The Libertan Imperarchate was a fascistic, authoritarian regime native to the Cyrannica Galaxy of the Mirror Universe. Emerging from the Formation Wars in 1600 BHR, the victory of the Imperarchate over their alien rivals was seen as justification for ensuing regime of terror overseen by a series of ruthless Libertan monarchs, who established an empire built on the backs of alien slaves, and forged in the immolation of countless conquered worlds.

While the Imperarchate ceased to exist as a political entity after the formation of the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony, its legacy was celebrated, and ensuing Libertan emperors of the Hegenomy retained the royal titles originated by their forebears. The Hegemony, which came to span across much of known space, was largely considered to be a continuation of the Imperarchate as a result, though the royal family deigned to rule from the expansive space station Xonexi, rather than the sacred homeworld of Capricaerón, so as to avoid accusations of Cyrannican favouritism.

During the reign of Emperor Aedanius I Cretacea, the Hegemony was thrown into disarray when an unknown enemy invaded from beyond the reaches of known space, severing the ancient links between the Hegemony's galactic holdings and marking a new era in Gigaquadrantic politics. Isolated in Cyrannica, Aedanius officially dissolved the Hegemony and refounded the Imperarchate, intent on defeating the alien malice and restoring Libertan supremacy over the cosmos. However, unable to contain the sheer magnitude of the threat, the Imperarchate soon ceased to be, counted among the innumerable victims of the Black Sickness.


Early HistoryEdit

Two millennia prior to the establishment of the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony, the Libertan tribes of the Twelve Worlds united under the leadership of the ruthless Emperor Aretenus, who, upon personally laying the Capricaerónian flag on the ashes of the Virgon capital, declared the union of the Twelve Worlds and the inauguration of a new era dictated by the Libertan people. Over the course of the next several centuries, the Imperarchate spread from the Core Worlds, conquering and enslaving each species they encountered.

By the turn of the millennia, the Imperarchate encountered their greatest foe to date, in the form of the fierce warrior tribes of Moreuse, which had united the Mortalitas with numerous species from across the northern galactic region, each united against the seemingly unstoppable Libertan juggernaut. The ensuing war ended in a humiliating defeat for the Mortalitas, who, along with their allies, were enslaved and put to work in building a vast galactic infrastructure intended to bring the glory of the Libertus to each corner of Cyrannica. Prideful at the defeat of the galaxy's greatest warriors, Emperor Valigon took the title Dominus Mortalitasi, and in a final display of power, bombarded Moresue from orbit, boiling away the planet's once pristine seas and ensuring that the Mortalitas knew the price of defiance.


The Cyrannica-Quadrantia Hegemony is created after a brief war.

The ever-expanding desire of the Libertan Imperarchate to control known space brought them into conflict with the Neraida Gigamatrix, mechanical slaves created by a nameless race annihilated by the Libertus during their conquest of the Mid Rim. After a long war, the Neraida were almost wiped out, with a small band escaping Cyrannica; never to return. Eventually, the Libertus expanded outside their galaxy and made contact with the Serindian Empire of neighbouring Quadrantia. The expansive nature of both resulted in a brief, but bloody war between the two species, which ultimately resulted in a near-victory for the Libertus. Rather than enslave the Serindia, however, Emperor Daeor the Concilator forged an alliance known as the Cyrannica-Quadrantia Hegemony, from which the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony was eventually born. Thus, the Imperarchate was officially dissolved, though its traditions lived on in the Hegemony's ruthless line of Libertan emperors.


Countless millennia later, the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony ruled as the undisputed power in the cosmos, secure after long centuries of peace, prosperity and resilience against flair-ups of rebellion. Born from a dynastic dispute between House Cretacea and the ruling House Blané, Emperor Aedanius I Cretacea promised a new era of strength and expansion, branching out into regions of space untouched by the Hegemony, and initiating a plot to expand into other new realities. However, twenty years into his reign, a calamity struck the outer regions of Hegemony Space. Entire sectors fell silent as a virulent plague spread, seemingly killing trillions, though the reality was far worse.


A Libertan fleet is spotted rallying in the Prime Universe by Majestic.

The Hegemony, confident in its invincibility, had fallen victim to the capricious whims of a nefarious threat from beyond—the Black Sickness. Fragmentary reports reached Aedanius' ears that the aliens did not conquer, but infected, with an apparently sentient virus. Within a year, the Hegemony had all but collapsed. Regions which had not fallen to the Sickness were quickly consumed by fear and chaos, while rebels rose in the very heart of Cyrannica. Fearful of this insurmountable threat, Aedanius consolidated his power by essentially cutting himself off from the galaxies conquered by his forebears, dissolving the Hegemony and restoring the Libertan Imperachate.

Faced with a massive internal rebellion, Aedanius sent fleets into recently discovered rifts to the Prime Universe, where they took up residence in the Quadrant Galaxies, under the command of the Emperor's father, Superintendant Willelmus Cretacea. Prideful to a fault, however, Aedanius refused to join them, and focused his efforts on defeating the rebellion and preparing for the Sickness to come.


Crack in the Mirror 08

The Xeranbha saucer arrives at Coruaan, portending the final collapse of the Imperarchate.

These efforts were ultimately doomed to failure. During an incursion by the prime universe vessel Aeolus, commanded by Admiral Helo Roslia, a Xeranbha saucer arrived in orbit over Coruaan, and subjugated the planet. During the incident, Emperor Aedanius, who had been kidnapped by Roslia and the Aldárae knight Aoirtae Valaeris, was the sole survivor, fleeing to the prime universe aboard the Valiant-class Star Destroyer Terroriser. While the Mirror Universe itself subsequently fell to the Xeranbha, the final remnants of the Imperarchate, the fleets of Superintendant Cretacea linger still in the Quadrants, while Aedanius himself was remanded in Republic custody.



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