From the Dark, arises the Light, defender of knowledge, keeper of life, he who would stand against the night, will find strength through the will of Eternal Starlight.

- Annals of Valin'uvalyë, 1:233

The Light, known to the Oikoumene as Uvalyë, is one of two major aspects of the fundamental Valin'uvalyë energy which permeates the Cyrandia Cluster and beyond, closely associated with the Lord of Light Apolithanatár and the Aldárae Order he inspired.


Like the Darkness, the Light was once limited to the Oikoumene, and during the time prior to the Apotheosis, was used in defence of life in the universe by the noble Estëmentári against the dark machinations of the Mornûnendur. However, following Tyrómairon's first defeat and the apotheosis of the Oikoumene, the power of the Valin'uvalyë spread throughout the cosmos, becoming a pervasive and binding power existing wherever life could be found in the galaxy.

Du'utahrovin is a powerful advocate for the Light, and has guided countless generations of Aldárae throughout history.

Nevertheless, for eons, the two aspects of Valin'uvalyë remained relatively dormant in the galaxy, though the knights of the First Aldárae Order, brought together by the wisdom of Master Du'utahrovin, briefly provided a beacon of light during the dark ages of the First Republic from their holy world Aldár. With the mysterious fall of the Aldárae, however, the ancient knowledge and lore of the Light became lost to history once more.

With the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus following the Dark Lord's return, the Darkness of the Mornûnendúr threatened to overcome all Light in the galaxy, and was challenged only by the rise of the New Aldárae Order, which succeeded in restoring the power of Apolithanatár in the years prior to the Second Great Cyrannus War. In the galactic conflict, the galaxy became divided between the Darkness of the Empire and the Light of the Republic, and during the Great Battle of Orbispira in 20 NE, Tyrómairon was defeated, though Apolithanatár lost corporeality in his sacrifice to make it so.

Following the battle, which had resulted in the diminishing of the Oikoumene from the cosmos, the power of the Light permeated the once dark corners of the galaxy, ushering in a new era of harmony unseen since prior to the first rise of the Dark Lord.


Path of the Light[]

The Light is one of two primary aspects of Valin'uvalyë, a mysterious and omnipresent energy which gave life and form to the ancient Oikoumene, and subsequently permeated the Cyrandia Cluster following their apotheosis. In both Cyrannus and the Quadrants, where the power of the Light and Darkness is generally considered to be more potent, the use of either energy is often called "magic" by those not affiliated with either the Order of Light, the Aldárae or its dark counterpart, the Phaedra.

Aldár is considered holy to acolytes of the Light.

Among the Aldárae Order, the planet Aldár is considered to be the wellspring of all Light of the cosmos, and as such, is considered particularly sacred. Here, the followers of the Aldárae Order gather to strive achieve personal and spiritual harmony with the galaxy. By drawing on the power of the Light, the Aldárae Order proved instrumental in saving the Republic during the Second Great War, and continue to serve it in the decades of peace which followed.


In comparison to the destructive powers of the Darkness, the Light is primarily called upon in defence, though like its counterpart, much of the secrets of Uvalyë remain locked and unknown in texts of esoteric Oikoumene knowledge. Nevertheless, the path of the Light is universally compassionate and merciful, and while it can be used aggressively, its followers fight only to defend peace, resolve conflict and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

In comparison to the Darkness, the Light is fundamentally aligned to the elements, with experienced masters of the Light such as Ryen and Du'utahrovin being able to call upon fire and ice to defend themselves in battle. Others, such as Aoirtae Valaeris and Kara Inviá are proficient in telekinesis, while Cainak and Aenaró excel in rare and powerful abilities which can be used to inspire entire armies in battle.


  • The Light is primarily based on the Light Side of the Force from Star Wars.

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