Enlightened. That is the name given to their dominion in the Undertongue. Ironic that such a name would be given to such darkness. As ironic as it was that such darkness should be born from those most dedicated enemies of the Void that preceded it.

- Mala Aurorum

The Adravaelic Empire, better known as The Legion of Shiarchon, (Dark Elvish: Aṃverôm Adrávǽliisǣvarasís - Adravaelic Empire, Undertongue: Verkannen aett Siarkon - Legion of the Enlightened), are an ancient civilisation that was birthed from the destruction of the Imperium of the Orichalcum Elves. They are one of the most feared and powerful civilisations on Koldenwelt, and are wholeheartedly dedicated to the resurrection of their god, Caligaduro Provectus.

History Edit

The Imperium of the Orichalcum Elves fell by the cause of numerous factors. Following the defeat of Caligaduro Provectus and his entrapment under the Archipelago, the last ruler of their empire, Matthais Castus Laurentius Julianus, also fell into a state of disarray. As the Imperium of the Orichalcum Elves converted their religion from the Colossi to a monotheistic belief in Caligaduro Provectus as their god of destruction, all manner of Deiwos under their rule began to defect from the empire and form their own factions, even some Orichalcum Elves themselves turned away from their ruler. Those who remained firm to the belief that Julianus was still a strong Emperor were eventually twisted by the dark influence that Caligaduro's magic had. Because of that, the Orichalcum Elves became deformed as their bodies no longer contained the the Source; but becoming vessels of the magic native to the Void. Other reasons, from the Orichalcum Elves becoming twisted, was that the resulting imprisonment of Caligaduro Provectus resulted in a cataclysmic flood that swept the entire south of Koldenwelt, washing away and destroying a vast majority of the empire that was expanded across the south. Their territories were destroyed and in effect, the Orichalcum Elves retreated back into the Southern Mountains from which they originated from. Following their physical conversion, the remainder migrated from the Southern Mountains in to the volcanic deserts of Abyssus, where they discarded their name and took on the moniker 'Shiarchon', a mutation of the Undertongue word for 'Enlightened'.

Approximately two thousand years onwards, the Legion of Shiarchon became a superpower under the supervision of their new ruler, Imperator Kalarah - transforming the aristocratic society that the Shiarchon once lived in, into a unified empire. Kalarah oversaw the construction of the Sanguisgladiiadcaelum, which eventually lead to the construction of the citadel surrounding it. Necromancers of sorts, as well as other sorcerers attuned to Caligaduro's magic reactivated the fortress known as Osdaemonis - the original fortress of Caligaduro Provectus' ancient followers. From that, the dark powers of the Void deformed the skies over Abyssus, making it a nexus for dark magic. The Legion of Shiarchon revived the religion in Caligaduro Provectus, building vast temples, shrines and statues in his honour.

Following the construction of their empire, Kalarah lead numerous expeditions across Koldenwelt; to map the far north, of which the reaches of the Orichalcum Elves never spread to. Through his travels, he acquired shards of the dark artefact known as the Gladiitenebris, originally wielded by Caligaduro's former servants. He sought to rebuild numerous shrines accredited to Caligaduro Provectus, as well as expand their influence by seeking trade partnerships with numerous factions. Under this time, Kalarah eventually built alliances with the Khorloron, the Derevar Elves and even scores of Deiwos who turned to the will of the Shiarchon. He also manifested his mount, Penumbra in an expedition to the Forgotten Lands, but eventually retreated as Caligaduro's influence proved far too powerful. During that time, he also established relations with the Nightshade Clan. Kalarah was eventually viewed as semi-divine by those he ruled over. Following these alliances with dark powers, other powerful civilisations feared that the Shiarchon would sweep the land clean of their enemies.

After five thousand years, the Shiarchon eventually waged war on the rest of Koldenwelt, in the War for the Eye. The combined efforts of the Shiarchon's enemies drove the Shiarchon back into Abyssus, greatly weakening their numbers. No one heard of the Shiarchon for over three decades, before the Shiarchon began to stir again. Kalarah eventually began to lead new expeditions to the Forgotten Lands again in an attempt to acquire one of the Gladiitenebris shards, but was eventually denied by a team lead by Kinmorunddraver World-Walker, an ancient enemy of his. Following Kalarah's actions in the Forgotten Lands, he severed ties with the Nightshade Clan. Some say that Caligaduro Provectus has awakened from a millennia-long slumber, and that the Shiarchon are re-amassing with forces far more powerful than before in order to release him from his imprisonment.

Society Edit

There are misconceptions as to how Shiarchon society is perceived. Rather uncharacteristically, Shiarchon have a structured, civilised society that resembles an aristocratic society, seemingly headed by Patriarch Kalarah. There are numerous levels of society which Shiarchon and other races coexist within, but in the most general sense, Shiarchon head every other race within the Legion. Within their own race, Shiarchon society is patriarchal.

Hierarchy Edit


Shiarchon societal hierarchy

In order to maintain a stasis within the society of the Legion, the Shiarchon are considered to be the only truly 'free' civilians of the Abyssus region. Those who are not Shiarchon but adhere to their society are treated lower than the Shiarchon race, but not despairingly so.

Low Hierarchy Edit


Those who have accepted the Shiarchon's control over them are called 'adherents' in Shiarchon society. The Shiarchon control numerous forms of their society such as tax control, food rationing, and religious power in exchange for total security from the Shiarchon's militia. Whilst considered safe within the Shiarchon's territories, they can and have been treated lesser than that of what the Shiarchon treat each other, often for a reason. They live far outside of the Shiarchon's cities, often in rather large settlements built by themselves with the Shiarchon's assistance.


When the Shiarchon do not execute criminals in their society, they are imprisoned. Often, prisoners are sent to confinement but their punishments may be carried out as hard labour, or in rarer cases, sent to a labyrinthine structure of which is populated with numerous creatures and adherents who attempt to keep the prisoners in. Those who escape are branded with sigil markings as a sign of acceptance back into society, and those who re-offend and who are found with these markings are then executed.


Treated almost like common animals, slaves are given the most basic of necessities to survive. The Shiarchon realise that a slave force is rather efficient in the basis of expanding their empire, and often employ slaves to construct buildings and give them the tools to fabricate arms for their militia. However, they are given often extremely dangerous tasks, such as herding the wildlife of Abyssus, who have been deformed similarly to the Shiarchon themselves.

Civil Hierarchy Edit


In Shiarchon society, females are treated with the aspect that their importance to breed, and maintain society in a civil manner is more important than their ability to fight in a war. Therefore, they are rarely seen outside the walls of Abyssus. Some have broken the general societal rule, however and are militant commanders such as Praetors. The general female rule are tasked with keeping society running, and therefore are held in respect by the male population.


Whilst the majority of the merchant population are in fact adherents, they are treated in society as among the general population of Shiarchon for their ability to increase the flow of trade. Highly respected merchants in Shiarchon society are often lead out of Abyssus' territories to barter with those who are in deals with the Shiarchon for their material wealth. Within Abyssus, merchants are responsible for the distribution of every basic necessity and beyond that the Shiarchon and those below them need to live on.


Similarly to the merchants, most farmers are not Shiarchon. Whilst often supervised by the Shiarchon, farmers are flexible in the manner that they must harvest for the needs of the Shiarchon's diet, and then the diet of those who follow the Shiarchon. Since the Shiarchon eat raw meat, and often require the consumption of blood in place of water, farmers harvest the wildlife there that exists in surprising abundance. Since the volcanic plains of Abyssus are also surprisingly fertile, omnivorous life in Abyssus are able to harvest plants from numerous plantations. Due to them being a fair distance from the main cities of Abyssus, plantations are under continuous surveillance by external forces.


In order to maintain simplicity, the Shiarchon militia is divided into two ranks; the Bellator rank who serve as a footsoldier among other numerous trained purposes as a Shiarchon warrior, and a Legatus who command a sum of the Shiarchon militia. Composed of primarily males, the Shiarchon warriors are viewed as beings who serve a divine purpose and therefore are important in Shiarchon society.


Those who are well attuned to the magic of Caligaduro Provectus often follow the schools of his darkness - Priests are often lead out into battle under the rank of Sacerdomortum, necromancers, who have the power to influence life and resurrect the recently deceased. Higher ranks of priests known only as Prophets remain in Abyssus territory to quite possibly maintain Caligaduro's influence in Abyssus territory.

Family Heads

Family Heads are tasked with the political maintenance of Shiarchon society. As many as six hundred house a chamber where they, and the Patriarch often sit to discuss matters concerning every aspect that Shiarchon society has. They are said to commune fairly frequently to keep a balance within Abyssus. A higher rank of family heads known as the Senex are those who were granted a high manner of respect among the Shiarchon by the Patriarch, most usually former Praetors or other Royal Servants, whose words are often taken for as the most exalted.

Royal Hierarchy Edit


Excubitors are warriors given the purpose to guard the populace of the Shiarchon, as well as guard the Patriarch and the walls of Abyssus themselves. They are the closest equivalent to a policing force in Shiarchon society and are viewed as the most intimidating and powerful warriors the Shiarchon have in a multitude. Given a featureless helmet, Excubitors are granted anonymity by the Patriarch as their existence is viewed as beyond important. Their appearance outside of Abyssus is rare, and an ominous sign.


The most dedicated Excubitors are elevated to the rank of Ambroscus. These warriors are viewed as the most hardy warriors the Shiarchon have; discarding their cuirass and keeping a divine silence. They are seen as anonymous, and have an extreme altruism to the protection of and dedication to Caligaduro Provectus, and are sometimes seen as the most powerful warriors on the entire planet.


Praetors are considered to be warriors given the divine purpose of guarding the Patriarch himself, and are those who command the Legatus ranks of the militia. Praetors are equipped with seemingly unbreakable armour, and if not for the Ambroscus rank are considered unkillable by most standards of weaponry in modern civilisation. They are often family heads.


The Imperator is the vessel of Caligaduro Provectus and his divine laws; viewed as a demigod by the Shiarchon, the Imperator, or Patriarch has supreme control of the Legion and all of its actions. Advised by the family heads to bring about a balanced decision, the Imperator has a duty to keep society and militia in balance.

Culture Edit

Regarding the societal hierarchies, Shiarchon culture is somewhat diverse as opposed to what misconceptions there are from the rest of Koldenwelt.

Clothing Edit


Praetor Valentinianus and Imperator Kalarah are well known for their intimidating suits of armour

Whilst the Shiarchon are rather fond of their armour, in civil terms, male Shiarchon wear rather ornate tunics, often decorated with stained glass, jewels and in rarer cases bone. This is often accompanied by wearing long sheets of fabrics which are wrapped around the body (similar in fashion to a toga), and is often a coarse material dyed either red or black. It is often pinned with a cast emblem of the Shiarchon legion; most usually pinned on their left side close to their shoulder. Females wear similar clothing but their fabrics are often cut shorter. Since females are able to grow hair, it is sometimes braided and kept so with Shiarchon jewellery, that is, dark-coloured variants of Orichalcum Elf jewellery. Since male Shiarchon feet are somewhat draconic, they do not wear footwear as opposed to females who have Deiwos-like feet.

Foods Edit

Shiarchon are primarily carnivorous. Due to their physical corruption from the magic of Caligaduro Provectus, their diet has become limited to that of meat, and their only seemingly healthy manner of drink is that of blood. Harvesting such ingredients is rather simple for the farmers who work for the Shiarchon; it often means cultivating wildlife for the population. Occasionally wildlife is brought in from the outside of Abyssus.

For those who live with a different diet, food is often brought in from outside of Abyssus in place of foods that cannot be grown on its surface. However, unique volcanic vegetation, rich in nutrients has been grown in Abyssus' territories and therefore are distributed in wide supply for the masses as staple food. Occasionally, food harvested for the Shiarchon become food harvested for the non-Shiarchon populace.

Language Edit

The main language of the Shiarchon is Dark Elvish, an originally liturgical language used by the Orichalcum Elves in the last years of their empire. The language soon became universal use after their migration to Abyssus, which they continue to speak today. Dark Elvish derives from Old Tongue and Chaosphere Tongue, giving the language a strange sound. The language also uses Void Script, adopted from Chaosphere Tongue's writing system. The Legion of Shiarchon are also proficient in communicating in other tongues, such as the common tongues and Undertongue.

Religion Edit

The religion of the Legion of Shiarchon is a strict monotheistic belief in Caligaduro Provectus. Imperial cults believe that Patriarch Kalarah is a vessel of his powers and the only one who listens to Caligaduro's word. Practitioners of the belief, the priests, use the dark magic from the Void to manifest a control over Abyssus. The belief in Caligaduro is strengthened by numerous sculptures, murals, architectural phenomena and rituals in his name. Some massacres conducted by the Legion of Shiarchon on their enemies are often left with the sigil mark of the Legion, which is, incidentally, the same mark of Caligaduro Provectus himself.

The religion came about as an adaptation of those who followed the original belief in Caligaduro Provectus, in which their followers stored the scriptures regarding the belief in Caligaduro in Osdaemonis. Numerous artefacts relating to Caligaduro's magic are stored within the fortress and are considered weapons of mass destruction even to those who follow the religion.

Arts Edit

Literature Edit

Very little is known of literature from the Shiarchon culture. It is believed that Shiarchon literature is based from stories of old or long since transpired events in the times of the Orichalcum Elves and during the war against Caligaduro Provectus. Shiarchon are also believed to be rather interested in literature concerning the cosmologies of the universe, as well as stories of those from other cultures. Some believe that books have been translated into Dark Elvish as a result.

Visual Arts Edit

A majority of Shiarchon visual arts is derived from the ancient arts of the Orichalcum Elves. Considered somewhat primitive by modern standards, Shiarchon are rather expert in engraving murals into walls accompanied by numerous texts in their language. In the armour of higher ranks this becomes more common to suit their claimed divine purpose as a warrior of Caligaduro Provectus.

However, more advanced manners of visual arts such as sculptures crafted from darkstone are present. Some claim that darkstone sculptures often portray Caligaduro Provectus, Patriarch Kalarah, The Serpent and ancient entities which are related to Shiarchon and Orichalcum Elf culture.

Music Edit

Shiarchon music is also a derivation from the music of the Orichalcum Elves. Using a majority of wind instruments along with drums and stringed instruments, Shiarchon often use music in public and private events to give atmosphere to an event. More commonly, music is used to instil fear into their enemies during war using more suited horns and drums.

The Congregation Edit

The Congregation (Congregatio) is the amassed army of the Legion of Shiarchon. Modern estimates say that the entire army in itself measures over seven million; the largest army by a wide margin on Koldenwelt.

Characteristics Edit

Personnel Edit

As modern estimates from Ar-Klith and the Empire of Man say that the entirety of the Congregation numbers at over seven million. The only known Shiarchon population is said to be estimated at around twenty million overall, and the non-Shiarchon population of perhaps one or two million. The Shiarchon population have enforced laws that the adherent population to the Legion of Shiarchon are at a demand to perform on a military degree. The ratio of Shiarchon warriors to non-Shiarchon warriors is at the closest estimate 1:2, meaning perhaps 2.3 million Shiarchon warriors are currently active.

Only two known ranks exist within the immediate militia, the bellator rank and the legatus rank. The Legatus rank control a plethora of those below them, some estimates at twenty-one thousand Shiarchon warriors, and taking mathematical estimates into account, forty-two thousand non-Shiarchon warriors. Following these estimates, approximately one hundred and eleven Legatus ranked Shiarchon warriors exist. Praetor ranks exist above them and quite possibly command two Legatus ranks.

Militia species

The Dryadal, or Shiarchon account for a large majority of the entire Legion. Being effective warriors, magic practitioners and are able to use tactics to their advantage, the Shiarchon are among the most terrifying of the entire forces within the Legion.

Eldritch Golem

Made with the purest forms of platinum, powered by the pain and anguish of souls torn from the bodies of dead which power the eldritch designs within them and make steam formed from the pain of these spirits which power the maddening clockwork machinery inside them, and sold by the Artificer to the Legion, the Eldritch Golem are towering 21 meter tall behemoths whose construction defies peoples thoughts on the limitations of silence. Roughly humanoid in form, each of their arms is an instrument of death, having buzzsaws or giant swords made of platinum on them. They have cannons on their shoulders which can be fired automatically or by troops sitting on the soldiers. Worst among their abilities is the ability to spew the essence of pain and anguish itself from their mouths. They are hardcoded to have loyalty to the Legion, although the Artificer's world overrules all. Luckily for the enemies of the Legion, there are only 10,000 of them.


The Khoyan'Xa were a different dominion and were once allies of the Legion of the Shiarchon. Whether the Shiarchon annexed or the Khoyan'Xa surrendered is unknown but they are now under the name of the Legion. As such, the Khoyan'Xa are large humans, with a massive army of over four million which gives a population growth to the Legion itself.


The Gatekeepers are massive monsters which have highly destructive magic. Though faceless, the Ostiumtutamentum do not need sight to find enemies, as their brutal strength and magical power cleans the surface from any force.


The Sanguabominamentum, the Blood Leviathan are an even larger monster than the Ostiumtutamentum. Thought to have numerous tentacles which could crush ships, the Sanguabominamentum is thought to be a similar size to Tangilaruka.


The Sacerdomortum, the Death Priests are a denomination of the Dryadal. Their armour is noticeably different to that of their counterparts. Able to raise their fallen allies from the dead with their magic, the Sacerdomortum are considered worse threats than the general Dryadal.


Men are those who have voluntarily joined the cause of the Shiarchon. Men have come with numerous arms from their previous tribes that the Shiarchon once warred with, bearing some strength for the Legion overall.


The Sanguapraegrandis, or the Blood Colossus is a theorized creature in the Legion. Thought to be of similar size to the Tritonomarth, the Sanguapraegrandis is among the largest living creatures on Koldenwelt if it exists. If it were to exist, the tentacles of its being could stretch kilometres inland and destroy cities.

Culture Edit

Military culture is revolved around a calendar that is followed by the military ranks of the Legion. The calendar, revolving around the three-hundred and fifty day standard calendar states that one hundred and seventy five of these days are under military service. Warriors remain armed and are constantly battle-ready, often taking patrols and services around the Abyssus region and are often commanded to venture outside of the limits to gather understandings about the world that has been shut from them.

Shiarchon warriors are required to follow a strong ethic in their military service; their discipline whilst being trained is very harsh. Their training consists of the ethic to 'punish the opponent for any mistake conceivable', known in Shiarchon culture as Vitiumpoenam (vicious punishment). This translates well to the arts of which Shiarchon fight upon in battle, often preferring to attack when an opening is made.

Expenditures Edit

With the entirety of equipment being fabricated in Abyssus itself, the Shiarchon are able to sufficiently supply the militia and keep it sustainable during the service periods within their territory. As the Shiarchon expeditions often did not result in bloodshed, or territorial expansion, the economy of the military of the Shiarchon has always been stable. It was perceived as a great blow to their economy during the War of the Eye however; numbers dwindled in the released militia numbers and supplies were drastically disconnected from Shiarchon grasp.

Costs of the militia being supplied has been estimated to number in the billions in the Ar-Kilth currency; a full set of Shiarchon armour and weapons have been estimated to cost near twenty six thousand coins. The cost of producing such equipment in Abyssus however is believed to cost much lower; required components for such equipment come in vast sums in the surface of Abyssus' climate; mining is a strong economy and so is the fabrication of material.

Capabilities Edit

Engineering Edit

Despite Shiarchon technology being typically unusual compared to the highest standards in Koldenwelt, Shiarchon technology is advanced nonetheless. Creatures native of Abyssus for example are often used to their advantage, for instance, their capability of siege engines are engineered by taming and engineering armoured structures upon immense creatures. Shiarchon also use similar designs to engineer equivalents to ballistae; often firing molten solids.

The Shiarchon's naval systems are also somewhat vast. As darkstone is too heavy a substance for naval mobility, the Shiarchon have used metals of comparable hardness but of much lighter weight to use as warships. Different warships use different methods of propulsion; some using oars, others using forms of steam power and some ships using magic-implemented matrices as a form of propulsion. Some templates suggest that ships made from darkstone and matrices in conjunction will prove to have a far stronger naval force than previously demonstrated.

Mobility Edit

The Shiarchon militia often use their engineering capabilities to further speed their mobility in military campaigns. Utilising large creatures, decks are built upon them and are ridden in mass numbers as a means of transporting soldiers across Koldenwelt's surface.

Individuals Edit


Gaze upon me. And see my command in motion.

Existing within the walls of Osdaemonis, Caligaduro Provectus is an invisible fragment of his true self, as a wraith within the enormous fortress. Caligaduro's influence has haunted Osdaemonis for well over three hundred millennia, and with the return of Void Matrices and Gladiitenebris shards, his conscience has reawakened within it. His power within the fortress is already strong enough to rival the Colossi once more, but remains dormant within Osdaemonis' walls, delivering his command unto the Prophets who listen to his every word.

It is not publicly known that Caligaduro exists within Osdaemonis even by the Shiarchon themselves; those who only know are those who reside in Osdaemonis, Patriarch Kalarah and those who have been granted an audience with the shadow itself. Caligaduro awaits the return of one more Void Matrix to walk upon Koldenwelt strong enough to plunge it into darkness once more.


Where can you go when the void is found in every shadow?

For the past twelve thousand years, Imperator Kalarah has commanded the Legion of Shiarchon and through him united the race. Leading expeditions from Abyssus and eventually garnering an army of over seven million strong, Kalarah is recognised as a terrible force but a brilliant strategist and leader of the Shiarchon race. Rationalizing, but brutal in his punishment, he is considered to be the closest active servant to Caligaduro himself. His allies and enemies regard him semi-divine due to his heavy endowment with the Void. Wearing the armour and mask of a Void Lord, Kalarah's iconic and terrifying appearance has surrounded the Shiarchon with a sense of horror and mystery. Additionally, he is the wielder of the weakened Gladiitenebris - the sword which, according to myth, was the driving force behind Caligaduro's champions.

Valentinianus 2

My will is not to be opposed. Millions shall die on both sides...if it means that eternal glorification of our kind is realised.

The second in command of the Legion of Shiarchon and the commander of the Congregation, Praetor Valentinianus Septimius Vergilius Iovita is a terrifying presence among allies and enemies alike, Valentinianus is viewed as both a villain and a hero within his own walls. His brutality is questioned even by the Imeperator, where many see him to mercilessly slaughter enemies and those who fail to follow his command. However, because of the military might and the often victorious campaigns of the Shiarchon, Valentinianus is also seen as the individual responsible for their reputation for a dreaded force upon the battlefield. Kalarah fears however, that Valentinianus is not a follower of the religion, and only leads armies to slaughter those for his own glory, and possible amusement.


He whispers into my mind. My head is an abyss filled with words. Filled with such might.

High Prophet Amusturrnys is the head of the religious sect of the Legion of Shiarchon and is the master of the order of all death-priests and prophets within the Legion itself. Residing in the great fortress of Osdaemonis, Amusturrnys is one of Caligaduro's chosen to listen to his every command directly from the presence of the Simulacrum within the fortress - as well as the distribution of the magic across Abyssus as a viable source of power. Amusturrnys is a very powerful entity, though mysterious due to his seclusion within the fortress. Fewer audiences are granted with Amusturrnys than Kalarah.


All must follow the One Lord. The misguided mortals of this world must be brought to the light, and I'll gladly show it to them, they wanting it or not.

Prophet Maximilianus Cassian Martialis Lucretius is a notable death-priest who is known to have been the corruptor of the Khorloron alongside several other beings who currently serve under the Legion of Shiarchon, such as Manticores and Sable Smeevers among other races, and he acts as the direct head of the Khorloron inside the Legion. Maximilianus' past is shrouded in mystery and few have knowledge of him in detail, but he is known to have been born at around 4,000 years in the past and was present in the Imperator's original visit to the Forgotten Lands. Maximilianus is an oddity for openly admitting he worships Ramainaualmari and Kaicaiusarin, believing true worship to the Adversary requires respecting all of his extensions, although he quite clearly considers Caligaduro himself the greatest of the three deities.


Where divine purpose is given, divine wrath is delivered.

Leviathan is the head of the Shiarchon Excubitor and Ambroscus ranks, and the most powerful warrior of the Shiarchon race. Leviathan is a gigantic eleven feet tall Shiarchon, and his history upon Koldenwelt has cemented his place via the moniker Leviathan the Amaranthine. Leviathan's fifteen thousand year long history as a warrior has never been contested, as Leviathan walks among the Shiarchon warriors like death itself. He is, on occasion, given divine purpose by Caligaduro Provectus to scourge life that he so demands to be destroyed.


Once again the weak races of the north shall taste the agonising lash of orichalcum.

Praetor Servius Aurelius Octavianus Valens has an unusual role in the Legion. Not a great strategist or a genius schemer, he does not command armies like his fellow Praetors; instead, he is given the lofty position of Imperator's Hand, Kalarah's personal champion and duelist. Among the most skilled swordsmen in the entire Legion and a fervent devotee of Caligaduro Provectus, Servius relishes in his sacred duty, and has slain hundreds, if not thousands, of heroes over his long life - men, elves, beasts and dragons alike - earning him the adulation of his fellow Shiarchon warriors.

However, because of his dishonest and untrustworthy character, profound (if only martial) interest in non-Shiarchon and general disregard for martial honour that the rest of his race is quite proud of despite their dark nature, he is loathed just as much as he is respected, with most Legion commanders having a quite dim view of him. Kalarah in particular dislikes Servius greatly for his arrogant attitude, yet understands that his martial skills are way too valuable - and thus constantly sends him on dangerous, near-suicidal missions... that his loyal champion continues to survive to the Imperator's chagrin.


You; like every other, shall be brought on knees, kneeling before us and the One Lord.

Praetor Julianus Franciscus Hadrianus Everardus is a cruel and vicious warrior who was given command of one of the Shiarchon's legions many millennia ago. Donning distinctive and feral armour, Julianus is known both inside and outside of the walls of Abyssus as a force to be reckoned with in both the characteristics of his army and his ferocity in combat, of which he takes a colossal shield and spear to destroy his enemies with relative ease.


Vadurus nar skei 'pas elethdrakursvas. [The world will not resist further.]

Lord Balsus is the current leader of the Vaan-ei race, and holds the honorary rank of Praetor in the Congregation. Balsus is known for his outspoken approaches to the Shiarchon's political government, which, after nearly two centuries of campaign has granted the Vaan-ei an enclave territory within Abyssus, to the far north west of the Legion's territory. Balsus is a highly skilled warrior, and, due to the fact that the Vaan-ei gathered a form of political independence, is also a highly skilled orator. He is admired by many because of it.

Qarmurnr the Dishonoured

Moloch's Honour? What honour is there in death? Where is Moloch now? Dead.

Qarmurnr the Dishonoured was a former Oevrumine champion who was outcast from society for what they deem to be the most heinous of crimes; the slaughter of his comrades in battle and the murder and devouring of infants. Even to the Oevrumine, Qarmurnr was regarded as a twisted and violent entity who perhaps enjoyed bloodshed beyond the paradigms of societal law, untrustworthy and disloyal to that of Moloch's Honour. Having been granted the most vilified of titles within their culture, 'Dishonoured', Qarmurnr became maddened with rage, mindlessly slaughtering others who had done no wrong to him. Some time ago, he captured, tortured and then burnt alive to end his rampage. However, necromancers from the Legion of Shiarchon had discovered his burnt corpse, and, noticing his unusual size for an Oevrumine, chose to resurrect him with the magic of the void flowing through his body. Now that his body is infused with magic, Qarmurnr stands as one of the ultimate incarnate vices of the Oevrumine's culture - additionally swearing his service to The Adversary - who to him, now represents the only real finality of everything.

Qarmurnr is described as an Oevrumine with a height rivalling that of Shiarchon, and strength far surpassing theirs. Because of his nature as an undead, Qarmurnr bears physical endurance different to that of the Oevrumine, and because of it, very his presence invokes the totality of the Oevrumine's anger.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Yellow face "You have chosen wisely. Do not think for a second that we will not eviscerate you if you defy us even once."

Neutral Edit

Orange face "You walk on a rope. Fall, and we shall not catch you."

Non-aggression pact Edit

Orange face "This is a rare understanding between you and us. Do not take it for granted."

Enemies Edit

Red face "Nothing will be remembered of you. No grave. No monument. Only ash and dirt."

Quotes from others Edit

Look how the mighty have fallen. The most proud of all elves became that which they hated the most. And they enjoyed this.

- Vixaatus

Serve Him. Serve me!

- Vargash

You are all so... meddlesome...

- Zran Kar

Ye shalt burnest binethe the schadowe of mine wings.

- Arddraigr

There is no darkness... in... death.

- Lich Lord Praetinnath

Tumma Leegio... Vihaan Tumma Leegio... Vihaan niitä! (Dark Legion... I hate the Dark Legion... I hate them!)

- Random Panssari

D̡̛̮̟͈͕̬͚̖̣̠ͭ̌͂͑̿Ȉ̺̣̻͇̹̟̘̰ͣ̈́͡S͓͇̩̹͓̤̥̜̆̋̒͋ͯ̀̚͞R̼͎̺̤̯̼͓ͯ̃͞͝ͅỤ̙̤̻͓ͨͯ̃̓P̝̓̆̀͜͞T̪̟̘̪̭͈̫̈́̚͠͠ͅ ͈̼̙̫ͣͩͪ͐Tͥͭ̉͐͏͡҉̮̠͈H͉̠͐ͮ͞Eͯͦ̾ͭ̄̔͏͔̠̤̭̣̲̝̬ ̸̱̜͕̩̯̦̭̌͋̽̅̎ͨ͟͟ͅC̴̬̫̣̔ͬͣO̹̝̘̗̪̳͕̤̝̾͗ͩ͢Ṋ̶̼̺̖ͪ̃́̋ͯ̾ͅC̿̋͏͏͎͔̺ͅE̹̲̜͊̅̚͘͠ͅP͇̞̙̣̻̭ͪ͐̌͊ͮ͒̀T̢̔͏̗̲̙̤̣̟̬̼͍ ̷̶͉͙̪̰͚͈͙ͣ̏ͦ̓̓ͅO̜͚̻̹̼̰̒ͦF̵̤͉̯͉̘ͤͭͭ̌̇ ̥̲̱̤͙̳ͨͪ̍̈E̡͇̣̥̗͂̚͢Q̯͖̰̟̲͓͌̇ͧ̏͐̈́͆̾̚͞Ȗ̴̶͍̹̭̯͔̬A͕̱͎̟̰͇͙͈̭̓ͮͯ̄̀L̶͍̘̝͇̳͑͂̉̒͝I̴̡̗͛̿ͯ̅T̡̖̥̱̔ͨ̆̐Y̤͔̱̻̻͈ͪͧ̎͗͂͑ͫ̎,̡̠̰͓̙͔ͪ̃͛ͣͮ͂ͬ͂ ̮̳͎͉̌̾͒͌ͣͦ̈̇̚͘͞͠D̯̯͉̞̮̹͔̜͍̾ͣ͘͢A̶̡̺̟͂̄ͭ̑N̴̨͖͕̗̱̺̹̜͙͌̂̐͒̔̒ͮ͝C̸͖̪̫͇̦͂ͩ͊͋̓ͅͅE̶̪̬̻͒͂ͩͤ̌͞ ̴̢̩̖̳̪̲̜͇͈ͪ̚U̢͖͈̝̰͚͌ͧ̋ͪ̿̽ͣ̿̄͞P̊ͭͫ͡͏͕O̧̙͖̱ͫ̽͑̾N̛̛̺͉̞̙͑ͧͣ͒̋̉ ͥͫ̃ͮ͏̷̬͎̬̰̬͇̤̫Cͦ҉̴̙̯ͅŌ̭͒̈́̄͋ͦ͢ͅN̏͂ͦͤͯ̓͂͏̸̰̟̯̬̪̘͎̰͜C̵̲̞̦̜̹͈̈́͆ͪͣ̋͞Ë̗͔̣͈̘́̊̒͋͑͜P̢͇̤ͤ̇T̪̲̦͙̙̺͗ͨ̈́͛̚͡ͅ ̠̘̪̱͈̥̤͓͂̌̍͆͒ͨỈ̖̝̜͇̪͉̃̓̌ͫ͛͘T̶̨͇̹͍̼ͥ̑͛͛̋̆͡S̴̭̘̋̉̓ͬ͑̎͂͂Ę̐ͣ͋҉͕̪̼̳ͅḺ̬̩̳̜̬̈ͨ͂ͪͬͤ͗̀F͎̪̰̙̣̩ͣ̽̉ͅ.̥͎̙̳̙̜̲͋̈́͢

- The Crux

Yes yes, I'm well aware of the Shiarchon. My question is: how can we get rid of them?

- Megrovaz II

Zhey have no blood to feed us. Zat means zey must be removed.

- Varelos von Dalverat

Filthiest of filth. I pity thee, surface dwellers, who have to deal with this darkness-ridden cancer.

- The Vermin King

Your face a footstool. No deal for you.

- Big Beard Clamak

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