Liloth is one of the Dwulairi, a group of powerful Atlantica who are considered fallen and disgraced among the others. Liloth is one of those who disagree with the way the other Atlantica wish to shepard the mortal world from a distance. Liloth instead wishes to rule within the mortal world and be hailed and honored as a God!



Liloth is believed to ascend to the level of an Atlantica due to events of the Chaos Energy. According to the mythology Liloth is the lieutenant of the Chaos Realm within the Ramboidae Realms and interrogates those who have done fell deeds. Within the myths she is known as the "corrupter" and the "seductive" and lover of pleasure coming from it.


Liloth was once an ordinary humanoid, but due to dark magics and the energies of the Choas Realm Liloth was able to become more than she ever was. However the energy took a toll at her body, changing that from a humanoid into the appearance she now has. Using her looks and voice, Liloth soon became well capable of seduction, something she enjoys as well as the pleasure coming from it. When Artmyris became the Atlantica assigned to the Chaos Realm, Liloth managed to seduce Artmyris and she became the lieutenant of the Choas Realm. She supported Artmyris in his plans to overthrow the other Atlantica, and was greatly hurt when news reached her that Artmyris had been defeated.

Liloth confronts Kael'Thalas

Now locked in the Choas Realm, she can only escape the Choas Realm if another great power would set her free! However she soon set her eyes on another prey, a member of the mysterious Sinleri who desire was to escape the planet in another reality.

While in the Quadrant Galaxies the second month of 07 AQF had begun, Liloth finally met Kael'Thalas. She managed to sneak into the hidout and was able to enter his personal quarters. When the blood prince noticed a shadow behind him, he demanded who was there as two Wrongly Knights entered as well with drawn weapons. She placed her hand at his chest and told him her motives, claiming that she was the one to bring him home to claim his birth right in the Quadrants. While she licked her lips wit her tongue, a hand went from the blood prince's chest to his man-hood, though Kael'Thalas prevented that. Dissapointed she claimed she was in a good mood while channeling her powers in the orb in front of her, she showed Kael'Thalas the way to get to the Quadrants and leave this planet, as it was seemingly a mistake that the Sinleri were actually there in the first place.

Kael'Thalas and Liloth discuss their plans!

Upon the return of the Sinleri to the Quadrant Galaxies, she watched in awe as the Sinleri usurped the Hutter King and took command over the Hutter Kingdom. She then began aiding the Sinleri in preparing their conquest of the known Quadrants and her secret motivations for the return of her master, the Tormentor. During the second month of 07 AQF she was present with Sinleri Lady Liandra of Ramalivua; the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel warlord Anjulius Gaitonius;

Liloth and Kael'Thalas encounter the Tormentor

Hutter general Hut'Pmec and the demonic entity Liloth and the orc cwarlord Bolgrash Bloodhammer when Kael'Thalas proclaimed the Kingdom as a new political power and united various species behind his banner.

At the second of january of 08 AQF/06 NE, Liloth discussed the recent events in the Cyrandia Cluster with her Prince, both came to the conclusion that is was time to start moving their pieces after the Watch Stones became active out of their own. Liloth looked in delight when Kael'Thalas ordered the Hutter fleet to invade Quadrant 82!

In July of 08 AQF, she joined the Blood Prince in his invasion of Arcaniox, where she witnissed the unfolding events of the Torments of Arcaniox and the awakening of the Tormentor. To her horror, the Tormentor killed her Prince, Kael'Thalas and made his move against the other present heroes while he tried to destroy the Quadrant Galaxies. After the Tormentor was defeated, Liloth escaped Arcaniox.

Personality and Traits[]

Liloth (Dark Champion).png

Liloth has a dark personality, easily seducting and corrupting the souls of the innocents. Liloth has a variety of abilities, able to transportation, recieving visions of a possible future and capable of summoning and using the Choas Powers she can be a destructive force. However the use of Choas Powers weakens her and she needs to recharge her energies before able to use them again. Instead Liloth learned the art of seduction, letting others due her dirty work while she can enjoy all kind of pleasures.

She had a great dislike for everything that is deformed and has a weakness for gold and jewels, and seemingly while even in demonic appearance hasn't lost her love for shopping.



Blue face.pngThey can easily seducted!


Orange face.pngHmm, they seem unsensative to my looks?

  • Atlantica - Silly self-proclaimed guardians of the Quadrants!"



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