Legatus Finduilica is an Imperial province located in the Finduila Sector, a sector located deep in the Endless Space. Also known as Provinciae Finduilica, Finduilica, Finduila and the Deep Space Province. As the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus arrived in the sector in 06 AQF, it swiftly overwhelmed the regional powers, amongst them the Kingdom of the Netherlands and turned the sector in a vassal state of the Cyrannian Empire.

A well kept secret amongst the Government, it does not have a senatorial representative instead the sector is placed under direct control of a Grand Mandator, also known as the Rector provinciae. As a deep space sector, large star destroyers like the Imperator-class Star Destroyer are rare, instead the forces rely on smaller and more manouverable vessels to keep the population in line or to hunt down pirates and dissidents.

By September 2820 (22 AQF), the Legatus Finduilica ceased to excist as a state of its own as it was succeeded by the larger and far more powerful Legatus.




Galactic Emperor Tyrómaron

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As the Great Cyrannus War raged on, plunging the Cyrandia Cluster in open war as the forces of the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Confederacy of Allied Systems clashed. The war was actually part of a incomprehensible plan designed by the Oikoumene Dark Lord, Tyrómairon. In the last stages of the war, when the planet of Orbispira came under siege, the plan unfolded as Tyrómairon declares himself Emperor and dissolves the Republic Senate with the Imperial Senate, signaling the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus!

The Empire soon conquered large territories across the First Gigaquadrant, managing to even place Rambo Nation under a vassal protectorate after invading the Rambo Capital in 05 AQF/2803. A mere year later in 06 AQF/2804, the Empire located a rift in space within the Cyrannus Galaxy. Exploiting it, the Empire send exploration ships into it that discovered the Finduila Sector, a remote sector in the deep space of the Endless Space.

Era of the Legatus FinduilicaEdit


A Legatus taskforce leaves Garkarg to enforce the will of the Emperor!

The Empire began exploring and researching the region powers, encountering amongst them the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Realising the might and status of the Netherlands it began exploiting the use of other humans in the vicinity and found its perfect weapon to wield and represent the Imperial Will. The disfigured and cruel Schlimm Eklig Statthalter bowed to the Emperor and was appointed Rector provinciae, Grand Mandator of the Empire for this region of space. With his support and his people joining the Imperial Military the Empire began its conquest of the sector and in mere months had total control over the inner regions of the sector, enforcing vassal states upon many factions, including the Netherlands. The region became then known as the Legatus Finduilica, the Empire of the Finduilis sector. Most of the regional powers bowed and surrendered when the Grand Mandator deployed the Garkarg, making an example of the half-elven civilization.

Grand Mandator Statthalter enforced a brutal rule of order and peace upon the conquered subjects, exploiting the fertile worlds and send large amounts of food through the rift to the main territories of the Empire, known to them as the Cyrannia Dominata. For the following decades the Legatus thrived and had little opposition from other powers and continued to enforce it rule of order and peace.


The Legatus Interdictor-class was launched in april 21 AQF, strengthening the Legatus ability to prevent their enemies from leaving battles

With the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War in 21 AQF/2819, fifteen years after the forming of the Legatus rumors began to spread that the Cyrannica Dominata was under attack and vulnrable, sparking a hope by dissidents within the Legatus in hopes of regaining their freedom and independence. These dissidents were spearheaded by vice-admiral Jan Michiel Tasman from Home Base, captain Komamuka Sajin and the rebellious Yvenne Thalyssaera, one of the last free half-elves in the Sector.

By 21 AQF, the Legatus rooted all dissident movements though failed to stop a small group led by Tasman who escaped into Cyrannus, joining Rambo Loyalist- part of the larger Cyrandia Resistance. In turn the Legatus dispatched Lady Astrosia to join up with Imperial forces to hunt down and destroy the resistance. This initiative took form as the elite joint Imperial-Legatus taskforce known as the Raptor Squadron. Around the same time, the Garkarg shipyards finished the Legatus Interdictor-class cruisers and with approval of the Imperial Senate Legatus ships and operations were now seen outside the Finduila Sector as well.

By September 2820, the Legatus Finduilica ceased to excist as a state of its own as it was succeeded by the larger and far more powerful Legatus.

Government and PoliticsEdit

Executive BranchEdit

Schlimm Eklig StatthalterPhotoLarge

Rector provinciae, Grand Mandator Schlimm Eklig Statthalter

The Legatus Findulica is absolutely controlled by the Galactic Emperor Tyrómairon, a rule considered by many Imperials as just and fair. Order and peace is bestowed upon all under the Imperial banner. As the Emperor rules from his throne at Orbispira, he bestowed a Grand Mandator as the official to carry out and represent his will in deep sectors of Endless Space. The Grand Mandator of the Legatus Finduilica, is known as the Rector provinciae.

The Rector provinciae wields great power, some say too much influence as the position is unchecked from the rest of the Grand Mandators and the Imperial Senate. Ultimately however it is subservient to the Emperor and to a lesser extent the Potentate.

Reporting to the Rector provinciae are the regional and planetary mandators. The military forces within the Legatus are also reporting to the Rector, though the day-to-day affairs and operations are often left in charge of the capable hands of the Legatus Admiral.

Regional Mandators

The Regional Mandators are carefully chosen individuals by the Rector provinciae and are often the most loyal to the Imperial system and believes. They govern planets and systems in name of the Empire and see to it that the Imperial law is upheld. Some of the Legatus Mandator are noble and proud, while others are simply cruel and represent the worst of the Imperial officials.

Society and CultureEdit

Military and DefenceEdit


Enforcing the rule of the Legatus, the Empire deploys small cruisers and the Autokrator-class star destroyers

Due to its remote and distant location, the Legatus Finduilica cannot substain to deploy all vesels that are part of the Imperial Navy. Instead it relies on smaller vessels, easier to maintain. The most powerful ships within the Legatus Finduilica are the Imperator-class Star Destroyer, though less than 12 are deployed in the sector and are a rather rare though highly feared sight.

Legatus CommandEdit

Legatus Command is the military section that oversees all military and navy operation within the Legatus Finduilica vassal. STrictly seen, the Legatus fleet and military fall under direct control of the Emperor, Tyrómairon who in turn is represented by a group of high ranking Grand Admirals known as Imperial Command on Orbispira. In reality, due to its remote and more secretive location and whereabouts, the Legatus military forces fall directly under command Rector provinciae (Grand Mandator).

All officers within the Legatus fleet report directly to the Grand Mandator who not only oversees the political arena but oversees the entire military movements and decisions within the Imperial Finduila Sector. Underneath the Grand Mandator stands a single Admiral, who can be seen as the overall military commander and advisor to the Grand Mandator. Reporting to the admiral are the countless captains, commanders and officers of the Legatus Fleet.

The Legatus fleet, like the Grand Imperial Navy deploys advances vessels to protect Imperial interessts. Their most feared vessels are wedge-shaped and are known as star destroyer. Though the Legatus fleet has more light and support cruisers as the larger star destroyers are expensive to maintain in such a remote location as the Finduila sector and as such deploy lighter and more effective vessels ideal for patrolling, intercepting vessels etc. The bulk of the ground forces are made up of the Legatus Troopers, soldiers clad in white decorated armor patrol the streets and enforce the law of the Legatus. Their commanders or the elite soldiers, the Legionnaires are outfitted with golden helmets with red mohawks, resembling the once ancient remnant of proud past times, now their appearance reflects the ambition of the Legatus high culture.

Legatus Command holds it main office at the Garkarg and is seen as the Legatus Headquarters.

In the image below the rank insigna structure is shown:


Legatus Command Rank Insigna


The Legatus Command highest military officer is an Imperial Admiral, directly below is the Legatus Inquistor followed by other military officers within the Legatus.

Imperial Admiral ApticyusLarge
Vice-Admiral Schlahs StutgratLarge
Lady AstrosiaLarge
Commodore Veloci OnychusLarge
Nanda TessalaLarge
Name Apticyus Schlahs Stutgrat Astrosia Veloci Onychus Nanda Tessala Velasus
Rank Rear-Admiral Rear-Admiral Legatus Inquisitor Captain Captain Commander
Race Corthrinus Humanoid Unknown Velociraptor Finduilicus Human Velociraptor Findulicus
Influence High High Obsolute Moderate Minimal Minimal
Paul JanssenLtCommanderLarge
Ciena DunedinLarge
Swain TaviraLarge
Timothy WinthazenLarge
Sergeant Verico (helmet)Large
Name Paul Janssen Ciena Dunedin Swain Tavira Timothy Winthazen Verico
Rank Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Sergeant
Race Human Human Human Human Libertus
Influence Moderate Minimal Minimal Minimal Minimal
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Military InstallationsEdit

The Legatus Finduilica has possesion of various military installations, both on the surface of planets and in space. The most feared amongst them is the dreaded Garkarg.


Ramboidae Artificial Moon

Type I
Garkarg is a Ramboidae Artificial Moon Type I moon-sized military battlestation that went missing after it was hit by a spacial anomaly.

It was relocated into the Finduilica sector and claimed by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus upon its discovery in 08 AQF/2806.

The Garkarg is equipped with a super laser capable of destroying enemy planets and ships, closing wormholes and can actas a major defense station of capital ships. The Garkarg acts as the Legatus Headquarters for both the Grand Mandator and the Imperial Navy forces located in the Finduilica sector. It is one of the main reasons the Empire manages to keep the sector under direct order and peace as many fear the destructive power of the station and its dreaded and cruel commanders.


The Imperial Legatus Finduilica Navy deploys a various amount of smaller ships and cruisers to maintain the Imperial Order, though larger star destroyers are seen amongst it ranks as well.



Class: Arquintens-class

Role: Light Cruiser

Length: 330 meters


  • Quad dual turbolaser cannons
  • Double-barreled turbolaser batteries
  • Heavy proton torpedo tubes

Performance: Moderate

The Arquitens-class light cruiser is a warship deployed by the Legatus Finduilica and their most common ship in use. Often deployed on border patrols, leading small task forces and to intercept those crossing Legatus borders the ships are feared for their ambitious officers and its impressive weaponry.

Relative agile the ship can match and keep up with most shuttles and can carry at least three ASP-fighters as part of its armanent.

The class features a traingular shap with three cylindrical engines, its bow is cleaved in intotwo prongs. Armed with powerful batteries, the Arquientens-class serves as the backbone of the Legatus navy.



Class: Autokrator-class

Role: Star Destroyer

Length: 1,050 meters


  • Ion Cannon (4)
  • Heavy dual turbolaser cannons (7)
  • Point-defense quad laser cannons (32)
  • Heavy proton torpedo tubes
  • Hyperspace Missile Launchers

Performance: High

The Autokrator-class star destroyer is a 1,050 metre long star destroyer. Used in great extend in the Legatus Finduilica vassal where it is deployed as their main battle cruisers as her larger nephew, the Imperator-class is a rare and expensive sight in the sector. It serves as the icon of the Imperial might in Finduilica, feared and often invovled in the most important events.

The class is equipped with a single squadron of fighters, it has larger accommodations and quarters compared to other Imperial vessels and is perfectly equipped for long range patrols or deep space exploration and maintaining itself. With its 8 engines and on either sides two "wings", it has greater stability in both orbit and hyperspace, allowing it to reach higher speeds and better maneuverability. They also provide better stability when in the vicinity of spacial anomalies. It is heavily armed and has strong shields. Though powerful and strong, though quite common they are a feared sight as it reflects a certain doom. Many ships carry Greek Gods names, a reflection of its supremacy.



Class: Gozanti-class

Role: Light Cruiser

Length: 63.7 meters


  • Dual light turbolaser batteries (2)
  • Proton Torpedo Tubes
  • Light point defence lasers

Performance: Medium

The Gozanti-class cruiser is a slow but heavily armored starship deployed by the Imperial Navy in the Legatus Finduilica vassal. It can both be deployed as a cruiser, freighter and as troop transport, making the vessel ideal for both patrol and interceptions as well as transporting cargo and material around the area.

It can carry at least two walkers underneath it when it acts as a transport, or at least four fighters when carrying out patrol and intercept tasks.

It is armed with two turbolaster batteries and has strong shieldings and hull plates. With its three engines it is rather slow and not that agile though its powerful armor allows it to take a punch. One of the more common Imperial sights in the Legatus Findulica.



Class: Interdictor-class

Role: Cruiser

Length: 900 meters


  • Displacement Cannons
  • Heavy dual turbolaser cannons
  • Point-defense dual laser cannons
  • Heavy proton torpedo tubes
  • Gravity Wells

Performance: High

The Interdictor-class star destroyer are newly developed vessels by the Legatus Navy. Based upon the far larger star destroyer variants deployed in Cyrannus, the smaller cruisers are specifically designed to operate in outer regions, with a similair role yet with a smaller requirement of personnel complement. It will often be escorted by light cruisers.

Its gravity well projectors can eract gravity wells to interdict hyperspatial travel, preventing ships from escaping battle or entering systems. Though the placements of the gravity well projectors removed space for weapon placements, it is still impressively armed though requires an escort for defense.

It shares the same bridge design as the Imperator-class star destroyers.

Fighters, Shuttles and Support Ships

The Legatus Finduilica deploys unique and similair fighters and shuttles as the Cyrannia Dominata.



Class: ASP-IIIH Fighter

Role: Heavy Starfighter

Length: Aprox. 9 meters


  • Two Heavy Particle Cannons
  • Laser Cannons
  • Transphasic Torpedoes

Performance: High

The ASP-IIIH is a Legatus modified version of the venerable ASP-III fighters seen in Cyrannus. It is a common starfighter in the Legatus arsenal, though relatively heavily armed two heavy particle cannons, laser cannons and transphasic torpedoes. The ship is operated by a single pilot and often by the Legatus more illustrious pilots. The ASP-IIIH is also capable of reaching speeds of over 6,500 km an hour and can quickly dart around the battlefield by using the same translocation technology introduced with the ASP-III. Field testing during the early

Part of the ASP fighters line, this Legatus version of the Asp-III is equipped with heavy blasters and two fixed cannons able to cause severe hull damage on ships. It has an extra wing for stability on both wings and is a bit slower than the original III



Class: ASP-IV Fighter

Role: Starfighter

Length: Aprox. 18 meters


  • 2x Transphasic torpedoes
  • 4x Laser Cannons

Performance: High

The ASP-IV fighter is a unique model build to operate within the outer sectors of the Empire, far from military bases or with limited ships that can carry them.

These heavy fighters are often deployed within in the Legatus Findiulica sector to execute lengthy patrols or to intercept and inspect civlian freighters.

The fighters is operated by a single pilot and houses a single bed in it if the pilots require to sleep on non-military bases. The larger Autokrator-classes can carry up to 2 squadrons of them. The ASP-Iv is equipped with a short range hyperdrive that allows it to make two to three short range hyperspace jumps until the fuel runs out. Allowing it to operate further away compared to other ASP-class fighters and is the most common and manouverable fighter within the Legatus arsenal. It is also equipped with limited shielding.



Class: ASP-V Fighter

Role: Starfighter

Length: Aprox. 31 meters


  • 4x Transphasic Ion torpedoes
  • 4x Laser Cannons

Performance: High

The ASP-V fighter is part of the Imperial ASP fighter line. This model is specifically designed by the Legatus for speed and one purpose only, to engage enemy ships and disable its engines to prevent escape. Armed with at least 4 Transphasic Torpedoes enemy ship captains underestimate the ASP-V only once. They are slower than the ASP-IIIH and ASP-IV models however and often need an escort through enemy fighters.

The ASP-V excel in taking out enemy warp nacelles and engines and are often called the Vultures as they are known to wait and prey for their chance.



Class: Sentinel-class

Role: Troop Transport Shuttle

Length: Aprox. 38 meters


  • 2x Ion torpedoes
  • 4x Laser Cannons

The Sentinel-class, also known as the Imperial landing craft was a large scale troop transport issued by the Legatus Finduilica, and later the Empire as well. With its folding wing configuration it was based upon the Korvalus-class shuttle. In addition to its heavy armor plates it is also equipped with four deflector shield projectors. Though rather large and heavy weight the class remains quite agile and fast.

It relies on a crew consisting of a pilot, co-pilot/sensor officer as well as at least two gunners. The shuttle however could be manned by a single pilot as well. The shuttle contains a lot of sitting space for troopers though also include toilet facilities/refresher. It is able to carry up to at least 75 troopers.

Within Raptor-squadron the class can either dock within the Yurrus-class or between the two prongs of an Arquitens-class light cruiser.

Battlestations and ships DeployedEdit

The following ships are known to serve within the Legatus Findiulica military.

  • 1 Ramboidae Artificial Moon
    • Garkarg
  • 8 Autokrator-class Star Destroyers
    • ICS Aphrodite
    • ICS Artemis
    • ICS Athena
    • ICS Autokrator
    • ICS Hephaestus
    • ICS Poseidon
    • ICS Tartarus
    • ICS Thanatos
  • 2789 Arquintens-class light cruisers
    • ICS Crimson Talon
    • ICS Provocateur
    • ICS Raptor
    • ICS Unfortunate
  • 2892 Gozanti-class cruisers
    • ICS Vector
    • LF-389

Foreign RelationsEdit

By order of the Rector provinciae, the Legatus Finduilica are forbidden to travel to Cyrannia Dominata and are rather ignorant of the events and races in the Cyrandia Cluster.

Imperial Relations

ImperialEmblemLong live the Empire! Empire Eternal!


A loyal realm of the Empire. Soon, all of Endless Space will be ours to command.

- Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius


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