Lingur Wildlight is the Grand Guardian of the Guardians of Ku-Rokti, that is to say, the head of the Aeoneonatrix military.

History[edit | edit source]

Early Years[edit | edit source]

Lingur’s mother, a prostitute, became pregnant by a John in a brothel in the United Western Provinces in 2729. His resulting egg was put up for adoption, and adopted by an Aeoneonatrix Relationship between four males. The four raised him cooperatively, as is typical of Aeoneonatrix. He took the right of dedication at the age of four.

In his youth, Lingur was very adventurous and exploratory, eventually earning him his given name, “Lingur,” meaning “adventure” in Aeoneonatrix. One of his fathers, Tumat Wildlight, was a successful military commander in the Provinces, and later in the Republic of Ornico, when the two merged. As a result, he aspired from a young age to military leadership. He loved science fiction novels and space operas, especially military sci-fi as he grew older.

Time as Sea Commander[edit | edit source]

Time as Mardor Slave[edit | edit source]

Lingur was elated by the Orniconian Victory in the War of Eneki when the Mardor’s ships arrived to attack Ku-Rokti. Though he was part of one of the several groups which attempted to resist Mardor conquest, his efforts were futile and he was enslaved and brought to the Mardor Empire. He was part of the massive online auction which accompanied the new set of conquests, of which the Aeoneonatrix were only a part.

Lingur was owned by a Mardor commoner named Rulemaw. For her entertainment, the Mardor subjected him to excruciating torture using advanced alien technology which Lingur, having up until then lived in a pre-spaceflight world, couldn’t understand. She raped him on a nightly basis, and often brought him to parties where she allowed her friends to torture and rape him as well, a privilege she also extended to the man who would later be her husband and twin children once she had them, both of whom were ten, old enough to torture him recreationally and share him with their own friends, by the time the Aeoneonatrix were rescued.

For the first few years as a slave, he had a friend in Rulemaw’s other slave, a Mypho, but he was eaten alive after the twins were born when Rulemaw strapped him down so he could serve as the twins’ first meal. Lingur bears several scars from incidents where the children, who did not know how to properly operate the healing equipment Mardor usually used to keep their slaves from being damaged by torture, cut or burned him and then weren’t able to heal him properly.

Time Under Protectors[edit | edit source]

Gaining Power[edit | edit source]

The Destruction of the Protectors[edit | edit source]

The Great Deceiver[edit | edit source]

Attero Dominatus[edit | edit source]

Position[edit | edit source]

Lingur is the Grand Guardian, that is to say, the head of the Aeoneonatrix Empire’s Military, the Guardians of Ku-Rokti. He is responsible for making strategic and ethical decisions about the Empire’s defense of itself, its clients, and its conquests of other races. It would be fair to trace most of the good and evil done by the Aeoneonatrix Military to him, though he cannot be held responsible for, and indeed does not entirely approve of, the Empire’s repression of the undedicated. He outranks absolutely every other official in GoK-R, answering only to the President, the Senate and the Cleanser himself.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Lingur is a compassionate person. He is pained by the plight of those he finds unjustly oppressed. He cares for the tormented and the potentially tormented. This care causes him to take seemingly excessive measures to avoid civilian casualties in the battles he fights, and to strictly enforce ethical standards on those working below him. He experiences a deep catharsis when he is able to rescue a person from suffering.

However, the same passion which motivates him to care for the suffering can also make him hot-headed and cloud his judgement. Acts of evil can send him into intense and irrational bouts of anger, and he holds long-term petty grudges against people who have, in his mind, wronged innocents, particularly those close to him. He hates working with people he regards as evil and is extremely poor at guarding his own tongue, though his verbal assaults against evil persons usually do not include a threat to commit military action unless the persons he is speaking to are weak enough that such a course of action would be reasonable.

He does not believe that people who defend or engage in behavior he disapproves of are sincere, believing instead that they are lying or consciously rationalizing for their personal benefit. His conversations with such persons reflect this, causing him to do poorly in debates with persons holding opposing points of view to his own.

Lingur bears scars from his time as a slave to the Mardor Empire. He hates slavery intensely, and does not draw distinctions of severity between its different manifestations. He still has regular nightmares pertaining to his time under the Mardor. He bears a significant bias against members of the Mardor race. He tends to distrust them, and, when he was in active combat with them, was known to treat Mardor prisoners in ways he would not have treated other prisoners of war.

Like most Aeoneonatrix, he is a devout Cleanserist. He prays regularly and possesses a strong evangelistic zeal. He is somewhat more tolerant of the undedicated than most Aeoneonatrix due to his regular interaction with foreign extraterrestrials, but it must not be forgotten that he, as the leader of the Aeoneonatrix Military, is the chief official in charge of the Aeoneonatrix’s occupations and conquests. He orders planets to be annexed and their populations persuaded and subtly coerced into taking the rite of dedication. Though he would probably decry his own behavior if it were enacted by an alien, he considers his actions fundamentally different because the Cleanser is a force for good fighting evil in the world.

Also like most Aeoneonatrix, he is extremely promiscuous and sexually unrestrained. His marriage to Callanni Candleflame is open and he has several recurring partners and regular one night stands. The Candleflame Palace, where he currently lives, has an on-site brothel staffed mostly by Podenka, which he visits multiple times a week.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Lingur is considered to be by far the best commander in the Aeoneonatrix Empire. He is physically average compared to his species. He is of above average intelligence compared to most members of his species.

When in combat, he is often able to defeat significantly more powerful enemies with clever tricks. He is rarely confronted with a problem he can’t solve.

Relations[edit | edit source]

Green face.png Gods[edit | edit source]

"My Master"

  • The Cleanser - "The Creator of my race, and the owner of my soul."

Green face.png Truly Close[edit | edit source]

  • Callanni Candleflame - "The Love of my life."
  • Ameius Wildlight - "You're like a son to me."
  • Awesh Wonderspark - "A dear friend."
  • Loil Wildflame - "My adorable baby boy."

Blue face.png Friends[edit | edit source]

  • Gondoo Freeflight - "This one deserves the better life he has gained."

Yellow face.png Neutral[edit | edit source]

Orange face.png Dislikes[edit | edit source]

  • Cabar Starsmoke - "The man has no principle."
  • All Mardor - A rare thing, an entire race composed entirely of evil creatures.
  • Slave Owners - Fuck every single one of them.

Red face.png Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Mortrig Malevon - "Genocidal scum."
  • High King Razorscare - "Leader of the Mardor."
  • Rulemaw - "She tortured me for over ten years and killed my only friend."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Life is valuable and worth fighting for. That fact is self-evident. I don't have to know why. I do not have to have any evidence that it is the case beyond the overwhelming obviousness of the fact that it simply is.

- Lingur

Quotes from Others (Add Here)[edit | edit source]

The star of Lingur Wildlight burns brightly. He shares much, if not most, of his principles with me - and much of the sexual ones with my own race, though I differ from them in that regard. Should he ever make the trip to Miris, I would welcome Lingur Wildlight with open arms, for he is a truly dedicated protector of life and an equally dedicated vanquisher of all which would seek to destroy it. And perhaps I would take him to an uncharted planet to spar and explore...Who knows?

- W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

He would make a truly great sacrifice. For all his deeds, he would make the greatest, in fact. I look forward to that day, the day when I will feel his blood flowing over my hands! THAT DAY, MALEVON AND THE DOMINATUS WILL BE FINALLY AVENGED FOR ME! FEAR THAT DAY, FOR BY MY WILL AND THAT OF THE GREAT WAR GOD, IT WILL HAPPEN!

- Warmaster Fexonatius of the Imperium of War

I don't know why, but I like this guy.

- Great General Vankalian of the United Federation of Species

Well, he attacked us, but he realized that we were right. That makes him seem reasonable, at least for an Aeoneonatrix.

- Draicon, president of the Troodontid Empire

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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