The Legatus Navy, also known as the Legatus Starfleet or the Legatus fleet, was the naval branch of the Legatus' military. It was created in the wake of the forming of the Legatus, shortly before the fall of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and was the direct successor of the naval forces deployed by the Legatus Finduilica. Consisting mainly of Star Cruisers, Star Destroyers and ASP fighters, the Legatus Navy was tasked with maintaining order within the Legatus Territories.


Legatus Navy

The Legatus deployed a well equipped and strong navy

The Legatus Navy was commanded by the Augustus or Augusta and the Joint Chiefs of the Legatus High Command, while admirals and captains assumed responsibility for their respective craft and would be informed of any long-term plans. The admirality was the overall leading unit of the navy and oversaw the tactical deployment of the Navy, and reassigned ships to trouble spots and plotted long-term strategy under the oversight of High Command.

Similar to the Army, the Legatus Navy contained multiple branches responsible for various aspects of naval warfare, like logistics and administration. Onboard each ship an internal affairs officer was stationed to observe and inspect the crew.

In order to patrol the vast expanses of Legatus space, the Legatus would split up varying amounts of naval forces into fleets, commanded by an admiral or a Grand Admiral. Smaller task forces were often under the command of a captain. Specific composition and size of a fleet varied dramatically on the fleet's mission and the political power of its commander. A variation in support vessels could be assigned per specific missions.

Ships prefixes

The Legatus uses various ship prefixes for their ships:

Notable Fleets & Task ForcesEdit

22nd Task Force

The Legatus Twenty-Second Task Force was a task force within the Legatus Navy that participated in numerous encounters with dissident forces within the Space in Between and beyond under command of vice-admiral Veloci Onychus.

Ships assigned:

Legatus Task Force 22



While the Legatus Navy was known mostly for its imposign dagger-shaped ships, like Galactic Empire of Cyrannus before them, Legatus manpower was vital for the utilization of those crafts. Dividing its personnel into the classification of either officer or enlisted, officers often recieved extra pay and visitation rights to thier families. Officers and enlisted personnel were encouraged to drink a nutritive slurry instead of regular food in order to conserve resources, however senior officers could gorge themselves without appearing feeble and had access to exotic foods.

All officers and enlisted personnel were required to have an innate combat readiness, and were expected to pass repeated certifications in various forms of self defense, weapon and vehicle handling, however at higher ranks these requirements lessened somewhat. Gambling was expressly forbidden within the military, with harsh punishments for those engaging in the activity. Those that shirked from duty could be reported for cowardice, on desertion stood the death penalty.



Legatus Navy personnel up to rank of Commander utilized distinctive grey uniforms

Legatus uniforms varied depending on the specialization of the individual, ranging from protective armor to pressed jackets. Uniforms were of standard design and enlisted personnel up to the rank of commander wore distintive grey double-breasted tunics along with black boots and belts, grey trousers and a grey cap with the Legatus insignia on it. Personnel with the rank of captain wore a more a more decorative uniform, with black trousers, boots and belts, with a white double-breasted tunic with a large carbon gray/yellow section that ran the length of the uniform. It also had grey/golden shoulder epaulettes. Captains, however could also chose to wear the standard grey uniform and optional for every captain was wearing a cap. in addition, Schnorchel-class commanders often wore black caps to indicate their hunter status. Admirals wore a similair uniform to those of the captains, yet with more ordanate decorations.

There were no distinctions between the uniforms worn by male and female, all uniforms had the rank insignia pinned on the left breast. Slight variations were seen amongst the species serving within the Navy to accomodate their physical build but all resembled the same. The most common species within the Navy were humanoids, Serindia and Elen'Nanethian, though other species served within the Navy as well.

A black flight suite variant was utilized by ASP-pilot, with an upper body armor and shoulder armor, along with with flexible gas transfer tubes in the front of their uniform along with other modifications for operating in the vacuum of space.

Rank InsigniaEdit

The Legatus Military displayed a rank insignia system to indicate once rank and position within the Military. Though the position of Grand Mandator/Rector Provinciae is defunct and remains honorary to the Monarch.


Legatus Command Rank Insigna

Notable OfficersEdit

CRE Veloci Onychus (rear admiral)
Veloci Onychus
CRE Ronan Cretacea (Commander)-1d78323d ful
Ronan Cretacea
CRE Ciena Dunedin (captain) (2)
Ciena Dunedin
CRE Ramson Ramdleton-1d7decb1 ful
Ramson Ramdleton
CRE Velasus (captain)-1d797df2 ful
CRE Commander Martin Armand-1d783234 ful
Martin Armand
CRE Paul Jansen (Red Ace)
Paul Janssen
Commander ASP ACE
CRE Ramikku Ramgrath (commander)-1d797dee ful
Ramikku Ramgrath
CRE Swain Tavira (commander)-1d797df1 ful
Swain Tavira
CRE Antonio Tennant (Commander)-1d783238 ful
Antonio Tennant

Legatus Navy AssetsEdit

The Legatus deployed a vast array of vessels with different kind of (multi-) roles and tasks. From corvettes to might Star Destroyers, the Legatus Navy was well equipped and powerful in its own right and proved a menace to its adversaries.

Star DestroyerEdit

Star Destroyers were one of the most powerful vessels deployed within the Legatus Navy, a medium-sized captial ship capable of ccupying entire star systems on its own and strikes fear in those that face them.

The Enforcer-class Star Destroyer is 1,135 meter long star destroyer in service of the Legatus. Five years after its forming, the Enforcer-class was launched into service and became their most powerfull battleship and served alongside the Krakana-class star cruiser.

Often serving within fleet or on their own, the Enforcer-class is the primary command ship of admirals and commodores, common within the Quadrant Galaxies though more rare within the Space in Between and beyond.

Star CruiserEdit

Star Cruisers were a type of ship deployed by the Legatus Navy and featured some of the largest and most common warships within their fleet and served as the backbone of their might. Some cruisers could have specific support roles.

The Immobilizer-class Star Interdictor Cruiser, also known as the Constrictor and collogually as the Drag Ship, was a 618 meter long cruiser build on the Krakana-class Star Cruiser hull and served as an Interdictor vessel.

Equipped with gravity well projectors designed to pull ships from hyperspace and warp and/or prevent them making the jump to light- or warpspeed, the Immobilizer became a valuable addition to the Legatus Navy.

The Legatus Krakana-class star cruiser is a 620 meter long battleship in service of the Legatus. As the backbone of the Legatus Navy, the Krakana-class is a common sight within the Legatus territories both within the Quadrant Galaxies and the Space in Between.

As a multi-role starship, the ship can act in different kind of roles, including border patrol, within fleet formations and within defensive formations. A lone Krakana-class is capable of subjugating a single star system with its complement of ground vehicles and star fighters.

Spore 2020-08-16 12-08-02
The Yurrus-class light carrier is a 340 meter long triangular structure made it similar to other dagger-shaped Legatus vessels. Unlike most Legatus and Imperial based star destroyers, the bridge was located at the frontal point and the hangars at the base. Though it is equipped with shielding technology, the vessel is not build for combat, but rather for support and cannot hold on long against battle cruisers. As such it requires an escort of either the Arquitens or Gozanti-classes. It size and design make it a perfect carrier, though it is slow in manoeuvring. Its massive lower shuttle bay can house over 50 starfighters.

Star FrigateEdit

Star Corvettes were vessels deployed within the Legatus Navy that typically denoted a capital ship designed to serve in a skirmishing role to protect larger ships, or more generally, a ship designed to serve in some sort of support role.

The Arquitens-class light cruiser/star frigate is a 325 meter long warship deployed by the Legatus and their most common ship in use. Often deployed on border patrols, leading small task forces and to intercept those crossing Legatus borders the ships are feared for their ambitious officers and its impressive weaponry.

Relative agile the ship can match and keep up with most shuttles and can carry at least three ASP-fighters as part of its armanent. The class features a traingular shape with three cylindrical engines, its bow is cleaved in into two prongs. Armed with powerful batteries, the Arquitens-class serves as the backbone of the Legatus navy.

Star CorvettesEdit

Star Corvettes wwere a class of warships within the Legatus. They were typically small, fast, maneuverable and relatively lightly-armed.

The Gozanti-class cruiser was a 64-meter long vessel that could act as a freighter and cruiser. It sported a twin laser turret in a dorsal mount and a heavy laser cannon on its ventral side. The Gozanti also had a loading elevator on the bottom near the nose and docking ports to the side near the cockpit section. It can carry at least two walkers underneath it when it acts as a transport, or at least four fighters when carrying out patrol and intercept tasks. It is armed with two turbolaser batteries and has strong shielding and hull plates. With its three engines it is rather slow and not that agile though its powerful armour allows it to take a punch.

Its recon version, also known as the espionage ship was designed for surveillance, it featured two additional engines on its wings as well as additional sensors and transmitter dishes.

The Legatus Schnorchel-class is a 120 meter long experimental stealth corvette, specifically build for tracking and hunting down enemy vessels and smugglers. With special stealth technology the ship is invisible for enemy sensors though could still be spotted with the naked eyes through viewports. It was armed with 8 phasic torpedo warheads, capable of disabling enemy shields or destroy small ships with a single torpedo. It had various advanced sensors and special coating to hide it from enemy sensors.

The class is often compared to the ancient subs that menaced the many sea lanes on Earth during the World Wars.


The Legatus deploys starfighters based upon the ASP-line series, serving distinctly and pilots are often seen as the hotshots of the Legatus.

The ASP-IV starfighter is operated by a single pilot. Unique to the model is a single bed within its already cramped space to provide lodging for the pilot if they have to land at areas without proper lodging facilities. Often carried by other space craft into battle, the ASP-IV is equipped with a short range hyperdrive to allow jumps between planets. The hyperdrive allows the craft to make two to three short range hyperspace jumps until the fuel runs out.

This allows the ASP-IV to operate further away from their command vessels compared to other ASP-class fighters and as such is the most common and manouverable fighter within the Legatus arsenal. It is also equipped with limited shielding.

The ASP-V fighter is part of the Legatus ASP fighter line. This model is specifically designed by the Legatus for speed and one purpose only, to engage enemy ships and disable its engines to prevent escape. Armed with at least 4 Transphasic Torpedoes enemy ship captains underestimate the ASP-V only once. They are slower than the ASP-IV models however and often need an escort through enemy fighters.

The ASP-V excel in taking out enemy warp nacelles and engines and are often called the Vultures as they are known to wait and prey for their chance.

The ASP-D Defender, commonly known as the Defender was a high-performance ASP-Series starfighter developed for the Legatus Navy by Ekimu Enterprises in a project overseen at Carnthedain shortly before the end of the Second Great Cyrannus War in 2830. Representing a shift in starfighter design from previous ASP-models, the ship featured a hyperdrive as well as deflector shields to allow it to operate independently of Legatus capital ships. The ship's speed and agility, combined with its arsenal of four laser cannons, two ion cannons, two warhead launchers and an optional tractor beam projector made it arguably the most advanced starfighter available at the time.

Aces had their own colorated decorated Defenders, ranging from colors like crimson red, yellow or green, often matching the stripes on their uniforms.



Transport Shuttle
he Legatus Stalker-class Transport Shuttle is a multi-role transport in service of the Legatus Navy and the Army. It is armed and heavily reinforced to withstand hard landings or landings in combat situations. It acted as transport shuttle, landing craft for troops and was capable of carrying over 30 troops into battle.

They were the standard equipment of transport crafts within the Legatus and replaced the Sentinel-class transports.

Space BattlestationEdit

The Space(battle)stations of the Legatus are military bases in space designed for combat. These battlestations use their primary power generation for combat purposes rather than propulsion. The stations could be either orbital or self-propelled. The largest were also known as battle-planetoids.


The Garkarg was a Ramboidae Artificial Moon Type I, a moon-sized military battlestation and was the first type designed in a long series of Rambo superweapons developed to execute the Congregation Act under orders of the late Emperor Dino Le Rambo I. The Type I RAM is equipped with a super laser capable of destroying enemy planets and ships, closing wormholes and act as a major defense station against capital ships. The Garkarg was eventually discovered by the Legatus and claimed as a military bastion for their own.


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