"Lost memories" is the name given for a particular series of events involving Ufo'Talla and his experiences beginning on the 165,344th anniversary of his wife's death. These events have been chronicled by Ku-Rokti, both for the purposes of data storage and transmission, and in case similar events ever begin to occur.

At the end of this recounting, protocol will be given should this happen again. Ku-Rokti will also provide the results of any research he conducts in the future which may help to explain any of the events which occurred.

At the Bar With RaydonEdit

August, 29, 2794. Approximately 10:04 Pm.

The Judge sat down at the bar on Arena. He ordered the bartender, one of Ku's Nirmitas, servants which all Isio'Nar, including the league to some extent, could create from their own thoughts and emotions, to get him his usual mix of terran wine and fruit juice.

The Watcher entered the bar as well, looking to get a drink before returning to Oculatus. He sat down at the bar and waited for the bartender to show up. It was then that he noticed Judge not that far from him.

Raydon - Hey, Ufo. What'cha up to?

Judge - Not much. Just... drinking my troubles away. As though mere chemicals could actually affect my ability to think about... about what today is.

Raydon - Sporebuck for your thoughts?

Judge - This...

The Judge let out a sigh

Judge - This is the anniversary of my wife's death.

The Watcher took a sadder expression.

Raydon - I think I know how that feels.

Judge - Yeah. You probably do.

Raydon - You wanna talk about it?

Judge - I guess.

The bartender brought Judge his drink, and he started sipping. Raydon turned to the bartender.

Raydon - Just bring me my usual.

Bartender - Yes, sir.

Judge - Lanya was her name. She died of illness. They gave her five years to live, and around her expiration date, she passed. The League wasn't powerful enough yet, so I couldn't collect her soul.

Raydon nodded solemnly.

Judge - I remember the day she died was the same day the league, just me and Ku at the time, killed it's at the time second most powerful enemy yet.

Raydon - A bitter-sweet day, obviously.

Judge - Maybe, kind of like a grain of sugar in a barrel of animal dung.

Raydon - That's probably more accurate.

Judge - Indeed.

Judge - Hydroxus, the god slayer, that's what he called himself. He hated immortals, and often killed them horrifically, but no matter how satisfying, no victory could make up for losing her.

Raydon - I'm... sorry. I'm not sure what say.

Judge - Not much to say, hence why I come here to do this, every single year. The only thing I can say to console myself is that I had those extra five years with her, though I don't really remember much of the time I spent with her during then.

Raydon - I try not to think about what happened to my race. Pretending like it never happened is a pretty good coping mechanism for me so far.

Judge - Yeah, maybe. Heh, I do remember feeling a twinge of satisfaction when I took out Hydroxus' pet. It was this, bizarre, morbid thing. It was also a critical part of his operations. I remember it had these absolutely massive claws. I ultimately killed it by jamming its own claws into its heart.

Raydon - Heh. Oh, the irony.

Judge - Yeah. Not much else could really kill it.

Raydon - Sounds like quite the story.

Judge - Yeah.

The Judge disregarded his previous slow sips and chugged the rest of his drink, before ordering another.

Judge - There's not really much to do about that day now. The drinks are helping a little maybe, just by distracting me.

Raydon - True. I have still nightmares about my people sometimes. Heh. Most people wouldn't think a "god" could even have nightmares.

Judge - I see. Well then, I do have a job to do in a few hours.

The Judge chugged his drink and ordered another.

Judge - So, what's on your mind?

A Job in the ICISEdit

August, 29th, 2794. Approximately 11:04 Pm.

The Judge teleported near a planet in the Borealis Galaxy, inside the borders of the ICIS. He was there to bring justice on a specific, particularly active serial killer, who had already taken over 30 victims and was on track to take hundreds more.

The Planet was near the ICIS’ border, so there was a large, undeveloped area underneath him which he could land on. It was like a desert, but there was no sand, just solid rock for a few miles. Off in the distance was the town which served as the serial killer's usual haunt.

As he advanced toward the city, he took on a disguise as a Raydoni. He entered city limits and headed for the serial killer's hunting grounds.

As the Judge walked through the area, the killer had spotted him before he did. Unaware of Judge's immortality, he deemed him a suitable target. Trying to look as normal as possible, he walked up to him and greeted the Judge.

Killer - Hello sir, could help me with something?

The Judge turned around, knowing that this was the killer.

Judge - What do you need, stranger?

Killer - The basement of my home is flooded. I need some help getting to the pipes down there since there's a lot of junk down there. Could you lend me a hand? It's not far from here.

Judge - Why of course.

Killer - Great! Just follow me, it's not far.

The killer ran down the street signaling for Judge to follow. The Judge happily followed him. It wasn't long before they both reached his house. The killer approached his door and it slid open then motioned for Judge to enter first.

Killer - Don't worry, this shouldn't take very long.

Judge - Alright.

The Judge followed into the basement. Once the two got to the basement the killer turned on the lights, showing the entire room. Judge saw that it wasn't flooded. Instead, was a single blood-covered table surrounded by bags holding the limbs and other pieces of dead Raydoni. Almost as soon as Judge saw this he heard the close behind him and lock as the killer pulled out an ICIS military-grade handgun and forced to Judge's head.

Killer - Like I said, this shouldn't take long. For me, anyways.

Judge - What... what do you plan to do with me?

The killer chuckled in sick delight.

Killer - Now now, that would spoil the surprise.

Judge - Pl... Pl... please don't kill me...

The killer looked at him with fake confusion, then shrugged.

Killer - Okay.

The killer pulled the gun off his head, only to shoot the Judge in the right kneecap.

The Judge fell to the ground screaming and grabbing his knee.

Killer - I wasn't planning on killing you until a couple hours from now.

The killer laughed a little before expertly picking the Judge up and tossing onto the table. The killer never stopped laughing as he proceeded to strap his arms and legs down.

Judge - What are you doing?

Killer - Getting you ready. You and I are going to be down here for a loooong time and I'm going to enjoy torturing you before I cut you open.

The killer took out a curved knife and slowly ran it across Judge's cheek. The Judge screamed. The killer laughed in sadistic delight before he jammed the knife into the Judge's hand, sticking it to the table. The Judge screamed loudly. This tormenting went on for several hours ago. Sometimes the killer slowly cut at the Judge's limbs, other times he would do psychological torment; leaving him alone to bleed for what felt like forever. Sooner or later the killer finally became bored with this, deciding it was time to finish him off.

Killer - Don't worry, friend, it's almost over. Too bad you won't see the light of day again.

Judge - Please... Let... Me... Go...

Killer - Now where's the fun in that? Besides, I'll doubt anyone will miss you. They certainly haven't seemed to miss the dozens of others I've killed and eaten.

Judge - E... Ea... Eat... Eaten?

Killer - Heh. Scared?

Judge - Ya... yeah...

The killer laughed.

Killer - Good. You should be.

As soon as those words left his lips, the killer shoved his knife into the Judge's stomach, cutting it open so his organs would spill out.

Judge - AHHHHH!!!!

The killer shoved his bare hands into the judges exposed torso, ripping out the rest of what had fallen out before grabbing it all and placing it in a nearby freezer. When he turned around though, the Judge was intact.

Killer - What? But how...?

Suddenly, walls of essence rendered the room utterly airtight and inescapable. The Judge burst off of the table, revealing his usual form, but at normal mortal size. The killer pulled out his weapon, aiming it at the Judge's head and opened fire. The bullets all stopped and fell mid-trip. The gun turned into water, as well as all of the Killer's other weapons. The killer backed away before dropping to the ground.

Killer - What ... What in the Watcher's name are you?

Judge - A friend of his actually.

The Judge pulled out his scales.

Judge - And I'd imagine he'll have a thing or two to say to you pretty soon. Now, let's see how the scales judge you.

Killer - Please don't hurt me! It's not my fault I'm a cannibal! Please!

Judge - Let's see what the scales think.

The killer broke into hysterical sobs.

The scales tilt to the left.

Killer - W-What does t-that mean?

Judge - Oh dear, the scales think that you are at fault for what you do. You remember how you lied and said this basement was flooded?

The killer nodded fearfully.

Judge - Your sentence is for this room to be flooded for real.

All avenues of escape were closed off. Suddenly, the pipes began to buckle and crack.

Killer - Please, no! Have mercy on this old soldier!

Judge - Past heroism does not forgive your actions. Now, the room will flood.

Suddenly, the pipes broke, and Lava starts flowing out. The Judge teleported out.

The Judge teleported back out to the barren rocky outskirts. As he floated along, he heard a sound behind him. A creature behind the Judge roared and lunged toward him. The Judge turned around, but did not move out of the way and was tackled.

As the Judge looked up, he was horrified. This creature... it was the very same species as Hydroxus' pet, in fact, it looked exactly like the creature. As Judge looked closer, he saw a scar over the beings heart as if something had been shoved in there. The Judge looked with shocked horror as he braced for the end.

The creature swiped his claws across Judge's chest, causing him to fly a couple meters away. The creature raised its bloody claws in the air and roared towards him, seeming like he wanted Judge to entertain him before killing him off. The Judge responded with a powerful burst of elemental energy as he backed away.

The creature barely flinched from Judge's attack, and charged at him before he could launch another. The Judge was knocked back again, pinned to the ground for a second time. The creature seemed to smile as it proceeded to slowly tear at the Judge's limbs. It took him a second for it to occur to him to teleport away. He did, appearing will above the creature, farther than it could reach.

The creature was confused, looking around for its victim. The Judge charged up a ball of essence in his hand, and then slammed into the creature from above, hitting him hard with the essence and the physical force. The creature was flung back, but quickly recovered and growled at Judge, waiting for his next move.

The Judge got out his scales with the hope that he could kill the creature with a punishment, but it was found innocent.

The creature stopped his growling and pulled out a pair of scales not unlike the Judge's. He held them out towards Judge and watched for them to tilt. What was just a few seconds felt like hours before the scales slowly tilted to the left. Guilty. The creature smiled sickeningly at Judge.

The Judge stumbled backwards. His scales were one of a kind. Ku had made them especially for him out of a family heirloom. How did this creature get them, and what's more, how, given their infallibility, did they judge him guilty? The creature kept smiling as an apparatus appeared above him.

The Judge was horrified. That was the device Hydroxus used to torture immortals. He would lock them inside it, and they'd suffer for hours or days before he killed them. The Judge gulped. He had not seen that thing used, only the aftermath of its use. Still, he knew what it could to. He quickly fled into orbit and teleported to a nearby bar to spend an hour off.


August, 30th, 2794. Approximately 3:14 Am.

The Judge sat down at a bar in the ICIS, on the other side of the planet he had been on. He ordered based on Ray's recommendations, and discovered that Ray had fine tastes indeed.

He turned around and leaned back. He looked around the bar. He gasped. He thought he had seen his wife, Lanya. That was impossible of course, as she was dead. He looked back over to the relevant table. There was a female of his species there, which was itself odd as his species was not very common anymore, but more surprisingly, she looked exactly like Lanya.

He went over to see is he had misread something from a distance but as he approached, she only seemed to look more and more like her. Eventually, he was close enough that she noticed him.

???? - Something you want?

Judge - Oh... no. You just... I thought you were someone else.

???? - And who would that be?

Judge - My wife Lanya. But that can't be. She died years ago.

???? - Is that so?

Judge - Ye... Yes.... You... you could be her twin.

???? - Your stumbling about is cute, you know that?

Judge - Oh... well uh, whats your name?

???? - Lanyana.

Judge - Lanyana. I see. Mind if I sit down?

Lanyana - If you want to.

The Judge sits, hailing the waiter for another drink.

Judge - So where are you from?

Lanyana - I'm from Verkardon. I'm on a vacation here in Borealis. These dragon-bear aliens have some nice worlds. What about you?

Judge - Oh. Well I live... in the Milky Way. I work as a Judge.

Lanyana - Well, what brings you to Borealis, then?

Judge - Work... I was uh... needed to council someone here.

Lanyana - Huh. Okay then.

Lanyana - Well, did you hear about that old veteran? The news report said he was trapped in his basement, and somehow his basement was flooded with lava. How does that even happen?

Judge - I think I did. Same town where people have been disappearing left and right?

Lanyana - Yeah, I think so. Do you think there's a connection?

Judge - I can't say. Do you?

Lanyana shrugged.

Lanyana - Maybe. Maybe not.

Judge - Actually, this is the first I heard that he's a war veteran. Did you happen to find out how well known he was?

Lanyana - The news said he was a commander during the First Uprising, or whatever these aliens call that war. His fleet apparently helped hold on to some vital shipyards in a battle that turned the tables for the Confederacy.

Judge - I see. Sad to see that he died then.

Lanyana - I suppose that's true. Hey, would you like to go out sometime? You seem like a pretty... interesting guy.

Judge - Oh... well, we live pretty far apart but... come to think of it, I think I can move some things around such that I have a job on Verkardon in a few days.

Lanyana grinned.

Lanyana - Alright then, my vacation was almost over anyway. See you there, mister...?

Judge - I'm Ufo...nor.

Lanyana - Ufonor. See you there.

Judge - Well... where on Verkardon do you want to meet?

Lanyana - There's this really nice park in the colony's capital, if you want to meet there.

Judge - Alright. Wanna pick up dinner and take it there to eat?

Lanyana - Sure.

Judge - Alright. On the other hand, I have another half hour off. We can keep here until then. On top of meeting on Verkardon I mean.

Lanyana - Alright, that'd be nice.

The Judge orders another of the fizzy, fruity beverage he'd been drinking, and he and Lanyana talk for another half an hour before the Judge leaves.


  • This story is the first appearance of the bar on Arena, though Aeoneonatrix does have future story ideas which may involve it.
  • This story is based heavily on Silent Hill 2.
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