My will be done.

- Lino

Lino was the last emperor of the old Tralor Empire before a coup lead by Aoblix disposed him and forced him and his followers into exile across the far reaches of the galaxy.


Early LifeEdit

Lino's early history is shrouded in mystery and speculation. It is believed that Lino's parents had some position in government and that's how he was able to make it in the Empire's politics at such an early age.

Political CareerEdit

Lino started his political career as an aide in the Grand Tower but he quickly gained favor with the Emperor, Qiou. Lino in just fifteenth years was put in charge of a colony in the outer regions of the empire. Lino brought fear and suppression across the colony he was in charge of. He was willing to order the death of anyone just to prove that he could and that he was in charge. Lino continued to move up the political latter and as it did Lino's just for power grew. Qiou promoted Lino to viceroy and made him one of his closest advisers. Lino became more and more power hungry over time and before long he had his eyes set on the ultimate seat of power, the Tralor Empire's throne.

Rise to powerEdit

As Lino's lust for power grew he began to scheme for the ultimate position of power. Lino knew that he could not just take the throne by himself and that he would need more inside help. He knew that most of the council disliked Qiou's rather light hand when it came to dealing with civil disobedience and a few even thought he was incompetent. Lino also knew that the council took a rather strong liking to him and they should be fairly easy with a few sweet words to convert to his side. He did so promising that they would all be put into the same position of power as him and would rule the empire as one. With this he was able to put his plan into action. He would have the royal family killed. Lino set his plan into action by ordering the poisoning of the Emperor's daughter, Vori. After that he went to take care of the Emperor himself who was currently on the top balcony of the Grand Tower. Lino was able to sneak up behind Qiou and with a dagger he took from a display in his room stabbed the Emperor in the back and pushed him off the balcony and to his death. The next step to his plan was to find and dispatch the Emperor's son Mozada. Mozada witnessed the treachery that Lino had done and tried to tell a guard but before he could he was captured by Lino, drugged, and sold to a lot of slavers. After that Lino then sent a message to his co-conspirators and told them to gather in the council chambers. Soon after the guards found the body of the old emperor in the royal courtyards and quickly put the whole city on lockdown. The next part of Lino's plan was coming into play.

While the guards where on high alert trying to find the assassin that recently killed the emperor and his family Lino took this as an opportunity to rid of the only obstacles standing between him and ultimate power, the council. Lino told the chief guard that the council was the ones that planned the assassination in an attempt to usurp the throne. The chief guard bent on revenge asked little questions and ordered the arrest and immediate execution of the entire council.

With the council gone Lino declared himself the only one left fit to rule and pronounced himself emperor.

Emperor of TralorkindEdit

Lino now sat as the ultimate ruler of Tralorkind however he did not go unopposed at first. Many of the royal houses claimed that Lino had unlawfully sat himself up on the throne of the emperor and that the true emperor of Tralorkind was to be chosen out of one of the royal houses, as it had been for over 80,000 years. Lino, after carefully planning his rise to power for years wasn't about to let that fail because of some pompous royals. No, he would simply remove them like he did the council and now that he was emperor he had the whole Traish military to do so.

Galactic and Second Galactic WarEdit


Current StatusEdit


Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Lino's main ability lies in his mind. Despite how unstable he can is, Lino is a master schemer and manipulator, able to bend the weak minded to his will with relative ease. Also, being a Tralor, he is a trained fighter but the extend of his actual martial skills is unknown.


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