The Lino Loyalist Army is a fringe group of fanatic terrorist under the leadership of former emperor Lino who believe him to be a god. The group is currently in hiding after the near capture of their leader at the end of the Wranploer War.



The Lino Loyalist was founded immediately after Aoblix, with the backing of the majority of the military, overthrew his regime. Those few who remained loyal to him, most of which were members of his personal security force and colonist from the outer most colonies of the Empire.

It didn't take much for Lino to convince himself, and other him, that he was a god.

First Wranploer WarEdit

For a short time Lino aligned himself with an empire of pirates in an attempted to hurt the ULE's economy by destroying there Borealis colonies. The plan backfired when Lino was betrayed and nearly captured.

Current StatusEdit

The Lino Loyalist is currently in hiding.

Even since the Wranploer war no one has heard or seen of the Loyalist.


The Lino Loyalist military uses, for the most part, outdated Tralor military devices that have been abandoned in the void of space or they managed to take with them when they first fled from the empire.


The land forces of the Loyalist. The Lino loyalist army is mostly poorly trained and equipped outer colony loyalist.


The space forces of the Loyalist. Currently consisted mostly of hopelessly outdated warships.

Apostles of LinoEdit

The Apostles of Lino are a mysterious group of elite agents handpicked by Lino himself. The Apostles are fearsome warriors with an unmatched zeal for Lino. The numbers of Apostles are few, but the exact number is unknown. It is commonly thought to be twelve.

See: Apostles of Lino



The dark god Lino has use for you.

  • N/A


Speak or be cursed by the dark god Lino.

  • Everyone


By the name of Lino DIE!

Quotes From Other EmpiresEdit

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You fools are the traitors. We will stomp you out in time, don't worry.

- Emperor Aoblix of the United Lanat Empire

These ones may be useful for my plans as well...

- Vouinas

Bah. You think you can order me around? Pathetic.

- General Volim
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