In O3 NE the Primercer was given a set of annals that had been uncovered and partially-decoded by members of the Orothil'Tastran Hermitage. Knowing of the Oikoumene language ot its fullest, he was able to understand his writings, left deep in the archives of Fósepist Station there is no tellign what these annals may hold...

Entry 000[]

Tho those who read these records. be you one of the Oikoumene, an inheritor to their legacy or, one of my rivals, or an individual that has managed to decipher our language. If you are one of the younger species of the universe I congratulate you on your efforts for I understand it was not easy. I hope that inside these records are the answers you seek about me. Of my station, of what became of me and my legacy. But I will not spoil what these records contain, my earlier hints may be a lie. For decoding the initial language barrier is but the first step. But whoever you may be I suppose I should applaud you.

Entry 001[]

Unknown date

My dearest Angolmois. I tried my best to reassure her but she will not listen...She blames herself, she blames the Preimercer for not intervening. So many young nations collapse. But fate is a strange entity, always decieving. I wish I could reassure her and help her through but she has been like this for millennia. Perhaps I should give up on my endeavours? I endear her with all my heart, I long for the day she can smile again but nothing I can see has helped. Showing her the recordings of times gone by only swells her pain...What am I to do?

This is an ongoiong pattern, but the denizens of Cirith Beleg...How can I tell her that the collapse of the civilisation of the Rades was from their own folleys, from the wars they raged with the galaxy's other inhabitants. She treated them like her own flesh and blood. And now, from the folley of the young she mourns and it may be affecting her work.

Entry 002[]

c. 73,343,200 BNE

Word has reached the station of news from the core, the Patranois continue to challenge the council. It seems every week more and more of them no longer desire to be burdened by the hand of the Oikoumene. This information is anagolous to the adolescent phase of development in many animal and sapient species. In trying to find its place in society, a developing entity mey dispay rebellion, a desire for independance to act freely of its own free will. In numerous societies such revolutions often occur during a period where education, debate and rationality begin to become more prevalent within a society - these periods test monarchies and theocracies to breaking point - and some civilisations have an environmental revolution. Is this an extension of this theory? A new stage? Or is it simply the Patranois no longer desiring for us to be constantly watching over them. I suppose like children, they require guidance, and like with parent entities, the best solution is to respect the maturity or risk a schism in relations.

Entry 003[]

c. 73,343,199 BNE

My dearest Angolmois has decided to side with Antediluvianás. I will try not to let my judgement affect me. I have no interest in this conflict between him and the Primercer so long as my work is not endangered. I believe I have come to a conclusion...all empires have a limited lifespan. A species could evolve or develop but there is a point where empires cannot expand further or become realms to complacent to remain stable. I have run millions of simulations using our science networks and there are rare anomalies where a society remains fully integral. While a species that becomes expansive enough can effectively live on for the rest of eternity, developing and evolving, the empire itself may crumble and be reborn anew. The question remains...how long before our own sublime empire follows this pattern?

Entry 004[]

c. 162,600 BNE

Something compelling draws me to Cirith Beleg. The dust from the passing of Angolmois' own children has subsided, and now I find the galaxy teeming with renewed life. Perhaps...perhaps if I try again, in her memory, maybe she will one day come around? Maybe the promise of renewal might heal her mind?

One of these emergent lifeforms has drawn my attention however. A race of primitives on a planet orbiting a main-sequence star in the galaxy's inner cluster of stars. From early studies those on the northern continent appear barbaric, with many tribal clans raiding and pillaging in order to increase their own prosperity. But I do see civilisation attempting to form amongst these "savages". The mandate I followed so long ago discouraged direct intervention, and my own theories have told me that civilisation would always arise when given the proper stimuli. But I do see that glimmer of civility. They may be savages but they appear to take pride in the quality of the weapons they craft, and the history in their homes. Perhaps there is hope for them?

I have enclosed coordinates within this entry, to remind myself of these younglings. Despite their initial barbarity, perhaps they are capable of change? After all, I have seen so many species start out like how these younglings are now. Many of these other civilisations are now dust before my eyes, but they made leaps and bounds before the inevitable claimed them.

Entry 005[]

c. 162,500 BNE

I was right! Within their clans are philosophers. And if they have time to debate the nature of reality around them, then there is hope for further advancement. I am compelled to help, but would i be like my kin before? No, I will aid them but I will do my best not to interfere too much. The odd nudge here and there every few centuries should suffice, to keep them on the correct path.

Still, I do not wish to destroy this potential. A control group, yes! The Mother Galaxy is quiet, I can gather a few and return them to the Mother Galaxy for preservation. The question is, how far would either the control group or the natives go given time and the rare intervention?
I shall intervene once, twice perhaps in their development. They should not rely on me for their nurturing, as that would defeat the purpose of my project. Now, to decide on a catalyst to begin the project...

Entry 006[]

c. 162,450 BNE

My observations have found me one philosopher to nudge. He visits a region the natives refer to as "Lake Drak" in their native tongue. Wary of polluting their cultural development I made sure to approach him appearing as an elder of his own kind, and made sure to not make my true nature too apparent. I was indeed right to choose this philosopher, as he was eager to hear what I had t osay and was intrigued by the ideas I had suggested, eventually agreeing to discuss them further in his home where he could take notes.

I spent a total of twelve local rotations with him, leaving at the end of each evening, noting my progress with him and returning in the morning. I was prudent to record our conversations for future reference which I have attached to this entry. After laying the groundwork I bid him farewell and to good judgement on what he would decide to do with the information I offered him. Now I will see about observing, and seeing the direction that this species develops in.

Entry 007[]

c. 132,751 BNE

It would be redundant to detail how these "Draconis" fared in the path to escape the bounds of their mother world: Empires rose, fell, visionaries emerged, persecution, war, poverty, all are steps in that rocky trail that all developing species share as they pursue a desire to unite into one culture, one global civilisation. As expected my lessons spread and changed, new messengers replaced that whom I assigned and my lessons have evolved. The Draconis have taken a shine to adding their own lessons, phrases considered by philosiphers of the days. I occasionally nudge them with a little inspiration to keep them in the right direction but ultimately do not wish to direct how they take my words nor do I wish to foster a sense that their destiny is mine to decide.

The elderly man I assumed the form of in my time among them has been interpreted throughout the ages, but in several cases has been combined with a Gaia concept these beings called "the world's father". I did not wish for deification but a part of me is thankful that they see me as a parent to their very being. Despite this, many of them have come to understand the tome I left behind as a compilation of the words of the finest minds. And while some sects treat it as some visionary gospel of divinely-inspired genii, others continue to add to it. The tradition thankfully continued when their time for reason to eclipse superstition came upon them, while those that treated the tome as the irrefutable word of prophets retreat into the margins, constantly challenged as new visionaries contributed with value equal to or greater then the relevance of past sages. For the most part, my experiment has been a success.

Entry 008[]

c. 124,799 BNE

The next critical phase of their evolution is complete: The Draconis have established firm connections with a few non-Alcanti civilisations and while they were, for a time, merely allies, they have joined into a union. A "Draconid Impeium" they call it. I will not judge my childrens' decision on the best direction of social evolution; no political system works for every possible mind and it pleases me the Draconis have understood this. While their society adopted a monarchy with an oligarchy of their most successful broods, the Rapidox, as I understand them to be called, maintain a corporate coalition structure. These two societies co-founded this Imperium, with several Rapidox gaining sets in a legislative house of their government.

Entry 009[]

c. 105,420 BNE

I have been monitoring the Draconis aristocracy for a while and the most peculiar thing has happened. Recently an unrelated species of dinosaurids have begun appearing within the ranks of the Dracoid aristocracy. There was controversy at first but a year ago one of these dinosaurids, reported across the media by the name of "Idinalgo Kan'Sikorio" has argued that that he, as a "salpathus" (a title I understand is given to Non-draconids as a form of recognition and permission into the circles of nobles) earned the right to sit and work among the aristocracy of the Draconis as one of them. He argued against the idea that this position by blood goes against the other rather meritocratic values of the broader Draocnid culture. This last month his case was won, and he and his family was accepted as solan-rank aristocrats. The Imperial public has since begun calling them "Drak'onisi animiag" or "dwellers of lake Drak in spirit"

Entry 010[]

c. 105,115 BNE

Idinalgo's campaign did more than coin a new term. He has become one of thousands of alien families calling themselves Drak'onisi Animiag, some of them - curiously enough - gaining praetoral titles. The Imperium has come to love these new alien children but I will not intervene. This is too peculiar an evolution to rectify; A defining element of their culture that a correction of may only lead to damage.

But simply adopting the title is not all. For centuries I have seen Draconis and alien adopting genetic adaptations to further colonise the stars. "Pureblood" Draconis have become a minority in their own empire, their ranks now filled with offshoot groups, alien adopters and lately a few of the aliens have taken to cultural or even genetic affectations, assimilating themselves to become related by blood. This I never expected, but I would be narrow-minded to judge these aspirants as lessers. simply because I did not sculpt them. I did nothing to Draconid genetics, I only planted a seed and watched it grow with the occasional watering. I will not judge these aspirants, I will entertain them to be my children.

Entry 011[]

c. 102,521 BNE

The Vospus line had ended. The Imperium had collapsed into civil war but that is not what weighs heavily on my mind. The war that consumed the Imperium ended and the new "paragavatus" was an alien. Jasos Oskavarum was one of the dinosaurid species that first made the headlines millennia ago. And now he, born far from the lineage of my original Draconis, is of the highest office in their domain. For the Imperial citizenry it has come to generate a new meaning for what it is to be Draconis. The people are seeing it no longer as s species, but a mantle. New species continue to be assimilated as Draconis, to be a Dweller of Lake Drak is no longer requiring a blood lineage to the generations of pre-spaceflight Alcanti. To be a Dweller of Lkae Drak is to be a member of the highest echelons of society, to be a shaper of an empire.

What does this mean for my kin's efforts in the Mother Galaxy?

Entry 012[]


As the millenia pass, so too do the Draconis evolved. It is not enough now that non-Draconis take the seats of praetors or create royal lineages. But now these lineages change and twist. House Oskavarum has gone though thirty regents, and the past five regents have been of a different species to Janos Oskavarum. The original Draconis are fading into a minority not just in their empire, but among their mantle. Draconis are no longer a species, they are a mantle. A concept. An idea that if you shape the Imperium or come to given a hundred words, you and your family are Draconis. The genetic lineage of the original Draconis does live on in thee hybrids, but I will not delude myself into thinking these are not my children. They took up the mantle, they lead the Imperium and they preach of my and their scholar's teachings. In fact if I understand right, the messages of Idinalgo Kan'Sikorio on what it is to be Draconis have been included in my tome. Draconis are evolving into something that is beyond genetics, and I could not have expected it.

Entry 013[]


I now fully understand the plight of the Patronois. Despite all our wisdom and guidance, we kept them as inferiors. The mother galaxy was the domain of the Oikoumene. For eons we were its protectors and guiders and the patronois were envious. They must have felt their destiny, or their merit was not worth our time. Like adolescents they rebelled because they sought agency in their own lives. They wanted a chance to be leaders and our answer was to deprive them of our gifts, deprive them of any means of rebelling. They sought agency within their lives and like commanding parents both Tāi-romai'ronís and the Primercer - wherever they may be now - punished them. My peers tell me that in the time since the Primercer's impeachment the Mother Galaxy has been seeded with twelve "tribes" of being infused with the essence of the Oikoumene.

Millions of years of our wisdom and it is these... Draocnis who understand the power of the desire for agency. When these twelve tribes ascend...what will happen? Unless they learn from the Draconis, perhaps even if their intentions are pure of heart, the same mistake made by the Primercer might befall them. When it is believed a position can be reached it is aspired for, but if it is unreachable, those ho hold it are the target of contempt by their lessers.

Entry 014[]

c. 32,118 BNE

The Draocnis continue to expand and multiply, their empire has faced cataclysm, upheaval and the power of their own innovations yet still it rises from the ashes to rebuild and prosper. There have been multipel successive species of Draconis, who each have their time in the sun and yet despite many scores of thousands of years passing their monarchy continues to sit upon the throne. I finally understand...It seems that the idea set down so long ago has preserved the aristocracy and them onarchy. It has fostered the idea that even those newly admitted into the fold of the Imperium can one day rise ot join its Draconis. And there remain numerous success stories. To be a Draconis is to be a symbol of aspiration.

"Krius", "Patronois" they both meant the same thing: Inferior. Both were a way of fundamentally separating those who were not of the Oikoumene. It is madness, we were the protectors of life in the Mother Galaxy, nature does not believe in a divinely-ordained hierarchy. what right did we possess to make better judgments than those not blessed with the lifespan of eternity? Whatever right we were given, I wonder if it was undeserved now that the Draconis have enlightend me as to why our patronois rebelled as they did.


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