Lizamalignan is the Executive Officer of the Benevolent, flagship of the dreaded, feared and infamous Mortalitas flag officer Zillum. Ever since the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF, Lizamalignan served under Zillum and remained with him during his change of allegiance when he broke away from the Imperial Alliance in 02 AQF.


Lizamalignan is born in 56 BQF at Ungul Lizar, a Lizardian planet located in the unclaimed territories of Quadrant 82, one of the five Quadrant Galaxies. Since youth, Lizamalignan developed an interest in the obscure and dark rituals of his people, loving arcane magic and a fondness for death he eventually became a warlock after showing promising arcane abilities.

Tyrant, Zillum and Lizamalignan onboard the Benevolent

As the Lizardians formed the Imperial Alliance, Lizamalignan was assigned to serve under the infamous and cruel Mortalitas flag officer, Zillum onboard the dreadnought Benevolent. His first assignment with the Mortalitas officer occurred during the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF, Lizamalignan served as the executive officer of Zillum during the battle of Capricaerón where they managed to take president Fleur Inviere and senator Apollo captive, though later on they were rescued.

After the fall of the Imperial Alliance in 02 AQF and the ending of the Intergalactic War, Lizamalignan remained loyal to Zillum and remained onboard the Benevolent and served with Zillum during the Great Cyrannus War and the subsequent New Cyrandia Wars. After Zillum left the Cyrannian Imperial State, the Lizardian officer once again remained with Zillum, though began doubting the logic of shifting allegiance so many time as it would make him an unreliable and untrustworthy commander in the eyes of outsiders, though Lizamalginan kept this to himself in fear of his health.

Personality and Traits[]

Lizamalignan is a cunning and dangerous individual, well taught in the dark and arcane magic’s of the Quadrant Galaxies, he wields a dark staff to signal his position as warlock. He talks in a crisping and dark tongue, even when in basic language his voice is often described as slithering and crackling. Lizamalignan, as executive officer of the Benevolent is feared by most of the crew, only rivaled by Zillum himself, who Lizamalignan fears himself.

Lizamalignan is a proud Lizardian, though not arrogant he is also a voice of reason during Zillum’s outbreaks, able to speak sense to the Mortalitas when blinded by anger and rage. He likes to torment prisoners and conduct experiments upon them. Unknown to most, Lizamalignan is actually well read as well, fond of reading books and drinking Chuchilias coffee. He is capable of summoning the Scions as well.



Green face.pngThe Darkness shal protect you!

  • Zillumthe most impressive individual I ever met, an honor serving with him!

Blue face.pngI guess the darkness can make assumptions

  • Morgandaûrmy emperor, once a promise until his demise
  • Tyrant - A powerful warrior!

Orange face.pngDefeat is inevitable!

  • Aur'Lodinthe bane of the Imperial Alliance
  • Apollowhen I get my claws upon you, you will not escape me again!
  • Fleur Inviereyou dared to escape?


A true Lizardian!

- Lizrawn


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