the same and sat next to her, still pondering. Zaa instead took a lying position on the couch, raising one leg and putting her other hands behind her head she smiled seductively at the Chinawkya captain.

  • Zaa: "Well my handsome captain, in for some pleasure?"

Lassai, taken aback by the proposal, the captain muttered and stuttered in search for an answer. Zaa rolled her eyes in boredom.

  • Zaa: "Please captain, I just showed you what to expect when you arrive at Gorgorthrond, though a harsh planet it contains a pleasure house, full of girls taken from their planets to serve as pleasure girls. It is the only planet in light years that allows outlaws a good time for payment with some nice looking girls. Do you see my point? Destroying that planet would mark you as the enemy of all that inhabit this planet and have dealings with Gorgorthrond."

Lassai grinded his teeth in frustration, understanding her point he looked at Kirioohsk in the distance, eager to find a more elegant solution to his problem, as an enemy status would make their travel even more difficult than it already is. Zaa smiled again, leaning forward.

  • Zaa: "I have a plan, and I am surely going to enjoy your embarrassment with it"

Lassai sat in his command chair, approaching Gorgorthrond he had made up his mind to get back his science officer, Lassa Evaana Penaeli.

  • Corbar: "Sir, we are approaching Gorgothrond, a message from the service indicates we have to take a low orbit before being allowed to send a shuttle to the ground to visit the fortress."

Lassai nodded and issued a red alert. While the Elgorodaurl entered low orbit, Zaa met with captain Lassai in the transporter room and beamed down at a remote location out of sight.


Lassai and Zaa enter the pleasure house

Entering the fortress, Lassai looked in disgust at the poor state of the fortress, various species unknown to him living in wooden cramped shelters, while black armored Gorgorian guards patrolled the streets. Looking above him, he saw the shuttle leaving back to the ship. Finding their way to the pleasure house, where Zaa was convinced they could find their fellow crewmember, Evaana. Passing through the curtains of the pleasure house, Lassai was pleasantly surprised by the smooth and welcoming nature of the pleasure house, various tables and couches were placed around a bar, with a female waitress in revealing clothing took and brought orders. In the back of the house, a female Cargura was lying on a couch, flirting with those surrounding her. In one of the cages he found a bright pink colored female dancing and singing. Suddenly the green skinned waitress approached the duo.

  • Waitress: "Hello mister, welcome this fine establishment of pleasure and joy. Can I take an order? Drinks, snacks or perhaps a fine female?"

Lassai raised his hands and thanked in advance, resulting in a push in the back by Zaa.

  • Zaa: "We would like some drinks while enjoying the view, my dear friend here is searching for a third female for in the heat of action, if you get my point."

The Waitress smiled and nodded, recommending Gorgoroth Cocktail to get in the mood. Thanking the waitress Lassai and Zaa took their place at one of the couches.

  • Lassai: "What was that good for?"

Zaa rolled her eyes, something she found doing often with the captain.

  • Zaa: "Nobody refuses a drink in the pleasure house of Gorgorthrond, if you want unwanted attention just do that. Now let’s keep our eyes open!"

A minute later the waitress brought their drinks, as well as a letter featuring the various drinks and snacks, as well as the girls available. Zaa looked at the paper as well, whispering that their colleague was not yet featured on the paper, that was good news as she wasn’t trained yet and indoctrinated in the pleasure house. Lassai smiled and got an idea, signaling the waitress.


Gorzask, Lassai and Zaa settle a deal!

  • Lassai: "My dear, I heard rumors that you have a new girl, from an another galaxy available?"

The Waitress frowned, biting her lip she hesitantly answered the question.

  • Waitress: "It seems news travels fast these days. Yeah some raider found her at Kirioohsk, she is green skinned but not yet trained, so I am afraid she isn’t available yet."
  • Lassai: "I am rich, would pay well for it to be her first client."

Nodding, the waitress explained she had to ask her superior and the boss of Gorgorthrond for it. About half an hour later a heavily armored Gorgorian entered the pleasure house, the Waitress approached him and pointed her finger to the place where Zaa and Lassai were sitting. Taking a seat himself in front of them, crossing his legs he smiled.

  • Gorzask: "Well well, you want an extra girl for pleasure time, one that isn’t trained yet? Those are quite expensive you now? And unpredictable and might not give the result that is required. You know, these girls are my business materials, anyone that preforms below standards might hurt the reputation of Gorgorthrond."
  • Lassai: "Your reference, I understand your hesitation. But we are sure of our cause. I quadruple the amount required."

The Gorgorian muttered and was not yet convinced when Zaa suddenly spoke, crossing her legs, flickering her eyes she laid a hand at the knee of Gorzask.

  • Zaa: "Plus I would be interesting to have someone fresh and inexperienced, if you get my point. "

Raising an eyebrow, the large Gorgorion leaned forward and smiled. Shaking hands with Zaa and Lassai he confirmed their deal. Informing the due that she would be waiting in one of the huts within half an hour, when the Gorgorian left Lassai looked angry at Zaa.

  • Lassai: "You know, I have the feeling you like to put me in shameful postions."

Zaa shrugged her shoulders.

  • Zaa: "Your precious Rambo principles prevent you from doing good business with these Gorgorian. Just signal the ship to be ready so we might escape! When we are back we can discuss this matter, getting Evaana away from here is more important."

Half an hour later, the waitress brought a new letter with their hut number where their pleasure girl was to be waiting. Both Lassai and Zaa reacted delighted and found their way to the hut. From a distance, Malgrim looked at the duo entering a hut, to his shock he recognized them as the associates of the girl he captured earlier on at Kirioohsk. Dropping his glass of alcohol he alerted his companion, Grizeala. To her horror she noticed it as well. It was time to warn Gorzask that one of his “girls” was in danger!


Gorzask' confronts Lassai and Zaa after discovering their deceit!

Lassai and Zaa entered the hut, shoving through the black curtains they saw Evaana sitting on one knee at the ground in a revealing slave outfit, with her back turned to them they heard her crying while her back showed healing scars of a whip. Lassai approached Evaana and laid his hands at her shoulders, Evaana reacted shocked and whispered not to hurt her, refusing to look into the eyes of the one who were required to get pleasure time from her.

  • Lassai: "Lieutenant, it is me, captain Lassai and Zaa. We are here to rescue you and take you back to the Elgorodaurl!"

Evaana looked in Lassai’s eyes with clear confusion, smiling through her tears she hugged the captain.

  • Evaana: "T-thank you captain, I was so afraid."

Zaa smiled at the sight when they suddenly heard the booming voice of Gorzask.

  • Gorzask: "You deceit has been uncovered captain. Surrender yourself and I will allow you to leave back to your ship, the girls stay here as an atonement for your deceit and ensure peace with Gorgorthrond."

Stepping outside the hut, followed by Zaa and Evaana, captain Lassai straightened his back and replied boldly.

  • Lassai: "Not over my dead body, Gorzask."
  • Gorzask: "That can be arranged, humanoid".
  • Lassai: "Elgorodaurl, emergency beam out for three."

Gorzask stood perplex, in front of him the three disappeared in a blink of an eye. Roaring in rage he ordered the fortress to be searched and the ship in orbit to be stopped but it was in vain. The moment the three were onboard the Elgorodaurl made a warp jump and was well away from Gorgothrond, returning to Kirioohsk, leaving behind a cursing and swearing Gorzask.

  • Gorzask: "Run little captain, I will level the Argoroth Sector to gain back my property!"

Evaana and Zaa get comfortable

Meanwhile onboard, while the USS Elgorodaurl made its escape from Gorgorian territories, Evaana was send to the medical bay for a medical check. After cleared, Evaana had an immediate debrief with captain Lassai in his ready room. After the debrief, Evaana noticed the Elgorodaurl had returned to Kirioohsk. Nodding, the captain left his science officer in his ready room while he took an away team to the surface in search of food and other supplies. Shortly after the captain left, alone in thought someone else entered the ready room, the Cargura girl, Zaa Ashara. Taking a seat next to her, she placed an arm around Evaana who cried softly, still under shock of her imprisonment and the whips given as torture and training.

Cradling together like friends do, Evaana suddenly looked at Zaa and kissed her intensely. A rather surprised Zaa remained speechless as Evaana, still in her slave garment rose and walked away. Looking behind she smiled at Zaa.

  • Evaana: "Thanks for saving me Zaa, you truly are a great friend!"

Perplex, Zaa nodded and looked in awe as Evaana left the ready room. Turning around and watching at her planet, she looked outside, with a slight smile and with a dreaming look Zaa really wanted to stay aboard. And the kiss of Evaana, well let’s just say that Zaa rather found it a pleasurable experience……………

Chapter 02: Friends and foes in the Endless Space!Edit


Serving onboard the bridge

21-07-04 AQF, three weeks after their Gorgorthrond experience and escape from Gorzask, the USS Elgorodaurl, at advise of Zaa travelled southhwards across the Gorgorian border. North-west of Kirioohsk another planet with friendly humanoids could be found where the Rambo starship could gain new supplies, materials and hopefully a star chart of the Argoroth Sector. Life onboard the ship was easy going, many of the crew enjoyed their week of shore leave at Kirioohsk before departing. Furthermore, the Gorgorian had left them alone and a confrontation remained due.

Onboard the bridge, captain Lassai Chiakian was happy it was already the seventh month of 04 AQF, their journey continued and home seemed a bit more closer. From studies at Kirioohsk, he learned that the feared Mandabit might bring them closer to home, though he doubted the infamous insects were willing to help them. His thoughts returned to the presence when lieutenant Corbar informed the captain they were approaching their objective, the planet Boronia.

  • 'Corbar : "Sir, we are approaching the planet, we get a scripted transmission to enter high orbit and prepare for an inspection."
  • Lassai: "Very well, signal that they can dock, I will meet them in the briefing room."

The Elgorodaurl prepares to dock with a Boronia cruiser

Entering high orbit, the two vessels docked and the dignitaries of Boronia were escorted to the briefing room where Lassai was waiting with his staff officers and Zaa. The green humanoids looked a bit tense and nervous, probably not used to meet outsiders from beyond the Argoroth Sector.

  • Lassai: "Welcome dignitaries of Boronia, I am captain Chiakian of the Rambo Nation starship Elgorodaurl. Please take a seat, we are here in friendship."

The dignitaries nodded and took their seats. Opening the meeting, Lassai noticed the green humanoids relaxed after he chronicled their encounters at Kirioohsk and Gorgoroth, having both a mutual distrust of the Gorgorians. One of the dignitaries turned out to be a restaurant holder, as the their civilian leadership board existed only out of civilians with additional duties. The trader was in fact not a Boronian, but from a different species, a Crockagator

  • Morg: "We would be pleased to welcome you to our planet! We are a major trade hub with may facilities, though are main market street stretches the entirety of the planet, many houses, shops, apartments and such can be visited! I believe we are in union to allow your people to enter our city and your ship can remain in low orbit. I look forward to see you in my restaurant!"

The following hours, captain Chiakian instructed various crewmembers to get materials and food, while he himself accepted the tour by Morg and the other dignitaries.

The following night, Evaana had another nightshift, a shift she truly hated but due to shortage on personnel, she had to work a 24 hour shift. Evaana disliked the shift as she always had problems sleeping afterwards. Her mind was troubled this particular shift, after her “incident” with Zaa in the captains ready room, the two haven’t spoken to each other since. While her other night shift officer went to the mess hall for some refreshments, Evaana was left alone to ponder her thoughts, standing behind her science console, she had trouble staying awake when suddenly someone entered the bridge.


Evaana and Zaa talk about their little "incident"

Looking behind, to her surprise see saw Zaa entering the bridge, a bit hesitant she noticed Zaa had brought with her some snacks and drinks.

  • Zaa: "Well, I thought I could keep you company during the shift. I have trouble sleeping."
  • Evaana: "Really? I have trouble staying awake!"
  • Zaa: "That can be helped!"

Standing behind her console, Evaana looked at Zaa with curiosity.

  • Zaa: "About yesterday…."
  • Evaana: "Yeah, that was rather…"
  • Zaa: "Startling….."
  • Evaana: "Impulsive and inappropriate……"
  • Zaa: "pleasurable?"

Evaana looked surprised? Zaa, touched Evaana’s hand and smiled again.

  • Zaa: "Though I have had little experience with relationships, I am not sure……"
  • Evaana: "It was rather impulsive…… perhaps we could remain just friends?"

Zaa smiled and nodded, rising from her chair she said her goodbye, though in turn surprised Evaana with a swift kiss to her cheek. Evaana, a bit perplex looked dreamy at a leaving Zaa. Looking at her console screens agaain, Evaana sighted, while her fellow night shift officer returned from the mess hall he looked in rather surprise at happy mood of Evaana and the snacks, though did neglect to ask about it.


A peaceful time at Boronia comes to an end with the arrival of the Mandabit!

Spending four days at Boronia and gathering their supplies, Evaana and Corbar decided to get a drink at Morg’s place, to settle their differences and get to know each other better. Enjoying a Boronian cocktail, the two talked about their hobbies and their thoughts on their journey through the Endless Space. Halfway through their discussion, the bartender, Morg took a seat next to them and joined the conversation, intrigued by their tales of the Quadrant Galaxies and the seemingly paradise that they live in.

Suddenly, out of nowhere a massive shadow passed over the restaurant. Morg, looking up suddenly froze and looked shocked. Evaana and Corbar followed his view and witnessed a massive pyramid-like ship descending from orbit.

  • Morg: "I-impossible!"
  • Corbar: "Bartender, what is it?"
  • Morg:"I-impossible, they have come! They have come! Sound the alarm! Run for you lives! The Mandabit have come!"

The Mandabit arrive at Boronia!

Corbar and Evaana looked afraid at Morg when the global alarm sounded. Various guards began preparing themselves for battle while most of the population took shelter or tried to reach a shuttle to escape Boronia, the cruisers went down in the water to escape their doom. Morg meanwhile continued muttering.

  • Morg: "I-impossible, Boronia wasn’t in their harvesting schedule yet!"

Evaana grabbed Morg’s shoulders and shook him to his senses.

  • Corbar: "Come on, we have to leave!"
  • Morg: "It is too late, look! The Mandabit have set their eyes upon us!"

Following his pointing finger, Corbar and Evaana saw the massive shadow of the Mandabit Cruiser appearing in the sky, while large green insect-like creatures were materializing and attacking the guards nearby, while others began eating Boronia alive or stunned them to be herded.

  • Evaana: "I will not stand here and let them get me, grab your phaser, we have to reach our shuttle!"

Corbar nodded and dragged Morg with him. Trying to evade the growing numbers of Mandabits, it became clear the Mandabit only harvested the Bororian population, but left buildings and goods intact. Firing her phaser, Evaana managed to stun a Mandabit with large spikes.

  • Corbar: "I see our shuttle! Let’s hurry!"

Morg grabbed the fallen Mandabits sword and swung it at another Mandabit, who managed to block it. Diving under the legs of the large insect, Corbar stunned it as well with its phaser. Reaching the shuttle, the three found themselves surrounded when a massive explosion was seen and heard in the distance.


Surrounded by the Mandabit!

  • Morg: "That probably was my restaurant. Oh no!"

While the insects made way, an imposing and different in appearance Mandabit approached the three. It’s cruel face and stance made it clear he was furious with the defiance of the three. Suddenly the three heard a voice in their head while the Mandabit only made clicking sounds.

  • Man’Crkt: "This is Man’Crkt, Hive-Centurion of Cruiser 0829. Why defy the harvest? It is irrelevant, pointless and illogical."
  • Morg: "Why attack us? We weren’t in the harvest season yet! You just plundered Kirioohsk, then why Boronia next?"

The Mandabit commander looked at Morg with a silent glare, turning their attention at Corbar and Evaana again.

  • Man’Crkt: "you shall be harvest. Surrender your weapons!"
  • Corbar: "Think again overgrown bug!"

Corbar fired his phaser with a flash, a blinding light that stunned the Mandabit for a moment, allowing the trio to enter their shuttle and take off. Man’Crkt looked at the shuttle with a feeling that humanoids could describe as pleasure, it has been a long while since someone tried to run from the Mandabit in the Argoroth Sector.


No match for the Mandabit cruiser!

As the shuttle entered the shuttle bay of the USS Elgorodaurl, the ships shield and weapons were charged, ready to engage the enemy. The pyramid ship was far larger than the Elgorodaurl and actually blocked their escape.

  • Lassai: "Helm, plot a course to evade them. Charge weapons and open fire at my command."

As the Elgorodaurl approached, the Mandabit ship ignored the ship and continued its assault at the planet. When the Elgorodaurl opened fire with its forward phasers, the shields of the Madabit vessel prevented external damage attention was drawn. The cruiser return fire, various volleys of energy impacted the forward shields of the Rambo vessel.

  • Corbar: "Shields collapsed! Weapon systems overloaded, engine fluctuations endanger warp field stability".
  • Evaana: "Captain, we are sitting ducks here!"

Overpowered, the captain issues a retreat!

Lassai looked stern, the one volley of the Mandabit vessel crippled the Elgorodaurl, Lassai never heard of anything that could do that to a Rambo vessel before. Sighting, Lassai sat heavily in his chair.

  • Lassai: "Hold fire, take us out of orbit and out of firing range of the Mandabit cruiser. Help escaping Bororian refugees. The moment the Mandabit come closer, evade and leave the system."

Ignoring the Elgorodaurl again, the Mandabit continued its assault on the planet, while the crew of the Elgorodaurl aided those Bororians that managed to escape the onslaught. After an hour with no leaving ships, Lassai ordered the ship to leave the system, with a heavy burden he saw various parts of the planet burning and decided to cut the transmissions of the planet, as the screams of the dying Bororian filled him with horror.

Chapter 03: An old Adversy in the Endless Space?Edit

Stardate 10-08-04AQF, the USS Elgorodaurl cruised through space, escaping their ordeal at Boronia and their encounter with the Mandabit, captain Lassai Chiakian wanted to put a great distance bewteen him, his vessel and those dreaded overgrown insects. Though he was weary as well, Zaa told him other dangers were further south-west in the Argoroth-sector, though she couldn't specify what only stories were heard. Soon, it became clear that Zaa was not mistaken. After several days of travel, the Elgorodaurl picked up an unusual ship on long range sensors, which appeared to show signs that it originated in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Hopeful that the ship belonged to the allied United Republic of Cyrannus, Captain Chiakian decided to set course towards the location. As the Elgorodaurl moved through warp, it became clear that the ship was orbiting a temperate planet, but appeared to be masking its signature preventing an accurate reading of the vessel's origins.

When the Elgorodaurl dropped out of the warp, the silhouette of the vessel appeared in the distance over the planet. It was immediately clear that it was not a Republic Star Destroyer, but rather a bulbous vessel much larger than the Republic's famed Venator-class Star Destroyer. Suddenly, the Elgorodaurl was contacted by the unknown vessel, prompting a shiver to run down the captain's spine, for it soon became clear what faction crewed the mighty vessel before them.

  • Lassai: "By the Gods, those are Cognatus!"

The face of an angry Cogsangui appeared on the viewscreen. Wearing golden armour and an elaborate headdress, it was clear this was a figure of high authority.

  • N'thavo Xellunaion: "You have entered this system without approval. State your alliegence and your intentions!"

The crew of the Elgorodaurl looked shocked, they all remembered the terrible footing of the Quadrantia HoloNet during the Intergalactic War. And without Lassai knowing of the current situation and relation between Rambo Nation and the Cognatus, he simply followed standard protocols known to him. Cutting the transmission, the Elgorodaurl raised the shields and opened fire at the Cognatus fire, targeting its engines with phasers while torpedoe targeted the weapons systems of the Cognatus vessel. On the bridge of the Exaltatio-class Assault Carrier Resolution and Truth, Fleetlord Xellunaion slammed his fist on his hover chair as the first blasts of Rambo fire impacted against the shields of his ship.

  • N'thavo Xellunaion: "Heretical filth! Open fire on these fools, but do not destroy them. I wish to execute their commanders personally."

Torrents of plasma were unleashed from the Resolution and Truth, lancing across space toward the Elgorodaurl. The Rambo vessel desperately tried to evade the plasma torrents, though was crippled hit the saucer of the Rambo vessel, incernating its outer hull, leaving massive out damage. A second volley hit the shields around the warp naccelle and the Elgorodaurl was left driftless in space, with minimal shields Lassai ordered his crew to continue firing at the Cognatus ship, he too well remembered that the Cognatus did not take prisoners and he would spare them from tge horrible fate of meeting their blade. Lassai would let the Cognatus suffer every step they would take onboard his ship and ordered his crew to get their personal rifles and prepare for boarding parties. Lassai looked at his fellow officers at the bridge and looked grim, he knew few Rambo officers ever survived an encounter with the Cognatus.

One by one, Cognatus warriors entered the ship through dispersal pods launched from the Resolution and Truth. While most were Vevilog, they also included Cogsangui and the mysterious T'varuuh, a species of avian native to Endless Space. Leading the charge was Xellunaion, who ignited his energy sword as both he and his warriors made their way through the corridors of the Elgorodaurl toward the main bridge.

  • Xellunaion: "Do not damage the ship's components. We shall discover why these heretics are out here in Endless Space."

One of his warriors tried to enter the nearest data terminal but told him all was crypted by the bridge. As the Cognati made their way to the bridge, with little resistance they faced captain Lassai, Corbar and Evaana at the bridge. Lassai pointed his phaser at Xellunaion.

  • Lassai: "Surrender you filth, for the wrath of Rambo is upon thee!"

Xellunaion laughed.

  • Xellunaion: "Lower your weapon, heretic. For a drawn weapon demands blood. In this instance, it shall be yours."

Lassai smiled, ignoring the threat he opened fire. The phaser blast hit Xellunaion directly, though he was protected by his personal shield. Stepping forward, he grabbed the captain by his wrist and held him into the air.

  • Xellunaion: "Why are you in endless space? Answer! Or the lives of your crew are forfeit!"

In the eyes of his corner, Lassai saw various of his crew smashed into the ground with blades pointed towards their necks. Sighting Lassai complied and spat his next few words with hatred in it.


Lassai and Xellunaion talk in private

  • Lassai: "Very well Cogsangui, I will tell you. Follow me to my personal quarters and I will show you if you spare me and my crew."

Xellunaion nodded his head and lowered Lassai to the ground.

  • Xellunaion: "Very well. But do not attempt to deceive me."

Lassai allowed Xellunaion in his ready room, the large Cogsangui felt uneasy due to rather narrow space and eyed Lassai weary. The Rambo officer simply made a gesture to sit on the couch, something the Cogsangui warrior did hesistantly. Lassai sat next to him and handed over a data pad, containing information of how they got in the Endless Space.

  • Xellunaion: "So, you are lost in this endless void?"
  • Lassai: "Yes, hit by an anomaly in the Metruia-Nebula, we have been stranded and made our way south towards here to escape something known as the Mandabit. What about your kin? I thought you had home territory within the Cyrandia Cluster?"

Xellunaion sighed deeply.

  • Xellunaion: "After our holy war, much of my kin were lost. I travelled to endless space in an effort to find them, but alas, they are nowhere to be found. It appears that we share a common goal, captain of the Rambo. We are both searching for a means to get home."

Captain Lassai Chiakian looked surprised at his adversary, the radiating Cogsangui warrior, N'thavo Xellunaion.Lassai inquired how the Cogsangui were lost in this part of space, a shimmer of hope arose. The Cognatus might have discovered a way home!

  • N'thavo Xellunaion: "At the end of our great conflict, much of the Cognatus fleet was sundered from existence, banished to unknown sectors of space. Myself, my ship and my crew discovered a wormhole leading to this endless void, where we have remained for years. Were it not for the T'varuuh, we would have all died long ago. Now, I fear, there is no way to return to the mother galaxy."

Lassai nodded.

  • Lassai: "I am sorry to hear that. It truly seems we share a common goal. Might I propose peace? Or do you still want our "heretic" heads?"

N'thavo clicked his mandibles.

  • N'thavo: "I am not a barbarian, humanoid. I know when peace is in my best interests. Perhaps if we work together, we can escape this interminable void and return to those we love."

Lassai nodded and rose from his seat, approaching the towering Cogsangui he extended his hand. Xellunaion looked at his hand for a moment, seemingly unsure of the gesture, before nodding and holding out his own hand. Lassai promised to hand over his database, his travel initiary of the Argoroth Sector to aid the Cognatus and as a gesture of peace and promise.

  • N'thavo: "I shall return the gesture. I suggest that our ships travel together for the forseeable future. In addition, please allow me to send over some Vevilog to help you repair the damage I caused to your vessel."

The Rambo captain thanked the Cogsangui, gratefule that he and his crew had another chance of getting home. Together they left the ready room and informed their people about their current truce.

Chapter 04: A Way Home?Edit

Stardate 11 november 05 AQF, captain Lassai Chiakian onboard the USS Elgorodaurl looked in anticipation in front of him. After encountering the Cogsangui commander, N'thavo Xellunaion in T'varuuh space, Lassai and his crew have been monitoring the various anomalies for over a year and together with the advanced technology of the Cognatus they might have found a way home, back to the Quadrant Galaxies.

It turned out the anomaly that brought both the crew of the Elgorodaurl and the Cognatus to the Argoroth-Sector was in fact a location hopping wormhole affected by anomalies commonly found in the Quadrants. The solution was clear, stabilize the wormhole and you have your access towards home. However, to actually execute such a thing might prove more than a challenge and not to mention dangerous.

Lassai took another sip of his coffee and sighted. Placing down his cup of coffee on his desk he left his ready room and entered the bridge.

    • Evaana: "Attention, Captain on the bridge!"
  • Lassai: "At ease people, at ease."

Taking his seat, Lassai checked the report the female Amiaeria was handing him. It seemed everything was ready for their crazy yet hopeful plan.

  • Lassai: "All hands, red alert! Lieutenant Corbar raise shields and position the vessel at pre-set coordinates. Lieutenant Penaeli, configure the navigational deflector dish to fire a resonant graviton beam to open a singularity."

A risky attempt to get back to the Cyrandia Cluster

As the crew complied, the Elgorodaurl was ready in less than fifteen minutes, two minutes before they arrived at the pre-set coordinates. The atmosphere on the bridge was tense, while “Cadet” Zaa Ashara re-routed all available power to the deflector dish and the engines.

  • Zaa: "All systems ready and responding sir. Cognatus fleet is standing by!"
  • Lassai: "At my mark."

The crew waited anxious, suddenly the captain said execute and Lassa Evaana Penaeli active the deflector dish as it fired the resonant graviton beam. The small ship shook and trembled as the resonant graviton beam hit the anomaly. Light flickered all over the ship and power was draining though Lassai kept focused and refused to change his plan. All holo-simulations told him it actually might work and he was getting sick of the Endless Space. After spending one and a half year in this endless void he was ready to go home to enjoy the luxury life of Rambo Nation again. Suddenly the singularity revealed itself and a wormhole appeared. Evaana send in a probe and after a minute or ten it send back a signal, it had arrived in the unknown regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy!

  • Lassai: "Contact the Cognatus, we are ready to go home! Let them enter the wormhole as soon as possible."

Lassai raised a channel to N'thavo Xellunaion, informing the fleet-lord that the wormhole was ready and stable. The Cognatus fleet moved in, followed by the Elgorodaurl and the journey home had begun! Estimated time indicate that the travel back home would take over 30 minutes in the wormhole though it turned out the trip was to be cut short. The wormhole grew instable and faced collapse. Onboard the bridge of the Elgorodaurl the red alert was heard and Lassai and Evaana tried to keep the wormhole open and stabilize, though they realized their efforts were in vain as two Cognatus battle cruisers were caught in the streaming whirls of the wormhole and were disintegrated.


Elgorodaurl loses the wormhole and spins out of control

Answering the transmission from N’thavo Xellunaion, who fanatically tried to keep his fleet in line swore under his breath.

  • N’thavo: "Captain, this plan is on the brink of ruin. Do you have any suggestions?"
  • Lassai: "A moment fleetlord, Evaana might have a suggestion."

The young Amiaeria appeared on screen and explained her plan to the Cogsangui fleetlord. She would use the Elgorodaurl’s deflector and navigational dish to create a subspace tensor matrix in hope of stabilizing the wormhole long enough to get home. The fleetlord and captain Lassai looked confused, they didn’t fully understand her technical scientific explanation though gave their blessings as their options were running short when another Cognatus vessel was lost.

It took Evaana three minutes to re-configure the dish and another beam hit the wormhole, emerging from the deflector dish. The wormhole stabilized for a moment though the energy drain on the Rambo ship was immense.

  • Corbar: "Sir, I get strange readings! Unknown what it can mean."

Lassai checked the console and looked concerned. All of a sudden one of the warp nacelles exploded and gave away due to a back firing energy surge sending the Elgorodaurl into a spiral.

  • Lassai: "Corbar, get the ship steady!"
  • Corbar: "I am trying sir, I am trying she is not responding!"

On the view screen the crew looked in horror as the whirling side of the wormhole came closer. The impact send the crew flying and the ship spiraled out of control and out of the wormhole!

Chapter 5Edit

Lassai looked at his broken under arm, they were out of the wormhole though the damage done to the Elgorodaurl was immense, they lost navigational sensors, one of the warp nacelles and their energy reserved were depleted as the systems struggled to keep life support on. Evaana, who was still in sickbay after she hit her head badly and fractured her skull was unable to help him. The young Togruta Zaa Ashara did her best but she didn’t understand many of the systems while Corbar tried to keep the propulsion systems running. Things went wrong, and he didn’t even knew how the Cognatus fared or if they were destroyed. Plus they didn't even know where they were and how far or close they were from the Cyrandia Cluster, as the navigational systems were down as well. Lassai made a quick prayer to the Gods for the safety of the Cognatus and a little aid to get through this new disaster.

  • Zaa: "Sir, there is an asteroid field nearby, it has some unusual readings that might indicate a ship."

Lassai joined Zaa behind her console and narrowed his eyes, the readings were faulty and disturbed but it was their best change. Perhaps it could even be an asteroid base, of a hopefully friendly species.

  • Lassai: "Corbar, set course to the asteroid field, maximal speed!"
  • Corbar: "Aye sir, impulse engines are running at half capacity! Arrival at the edges of the asteroid field in about 15 minutes!"

As the Elgorodaurl limped itself into the asteroid field, the reflector dish was still functioning and managed to keep asteroids at bay, as Corbar tried to steer the vessel to the point of origin.

  • Corbar: "Sir, we are approaching."
  • Lassai: "Visual!"

Corbar, Zaa and Lassai looked at the view screen that showed them a horrifying sight. The vessel in front of them was clearly of Rambo Nation, though heavily damaged.

  • Corbar: "Sir, our database recognizes the vessel as a Kelvin-Class cruiser, prefix the USS Divide, under command of captain Ramirking."

Lassai frowned his eyebrows and crossed his arm in front of him. The Kelvin-class looked badly damaged, was missing it upper shuttle bay and its hull was breached at multiple places.

  • Lassai: "Scans?"
  • Corbar: "I am sorry sir, I am trying to keep the ship in line, I have no time to do a scan. With all due respect, that is Evaana’s duty sir."

Lassai looked confused at his navigational officer and barked his reply back at him.

  • Lassai: "I beg your pardon ensign?"

Sighting Corbar left his helm station and strode to the science station to conduct a scan. It took the computer three minutes.

  • Corbar: "Ship is heavily damaged, hull breaches at multiple decks and levels, warp core is down. Ship is running on reserve battery power and life support seems intact. As far as I can interpret the scan sir, the ship though heavily damaged is in a far better shape than the Elgorodaurl."

Lassai thanked his navigational officer for his efforts and ordered the Elgorodaurl to remain in position. He had to study these scans to see what they could salvage for their own vessel.


The crew of the Elgorodaurl locate the body of Ramirrking

Two days later, with lieutenant Evaana in a better condition Lassai decided to enter the USS Divide and investigate the ship up close. The Elgorodaurl was slowly falling apart, the other warp nacelle gave way, the lower decks were shut down to spare energy reserves and the understaffed personnel were unable to repair shields and weapons. The captain and his lieutenant docked their shuttle with the Divide and made their way through the damaged and broken vessel.
The hallways were scattered with debris and overloaded electric circuits. Upon arriving at the bridge, they had to force open de doors as the automatic door systems were apparently not working. The bridge was a mess, bodies lied scattered over the consoles, the only crew members they encountered so far. Lassai approached the captain’s chair were captain Ramirrking remains sat down. His remains looked aged and Lassai wondered what happened, he remembered that before arrival in the Endless Space, Ramirrking was already commanding the USS Divide and a body doesn’t look like this after being in space for just a year or two. Certain body parts revealed the skeleton already. Looking around Lassai wondered what happened and saw Evaana accessing a console nearby, powering it with one the spare batteries she brought.

  • Evaana: "Powering up the console, trying to access the database sir.

Lassai nodded and joined her at the console, looking over her shoulder to see the information first hand."

  • Evaana: "By the Gods sir! This..this is incredible!"

Lassai agreed, it seemed the crew of the USS Divide was dispatched by Rambo Command to join the Pathfinder Fleet, a joined operation between the Rambo and an organization called the New Cyrannian Republic. Lassai wondered if this was a state part of the United Republic of Cyrannus.

  • Lassai: "Can you learn more from the database?"

Evaana had to turn him down, it would take time to repair the computer and readjust the database of the Divide. A small tremble was felt as something hit the ship before soon another tremble was felt and both Lassai and Evaana lost their footing.

  • Corbar: "Sir! We are under attack!

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