The Legatus Army, also known as the Legatus Forces or Legatus Ground Forces, was the land-based branch of the Legatus' military. The Legatus Army swiftly asserted dominance throughout Legatus territories, making use of highly trained soldiers and mechanized walkers, and overwhelming numbes. The Legatus Army worked in tandem with the forces of the Legatus Navy, relying on the numerous fleets and task forces to transport legions of troopers across the far reached of their territory. The most common soldiers of the Legatus ground forces were the Legionnaires and the Infantry.


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As the branch of the Legatus Military that dealt with surface operations, the Legatus army was composed of many sub-units and organizations, and utilized a vast array of vehicles to achieve its objectives. Leading overall Military strategy was the Supreme Commander, who was briefed daily by the Joint-Chiefs, who temselves were subservient to the Legatus Augustus or Augusta.

Amongst its organizations were the Army Engineering Corps, who served to construct Legatus installations like Bunker Eighty Two and demolish enemy fortifications. The Army also maintained its own Military Police, a Maritime Division, a Special Forces Command and the Legatus Intelligence. No less important were the abundance of smaller organizations, including general maintaince, logistics and administration.

The Legatus Army was known to favor the use of the tactic combined arms, in which both infantry and armored cavelry were used together agaisnt a target so the enemy would have to defeat both. The Legatus armored cavelry consisted out of walkers, like the AT-AT and the AT-DP, transport and assault crafts like the LTT and the LCAT, but also tanks like the LCT and patrol speeders as the LPSB.

Regiments and Platoons

In order to secure the vast expanses of Legatus space, the Legatus would split up varying amounts of army forces into garrisons, commanded by a Colonel and often based at military installations, bases and tasked with protecting the Legatus interessts on the planet they were based upon. A garrison consisted out circa 500-800 troopers, augmented by a staff of circa 80-120 including logistical and medical support.

Assigned to naval vessels were units of marines of circa 100 marine troopers each, a unit was under the direct command of an army major. Each unit consisted out of 4 platoons, each of circa 25 naval troopers under the command of a lieutenant. A platoon could be divided into squads under command of a NCO.

During war time, a regiment could be formed under command of a General and would consist out of 4 garrisons, leading up to a battle force of circa 3000 troops.

Military Forces[]


While the Legatus Army was known mostly for its imposing walkers and assault crafts, Legatus manpower was vital for the utilization of those crafts and to combat the enemies of the Legatus. Dividing its personnel into classifcations of either officiers or enlisted personnel (troopers), officers, similair to their naval counterparts often recieved extra pay and visitation rights to their families. Officers and enlisted personnel were encouraged to drink a nutritive slurry instead of regular food in order to conserve resources, however senior officers could gorge themselves without appearing feeble and had access to exotic foods.

All officers and enlisted personnel were required to have an innate combat readiness, and were expected to pass repeated certifications in various forms of self defense, weapon and vehicle handling, however at higher ranks these requirements lessened somewhat. Gambling was expressly forbidden within the military, with harsh punishments for those engaging in the activity. Those that shirked from duty could be reported for cowardice, on desertion stood the death penalty. Army captains are often called capitán by army and naval personnel.

Rank Insignia[]

The Legatus Military displayed a rank insignia system to indicate once rank and position within the Military.

Legatus Army Rank Insigna

Soldier Units[]

Legatus Driver Troopers Large.png
Legatus Driver Troopers
Legatus Driver Troopers II.png
Legatus Driver Troopers.png

Legatus Driver Troopers, commonly known as drivers or drifters, were deployed by the Legatus Army as specialised units that were able to commandeer, pilot and drive any ground vehicle within the Army. Whether it were walkers, repulsorcrafts or wheeled vehicles, the drivers were trained to act as driver in both peacetime and combat situations. They were also trained to commandeer the weaponry on each vehicle.

Trained to drive or pilot any vehicle, the drivers were fitted with white light armor similair to the marines, to allow maximum movement within the often cramped vehicles. In addition, the armor featured grey shoulder pads and grey markings on the chest, their helmets could integrate with vehicle systems to increase operating effeciency. They also carried a hand gun. This type of armor was also often seen amongst Imperial Army Officers, due to it being a rather comfortable and practical one.

Legatus Infantry TrooperLArge.png
Legatus Infantry Troopers
Legatus Infantry Trooper.png
Legatus Infantry Trooper II.png

Legatus Infantery Troopers, more commonly known as footsoldiers, sandcrawlers or mud-scoops were deployed by the Legatus Army as their main infantry throughout their territories. Formed from the eager and often young humand/humanoid conscripts, infantry troopers served as the expeditionary units of the Legatus' ground forces, tasked with the subjugation of worlds that dared to resist the Augustus' rule. They often fough alongside other troopers during joint operations.

Infantry troopers are trained to operate in climates varying from tropical to moderate climates, wielding a blaster rifle and thermal imploders they were a menace to their foes. Infantry troopers featured sand colored armor, with a red band around their right arm. Officers were often spotted with blue chest plates and left blue shoulder pads. From the rank of army captain, customised variants were also seen.

Legatus MarinesLArge.png
Legatus Marine Troopers
Legatus Marines.png
Legatus Marines II.png

Legatus Marine Troopers, more commonly known as marines, or bucketheads, were deployed by the Legatus Army and were specially trained to fight onboard starships and space stations, and in zero-gravity. Equipped with light weaponry so as not to cause undue damage to their environment during combat, marines were seen onboard all Legatus Naval ships. They were deployed on a wide range of missions, ranging from reconnaissance and scouting to frontal combat assaults while landing with their dropships to subdue enemy forces or support cavelry units. They are often described as though, hardened sodliers, who had an intense training and are often seen as elite shock troopers.

Marine troopers featured white colored armor, with visor helmets. From the rank of army captain, customised variants of armour were seen amongst the officers.

Fornaeria Ramveral GuardLarge.png
Ramveral Royal Guard
Fornaeria Ramveral Guard.png
Ramveral Guard (whip).png

The Ramveral Royal Guard were reputedly the most skilled Serindia warriors in the forces of the Legatus; out of the legions of soldiers, the Augustus' guards were unsurpasse din skill and status. Handpicked by the monarch there loyalty is unquestionable. The qualifications for joining the Guard's ranks included strenght, intelligence, and loyalty.

Recieving advanced training in many forms of combat, the monarchs word was considered law and his guards would obey his or her orders without question or hesistation, even if it meant killing one of their own. The Royal Guards are clad in traditional "Ramveral" armor, dark grey with golden decorations, wielding a sword and a helmet. Their chest plate featured the royal insignia of House Ramveral. They either used a sword or a whip as their preffered choice of weapon.

Legatus Army Equipment and Assets[]

Dropships & Gunships[]

The Legatus Army used dropships to conduct and support army operations.


Legatus Low Altitude Gunship
Legatus Low Altitude Gunship.png

The Legatus Low Altitude Gunship (LLAG), also known as the Legatus gunship, was a type of Low Altitude Assault Transport that mainly served as gunships and troop transport for the Legatus military forces. Its role was to transport troopers as well as offering air-to-ground support for the Legatus military.

It had an average length of 18.2 meters.


Assault Dropship
Legatus Stutgart-Class Dropship.png

The Legatus Stutgart-class is the Legatus' main dropship to bring troops into battle and small vehicles like the LTT. The dropship was able for surface and orbital movements though dit not have a hyperdrive. The class was armed with two Forward Mounted Heavy laser cannons and two forward laser cannons. It featured two wings and consisted out of two levels.

It had an average length of 22.8 meters.

Repulsorcraft and wheeled[]

The Legatus Army deployed repulsorcraft and wheeled cavalry units to support army operations or to secure occupied planets and areas. They were more commonly seen on less vital planets with smaller regiments that upheld or enforced the Legatus rule.


Legatus Combat Assault Transport
LCAT (Combat Assault Transport).png

The Legatus Combat Assault Transport, also known as LCAT was an unarmed heavily armed wheeled transport, mostly used to transport cargo and troops in areas where repulsorcrafts like the LTT were unable to operate. It had eight wheels and could hold a large amount of cargo within its cargo holds. It could reach a speed of at least 160 kilometers at full speed.

It fitted eight wheels and could hold a large amount of cargo within its cargo holds. It could reach a speed of at least 160 kilometers at full power and required a minimum of 2 drives to operate due to its large turning circle. The LCAT had an average height of 4.2 meters and an average length of 35.2 meters.


Legatus Combat Tank

The Legatus Combat Tank, also known as the LCT was an infantry tank deployed by the Legatus Army. It was a track-propelled ground assault vehicle, operated by two drivers and a commander. The LCT had great maneuverability in tight quarters, such as the streets of occupied cities. Its laser cannons could devastate enemy troops, and the powerful engines could transport heavy payloads. In addition, its powerful tracks allowed the vehicle to climb steep slopes as well.

While it had weaknesses, the LCT could cross terrain obstacles that most other vehicles of its era could not. It had an average lenght of 8 meters and a height of 2.6 meters.

LPSB View.png

Legatus Patrol Speeder Bike
Legatus Patrol Speeder Bike LPSB.png

The Legatus Patrol Speeder Bike, more commonly known as the LPSB, or the patrol speeder was a model of speeder bike used by driver troopers of the LEgatus to patrol shipyards, cities and other industrial facilities important to the Legatus cause.

As a repulsorcraft, it contained both power and agility, equiped with sophisticated electronics to alert the driver of any incoming danger it was also armed with two forward fixed blaster cannons. It had a medium length of 4.12 meters and could reach a maximum speed of 400 kilometer per hours.

LTTLarge.pngLTT Ammunion Large.png

Legatus Troop Transport
LTT (Legatus Troop Transport).png

The Legatus Troop Transport, also known as the LTT was a boxy repulsorlift ground assault vehicle deployed by the Legatus Army. The craft was manufactured by Kertas Industries and was an important and vital part of the Legatus' motor-pool within the army. It was used to either move Legatus troops in, or to move prisoners out. The LTT was fitted with two forward laser guns, and one dorsal twin laser turret.

The LTT could also be modified to act as a cargo transport, its dorsal turret had to be removed and its side racks could e used to transport food supply boxes. The LTT had an average lenth of 9 meters.


The Legatus Army deployed walkers to achieve various objectives on the battlefield. Walkers were the most fierce and feared assets deployed by the Legatus.

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All Terrain-Armored Transport
Legatus AT-AT.png

The Legatus All Terrain Armored Transport, also known as AT-AT or Legatus Walkers was a major part of the Legatus' motor-pool. Equipped with a considerable amount of fire power and being heavily armored, the AT-AT was argueably the most feared and effective land vehicle in the Legatus Army.

It had a lenght of 20 meter and a height of 22 meters.


All Terrain-Defense Pod

The Legatus All Terrain Defense Pod, also known as the AT-DP was a bipedal Imperial Walker manufactured by Ekimu Enterprises and part of the Legatus' motor-pool within the Army. They often supported ground troopers or the larger AT-AT in combat formations.

It was armed with a single cannon and considered ideal for patrols within populated areas.

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