Lissarhk Gnackt is a proud and noble Tra'ssahk in service of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Believing in the ideals of Order and Peace the Imperial Dream envisions, he is sometimes harbours feelings of disillusionment when Imperial officers commit cruelties against civilians.

Formerly commanding the Imperial Concur Refueling Depot he was eventually assigned to take command of Isle Blue where he came into contact and conflict with the Rambo Loyalist.


Service on Imperial Refeuling DepotEdit


Lissarhk and Yvenne moments before the theft

With the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus Lissarhk Gnackt was send by his people to join the Imperial Academy. Studying hard Lissarhk graduated three years later and was promoted to lieutenant and served onboard an Imperial spaceship. By 18 AQF, Lissarhk assumed command of Concor Refueling Depot, a Imperial refueling station that came under siege by Lusitania Squadron by end april/beginning of may 21 AQF during the Valour of the Resistance-storyline. Together with a new officer, lieutenant Yvenne Thalyssaera (-unknown to him a Loyalist undercover operative) he tried to prevent the theft of three modified Dreadnought-Class command destroyers. While he left the humanoid lieutenant in charge of the bridge he himself joined his troops and attacked the Lusitania infiltrators. One of the Dreadnoughts was lossed due to malfunction though he was unable to prevent the theft of the other two.

After being interrogated by Imperial Intelligence he was blamed for the theft and was re-assigned to take command of Isle Blue, a remote outpost in the Space in Between, also known as Loser Outpost. At the 5th of may he arrived at the planet Ozdudrahk where he awaited his transfer into the Space in Between. He was welcomed by a Half-Orc where Lissarhk enjoyed some free time on the surface.

Discovering the Bluedion's fate with Ciena

Five days later, he was onboard a Gozanti-class cruiser command by lt. commander Paul Janssen where he met his new clerk and assistent, lieutenant Ciena Dunedin. Part of their journey to Isle Blue was to inspect Bunker Eighty Two where he met the Basileus lieutenant Tarcarvor. Hesistant and barky at first he grew impressed at his work and complimented him on running the bunker at the remote and harsh planet.

Service on Isle BlueEdit


Lissarhk oversees the battle form a distance as his troopers advance towards "Loyalist" hill

When he reached Isle Blue, he took command of the station and prepared it according his own wishes. Much to his surprise he was missing the native Bluedion population and inquired with Ciena where they were. The girl claimed she did not know but after some digging he took her to the site the database pointed out for the Bluedion relocation. Together they made the horrifying discovery that the Bluedion population was massacred by the Empire under orders of lt. Tarcarvor.

Later on, at 2 January 2820 (22AQF) much to his horrer Isle Blue was besieged by Rambo Loyalist forces during the yearly 6 week out of communication period due to anomaly storms that occur always around the beginning of a new year. Wasting no time, Lissarhk rallied his forces on Isle Blue and managed to slow down the advance of the Loyalist, while on the western route an emergency outpost slowed the advance of Lord Jar'Dris Ravencrow his own contigent of troopers pinned down Yvenne and her squad at a hill in the middle of the swamp. His tactic was easy, hold out till a regular patrol would arrive tomorrow. Luckily for Gnackt, Imperial forces under admiral Apticyus arrived and lifted the Loyalist siege from Isle Blue. Resuming command of Isle Blue and the Imperial efforts in the Space in Between Lissarhk began executing a command of principle and order.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Lissarhk Gnackt is an honorable individual, strongly believing in the Imperial Vision of Order and Peace and fully believes the Empire was formed to make things better for the citizens of the Empire. Well aware that some Imperials abuse their power and commit cruelties, he is forced to turn a blind eye to it due to his lower rank.

In his free time Lissarhk enjoys sporting, hunting and tracking down wild to honor his skills as learned on his homeworld.



Blue faceAn honor to meet you!


Orange faceFace the justice of the Empire!



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