Lady Liandra is a powerful Sinleri mage, one of the Sinleri who remained within the Quadrant Galaxies and did not follow the rest of her kin to another dimension. Instead she and those that followed her settled down in their ancient homecity of Imloris, at the mystical and magical planet of Ramalivua within Quadrant 82, in the Unclaimed Territories.

Upon the return of her kin and her prince, Kael’Thalas Bloodwing, she pledged her support to the Bloodwing dynasty once again and joined the Hutter Kingdom. She is among one of the most powerful and ancient beings still alive within the Quadrant Galaxies, as she saw the coming and going of many powerful empires and events.

During the early stage of the Tertius Bellum, Liandra was send to conquer Ramar Shadda though was unable to keep the planet for long, after she was defeated by Rambo Serindia Empress, Ramashe herself.


Liandra is born in 138.042 BQF at Imloris, an ancient settlement found at Ramalivua. Born in a time at height of the Sinleri rule, she was tutored by the Aininyë themselves as they still live in harmony at that time. Years later, around 120.000 BQF, the Sinleri seperated themselves from the Aininyë (the later Atlantica) and left for another dimension and world.

The Kingdom is formed under Kael’Thalas Bloodwing, witnessed and supported by Lady Liandra of Ramalivua; the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel warlord Anjulius Gaitonius; Hutter general Hut'Pmec and the demonic entity Liloth and the orc warlord Bolgrash Bloodhammer

Liandra, a powerful and wise mage already at that time refused to leave Ramalivua, refused to join her kin and remained with a large number of her Sinleri citizens at Ramalivua, where they lived in harmony with the rest of the world. Over the countless years, she and her kin became addicted to the arcane energies due to their practices and recieved a continues hunger for it. Liandra became the Lady of Imloris and the ruler over the Sinleri at Ramalivua, she led her people through the conflicts that plagued Ramalivua, she allowed them to survive the rise and fall of the Creckel kingdom of Creckabad, the orcs wars and the rise of the Tirithian Kingdom.

In conversation with the Bloodwing Prince himself!

Due to her policy of secrecy and seclusion, many at Ramalivua believed the Sinleri were myths of ancient and forgotten times, though that all changed in 07 AQF when Liandra and her people pledged their support to the just returned Kael’Thalas Bloodwing, Prince of Sinleri Kin and the now ruler over the Hutter Kingdom. Lady Liandra became one of his councillors and she and her people began adjusting their lives to live together with the other members of the Kingdom in harmony.

During the first month of 08 AQF, at the 23th of january Liandra was dispatched by Prince Bloodwing himself to besiege and conquer the Rambo Nation planet, Ramar Shadda.

Ramannis, Ramashe vs Liandra!

Seat of House Le Rambo and ruled by Ramannis Le Rambo, uncle of Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation. With aid of Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel soldiers, she managed to suprise the guards at Ramar Shadda and conquered the planet with ease. During the initial attack she faced Ramannis himself though easily overwhelmed him with her magic powers and send him to the dungeons. At the 27th of january, the Rambo forces arrived at the fortress bastion and seat of House Le Rambo, Liandra send her warriors to mann the walls and fire from above, using the citizens of the city as a living shield as they were imprisoned within the higher walls. It turned out in vain, a small platoon led by Ramashe herself managed to infiltrate fortress and free Ramannis and his guards. Surrounded Liandra faced Ramannis and Ramashe in personal combat, it seemed she was about to overwhelm Ramashe with her stronger weapons, but a distraction and the fist of Ramannis ended her struggle. Taken captive Liandra awaited her judgement and fate.

Personality and Traits[]

Lady Liandra is a wise and cunning individual, ancient in live and wise beyond many their knowledge, she witnessed the dissapearance of the Atlantica and saw the birth of many great empires to be. Leading her people in harmony and seclusion, she prevented war upon them, though is distrustful of any kind of orcs and sees humanoids as lesser beings, though has some respect for the Serindia birds as they are the Crusaders of the Stars.

Liandra claims to be tutored by the powerful Atlantica Quetzamet himself and hopes to unleash the Tormentor from his slumber so she can harvest his great energies and powers for herself, making her motives to join the Hutter Kingdom shady and dark.

She is a powerful mage, capable of summoning powerful spells and elemental energies, both dark and light she is said to be able to create powerful illusions as well, capable of telepathic communication over large distances. She wears a decorated Sinleri armor of red and yellow, with a hat indicating her mage status. She wields a large staff to channel her powers.



Blue face.pngI pledge my loyalty and friendship to them!


Orange face.pngStill my hunger with thee energies!

  • Hut'Pmec - I will tolerate this insect at my Lord's command, not any longer
  • Liloth - Seducer and demon of the Chaos World, begone!
  • Ramannis Le Rambo - a joke for a Serindia noble!
  • Ramashe - next time you shall be in pain my dear!



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