Lord Ne'yon is a cold hearted Nebulorian that has nothing but power on his mind. He will stop at nothing to bring the dark lord Spevile to the real world.



Ne'yon Globarii was born on planet Nebulor in the Omega Dimension. Ne'yon's father was a solider during the wars against the other Omega Dimension inhabitants and his mother was a doctor. Ne'yon was always interested in books and science. He figured out how Shattorium could be converted into pure energy. He invented the concept of a rapid fire rifle at the age of 8. Not only was he awarded for his invention, it also helped win wars. At the age of 10, Ne'yon found interest in religion. He had read about Spode and Steve, but was curious about one thing: was there an evil force, another force just as powerful as Spode? Ne'yon dug through every library he could find on the subject, but came up short. Soon, Ne'yon's mother became very sick. There was no cure for what she had. The doctors told Ne'yon and his father that the only thing they could do was pray. Every day and knight , the two prayed for her. Ne'yon asked Spode to cure his mother and that he would believe in Spode 100%. Buy, his efforts were in vain. Ne'yon's mother died weeks later. Ne'yon went about hating the world for days, insulting the doctors who saw her die. When Ne'yon was 17, his father was killed in battle. Ne'yon lost his faith in Spode completely and decided to believe in the False God that will Come, Spevile.


When Ne'yon. Was 30, he became a scientist. He designed weapons for the army and made the lives of Nebulorians easier. Ne'yon told the people that Spevile had provided him with the resources to make the new technology. The Nebulorians, being followers of Spode, dismissed the idea of a dark deity. Ne'yon did not give up. He wanted people to know that Spode was a fraud. After weeks of trying to convert people, Ne'yon began to think that the idea of a dark god was foolish. One night, Spevile actually appeared before Ne'yon. He could sense the pure power that Spevile possessed. Spevile told Ne'yon that he was the chosen one, the one destined to rule the multiverse. Ne'yon's faith in Spevile was restored and he was granted power, power that could end the multiverse.


The Nebulorians were still at war with multiple empires. Soldiers were bing lost to the enemy. Suddenly, Ne'yon appeared on the battle feild and used his destructive new powers to wipe the enemies from existence. This made the Nebulorians rulers of the Omega Dimension. The Nebulorians elected that Ne'yon should lead the new empire. He was then known as Lord Ne'yon.

As the new Nebulorian Lord, Ne'yon banned the belief of Spode within their empire. There was some rebellion, but he had the resistance wiped out. He then commanded a huge fleet to the center of the galactic core to find Steve. They managed to get to Steve, demanding the Staff of Life in his possession. Steve gave Ne'yon the Staff. Ne'yon studied the staff, planning to make it into a super weapon.

Alpha TransferEdit

Many years of peace followed the discovery of the Staff of Life. Ne'yon seemed to care less about Spevile. One night, Spevile appeared before Ne'yon once more. He told Ne'yon of another dimension, the Alpha Dimension. Spevile told him that there are more beings who defy him. Ne'yon agreed to going to the dimension and was given the powers of a god. With this power, he opened a vortex into the Alpha Dimension and led his people to the next universe.

Nebulorian InvasionEdit

Ne'yon and the Nebulorians entered the Alpha Dimension in a frenzy, killing every race they came across. They had wiped out life in over 600 galaxies. This was of course, over the course of millions of years. Ne'yon stayed the Nebulorian Lord due to his temporary immortality he gained from Spevile.

Helmore CreationEdit

Eventually, they began to run out of Shatourium and could not fuel their weapons and ships. Shatorium was not a common element in the Alpha Dimension. But it did have an alternate counterpart: Anergy. Anergy is a power source that is very reactive and can be used to fuel anything. One quality that interested Ne'yon was its ability to be used for very long periods of time. The only problem was that Anergy was an element that had to be mined, and could only be found on Minera, a volcano world. Ne'yon decided to put his god powers to use and created beings known as the Helmore. They were made from artificial Anergy Cores found inside of metals that formed on Minera. He ordered them to mine for real Anergy and in exchange, he would replace their artificial cores with real cores. The Helmore agreed to help Ne'yon and mined for him. This went on for about 800 years. Ne'yon favored one Helmore in particular named Chainbarr. He decided to let him lead the Helmore while Ne'yon and the Nebulorians " went out on a supplies trip". Ne'yon got the Anergy Cores that he did not promise the Helmore, and then abandoned them.

Biskin AnnihilationEdit

Ne'yon noticed that one race was growing at an alarming rate. He knew that if he did not neutralize this empire, they would become a huge threat. This empire was the still growing Biskin Empire Ne'yon led a disguised attack on their home world, wiping them out. He left the world barren and life could ever grow there again.

The InfectionEdit

Soon after the "extinction" of the Biskin, the Nebulorians began to catch a virus that turned them into flesh craving abominations. Ne'yon had no choice but to quarantine the infected Nebulorians inside a ship and sent it off to a small world called Floo, where the virus would just become someone else's problem. After that, no cases of the virus ever showed up again.

Temples of SpevileEdit

Ne'yon built various temples around the universe full of books about the Nebulorian's history and about the following of Spevile. Ne'yon. Had hoped that alien races would find the temples and books so that they could be converted, but that did not happen. Ne'yon simply wiped out all life in the known quadrants of the universe.

Loss of PowerEdit

After finally destroying all life, Ne'yon had lost his god powers, leaving him weakened. He realized that his empire had finally ran out of resources. No more Shatorioum, barely any food or water, and almost no Anergy. Ne'yon and the Nebulorians had no choice but to go into hibernation.

During HibernationEdit

Ne'yon regained some of his powers during hibernation. He just could not obtain his god powers without resummoning Spevile. He and his people slumbered for more than 4,000 years, becoming nothing but myths to the new empires who rose from the ashes of his destruction.

During these 4,000 years, a young man by the name of Zirux finds the hibernating Nebulorians. Ne'yon awakens, finding that Zirux possesed a sword composed of Alphorium, an element that could destroy Ne'yon. Ne'yon quickly attacked Zirux, expecting a quick victory. Zirux was a talented swordsman and managed to fend Ne'yon off. Zirux then attacked Ne'yon with all of his might. Ne'yon used the last of his energy to block the attack, but was knocked back into hibernation. Zirux flees, leaving Ne'yon to seek revenge.


Ne'yonand his people wake, fully recharged 3,000 years later. He finds that the universe had been repopulated by new races, with great technology. He new this time around, conquering the universe would be difficult, at least without energy. He revisited the Helmore, still led by Chainbarr. Ne'yon asked them to mine for the Nebulorians again. Chainbarr refused, saying that Ne'yon was trying to use them again. Ne'yon was infuriated and declared war on them. If they wouldn't do the job willingly, then they'd do it by force.

Nebulorian-Alpha WarEdit

Second Battle of MineraEdit

Ne'yon attacked Minera ruthelessly, killing thousands of Helmore. His forces overpowered the Helmore very quickly. Ne'yon ordered that captured Helmore be melted down and harvested for Anergy. As the attack continued, the Volver Empire stepped in and fended off the Nebulorian attack. Ne'yon called a full retreat due to the sheer size of the Volver fleet.

Battle over AsconEdit

Ne'yon orders an attack on Ascon, the Volver homeworld. The Nebulorians are quickly stopped by the Volver Empire's huge fleets. The battle raged for hours. The Volver were losing too many ships and some Nebulorian ships broke though the atmosphere. King Glynn, king of the Volver Empire, activated the Volver Laser, a huge defense mechanism that can wipe out enemy fleets surrounding the planet. Ne'yon had to order another retreat.

Death Watch AllianceEdit

Ne'yon traveled to the Dead Watch homeworld to seek out an alliance. Ne'yon knew that the Volver would grab some of their allies to fight him, so he needed a bigger army. Ne'yon met with Tox Cano, leader of Dead Watch. Tox agreed to aid Ne'yon in the War, mainly because the Ugandalorians were helping the Volver.

Battle of AsconEdit

He later ordered another attack on Ascon, this time with the Dead Watch. Their armies landed on the surface and began to wipe out the Volver's military force. Out of the sky came the Ugandalorians and the Soldarians to aid the Volver. The battle was lost and Ne'yon once again had to order a retreat. Tox reluctantly withdrew his forces.

Unitech AllianceEdit

A man known as "Solid" proposed an alliance with Ne'yon. Ne'yon was unimpressed by Solid's appearance, as Ne'yon believes he is superior to all lifeforms. Solid then reveals to Ne'yon that he has a huge army known as the Unitech Citadel, rebels of the Waptoria Alliance of Species. The Waptoria had allied their enemies. Ne'yon agreed to ally.

Battle of MilitoraEdit

The Nebulorians attack Militora, the Soldarian Homeworld. Their forces overwhelm the Soldarians and begin to wipe out their armies. Suddenly, to Ne'yon's surprise, the Antroths arrive to fight the Nebulorian, Unitech, and Dead Watch armies. Ne'yon's forces were exterminated by the Antroths and Soldarians. Tox and Solid doubted that Ne'yon was as powerful as he seemed. To prove a point, Ne'yon went into the battlefield and wiped out the enemy military alone. He even killed Bengo Flett a Soldarian super soldier. The battle was a Nebulorian win and they forced the Soldarians and Antroths off Militora.

Spear's ConstructionEdit

Ne'yon used the technology he salvaged from the Biskin's Galactic Devastation Ray(GDR) and the Soldarian laboratories to build a brand new super weapon: The Spear of Apocalypse. Simply called the Spear, this weapon could wipe out all life in the universe with one powerful shot. But the design was flawed. The Spear took at least 6 days to fully charge and a year to recharge. Another flaw, probably the biggest, the Spear was powered by an Anergy Core. Anergy Cores may last forever, but they can be destroyed fairly easily. If the core is destoyed, then the weapon will explode. During the construction of the Spear, Ne'yon was working on another project. Ne'yon planned to rebuild Ziskin, former king of the Biskin Empire, who was found floating in space before the Battle of Militora.

Final BattleEdit

The Nebulorians found a planet with the Temple of Spevile, built thousands of years ago. The temple was where Ne'yon planned to fire the Spear. Then he could reawaken Spevile and regain his god powers. The allied forces soon found out what Ne'yon was up to and attacked the planet. The Nebulorians found a planet with the Temple of Spevile, built thousands of years ago. The temple was where Ne'yon planned to fire the Spear. Then he could reawaken Spevile and regain his god powers. The allied forces soon found out what Ne'yon was up to and attacked the planet. W'tze and King Pulporious V faced off against Solid. King Glynn and Barda Clett fought against Lorka Gredyc, Tox Cano's right hand, and the new cybernetic Ziskin. Meanwhile, Queen Si'daal, Queen of the Antroths, and King Lavern, King of the Lavatufts, are escorted by General Oskel, general of the Antroth Army. They reach the temple first, meeting Tox and Ne'yon. Averil Daxur was captured by Ne'yon two hours earlier. Oskel and Lavern attack Tox. Tox defeats Lavern and kills Oskel. Ne'yon was forced to step in to stop Si'daal's spells. Ne'yon defeats her. Suddenly the fight is interrupted by Ugandalore the Great. Tox and Ugandalore fight to the death. King Glynn and Barda emerge from the bogs as W'tze and Pulporious emerge from the Jungles, both victorious in their battles. Ne'yon watched as his men tore his enemies apart. Out of the shadows, The Dark One emerged and attacked Ne'yon. Ne'yon and Dark fought each other, displaying their magnificent powers. Then King Glynn jumped in and helped Dark fight Ne'yon. Ne'yon was knocked down and enraged. Ne'yon grabbed Glynn with his telekinesis and destroyed the Dark One using the Spear's main laser. Glynn and Ne'yon continued to fight. Averil took a hit for Glynn and gave him an opening. Ne'yon realized that Glynn wielded the Alphorium Blade. Ne'yon had been defeated by it before and was not about to lose again. He decided to activate the Spear's main function, Universal Annihilation. Ne'yon refused to die at the hands of an inferior life-form and was going to destroy the universe even if he died. Glynn evacuated the planet and used a nearby tank to tow the Spear into the Omega Dimension. Ne'yon was shocked as Glynn attacked the core and destroyed the entire Omega-Universe. Ne'yon is presumed dead along with Glynn.

Return of THEMEdit

ongoing at the moment



Ne'yon is a rather serious individual who seems to put his goals in front of the well being if others. He will not hesitate to kill anyone, even his own kind to please Spevile or himself.


Ne'yon can use a very wide variety of techniques. His most prominent is his telekinesis. He has been known to be able to destroy entire armies with a flick of a wrist or even wipe out an entire race. Ne'yon can also fly, use electrokinesis, lithokinesis, pyrokinesis, read minds, predict the near future, withstand almost anything, open portals, sense auras of creatures, and has been temporarily immortal. Ne'yon is not limited to just super powers though. He is a master of 23 martial arts, including the Nebulorian martial arts.


Quotes from himEdit

I am a True Nebulorian.

This universe shall be recreated in my image!

Inferior life forms. I am true perfection.

I know about every species in the universe including you.

I am no mere mortal. I am a god!

Quotes from othersEdit

You have caused so much pain! I cant wait to wipe that smug look off of your face!

- King Glynn of the Volver Empire

You killed my best will pay for that you scum!

- King Pulporious V of the Soldarian Empire

You've killed billions of people..for no reason! And I thought I was cruel!

- King Lavern

I don't appreciate people like you. Ziskin was crazy....but you take genocide to a whole new level.

- Averil Daxur

You betrayed us!

- The Helmore

I've seen many horrible things in my life...but nothing like what you've done!

- Queen Si'daal of the Antroth Empire

Thousands of my men...dead. You'll pay for this Ne'yon!

- General Oskel, general of the Antroth Army

Your power is impressive, but never forget who the true master of this universe is.

- Dark One
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