Science exists so that the greatest and most brilliant may take advantage of it. Sure, we are willing to consider the other inhabitants of this universe great enough to take that advantage. But in a universe of greats, there must be one that rises above them all, one to be better than the rest, like no one ever was. That is us.

- Nikola Dresden, longtime Admiral of the Sky Sword Navy

The Levisala Confederacy (frequently referred to as simply The Levisala or metonymically Mormea) is a powerful authoritarian empire that dominates the Mormea and Corwell Sectors of the Bunsen Galaxy. They are known as a highly imperialistic, militaristic civilization, obtaining much of their current expanse through subordination and conquest of neighbors. However, they are also a highly scientific, intellectual people, demonstrating a strong affinity for science and the arts. The Levisala's deadly combination of military prowess and cutting-edge technology has kept them at the forefront of development and expansion throughout recent galactic history.

Proclaimed in 291 SY (2399 AD in the Terran calendar), the Confederacy was formed in order to allow more efficient organization and administration of conquered territories for the Levisala Empire and her allies. Already having considerable power in Mormea from the Levisala conquests of 191 PSY onward, the Confederacy quickly subjugated the declining Alandra-Mechantropa Republic to become the dominant local power. The Confederacy quickly expanded down the Roswell Arm into the Corwell Sector, and entered the early New Powers Era as one of the strongest of the galactic powers, able to compete with both the TIAF and the Bunsen Grox. While they held a significant amount of galactic influence then, the Confederacy soon faced peril as its rivalry with the TIAF developed into enmity, leading to two of the largest galactic wars in Bunsen, both of which ended in defeat for the Levisala.

Today, the Levisala are something of a galactic pariah state, isolated by their bitter grudge with the TIAF, but have nevertheless rebounded from the devastation of the two wars and have reclaimed a semblance of legitimacy as a galactic power. The Levisala now seek to rekindle soured relationships with the other galactic powers while also subverting TIAF influence in the galaxy, perhaps in order to build towards a new Levisala renaissance.

Member Species[]

Unlike the other four powers of the Galaxy, the Levisala do not typically invite other smaller empires to join them, preferring to either intimidate them into becoming a client state or outright conquering them. Client states are essentially territories of the Confederacy, contributing much of their resources to the central empires of the Confederacy. Some members, mostly older Mormean empires which allied the Levisala early on, have the fortune of being considered partner states, which, while serving the same purpose as client states, have significantly higher standing in Levisala society.

  • Levisala Empire (founder) - The original founder of the Confederacy, the Levisala are by far the largest and most dominant member of the Confederacy, leading much of the conquests of the Confederacy and in turn gaining the spoils.
  • Jonesian Kingdom (partner state) - An early neighbor of the growing Confederacy, the Jonesians proposed a military alliance with the early Confederacy, and later agreed to status as a partner state.
  • Skelewalker Remnant (partner state) - The few remaining political structures of the Skelewalker Empire, whom the Levisala revived for the First Bunsen War. In return for allowing them to survive, the Confederacy was forced to agree to severely restrict the Remnant's growth.
  • Cyclosaur Republic (partner state) - An authoritarian republic that partnered with the Confederacy during the Colkis Spur War, forming the backbone of the Confederacy's early expansion into Issamagea and today still acting as a vital state in Issamagea.
  • Alandra-Mechantropa Republic (client state) - A large empire subject to the Levisala, the Alandra-Mechantropa were converted into a client state after brutal wars between them and the Levisala that preceded the Confederacy. Despite their subjugated status, Alandra and Mechantropa are well-respected across the empire, contributing to Levisala science and culture. They have adjusted to and even embraced their status over time despite numerous attempts by other nations to convince them to break free.
  • Corvaran Halidom (client state) - Originally a protectorate of the Alandra-Mechantropa, the Corvarans are a highly religious and cultural people whose fairly long history of abuse from neighboring powers gives them a strong sense of nationalism. The Corvaran have typically been one of the more rebellious peoples of the Confederacy, though in recent times it appears that the Levisala have managed to channel Corvaran nationalism into Confederate patriotism.
  • Kar'Dev Halidom (client state) - Formerly a significant local power in Corwell, the Kar'Dev are now a small but strategically important state in the Colkis Spur of the Corwell Sector, forming the southern border of the Issamagea and Corchea Territories. The Kar'Dev serve as one of the main access points for trade heading for the Confederacy as well as a base from which the Levisala deter TIAF or BGR colonization of Corwell.


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Officially, the Levisala Confederacy is a constitutional confederate monarchy. The Lord-Emperor, the ultimate Emperor of the Levisala, holds the title of monarch in the Confederacy, and below him is the Council of Lords, who essentially make up his parliament. The Lords are drawn from across the empire in order to represent different regions or client states of the Confederacy. Client states can choose their own methods of electing their Lord, but for the most part the Lords are democratically elected. Unlike many typical monarchies, the title of Lord-Emperor is not hereditary, and when a Lord-Emperor dies or abdicates, the Council elects a new one from a pool of its Lords.

Behind this, however, the Levisala Confederacy is in essence an authoritarian oligarchy. Many of the seats on the Council of Lords represent Levisala regions, and are thus filled by Levisala representatives. There is also an unspoken norm that the pool of candidates for Lord-Emperor are always exclusively Levisala Lords. This gives the Levisala complete control over the direction of the Confederacy despite what one might initially believe from the representation of other states in the Confederacy. Even so, Levisala Lords have a strong tendency to influence elections in other states in order to seat a Lord that will be favorable to the Confederacy's current direction. While the Levisala leaders may not always agree with each other, they are united in the Levisala drive for dominance along with their own aspirations for increased influence in the galaxy.

In terms of social policy, the government focuses a lot on defense, science, and social control. Levisala culture has always been fueled by a desire to learn more, and the government actively encourages public education and research endeavors. Of course, with knowledge comes the risk of intellectual uprising. While this is not a particular concern in older members of the Confederacy such as the Levisala themselves and the Alandra-Mechantropa, the Confederacy does sometimes resort to social conditioning in newer or more autonomous member states to ingrain unwavering loyalty to the Confederacy in the citizens' minds and prevent rebellion against the Confederacy's harsher methods.



Green face.pngTogether, we shall achieve glory and honor!


Blue face.pngYour continued support is of great value to us.


Yellow face.pngWhat have you to offer to the Levisala?


Orange face.pngWe politely ask you to stay out of our way, lest we trample you.

  • Bunsen Grox Republic - We are much more alike than you would like to admit. At some point, you'll embrace it, even.
  • Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation - Sit upon your throne as long as you like. It will be much easier for us to hit a stationary target.
  • France - Do not shove your big Terran noses where they don't belong, or you will have the whole galaxy to answer to.


Red face.pngYour planets shall become star-stuff, soon.

  • Eldarisian Empire - There's only enough room in this galaxy for one annoying intergalactic imperialist. Might as well prune the weakest one first.


  • CaptainTybusen's original concept for the Levisala was "dishonorable knights" since the Levisala were Knights in CaptainTybusen's Spore game, but they have since become more of aggressive scientific warriors with inspiration from Japan, China, and Russia.
  • Of the five modern Bunsen powers, the Levisala were the third to be conceived, being introduced as the antagonists for the original First Bunsen War.
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