I have lived, died, and everything in between. I must remake our people, and turn them into a greater force for the galaxy, for the Greater good.

- Lorka Gredyc

Lorka Gredyc is a Ugandalorian male, and was once second in command of the Dead Watchers splinter movement, now it's leader, and now leader of the Ruins Hand, a Dead Watch movement that turned from the Grox that had once been thralls to.

Dedicated to remaking the Ugandalorians into a proud, conquering empire, Lorka loves his culture and society, and does not show interest in the dark desires his Dead Watch servants give into.

History Edit

Early lifeEdit

Lorka was born to the underground movement called the Dead Watchers, and was trained from birth to lead it's armies, as was tradition of his family within their clan. Little is known about his family or where he came from, but grew up a spitefull, yet, surprisingly, calm warrior, with a full understanding of his culture, and a believe all should embrace it.

When the infamous savage, Tox Cano lead the Dead Watch in their rebellion, the Lorka aided him in leading the first few battles, that, while damaging to the Ugandals, where not decisive enough for them to claim the crown of Ugandalore, and, as such, retreated.

Nebulorian-Alpha War Edit

Lorka was present at the Nebulorian Alpha war, where he fough alongisde Ne'yon's forces. He commanded a fleet of Nebulorian and Dead Watch fleets against Ughandalore the great, but was defeated and injured.

He was almost killed by Ne'yon, intil Solid stepped in and prevented his death.

Lorka fought with Barda 2 times at the Final battle. Once, he was almost killed by Barda, intil his life support went back online. Then, during the final battle between Dark One and Ne'yon, along with Tox, Lorka himself, and Solid, against Ughandalore the Great, Barda Clett, and Wt'ze. Tox was possessed, and killed by Dark, after the latter's body was destroyed by Ne'yon, and Lorka and Solid retreated.

Later, his body was killed by Lord Mortox of the Meeno Grox, and he was turned into their servant, being reborn as a Meeno-Ughandalorian warrior.

Second Infectant War Edit

During the Second Infectant War, Lorka would lead his forces with the Infectants once more, fighting in many battles for the Grox. However, seeing himself as a corrupted thrall, Lorka allowed himself to be killed by his rival, Barda Clett. Mortox, however, foresaw this, and had a clone made, enhanced, and with loyalty to the Grox. However, a small spark of the original Lorka remained, demanding freedom within his mind.

He would continue to lead forces, until his empire was beaten back.

Enlightenment War Edit

During the Enlightenment War, Lorka would, alongside his allies of the Unitech Citadel, lead by his old friend Solid, and others, would infiltrate a ship and steal it's artifact. The owners would awake, however...

Lorka and his men became close allies with the Volver Rebels, and he would become close with Crimson, a rogue Vovler Knight. Lorka and he shared similar views, and agreed to help one another conquer the galaxy once their species where under control, and brought "right". While the Volver originally did not have allies, Crimson saw Lorka's forces worthy of being atleast helpful to true warriors such as his own.

Later, Lorka would later ask his masters of the Collective to enable a conquest force be sent to Ugandalore, the next major offensive between Dead Watch and True Ugandal forces since the Dead Watch first rose. However, the creator of the Volver, Xizothano Ada, would open a portal, and kidnap both Lorka and Crimson mid battle. Lorka was forced to watch his friend be destroyed, something that scared him forever. After engaging two of Ada's minions, Lorka would collect Crimson's ashes, and, posthumous, adopt him into Clan Gredyc.

After a long battle, Dead Watch raiders would, on a grave robbing expedition to seize scared Multus Esse artifacts, awakened the Precursors. Lorka, wanting to make up for his crimes, asked to lead a force into the Multus Esse mothership that rose out of Ugandalore's central ocean and destroy it's defenses. However, inside, Pridar'Valicar, the leader of the Rogue Multus Esse, saw him as a kindred spirit, and used essence to free Lorka.

Lorka, grateful for free thought once more, thanked Pridar by having his forces betray the Grox mid battle, weakening their forces, as the Dead Watch turned on them. Since many Dead Watch where attacking as high commanders, the Conqrx units where confused when their own lords fired upon them.

Later, Lorka and his loyalists, joined by Solid, and the Rogue Spodist, Ghetsin, would flee with their masters. After their masters where imprisoned, Lorka and his comrades fled Grox investigation, in which Lorka shamefully took the Mantle of Ruins Hand, while Gortoi Kametian, who's Clan stayed loyal took the name True Dead Watch.

Later, his men held a funeral for Crimson, as, other then Solid, Crimson was the closest thing Lorka ever had to a friend. The funeral was a tradition Volver one, and Lorka would inscribe Uzo'Tinatha on his coffin, an ancient term, which describes a Ugandal warrior in the form of another species. Lorka would then take it upon himself to continue Crimson's ideas, and remake the Volver into true warriors, alongside his own people.

Lorka vowed to return, and take back both his men, and the Dead Watch title...

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

Lorka is regarded as calm, cool and collected, honorable in all affairs, even if he is leading what many consider a band of marauding barbarians and savages. Despite many of his kin giving into their darker desires, Lorka has kept himself clear minded and kept such thoughts from him. Indeed, he would be the perfect leader and warrior among the Mendel Pact where it not for being part of the rebellion against it.

Lorka, despite being honorable and generally showing some care for his lower ranks, is still very deliberate about his actions, and expects absolute obedience. Lorka would waste no time dealing with a traitor, especially since he knows that almost every Archon and Clan Lord under his rule would love to dispose of him if the opportunity presented itself. Despite his honorable nature, he has no issue with the use of torture and fear to keep his troops in line.

Gredyc is a very charismatic figure, much like his former master Tox Cano, but unlike Cano, has more then just this to keep his troops in line. There are reports of many warriors and others meeting Lorka, and after a short conversation, would swear allegiance to Lorka and his cause. To add on to this, Lorka is an experienced tactician and military mind, a keen strategist who many compare to a savage wolf in action and thought.

Abilities Edit

Lorka has increased strength compared to most Ugandals, but does not have any other abilities.

Equipment Edit

Lorka carries an energy sword,a pair of bladed knuckles, and rockets, as well as a pioson dart launcher.

Relations Edit

Green face Friends Edit

Your in my heart, and I consider a part of my soul.

  • Crimson - The Volver shall rise once more.
  • Solid - Excellent skill.

Blue face Allies Edit


Yellow face Neutral Edit

I don't know where they fit in yet.

  • Ziskin - I wish to help him more, yet he does not trust me.
  • Javik - Your organization has my blessing of sorts. But do not cross me.

Red face Enemies Edit

*Sigh* Why not? I have enough ammo for everyone...

  • King Brygon - For Crimson!
  • Barda Clett - Who disgraces the ancestors?!
  • Phase-Hunter - You Porn obsessed madman! Your a disgrace to our culture!
  • W'tze - I am beyond words with you.
  • Mortox -
  • Gartoi Kamatian - You are a coward and a slime. You have no right to call yourself Mendel.

Quotes From others Edit

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You got to be kidding me!

- Barda Clett

You left out my obsession with Queen and ponies. You spread lies about me, savage! Have at thee!

- Phase-Hunter

While I respected you once, I now see that you are a fool! You have traded one set of tyrants for another. Only this time, they have asserted themselves even more directly over our affairs. Goodbye, Lorka, and may our paths never cross again.

- Javik Vort

Well, Lorka, I'm not exactly a member of the Mendel Pact either, and I'm as much as member of the Dead Waych as you. But were it not for lost Mortox' intervention, the Dead Watch would've perished alongside the Nebulorians, old friend. Alas, you owe your life to him various times over, and so do I. With the exeption that you are too blind to see. You and your "Ruin's Hand" toss aside everything Tox taught us! At least we continue it! At least we are the True Dead Watch, not some reformatist slime like you!

- Gartoi Kamatian

Quotes from himself Edit

Suffer in pain fools!

Before my grandfather's grandfather, we where true warriors. Now I shall make us true warriors again!

Slaughter them like sheep.

Leave none alive!

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