The Li are a bird-like species originating from a cold planet attracted by a black hole named Roughan, the Li are known in the Bor'iel Galaxy for making the first contact with an interdimensional empire: the The Host. They are an abnormal psionic species similar to the Civatrons in their passion for combat and war. They later inherited the leadership of the Krassion in the Host and became its new dominant species.


The Li had barely 26 colonies when the Host arrived to the 66501 Universe at Bor'iel Galaxy, the massive population of the Krassio suddenly landed on several of their colonies. The Li had the first contact with the Host. Establishing the foundation of a new empire that will open its doors not only to Krassio, but to species that wished to learn psionic energy.

The Li were fascinated (as a warrior race) with the Civatron practices in war, they were intrigued with their discipline in the arts of psionic energy and physical combat. Thus they enhanced their psionic capabilities and became the first non-Krassio member of the Host that became a powerful psionic race. Their contact with the Krassio followed the Li Combine, representing the Host military influence in the Bo'riel and 66501 areas.

After the Annihilation, the Li took the Krassio spot as the dominant and leading race of the Host, at first having troubles consolidating their rule and barely escaping destruction at the hands of the Xhodocto, they managed to seize control after contacting the Xol'Etra and acquiring new power through the power of the Psionic Lords.

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