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As the Delpha Coalition of Planets picked up the pieces after the DCP Civil War with the Emperor's victory, there was much celebration. The evil reign of the traitorous warlords was over. However, darkness awaits around every corner...


Tricarrion - The being of demonic energy Edit

When the Emperor killed Tricarrion's mortal body, in his last words he said "I will plague the DCP until its end". What he said was true, he has the ability to project into several different places. One of his forms survived while he was astral projecting. This form, although not omnipotent or immortal yet, is a being of pure demonic energy and hate. After his mortal death, he rived in agony and rage. He will never rule the DCP as he believed he would, instead, he will destroy it.

Bo Ramik - The light of hope Edit

Bo Ramik was killed by Tricarrion when he was cut off in the Tigris galaxy. However, a great Civatron warrior by the name of Lagartoss managed to preserve his mind. Lagartoss recloned a new body, but taught Bo Ramik the ways of transcending his own form into other planes of existence. While Tricarrion plans of destroying the DCP, Bo Ramik only wants to help rebuild it, and improve the alliance in many ways. When the DCP discovered Bo Ramik had survived, most were delighted.

Open diplomacy with the CoreFed Edit

Bo Ramik has recently been trying to restart an alliance between the DCP and the CoreFed. So far, trade deals and an Embassy has been set up. It is hoped in time, the the Core Federation and the Delpha Coalition will ally again once more. Recently, the DCP has re-allied with the Defensive System's Bloc.

A new war with the Xhodocto begins Edit

Recently a new chapter to the War of Ages has begun, known as the "March of the Apocalypse". Bo Ramik will lead the DCP into war, hopefully, with the help of the CoreFed.

Delpha Coalition of Planets and allies Edit

The DCP is not yet fully aware whether Tricarrion really did survive.

Return of the The Nanohorde Edit

Note that the main story of their return will be on the Nanohorde page.

The DCP was still reclaiming its territories, and rebuilding what was lost, when a white hole (the reverse of a black hole) appeared in the Milky Way. The White hole came from the universe in which the DCP trapped the Nanohorde machine planet in. Over time, the tiny nanobots evolved into a scary new form in the other reality. Unknown to the DCP and allies, the Nanohorde are about to strike! The White hole, was of course, caused by Tricarrion.

The new Nanohorde are more deadly than ever. Although they still follow their basic instincts to consume and replicate, thet have now evolved an intelligence, which is bad news for everyone else.

Appearence of strange anomalies Edit

Another nasty thing caused by Tricarrion is the sudden appearence of spatial anomalies. These include new black holes, wormholes, cosmic strings and topological defects, domain walls and other anomalies. There is now a rapidly expanding cloud of twisted spacetime near the Expansion Wedge. The DCP has sent a few space-time vessels to fix the anomalies, however, this is distracting the DCP from the Nanohorde.

Death to the Galactic Core Edit

Tricarrion is causing plague after plague, and by now, the DCP is finding a strange pattern. Some believe all this to be the Xhodocto, however these are strange tactics even for them.

Research stations monitoring the Galactic Core (a supermassive black hole) have found that mysterious radiation (as we know as Hawking radiation) that is slowly emitted by black holes has sped up by many orders of magnitude. The central black hole is beginning to glow. If it blows up, in millenia to come, the galaxy will fall apart. However, Dr.Kenders set off to meet Steve who stated that a dark force was causing this. Then, the it was belived that thos was the work of the Xhodocto, however, to the mind of Kenders, he knew it could only be Tricarrion. Bo Ramik set off to the core and managed block the dark energy. The radiation slowed back down to normal.

Stirring more trouble Edit

Tricarrion is sticking his fingers in many pies. He will pose as gods or leaders of various empires, all so they can be manipulated on the galactic scale. Tricarrion has stayed in leaque with the Xhodocto during the March of the Apocalypse, summoning his dark energy to cause trouble for the allies and the DCP. Tricarrion has another plan - he will pose as one of the gods of the Cognatus Alliance, so to stir more trouble with them in the Intergalactic War.

Liquid Ink's adventures - Finding Fahler series Edit

These cool adventures were created by Liquid Ink, please check them out on the Sporepedia!

The Warlord Tricarrion shortly after the DCP Civil War needed to learn the location of Fahler, as he believed it contained great power for him to use. But, he gathered some Lequians to track it down, however the DCP has now hidden its location. A Lequian spy had to travel from the Rambo Captital to the Caprica, and eventually Mirenton, where he found the files quite quickly with the help of contacts. To be continued.

Battle of Light and Dark Edit

The light and dark are both unstoppable forces of nature that cannot exist without the opposite. But the universe is becoming are progressively darker place over the eons, and will freeze as galaxies drift away from each other and stars cease to shine. But light will still exist, because one day, the kindling of light will form again in a different universe.

Bo Ramik's first encounter with Tricarrion Edit

Spore 2010-06-15 00-05-34

Bo Ramik defeats Tricarrion!

When Admiral Kilnok and Captain Ramcard were trapped in Xhodocto hell, Bo Ramik set off to save them, so he the portal, known as the gates of hell, alone. He knew that any armies he sent here would be slaughtered. Only the most powerful of psionic or ascended beings could enter and survive. When he entered there was a terrible black mist, scans revealed the choking smoke was charred flesh, from various victims. He landed his shuttle on a planet in hell, a cloaking bubble stopping his detection by scans or demons. He opened the shuttle door, only to be repulsed by the worst smells imaginable, a mixture of sewage, rotting flesh and others he could not identify. He carried on walking, but soon he was detected, and foul beasts and demons chased after him, however Bo Ramik disintergrated them with his great power. Next, he found himself in a hall of mirrors, but each one contains horrific creatures. A huge demon grabbed him, and threw him to the side, he fought the demon but couldn't injure it, eventually he found out that if he smashed the mirrors, the demon would get injured. After this realization he defeated it. Eventually he found Captain Ramcard and Admiral Kilnok, together they fought their way through armies of Xhodocto.

Meeting with Tricarrion

But finally, they met a surprise - Tricarrion. He blocked the path by turning into a giant electrical cloud. However, Bo Ramik condensed the cloud into a puddle of viscous liquid which stuck to the ground! Tricarrion was momentarily defeated. The heroes moved on. Finally off the planet, Bo Ramik piloted the shuttle back to the portal, but was chased by Xhodocto star destroyers. In the end, the Xhodocto gave in, because the captains were frightend and demoralised (although they are warriors, only fools don't have fear) and would return to sprad more fear amongst their peoples. But now, the Emperor's fears had been realised, Tricarrion really has ascended, and Bo Ramik has a new mission - to defeat him.

Order of the Shadows Edit

Spore 2010-06-14 19-18-26

Tricarrion descends from hell before his followers.

As the DCP seperatists went into hiding, they believed no one would find them. However, they were found, but luckily for them it was Tricarrion. The seperatists believed all the rogue warlords had perished at the hands of the Emperor and Kilnok. However, Tricarrion appeared to them. Now ascended, he started to direct his empire once more. Tricarrion learned that (like some evil ascended beings and races do), that if he was worshipped, he would become even more powerful. Right now, he was equal with Bo Ramik, but just a slight change in power and the tables will turn. So Tricarrion didn't just pose as a leader, but as a god. A religion started to form, known as the Order of the Shadows. Already, Tricarrion was becoming even more powerful, his next target was the Cognatus, if he posed as one of their gods, he could manipulate the Intergalactic War.

Second battle and the hunt Edit

By now, the War of Ages was finally over, and the Xhodocto and their many demons had been defeated. The Shka'Tun had iced over hell and the allies were leaving enmasse to their homes. As the DCP was returning, Bo Ramik was one of the last leave, because hwe could still sense an evil presence. He took some troops with him. Soon, the demonic energy was getting stronger and all of a sudden, Tricarrion appeared! He had not been dissolved and he incinerated the other troops before Bo Ramik could shield them. Bo Ramik stood in fighting pose ready to fire his energy to vanquish Tricarrion. Tricarrion, meanwhile, fired a burst of dark energy, which hit Bo Ramik with extreme force. Bo Ramik felt that Tricarrion was much more powerful than himself, and Bo Ramik could not win. Tricarrion laughed, and was about to finish Bo Ramik, hoiwever, Bo Ramik was able to escape.

But the question was, how had Tricarrion become so powerful? Then Bo Ramik guessed, if ascended beings are worshipped, they gain the power of their worshippers. And it was not long until Bo Ramik realised, that the seperatists who were still in league with Tricarrion, would be the ones who were. They would be the easiest to manipulate. The hunt was on!

Aid of the Krassio Edit

The problem was, Bo Ramik was not yet powerful enough to take on Tricarrion, the DCP was trying now to recover from the great wars and put an end to the Dark era. So, the DCP turned to their most powerful ally, the Krassio. The DCP knew, that they would not stand for a being with the knowledge of the Xhodocto. The Thorbil (Civatron) are known for their selfisness, and they replied "We are too busy, this Tricarrion, will be easily defeated. You are powerful enough to sort yourselves out", the Arlit (Khalinar) have not worked with the DCP much and did not reply (they are funny about strangers), the other Krassio were too busy. All but one, the Andrudan. They could not let this new demon emerge out of the ashes. The Andrudan fleet turned up in all its glory to group up with a DCP fleet. The Andrudans would help teach Bo Ramik how to become more powerful, and will aid the DCP in finding the Seperatists.

War for the light Edit

The DCP and Andrudan began their great hunt, searching Milky Way Galaxy, Tigris, Cyrannus and Quadrant galaxies for the Seperatists, little did they know, the MSP was hanging right above them in the Large Magellanic Cloud...

Their discovery was an accident, the Emperor had decided to bring on a new period of expansion, to break the terrible dark era. Several scout ships were sent to the satellite galaxies of Milky Way Galaxy, the DCP was to colonise them, so they could watch the galaxy from below. One of the ships, stumbled across a Mantisorac hive, and went to investigate, not realising the danger of the Mantisorac. They destroyed the scouting party. The DCP dispatched a small fleet to investigate. However, instead of finding Mantisorac, they found the Seperatists!

First battles Edit

It wasn't long before a large fleet of Andrudan and DCP gathered and sent an invasion force to the galaxy. The MSP had now a sizable portion of its own ships. At first, the allied fleet was pushing through the MSP's territory, however, the MSP had a surprise. Suddenly a fleet of Imperial and Vartekian ships jumped onto the DCP, the Andrudan predicted this would happen a little bit earlier and acted more quickly (precognation), however, the DCP and their ally were forced to retreat. When news of the MSP got to the council, there was much worry, the DCP was still unstable and quite vunerable in the Dark era. A desision was made, the DCP would keep this a secret war, for if this leaked, the fractured, demoralised peoples of the DCP might go to the MSP...

3rd KPA Edit

The Krassio forces helping the DCP in this confidential matters, mostly composed of Andrudans, were exhausted after the large conflict with the now passed Xhodocto, in which the Krassio Host held the enemy at bay while the rest of the allies entered the Necropolis.

The Forces of the Krassio in this conflict are called the 3rd KPA (Krassio protectorate's army), in charge of Andrudan Strategists and being mostly composed of them. After their first battle with the DCP's enemy, the KPA confirmed the participation of several major enterprises in both sides, this battle would hurt both sides, but the psionic warriors will stand with all their might, as their artistic war methods will once again will be shown with no exceptions.

Reconnaissance Edit

Having the responsibility with the DCP, Mayor Lagartoss took command of the 3rd KPA, yet knowing that mass fleets in search will be what the MSP will avoid just now, he travelled alone into the large Magellanic cloud, where he could locate several bases thanks to his ability of Void user. He arrived at a very strange rock floating in the dense cloud.

After landing on it, he discovered it had an atmosphere and breathable, yet contaminated oxygen like materials, there he confronted a large scale shipyard. Tons of ships were being built or being deployed into several key worlds. Lagartoss presumed his ship sensors were affected by the strange air of the planetoid, yet he suspected something more was hiding the shipyard from his psionic senses.

He used his stealth abilities as a psionic master, passing away vigilance, but another being was there, watching Lagartoss infiltrating the base. The Mayor discouraged in finding this evil foe who seemed to avoid him, and so he passed to stealing some archives about MSP fleets, key bases and worlds, and if so the location of the Warlord Tricarrion.

Suddenly, he was attacked by an unknown source, this attack intended to surpass mental defenses as well, yet it was way far from Lagartoss expertise, the Civatron recognized quickly the components of that attack: Demonic energy. With the Xhodocto gone, he could only assume the big fish was here, and so he turned to face his opponent, and there was Tricarrion.

The Warlord's appearance had changed since the last time they saw each other, more fearsome, and yet more corrupted than before.

"Spying already into your enemy Civatron?" laughed Tricarrion, Lagartoss assumed the Fallen Grimbolsaurian was his watcher in this whole search.

"What's that smell?" Lagartoss smiled, talking to the warlord's mind, "I sense demonic energies flowing all over you..."

How could this happen? Lagartoss though to himself, and he was true to doubt, the Xhodocto were defeated, without proper mastery, the energies of hell could consume any being, how he was still living with this power?

Without any more talking at all, Tricarrion vanished in ashes, Lagartoss looked as for instances the warlord's presence was gone, then reappeared, somewhere in the hangar.

From shadows, Tricarrion emerged with sword at hand, his blade was covered by cursed fire. Lagartoss raised his hand, and Tricarrion stopped forcefully, the contaminated air of the planetoid started to wave around these two.

"Our conflicts mean nothing and so you know it Warlord" Lagartoss said, holding his hand firm in the air, with Tricarrion just a few meters from him suspended in the air, trying to free himself or rather break Lagartoss shielding. "I must confess to you semi-demon, that you have become more powerful than our last encounter, where you ran from me after one blow" Tricarrion roared, his body was covering with fire by now, Lagartoss arm showed some veins, as the effort started to become greater, Lagartoss hand was wide open, and so he closed it, and the flames surrounding Tricarrion were gone, he released the warlord from the invisible oppression. "Yet Warlord, I'm not destined to see your might, so save it for your true foe" and with such words, Lagartoss disappeared in a green smoke rising from his feet, a teleport jump.

Lagartoss appeared right in front of his hidden ship, and after a moment, his gaze fell off, his feet betrayed him, and his arm was pumping like a flesh like heart.

Damn, I could barely suppress his power with a psionic struggle, yet he has become powerful indeed, he though, as he moved towards the ship and left the planetoid, the cloud and joined his fleet.

Siege on Hellion Edit

As a Krassio capital ship along with a small fleet of destroyer type cruisers arrived at planet Hellion in the Madara system, Hellion was a volcanic planet, where MSP intelligence bases were hidden, the Krassio was to take out the bases by bombing them from orbital distance, but again the rudimentary atmosphere covered by ashes made the bases impossible to targed from safe distance, in order to accomplish the bombing, specialist psionic masters were to land by themselves and select the targets for the spaceships computers, yet a problem arose from warp space.

A fleet bigger for short from the varketian empire arrived as a routine patrolling sector, discovering the Krassio operation, the Varketian captain in command of the fleet opened channels to the Krassio, in which the Andrudan commander revealed the fleet's intentions to bomb the bases, the Varketians commanded the Krassio to back off, but the Krassio could not fail on this mission, and so as a small space battle ensued on orbit of Hellion, Varketians deployed a defense force in the separatist bases on the planet, with this, the specialists of the Krassio could not target as easily, and will be probably hunted down, and so protection landed with them, various battalions descended into the surface of Hellion and protected the specialists from being killed by the Varketian military.

The Results of battle were flawless for the Varketian, they avoided the destruction of the bases, allowing the personnel of these to evacuate, yet the Varketian fleet suffered heavy casualties as consequence of resisting the charges of the Krassio attacks, the Varketian commander called for reinforcements to the nearest MSP, as they were trying to protect the transports, that was a big trouble.

After the transports jumped into warp, the Krassio withdrew from battle in a pursuit course to destroy the transports. The Varketians couldn't follow, as the losses of the fleet were heavy and reparations were needed before the next engagement. This again turned into a hunting, the MSP was for the moment, avoiding all the DCP and Krassio attempts of engagements. Yet this revealed completely the participation of the Varketian empire in this little conflict.

Ja'Dan Fleetfather, the leader of the Fordan Empire's fleet, heard of this narrow escape and immediately his ships phased-in to pursue the runaways. This was a mission not only in support of the Vartekians, but also to redeem their prey. Fleeing, even to pursue their opponents, was a stain on the honor of the Krassio, and the Fordans were to 'help them regain their honor.' In short, to kill them before they got word back to their superiors and allies.

Votarah's assaultEdit

Votarah and elite troopers

Votarah accompanied by a team of elite trooper discuss a plan.

The siege of Hellion was turning out to be quite successful. The Battalions had weakened however and the Fordan empires fleet would not be enough to hold back another krassio attack. Votarah pondered the coming events. He was accompanied by a squad of Elite vartekians code named Pizza delivery. They were on a cliff now overlooking a Vartekian battalion. Votarah turned to the leader of the team. "Your work was impressive in the intergalactic war. lets see how you do against the DCP and krassio. Your mission to locate the MSP once you have done that deliver this battalion to them. They can use it to shield there arm in a defense. Once you have completed that I want you to report back for your second objective."

The Trooper departed. They seemed to disappear completely into the night as if they were never there at all. Votarah knew very well that the battalion wouldn't be enough to shield the MSP. The army had another purpose. Votarah activated a holographic display screen. "Computer, connect with MSP channel. turn on transmission shielding." "BeeEEEeeoop!" A dark being appeared on the screen. "authorization code." "6-43-9852-rtz7" "Accepted, Id: Captain Votarah Umbria of the Vartekian empire" Suddenly the dark being lit up revealing an official looking grimblosaurian. "Greetings captain, what is this about?" "Your invasion force. make sure the soldiers you select for battalion 17682 are sick or weak." "May I ask why?" "No, also be sure to make sure that the battalion will be isolated..." "what are you planning Vartekian?" "BeeeEEEeeooop!, TRANSMISSION ENDED." The MSP officer sat back in his chair. "I don't like this... it's never a good thing when they shut the transmission down like that..."

Glassing Galour! Edit

The Defensive System's Bloc and the Iron Bloc both got drawn to the war. Both Blocs decided to help the way they do best, orbital bombardment. Moments before being glassed by the DSB, Urshion ordered the Iron Bloc the glass Jagleon IV. Moments before being glassed by the Iron Bloc, Jagleon IV ordered the DSB to glass Urshion.

Aid from Cyrannus Edit

As the Battle of the Capital System intensifies, the forces of the URC in Milky Way Galaxy could not come to the aid of the Twelve Colonies. And so, President Apollo ordered Governor Mornion, the leader of the URC's colonies in Milky Way Galaxy to aid the DCP anyway they can against Tricarrion, and his evil armies.

Unfortunately, the URC has been weakened in Milky Way Galaxy after the ongoing Cognatus crusades. However they will help to the best of their ability.

Two dark forces Edit

Shadow of Apocalypta Edit

Tricarrion has now allied but not joined (if he did that, the Xhodocto would not be pleased) with Apocalypta. The God of Apocalypta sent various demons for Tricarrion, who confused Bo Ramik and the Krassio. Tricarrion to a psionic, elemental or an ascended being is like a bright flame, and is easily found, but now, with all these new demons, he could not be located easily. In one battle, Bo Ramik thought he was fighting Tricarrion, but after killing what appeared to be Tricarrion, another Tricarrion appeared inside the dead one, it then morphed into a demon which vanished, leaving Bo Ramik startled.

Tricarrion next seeked out Warlord Hez'Kalka of the Cult of the Deathmarch, and revealed to the Cult how to break through Mirenton's defenses (they want to ressurect the Xhodocto by getting the sword). However, Tricarrion is now being pulled between two dark forces, the Xhodocto, and Apocalypta. Neither want him to join both, and mixing these energies could prove most dangerous.

The Descendent must come to a choice of who he swears alliegence to soon...

Attack on Mirenton Edit

Tricarrion actually revealed most of Mirenton's defenses to Hez'Kalka, which was crucial in the Battle of Mirenton. The Cult of the Deathmarch attacked every colony of Onuris, but also Mirenton. Hez'Kalka managed to steal the Ilambil Katarn. Because of this, Tricarrion was allowed to stay with both, as long as he did not mix the dark energies together.

Meanwhile, the demons of Apocalypta were causing mayhem to the DCP and allies forces. For the MSP appeared to be losing, but "gremlins" were appearing in allied ships causing havoc to their systems. This halted the allied advance.

Final Surrender and treaty Edit

After a couple of weeks of fighting, the MSP was getting slaughted. The DCP and their allies had far more ships. Now the Intergalactic War had finished, the URC and the DCP could give full attention. The allies "saturated" MSP space, drowning them with thousands of reinforcements. In fact, the MSP would have defeated much sooner of not for other distracting wars. Yet, despite being outnumbered and outgunned, they still carried DCP spirit and were fighting until the end. At the battle of the last world, the final portion of MSP forces didn't give in, and resulted in heavy losses for the allies. Despite their valliant stand, their planet was destroyed from the inside out by the DCP's hyperspace station, firing antimatter into its core using quantum tunneling. The Vartekians fought well, but even they succumbered to heavy losses.

After that, the MSP was forced into surrender. Everyone would be executed for going against the Emperor and the Council. But first, where was Tricarrion? Had he fled? No, he hadn't fled, he now had greater ambitions, in the Clash of the Gods! The DCP decided to let the MSP survive for now, using them to dig out information on Tricarrion. They were unwilling to help, but were forced by torture and mind manipulation. If they did help, there would be a treaty, and the DCP might let them survive in some way or another, limited to backwater planets. And so, the great struggle between the DCP and seperatists was over, but the War for the Light was not over yet, and Bo Ramik must continue in his battle against evil...

Clash of the Gods Edit

Meanwhile, in higher planes of existence, something else was stirring, something big was happening, involving the gods themselves. It is unknown what effect this will have on the sides of light and darkness...

Bo Ramik, has been collecting energy crystals, to enhance his powers, but knew that his battle will be coming soon, meanwhile, Tricarrion believes he is now powerful enough to take on Bo Ramik. Appearing in a dream, he told Bo Ramik where to meet him, the final battle, would occur on Nether plane...

Final Showdown Edit

So, Bo Ramik entered a sense of deep meditation, he did not inform anyone of the battle. He projected his body to Nether-plane, a metaphysical plane of existence. It wasn't long before he found the descended lord, who was a bright flame of evil, easily sensed by Bo Ramik. Tricarrion walked slowly towards him, so sure in his step, now a pure being of demonic energy, rithing with hatred and fear, breaking out of any physical form he had left. Bo Ramik, already shining with golden, celestial light stared him in the face. As Tricarrion walked, the distance between Bo Ramik and Tricarrion would fluctuate between being close and far.
"We have been in conflict for several years now, Bo Ramik. It has been keeping us busy, our paths in life closely connected, but now, one of ours will come to a close. But who'se will it be?"--Tricarrion
"You are too sure of yourself, I have defeated you before, and I will do once more!"--Bo Ramik
"You are weaker than I. When I have dispensed you, I will become a true god!"--Tricarrion.
"Yet you still have the power-hungry mentality of a mortal. We shall soon see who wins..."--Bo Ramik
The two engaged in a powerful duel, dealing with energies more powerful than any mortal could dream of. However, Tricarrion was getting the upper hand, he started to combine the demonic Xhodocto energy and Apocalypta's energy, creating a chaotic maelstrom of energy. This "chaos energy" overpowered Bo Ramik's elemental, celestial and psionic energies. After being thrown by Tricarrion, Bo Ramik found himself on the lower negative plane of the Nether-world. Had negative truly triumphed over positive?


As Tricarrion was about to deal the final blow, the negative energy that was being created overwhelmed him, suddenly all the negative energy that he had ever released, was reflected back at him, which overwhelmed his soul, until the very world around him became his own destruction. Weakened, Tricarrion had been struck down to Bo Ramik's level. And at that very moment, Bo Ramik released his final breath of energy. The positive and negative energies swirled into a vortex, until the two forces balanced each other out. Both of the physical forms of Bo Ramik and Tricarrion dissolved and merged into one balanced polar force - unity, as both beings were now vibrating on the same level of consciousness. Tricarrion and Bo Ramik ceased to exist physically in that monumentous moment, however, have now become one superforce.

Yin and Yang

The surprising twist of events. Their elemental energies combined like Yin/Yang, the other energies turned into a massive burst of shock energy, and they are now simply a spirit of balance, and may have joined a higher entity.

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