The Legatus, also known as the Royaume la Eglise or the Kingdom of Eglise was a totalitarian dictatorship wihtin the Quadrant Galaxies as of September July 2820. The Legatus was the successor state of the Legatus Finduilica in the Finduila Sector and was formed as the Quadrantia Contingency Plan came to its fruition. Since its forming in 2820 the Legatus controls the former eastern colonial sectors of the once proud and glorious Rambo Nation before its fall in 2819. Upon its formation, the Legatus began a conflict expansion within the Space in Between.

The Legatus officially recognised head of state is the Augustus (male) or Augusta (female) of the royal bloodline of House Ramveral. In truth, the Legatus day-to-day business are governed by the Mandator Council while the monarch and his Preatorians have complete control over the military.

The forming of the Legatus was not unchallenged, as governments within the Quadrants and the Space in Between challenge it legimate claim and power. Yet their power is vast, and as a former staunch supporter and ally of the late Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Legatus is set to follow their example. It is often considered an Imperial Remnant though less cruel than the Empire was, however they are not above shady and immoral acts.

Many within the Legatus consider the Legatus as the rightful and legit successor of both the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation.


Early Years[]

With the defeat and fall of Emperor Tyrómairon during the Great Battle of Orbispira near the end of 2820, the Second Great Cyrannus War and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus met its end and conclusion. Yet the Imperial vision and power was far from broken, though the fall of the Emperor and the subsequent fall of Imperial High Command, various Imperial Remnants rose to power while others were quickly defeated by the New Cyrannian Republic as they fought to bring back democracy to the Cyrannus Galaxy. However, in the Quadrant Galaxies, the power of the former Empire lasted in the eastern sectors of the former Rambo Nation, as the Legatus rose to power with its capital of Boreas. Though a shadow of the Imperial might, it none the less maintained and produced a powerful military force using the natural and rich resources of the late Rambo sectors and industry.

To assert their control, the Legatus navy swiftly secured important facilities like the Shipyards of Ramirth

As the Rambo Loyalist and their Dinotopian, Dutch and Singularim allies struggled to create a new form of government for the Ramboidae Realm, the Legatus laid their foundations in the east and beyond and vowed to stay! Within moments of their formation, the Legatus secured or aligned various important logistic and production facilities, amongst them the Muunivelle Shipping Company and the civilian shipyard facility at Ramirith, though they produced civilian ships for all across the Quadrants and beyond, it meant that together with Boreas, the Legatus had two major shipyard production facilities.

Around 2830, the Legatus made a vital and important mega structure and waste disposal trade agreement with the Megastructural Construction Corporation of the Nivenian Empire.

Divina Frigus[]

Main article: Divina Frigus
The Sacratus - Legatus Cold War had started at the end of the Twilight of Divina as both powers laid claim to their own territories. Though on speaking terms, the Cold War lasted for decades with smaller conflicts on both sides that threatened the peace within the Quadrant Galaxies and potentialy the Cyrandia Cluster. The Legatus expanded and solidified their territories and claim within the Space in Between, though struggled with minor insurgencies within that sector.

Tensions within the Cold War reached unprecedented levels in early 2850 due to a matter of concurrent events. In January of 2850 the navy dispatched the Arquitens-class exploration cruiser, the LSF Legionnaire into the Chandras Galaxy where it sieged a group of Civatron younglings to study their Psionic capabilities. Shortly after, the USS Harakaze unexpectedly returned from their exploits that led to the Calcutta War shortly after.

Governmental Institutions[]

Augustus or Augusta[]

The Legatus order was controlled absolutely by the Augustus or the Augusta, a rule many considered just and fair as they considered House Ramveral the rightful monarchs after the fall of the original Royal Dynasty. The title was given to the first ruler of the Legatus, the son of the former High King Rambert Ramveral and his wife, Ramtailia Anna Le Rambo. The masculine and femine forms are a connection with things considered divine or sacred within the Legatus culture, as they bestow the Ramveral rulers ruling by the devine will of various entities.

The Augustus and Augusta leave most day-to-day affairs to their Mandators while keeping direct control over the Legatus Military thorugh use of their loyal protectors, the Praetorians.

As Augustus, the title was for life and its decrees were unquestionable and those that dared to oppose risked be silenced or spirited away.

Mandator Council[]

Legatus Mandators are officials that carried out the will of the Augustus or Augusta in their assigned sectors, functioning as regional governors and overseers. The Legatus day-to-day business are governed by Mandators who meet once a month at Boreas, whether or not in person or by holo-transmission. The Mandator position is the highest civil authority besides the Augustus/Augusta and the Preatorians. Mandators wore a rank insignia bearing ten colored squares, five blue over three red en two gold though not all the Mandators wear their insignia.

Contrary to the Mandators of the former Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Mandators have no direct power over the military or military units and as such only hold civil authority. However, a Mandator could issue the use of military assets via Legatus Command and would be assigned an admiral to carry out his/her wishes in accordance with military procedures and protocol. If military assets were assigned to a Mandator, the military units would answer to the Mandator directly unless otherwise instructed by a Praetorian.

Mandators were expected to maintian order, prevent corruption, enforce the law, and not otherwise interfere with the operation of the local bureaucracy or sector government. The vagueness of their defined powers lead to infringements of civil liberty and tyranny; Mandators may have, in the name of restoring order, had their soldiers fire on peaceful demonstration, or bombard a planet into submission for purely political defiance.

Known Mandators

Influence in political power may vary between Mandators depending on their social status and the amount of planets they govern. For example, Ser Ramburgo Ramveral as a Serindia noble of House Ramveral holds considerable more power and influence than Mandator Achyriona of Yudumarth.

Name Name Name Name Name
Syria AchyrionaLarge.png CRE Mandator Tavira Earthbound-1ed8a498 ful.png Ramantas RamgrathLarge.png Mandator Ser Ramburgo RamveraLarge.png CRE Maketh Triggant.png
Syria Achyriona

Planets governed:

Tavira Earthbound

Planets governed:

Ramantas Ramgrath
(Rambo Serindia)

Planets governed:

Ser Ramburgo Ramveral
(Rambo Serindia)

Planets governed:

Maketh Triggant

Planets governed:

Praetorian Assembly[]

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The Praetorian Assembly or council are the de facto guardians of law and order within the Legatus, consisting out of mysterious decorated armored individuals within the Legatus who can wield considerable magical powers. They serve as as the Legatus Supreme Court, commanders of the Legatus Military and are the elite guards of House Ramveral. Most of them have their own agenda seperate from the Mandator Council who deal with the day-to-day business of the Legatus.

They are known to take command over military assets whenever they require it and with it outrank the military command structure, often to the frustration and dismay of admirals. Though the military is well aware of their excistence, they are more mysterious for the civilian population. They are adressed with either Lord, Lady or your Excellency by military and civilians.

Each Preatorian has a sphere of excellence wich they oversee in name of the Augustus/Augusta, with the Sphere of Inquisition considered the lowest amongst them due to the gruesome task of interrogation, torture and executions.

Known Praetorian
Praetorian Praetorian Praetorian Praetorian Praetorian
CRE Praetorian Adûnaphel.png CRE Praetorian Agandaûr.png Lady AstrosiaLarge.png CRE Praetorian Titus.png CRE Praetorian Skesqar.png
Lady Adûnaphel
Laws and Justice
Lord Agandaûr
Knowledge & Mysteries
Lady Astrosia
Lord Titus
Intelligence & Military
Lord Skesqar

Society and Culture[]


The Garkarg was considered a token of the Legatus military might, something most of the population took pride in!

The Legatus was a vast military regime, spanning from the powerful bastion of Boreas, to the mystical world of Carnthedain with in the Space in Between. The Legatus was remarkably multicultural, with a 'rather astonishing cohesive capacity'to create a sense of shared identity while encompassing diverse peoples withi nits political system. It had multiple, overlapping social hierarchies that indicated once social status within the Legatus. As with most societies, the Legatus had lower classes, worker classes and elite classes within its system to keep the Legatus running. However there was a profound difference in social status when considered a citizens or a civilian. Civilians were often considered second class citizens who did not serve within the political and military system of the Legatus.

Civilans are people who have not performed any type of Legatus Service and therefore lack many of the rights that Citizens have, such as the right to vote and government-sponsored free education and elections. When requesting a license to have a child, civilians often find that it is more difficult to obtain one and on back water world where poverty is the standard, this often leads to the illegal smuggling of children that are sold into slavery. Citizens, especialley humanoid citizens were uncommon within the naval ranks though were a common sight as troopers serving within the Legatus Army. Serving a period of 10 years within the Army could be rewarded with a Citizen status if the service record was clean and excellent no matter the rank.

Due to the prominence of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus glorification, the Legatus culture shows arts from the Cyrannian High Culture and the Quadrants. However, many artists and musicians who openly created inflammatory anti-Legatusworks were taken prisoner and send to labor camps or even executed depending on the degree.

Discrimination, slavery and propaganda[]

Sadly, like the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus the Legatus practiced state-sponsered discrimination against extragalactics. Nevertheless, despite the disdain held by many Legatus toward citizens of the Outer Gigaquadrant, official government policy stated that any being who wished to pledge loyalty to the Legatus was welcome to do so.

The Legatus is not strange to enslave population or eradicate them when they oppose the Legatus might. The Legatus routinely enslaved civilised species when they do not fit the Legatus standards, regared as work force many of them wound up in labor camps or construction sites. Though officially outlawed under the Legatus and actively patrolled against smugglers, unofficially however, the practice of slavery was increasingly commonplace, albeit under the term 'indentured servitude' like the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus practiced.

Religion was practiced within the Legatus and both citizens and civilians were free to practice their religions in the designated areas for it.

Legatus propaganda was used by the Mandator council and the Legatus military as a bulwark against choas and the promotion of law, order and security.

Ubiquitous throughout the Empire is propaganda hailing the military as a bulwark against chaos—laying claim as Cyrannus' united civilisation. Throughout the Legatus history, civic pride, bolstered by ubiquitous propaganda, boomed across Legatus space, enforcing the faith in their Augustus or Augusta.


The Legatus was a multi-species civilisation consisting of dozens of species who call the Cyrandia Cluster their home. As mentioned before, there is a clear distinct difference between citizens and civilians per rights, citizens have more rights as they serve within the political and military organisations and therefore have no restrictions on the amount of children they can have. They also enjoy free education and healthcare, in stark comparison to civilians as they have to pay for that.

Being a citizens also gives you more right by law and even Praetorians are more careful dealing with citizens as civlians are easier spirited away as they are deemed lesser than citizens by the higher Legatus hierarchy. Though not uncommon, it is rare to see wealthy civlians gain a position of power within the Legatus unless they are backed by the political or miltary system. Occupied species became occupied citizens of the Legatus who had few to none rights compared to the other two classes within society, though were allowed to travel provided they had the right travel visas. they were however protected from slavery and exploitation. To complicate matters, they were often the species found amongst those that challenged the might of the Legatus.

The Legatus saw an increase dominance of humanoid species within the military.

Citizen Species


Planets associated with: Laregians.png


Planets associated with: SerindiaNui.png

Rambo Serindia

Planets associated with:

Rambo Serindia of Ramirith

Planets associated with:
Civlian Species


Planets associated with: Q-OrtellaLarge.png
Planets associated with: Quadrantia ZazaneLargeII.png

Quadrantia Zazane

Planets associated with:

Rambo Acientia of Aegimi

Planets associated with: Yudimaran species.png


Planets associated with: ZarbriaekSpeciesLarge.png


Planets associated with:
Occupied Species
CRE CarnthuendiCastle.png


Planets associated with: Half-Orc Ozdudrahk.png


Planets associated with:

Military and defence[]

Main article: Legatus Army & Legatus Navy
The Legatus state was based on having a strong military with the Augustus or Augusta as its Command in Chief, with a Supreme Commander as its direct commander over the military forces. The Legatus Military consisted out of the Legatus Army and the Legatus Navy, the military was answerable to the Head of State and the Praetorians, though if delegated could also answer to Mandators.

The Legatus deployed a well equipped and strong navy

The various fleets of the navy were largely made up of Star Cruisers and Star Frigates, like the Krakana-class star cruisers and the Enforcer-class star frigates. Task forces and patrol forces consisted normally out of either Arquitens-class star frigates and Gozanti-class transports. Other ships within the fleet could either support task forces and fleets or be deployed in their own roles as the Immibolizer-class star interdictor cruiser, the Schnorchel-class stealth corvette and the Yurrus-class carrier cruiser. The Navy also featured various support and logistic vessels like the Contentor-class Replenisher and Refueler.

Starfighters within the Legatus military forces came from the ASP-line- including models like the IV, V and the Defender. Meanwhile the military ground forces heavily relied on the powerful and imposing AT-AT walkers and the smaller AT-DP. Within its military forces the Legatus deployed Legionnaire troopers who served onboard star ship and infantry troops for ground surface combat. They also deployed various elite troopers like the Serindia Fornaeria Guard.

The Legatus Army was known to favor the use of the tactic combined arms, in which both infantry and armored cavelry were used together agaisnt a target so the enemy would have to defeat both. The Legatus armored cavelry consisted out of walkers, like the AT-AT and the AT-DP, transport and assault crafts like the LTT and the LCAT, but also tanks like the LCT and patrol speeders as the LPSB.

Massive military installations like Ramboidae Artificial Moon battlestation known as the Garkarg were kept secret and act as massive military strongholds.


Boreas was the capital of the Legatus, located within the Eastern Sector of Quadrant 82

The Legatus domain consisted of multiple star systems and world throughout the Cyrandia Cluster and the Space in Between, ultimately making it one of the larger and dominant powers within the Cluster. It held a tight grip over its systems and imposes its law and order by use of military force. The Legatus ruled from the its industrialized bastion, Boreas within the Quadrant Galaxies. While consolidating their positions within the Quadrants and its surrounding sectors, the Legatus desires to expand their influence thorughout the "Outer Gigaquadrant", their derisive term to describe systems and sectors beyond the Cyrandia Cluster.

Most heavily populated Legatus held worlds were supplied by nearby planets for both raw supplies and food. Their most important planets were under constant protection of the Legatus military and its borders were heavily patrolled to prevent any incursions and to hunt down smugglers and pirates

Other important planet within the Legatus were- though not limited to the shipyards at Ramirith, the former Rambo Nation colony Javan and the human planet Lareg in the Space in Between.

See the following page for an overview of all Legatus planet: Planets.

Foreign Relations[]

The Legatus promotes an active foreign policy based on neutral relations that allow for cooperation in dire situation within both the Cyrandia Cluster and the outer Gigaquadrant. To do so, the Legatus makes use of a diplomatic corps of ambassadors. The Legatus is open to house an ambassador from a respective empire and grand him diplomatic immunity.

Before any diplomatic relationship can be established, the Augustus or Augusta and the Mandator Council have to approve though will often rely on the information and threat analyses of the Praetorian and the Legatus Military.


None so far


We believe coexistence is possible but we are weary of your motives.

Civilisation Relation Threat Level State of Relation
New Empire
Yellow face.png Abject The New Empire, also known as the Second Empire, is a militaristic regime based in the Cyrannus Galaxy, officially styled as the successor of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, having risen from its ashes in the aftermath of the Second Great Cyrannus War. As the Legatus Finduilica and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus before us both, we hope to achieve the same level of trust and cooperation and have no interest in conflict whatsoever.

Our adversaries are legion, though the Legatus might will endure against any foe.

Civilisation Relation Threat Level State of Relation
Dinotopian Republic
Yellow face.png Substantial The Dinotopian Republic is a Quadrant 82 power in the western sectors of the quadrant, one of our planets, Muunivelle lies within their sphere of influence. A treaty of neutrality has been written between the two super power but relations remain stiff and rather tense. However both sides do not express desire for conflict, as conflict would be exhausting and damage would be significant to Legatus interests. Estimates are in the long term the Legatus will be victorious.
New Cyrannian Republic
Orange face.png Abject The New Cyrannian Republic is de dominant power within the Cyrannus Galaxy and responsible for the defeat and fal of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. As they actively hunt down and combat Imperial Remnants, no official relations excist per 2830 though conflict seems inevitable if both sides do not respect each others borders. If conflict would break out, the Legatus would be at considerable disadvantage against the New Republic due to their military might and control over various vital wormholes. A Legatus defeat is a possiblilty without intervention of allies.
7th Expedition Fleet.png
Singularim Pact
Red face.png Abject The Singularim Pact came to the sudden and unexpected aid of the Rambo Loyalist in August 2820, Legatus Command blames them for our sudden defeat in the Western Regions. Powerful warriors with impressive ships, their might is something the Legatus might never encountered before and required different tactics. In conflict the Legatus would be at considerable disadvantage and a defeat against them is a possibility. However, encountering them in battle the Legatus Military learned new tactics to stand against their might.
Troodontid Empire2.jpg
Troodontid Empire
Orange face.png Substantial Legatus Intelligence reported that the Troodontid Empire seems to dislike the Legatus and for what is stands for and are known collaborators against the might of the Empire. The Legatus have no quarel with them though they will face our cannons dare they tresspass our borders and will suffer our wrath if there are indications of activity against the interessts of the Legatus.



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