Lizrawn is an Lizardian officer who commanded the Heavy Battle Cruiser Laberynth in name of the Imperial Alliance. He is known to be ruthless and never gives up his tasks or mission. He likes to torture people and has a favor for slave dancers and enjoys blowing up ships and hunting down his enemies.


Early History[]

Lizrawn was born in 68 BQF at Lizardia, a Lizardian planet within the Quadrant Galaxies. Childhood was hard and harsh for Lizrawn as he was trained to become a warrior since birth. Ever since, Lizrawn has been taught to uphold the values of the Lizardian Warrior Code and live by its standards. Reaching an acceptable age, Lizrawn became an officer within the Lizardian military and slowly rose through the ranks and eventually became a fully fledged captain around 18 BQF. A brilliant strategist and tactics allowed him to design the Heavy Battle Cruiser class. The first of its class, the Laberynth reached completion in 16 BQF, shortly before the Lizardian Invasion and the forming of the Imperial Alliance. During the remaining years, Lizrawn continued testing onboard the secret vessel and In 04 BQF, when the First Galactic War broke out, Lizrawn acted behind the fronts mapping star charts of Quadrant 82 for a second invasion.

Captain of the Laberynth[]

Second Galactic War[]

Main Article: Captain of Space and War.

The USS Luna evades the Laberynth

In 0 BQF, the Second Galactic War broke out and brought chaos to the Quadrants, Lizrawn remained acting in the shadows. However Rambo Nationcaptain Rambam was dispatched to hunt down the mysterious ship and its commander. Lizrawn predicted the action and managed to surprise the USS Luna and turned from prey into hunter. Lizrawn and his crew lost track when the USS Luna entered a nebulae and Lizrawn decided to continue his journey to secretly attack and disable the Shipyards of Rowar, an act that could cripple Rambo Command and its navy. However the USS Luna intercepted the Laberynth and disabled her. Rambo boarding parties took over the Laberynth and Lizrawn played dead and acted as the ships doctor. Rambam and Ramiron bought his deception and after Rambam left Lizrawn retook command of his ship and left the Rambo forces stranded. Afterwards Lizrawn received a transmission from the Lizardian Commander, who ordered him to travel to the Tigris Galaxy to regain his honor. There he had an encounter with the Congregation and was forced to retreat. After receiving damage Lizrawn and the Laberynth returned to Imperial space where he came under attack by the Capricorn Sector Alliance Battle of Tuacio and forced to retreat once more. His prized ship heavily damaged, Lizrawn fell out of favor with Imperial command.

The Imperial Fleet arrives at Lanat

Shortly after the Second Galactic War Lizrawn took a massive task force, mostly existing out of Star Destroyer II and Ardent Classes he came to aid the United Lanat Empire planet against the Tralor Freedom Force. Afterwards, after seeing little actions Lizrawn received a new mission to attack Rambo Nation.

Battle of Fornaeria[]

Lizrawn was to attack the Rambo colony of Fornaeria in 03 AQF. Lizrawn forced a blockade around the colony and claimed the citizens of Fornaeria still had supplies belonging to the Imperial Alliance, left there after the Second Galactic War. Yet Rambo Command did not believe it and started to attack the blockade.

the Brassbound collides with the Laberynth


When Rambo Nation engaged the blockade, Lizrawn called for reinforcements and arrived in the form of a Mortalitas Dreadnought and various Imperial Light Cruisers. When pressing their attack, soon a Constellation Class V2, the USS Fading Sun was destroyed and Lizrawn then headed to orbit, to stop Ramuchi and the two Krakana Class ships. While disabling the Brassbound, Lizrawn was unable to reach the other Krakana Class due to debris and covering fire. Meanwhile Shinar, a Red Rambo Serindia captain saw what was going on and beamed himself to the Brassbound and evacuated the ship as he plotted an intercept course with the Laberynth. Lizrawn simply laughed at this attempt, but when getting frustrated at a clone he forget about the Brassbound and was too late to prevent a collision with the Brassbound. As the Krakana-class collided with the Laberynth a large explosion engulfed both ships and the Laberynth broke in half. Lizrawn is presumed dead but his body was never found.

New Lizardian Commander[]

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Lizrawn and Emtor meet on Stasje

Lizrawn resurfaced during the second month of 07 AQF when he hired and joined the bounty hunter Emtor at the Rambo Nation colony Stasje. Afterwards, together with is squad they travelled to the Rambo Capital where they managed to steal the Infernal, former flagship of the Mortalitas commander Mortikran. They succeeded to steal the vessel right under the nose of the Rambo Space Dock, evading or capable of staying ahead of intercepting vessels Lizrawn used his experience to hide the massive star destroyer in the Metruia Nebula, something he had done before as well.

However, Rambo Command wanted the vessel back, as it was sieged during an operation by the Lianna Initiative, and losing the vessel made the Rambo look bad. As such they dispatched the USS Excelsior under command of captain Chianwe Apanoida to hunt down the vessel. To his surprise, after disabling Imperial vessels, the hunt was prosponed at orders of the Imperial Inquistor Akagêlth, allowing Lizrawn to take the ship back into Lizardian space.

Jatooine Incident

In february of 19 AQF, Lizrawn travelled onboard his prized and feared Ifrit-Class vessel, the Galvarus Fury to Jatooine to meet with High King Rambert Ramveral in an attempt to create peace between the Lizardians and the Rambo. Upon arrival things turned into a disaster as his ship exploded and was crippled after 15 photon torpedoes were beamed inside the ship, causing it to fall into orbit and crash in the deserts of Jatooine. Lizrawn managed to board an escape pod and ordered his forces to open fire as they retreated back to Lizardian space. The meeting had failed and Lizrawn was bound for revenge! The event became known as the Jatooine Incident.

Personality and Traits[]

Lizrawn is a cruel and mean Lizardian, though a very capable and brilliant tactician and strategist. Sadly, Lizrawn also had the tendency to underestimate his enemies or in his fits of rage to forget with what is important at the moment. Lizrawn posses tremendous physical strength and can break bones of Ramoidae and humanoids with little efforts. He also seems to like to eat his victims and keep trophies in the form of skulls to hang in his officer. Lizrawn wears a heavy Lizardian armor and seem to enjoy drinking Chuchulias Coffee.

At all times Lizrawn carries a large club at his right side, he likes to smash his enemies with it and break their bones with, to his eyes the delicious sound of breaking and shattering bones.

Ships Command[]



A big and powerful vessel in the Lizardian Navy. This massive ship is slow but very powerful. It is a sister ship of the Lusankya. It was upgraded and refitted and could match even the USS Luna's speed, so the experiment was a success though the ship still took damage during the hunt for the USS Luna due to Rambam and his crew. It fought during many a war and conflict, but was destroyed during the Battle of Fornaeria.



Blue face.pngI guess they earn a little respect from me


Red face.pngI shall drink you blood and taste your flesh!

  • Rambamcurse this feathered captain
  • Ramironanother blasted feathered officer.


May he suffer the wrath of the Atlantica!

- Ramiron



  • The earliest appearances and character personality were sketched out by The Valader during the Captain of Space and War story.

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