Many of the great rulers of the universe come to represent the best traits of their people. Cleriarch Iovera, Emperor Ridanax, High Queen Kirta, all of them represent the best their people can be. Loda once, however, was the very worst of us, but rose to do better with himself. Perhaps, because of that, it inspires others to do the best as well. If one as sinful as him could do so well, maybe no one is truly lost.

- Basielii Arutyi'Elyupid

Loda'Gadem is the Supreme Lord of the Gardeili within the Mirusian Theocratic Congregation and one of the leaders within it's prophet council. A warrior driven by the pursuit of knowledge and faith, Loda was once a crusading zealot, as his father had raised him. However, when his father was killed by the Prophet Council of the Unified Nations of Spode, Loda took over. He did not know why his father of all people had committed heresy, but soon learned why...

After taking command of the Nations, and destroying the Prophets of Hun'gora, Loda has taken steps to lead his people into a less zealous, brighter future. This also involved joining his people with the Brotherhood of Spode, leading to the creation of the Mirusian Theocratic Congregation, unifying his dispersant peoples, and helping create a force that would not only spread Spodeism, but also help protect minor and lesser religions that can not protect themselves, and helping bridge gaps between religions, as a repentance for what he has done in his past.

Currently, Loda is part of the Covenant of Mirus, and with the upheaval caused by the Great Xonexi Schism, and how many where lost during the battles, Loda now has complete leadership of the Church, for now. He is described as having a foot in both doors, on one hand, not trusting the Xonexi, but on the other, wishing to see the galaxy brought peacefully together. This represents the ultimate conflict between the Church itself, some supporting the Covenant, others believing the Xonexi cannot be trusted in any form. While he loathes the Xonexi, like his friend, Barda Clett, he cannot bring himself to totally remove himself from the Covenant itself, realizing it would split the Church in twin.

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Loda's life began in a minor family in Aathonpia State, seeming forced into obscurity by foul fortunes, as though Spode himself desired for the family to not rise to a position of power. This would change, when his father assisted a Gardeili Warlord on the run. This warlord Zenir'Kallipid sought to reunify the Gardeili states once more, at a time when they began to clash after the death of their last leader, in a succession crisis. Zenir, however, was a notorious gambler and drinker, and had gambled most of his holdings to a rival away, and was now on the run with only his closest allies with him. Loda's father, Naji, assisted in Zenir's escape, and even provided him food and drink. Zenir, though brutal and short-tempered, was loyal above all else, and swore to come back for his friend. He fled into the state of Sarpatia, to gather allies, as the Gadem Household was imprisoned and suffered losses in territory and wealth for their betrayal. Loda spent many a night going hungry, his mother forced to work the stables of the household, and, Loda suspected, through sabotage, came to suffer an infection similar to Tetanus. Loda was only 4 at the time, and his mother's last words were for him to go out and make a destiny for himself, for even Aathonapia was too little for him.

Their suffering ended when Zenir'Kallipid returned, and conquered the states of Aathanpia, and countless others, coming to power, and united Gardelios again, placing the rightful ruler in charge of the Spodists, named Holar'Shalir. Zenir, meanwhile, took command of Gardeili forces, and lead them on many campaigns, expanding their borders, and bringing the mysterious and isolationist Gen'droi into their fold, taking Loda under his wing as a student, . Zenir would lead some of the offenses against the recently arrived Zarbanians, as Loda befriend a fellow soldier at the time named Ajaar'Magnos. Though very different, the two began a strong friendship. Though Zenir and Ajaar were both capable leaders, neither had the right combination of abilities or skill needed to defeat the Zarbanian Emperor Gridlock, and were forced to retreat.

Zenir would one day pass away, and passed his command to Loda's uncle Shrk'Gadem. Though a capable leader and commander, Shrk never the less was a hedonist, who was not widely liked by the priesthood and many officials. Though he commanded the contested zones of UNOS territory well, it was not long before his life style caught up with him, and Shrk died of a heart attack. Loda took command, much to the dismay of others. He was young, and equally as hedonistic as his uncle, while only slightly more talented. Few thought he could pull it off. Yet, Loda proved a capable leader, driving out the minor and major powers that contested the area, and bringing peace there. As he commanded, he rejected any alcohol further, quitting cold turkey, and maintained a disciplined, spartan lifestyle.

Loda's perseverance and rejection of the more hedonistic sides of life impressed his commanders and many priests, with one Radeon Missionary commenting that he Began life exemplifying many of the worst traits of any species, but comes away a shining beacon to all in the First Gigaquadrant. Despite this power and position, he thought himself ill-suited to command, and refused Holar'Shalir's offer to accept her position as leader, feeling she was far better then he. However, he did gain great power, and used it to advance himself. With his power, he found the stablemaster and managers that worked his mother to death, and had most of the workers put to death for their role.

The UNOS, during one of their scouting missions, would encounter the Prophets of Hun'Gora, a strangely powerful and psychically strong race able to do seemingly miraculous things with only their mind. Although many were taken by their charm and charisma, Loda and many of the troops found them unnerving and unnatural, as though they were too perfect.

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Loda began life a bitter, melancholic, alcoholic, resentful of the houses that had destroyed his families' lives, reduced them to near-civil war again, and had gotten his mother killed. When he came to command, he was far too prone to enjoying the finest foods and drinks his kind had to offer, drinking much, having sex too much and often thinking too little. While a capable leader, Zenir struggled to get his young student to abandon the aspects of drinking, for even he, a notorious gambler and drunkard, thought his young peer went too far.

After taking command, Loda made the change into someone more devoted to Spode, and took his role as leader very seriously, becoming an accomplished military leader and commander. Though his hedonistic side from earlier life caused him to doubt his leadership, and he remained in military positions, choosing to lead troops and fleets, rather then risk something more important. His peoples' betrayal, and the struggle to defeat the Bachyeon, brought out his greatest traits, as a unifier and leader, and his ability to lead the Gardeili peacefully, and bring unity once more, revealed to many he would be their greatest leader.

Even in times of trouble that consume the state now, Loda remains a strong leader, his presence and ability inspiring countless numbers of his subordinates in battle and in governance. He is willing to reject tradition if it means improving the lives everyone, for example, rejecting the deep-held respect the Gardeili hold for Radeons as wise and gifted leaders, believing them to be just as flawed as anyone else, and prone to the same destruction as the other races.

Loda still will mix alcohol into his coffee and other drinks when celebrating victories, but rarely imbibes it whole.

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Loda's chief weapon, is not the fleets he commands, nor the weapons he can yield, but his mind and body. He is regarded as the greatest speaker and unifier of his kind, swaying Clans, Houses and States alike to follow him without having to use the sword, as is common amongst battles for leadership among his people. Though he could easily fight his way through any issue, Loda prefers to speak and talk down his enemies before pulling out his blade.

Still Loda is not to trifled with on the battlefield. He commands great respect with the sword, and his skill with it has been the end of many enemies, both of his kind and of the Bachyeon. The Mendel especially respect his abilities, as his swordsmanship ended many of their best in fair and open duels. He also a commendable marksmen at range.

Loda dislikes essence, and despite having some ability, he feels it beneath him and his warriors, preferring true and honest fighting versus the sorcery used by some other species, even not trusting those used by such races as the Radeons.

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Loda often carries a Precision combat rifle, the one used by his mother, capable of firing piercing energy rounds at targets, and his both of his adopted and blood father's energy blades.

Loda wears ornate, protective powered armor, among the best his species can create. The armor is purple in color with violet lights and markings.

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Being Lord of his people, Loda is confident and proud in appearance when he speaks with them or outsiders. He is focused on everything, and never appears weak, believing he must always be strong for the Gardeili and the Church. His body has been aged a tad, both thanks to the many battles he has survived, the scars he has acquired, and the telepathic mind attacks by Bachyeon controllers. Still, only in private does the façade fall, and he lets his weariness overtake him.

Loda is described like a rock or stone, strong, firm and solid. His body is heavily built, even for a Gardeili, and the one thing that has allowed him to survive all of his battles and rack up all his scars. No matter what, Loda is regarded as the most firm leader among the UAE's leaders, as few could ever miss him, and it is said no one ever does.

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I am with you.

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I will observe.

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Dance with death itself.

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He is a wise leader. His people respect him rightfully.

- Barda Clett

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