Burn, as life never lasts.

- Mortox III

Lord Mortox III is a leader of the Alpha Cyber Collective, and the leader of the Meeno Grox. He is the leader of the Magma Elite and Overseer of the Mirus territories. While he is an emotionless, xenophobic overseer, he cares for those under his command as if they were his sons. He believes death purges all sins, and will quickly kill failed servants before cloning them back to life.

Before he joined the collective, Mortox was a regular Grox king in service of the Grox Meta-Emperor. Mortox is a pyro-maniac, ans loves to burn his foes to death. Like Xavnox, he has his own Dronox bodyguard, Olumox.


Mortox III was created after his anchestor, Mortox II descided that the Meeno Grox should join tha Alpha cyber Collective, after the Meta Emperor's fall. Mortox II served the Evermind well, but was defeated at the start of Alpha Grox Invasion. As such, the Evermind desided they would clone Mortox, this time as an Alpha Grox king. This clone was Mortox III.

Alpha Grox Invasion[]

One of the first acts of Mortox III was when he rallied the Meeno and Alpha Grox in a massive invasion. Mortox and the Meeno Grox would attack Mirus from the Core, while the Alpha Grox would attack from deep space. The invasion seemed to suceed, but was stopped when the Waptoria Alliance of Species and the UFG counterattacked the Alpha Grox and drove them out. Without them, Mortox had to return to the core.



Mortox III, being an Alpha Grox king, is taller, more durable and far stronger then a normal Grox. Like all Meeno Grox, his skin is burnt and charred. Unlike other Meeno, who just have a lava pattern, Mortox has real lava flowing out cracks on his skin. He has also fire surrounding him, especially when he assumes control of a drone or fails to suppress his emotions.


Mortox wears a bladed knuckle attached to his mechanical hand, and a flametrower attached to his organic one. Instead of spitting fire, his flametrowers spits out lava.


Mortox, like all Grox, possesses immense tactical skill and is highly intelligent. He possess powers over fire and heat, and he can breath blobs of lava from his mouth, and generate or absorb heat , with he uses to heal himself. Also, Mortox has the ability to drain life out of his targets, and ressurect them as cybernetic zombies, simmilear to Death Energy.

Finally, Mortox has the ability to assume direct control over any Meeno drone, though he mostly assumes control over Dronox. The controlled drones differ from normal Meeno Drones by having their lava pattern replaced with real magma-like appearances on it's skin, by being surrounded criss-crossing lines of fire, and by their glowing eyes. The controlled drone also gains Mortox' abilities, and acts as a direct extension of Mortox' will. Mortox is known to share an hivemind with his bodyguard, Dronox commander Olumox, with also causes the latter to be constantly controlled by his master.

Mortoxcan also temporally take control of a victims' cybernetics. Like all Overseers, he has an unique ability, with in his case, is storms of lava to appear, and to make ground, rocks and even metal melt into magma.


Mortox is a Pyro-maniac, and loves to burn others alive, then assimilates them when they are dead. Due to him controlling the Meeno Grox, they are also like this. Furthermore, Mortox has a full personality opposed to the emotionless Grox. However, he suppresses it. This gives him an evil, calculating and merciless personality.



Green face.png I serve you, and you alone.

Fellow Grox kings[]

Blue face.png United. Eternal

  • Meta Grox Kings - We are perfection.
  • Alpha Cyber Collective Overseers - Siblings.
    • King Terrox - Ice cannot beat fire.
    • Horrox - I repeat: Ice cannot beat fire.
    • Xavnox - You and I...have much in common.
    • Sardien - We will bring the Grox to greatness again.
    • Mandranix - Yes, we will show the inferiors their place.
    • Xazokh - Visionary, almost to the extreme.
    • Turotoi - An hardened warrior.
    • Chalaix - Zealous and even-headed.


Yellow face.png ...You will serve me...

  • Dronox Commander Olumox - We are one.
  • Commander Kionorox - We are one.
  • Charosk - A Lavantuft rebel, who was so wise to embrace perfection.
  • Lorka Gredyc - My favorite. Assuming control not necessary.
  • Commandant Ghorie - You serve the collective well.


Yellow face.png Does not compute.

  • Diablo - Interesting specimen. You shall serve the Collective well...eventually.


Orange face.png Make your case, or die.


Red face.png Inferiors asking for their death. Burn!

  • Lavern - A...worthy...rival. He will do well once assimilated.
  • Kosheti'Valicar - You should have died long ago.
  • Barda Clett - Trying to stop me? How foolish!
  • W'tze - Good and Evil are a matter of perspective.
  • Everyone else who oppose the Grox - Burn!


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Soon, soon Mortox, we will have our revenge, the Mirus will burn in fire and ice!

- King Terrox

Perhaps you can be of use to us. Only time will tell...


I used to admire the Grox when I was a kid. But now you've pissed me off! You aren't assimilating me! Just TRY ME!

- King Lavern

You cannot understand what a true Overseer is. You are merely a weak Meta Grox who came to our side to preserve your skin. You are not strong without us. You depend on us, the Alpha. Remember that, Meeno Grox.

- Kteryrois

Hmph, your power is to be respected, but that's all I have to say.

- Krad


  • This works as Mortox' theme.