The League of Patrons is an organization of ascended beings who act primarily in the First Gigaquadrant. Each of them has an area of specialization, or patronage, around which their powers are organized.



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Each member of the League of Patrons has a specialty around which their unique abilities and activities revolve. This patronage can be anything, from something usually considered good, like truth or justice, to something morally neutral, like power, to something usually considered evil, like suffering. Whatever it is, the Patron’s responsibilities usually revolve around it. For example, the Lightbringer is the Patron of Truth, and his primary responsibility is to fight against false beliefs that are causing harm.

The Patron will also usually have certain powers that revolve around their patronage. The Judge for example, has his scales, which have the ability to tell if a person is guilty or innocent of any immoral action. This result is not difficult for an immortal to replicate, but the scales themselves are one of a kind. Ku-Rokti’s ability to ascend in such a way as to create more Patrons is another seemingly unique ability. Though it is likely that other immortals could replicate it, he is one of only two that is known to have done it.

This is not to say, however, that all of a Patron’s unique traits are related to their patronages. They do sometimes have other unique elements to them. The Lightbringer for example, is known for his tendency to use his immortal powers to allow mortals to indulge in foods that do not occur naturally just as much as he is known for his activities attempting destroy misinformation. The Cleanser also puts a good deal of work into managing the Aeoneonatrix Empire.


The League is headed by the Trainer, the Patron of Essence. He is ultimately responsible for directing the League’s activities, and managing and assigning collaborative missions. He also is in charge of setting the rules for what Patrons are allowed to do and not allowed to do. He can also grant exceptions to these rules. He has the power to call the League together for emergency meetings, and is ultimately responsible for bringing new members into the League. He is also the final arbiter on whether or not to remove a member from the League if someone proposes doing so.

He grants a lot of freedom though. League members are generally allowed to operate how they want at their own discertion, provided that they follow the basic rules set forth by the Trainer.


Patrons work for fifteen hours every day, leaving nine hours for them to spend as they wish. During their fifteen hours, they must be working at all times, and may only attend to personal affairs if they can multitask, or else if it is incredibly urgent, such as if worshippers are being attacked by a highly advanced military force, and in the latter case, they must work into their break time to compensate. Patrons do choose how their break time is distributed. Some, such as the Judge, have it all at once, while others, such as the Lightbringer, distribute it somewhat throughout their day.

During their work hours, they are expected to be acting in accord with their assigned mode of operations. What this is can vary from Patron to Patron, for example, the Cleanser is required to find candidates for and perform cleansings whilst the Lightbringer is assigned cultures from which he is charged with dislodging misconceptions. Invariably, its goal is to advance the cause of good as is understood by the League.

During their off time, Patron’s activities vary wildly. Many of them have followers, who often spend their off time tending to them. The Judge, Cleanser, and Lightbringer are even worshipped as outright gods by their followers, and their tending often takes the form of granting prayers and making extravagant public appearances. Both the Cleanser and the Lightbringer do this. In addition, some of them have more eccentric hobbies. The Lightbringer, for example, keeps a pet mortal, High Priest Riffrex. The Watcher, Firebrand, Peacemaker and Comptroller are seen as liberators and guides by their followers rather than literal gods, though the Comptroller does have a cult of personality attributed to him. The Trainer, Researcher, Chainbreaker and Patron of Power do not have cults associated with them, and spend their time more as free agents.

Sometimes, a patron’s work and their hobbies will be connected in some way. For instance, many of the Cleanser’s jobs are related to the Aeoneonatrix, for example, the Cleansings of Tuzark and Callanni Candleflame. The Cleanser and the Lightbringer also gain many of their worshippers, whose care constitutes one of each of their hobbies, from their jobs.


Name: Ku-Rokti
Patronage: Essence
Unique Powers: Unknown
Moon: Arena
Prior Species: Unknown
Date of Joining: 162,557 BC (Date of Formation)

Creator: Aeoneonatrix

Name: Ufo'Talla
Patronage: Justice
Unique Powers: The Scales
Moon: Heretica
Prior Species: Unknown
Date of Joining: 162,557 BC (Date of Formation)

Creator: Aeoneonatrix

Name: Kiff’Rellaka
Patronage: Suffering
Unique Powers: Projection of Illusions into Mortal brains
Moon: Purga
Prior Species: Mardor
Date of Joining: 97,561 BC

Creator: Aeoneonatrix

Name: Zein Zatock
Patronage: Wisdom
Unique Powers: Astral projection, Preconsciousness
Moon: Solomon
Prior Species: Giomus
Date of Joining: 75,321 BC

Creator: The Buldier

Name: Too Long to Say or Write (He got carried away when picking a name.)
Patronage: Power
Unique Powers: Unknown
Moon: Too long to say or write (He tried to control himself this time, but still got too carried away.)
Prior Species: Loron
Date of Joining: 54,396 BC

Creator: Aeoneonatrix and Technobliterator

Name: Alikos
Patronage: Truth
Unique Powers: Cannot lie
Moon: Isuma
Prior Species: Human
Date of Joining: 2020

Creator: Aeoneonatrix

Name: Raydon Zof'farus
Patronage: Guidance
Unique Powers: The Shepherd's Call
Moon: Oculata
Prior Species: Unknown, Pre-Raydoni
Date of Joining: 2483

Creator: Lord Raydon

Name: Krilok
Patronage: Equality
Unique Powers: Actually existing in multiple places at the same time
Moon: Revoluta
Prior Species: Zarbanian
Date of Joining: 2642

Creator: Zillafire101 and Aeoneonatrix

Name: Mortrig Malevon
Patronage: Freedom
Unique Powers: Shackling Souls
Moon: Tyrannica
Prior Species: Dominatus
Date of Joining: 2796

Creator: GD12 and Aeoneonatrix

Name: Aeras Valkhus
Patronage: War
Unique Powers: Claiming souls from any and all defeated opponents
Moon: Serena
Prior Species: Dragowar
Date of Joining: 2805

Creator: Ecoraptor3339 and Aeoneonatrix

Name: Marius Yecron
Patronage: Control
Unique Powers: Aura of Acquiescence
Moon: Hegemonia
Prior Species: Zozer
Date of Joining: 2824

Creator: Patriot868 and Aeoneonatrix


Arcana is a gas giant which serves as the league’s main base of operations. It has well over 50 moons. Each patron has one of these moons set aside for him to alter and use as he sees fit. Patrons usually have a large palace on his home moon, which can be considered his home. However, the moon can also serve a purpose for their duties as a patron.



Heretica’s entire surface is a giant prison full of souls which either belong to his worshipers or to persons he has killed. For newly arrived prisoners, Heretica is hellish. Its long halls of cells are cold and empty, its prison yards gloomy. The cells themselves are all unique. Each prisoner’s cell is designed to torment its inhabitants in the most ironic way deemed just. Its size, shape, contents and sometimes inhabitants vary. Some cells have been proven to violate typical laws of spacetime by being larger on the inside than on the outside, though most are very small.

For the Judge’s followers, their sentence as prisoners is usually short and relatively tolerable. Because they usually do not have any grave sins, their ironic punishments pertain to their bad habits and flaws, and are appropriately mild. For souls the Judge has taken after execution, sentences are much longer, sometimes centuries long, though they are never eternal.

When a person’s sentence on Heretica ends, which will only occur when every sin they have ever committed has been justly punished in full, they are allowed a choice of any of the patron’s positive afterlives, or Heretica’s frozen wing. In the frozen wing, souls are frozen in Heretica’s icy core. They are not conscious and do not suffer in this state. They experience nothing and no time passes for them until they are thawed out to again be offered an afterlife, which occurs whenever a the soul of a family member is collected by the League, whenever a new afterlife becomes available, or whenever any similar event happens which the prison’s guards deem likely to encourage them to answer differently than they previously did.

The Judge’s own positive afterlife is service as a prison guard. Guards are allowed extended break times, during which they have access to delicious food, very enjoyable recreation and extended socialization. Their psychological makeup is also arranged so as to allow them to enjoy their work directing and guiding the prisoner’s punishments and managing the souls in the frozen wing.

Ku-Rokti, the leader of the League, has recently opened the door for souls who did not previously give their permission to the league to harvest them to be harvested and held in Heretica’s Frozen Wing, rather than detained for two weeks before which their wish to be allowed to enter the Great Unknown must be honored. Such souls are always allowed to choose which of the Patron’s afterlives they end up in. Due to the limited range of Patron's power to harvest souls without modifying them, which they are still not allowed to do without permission, this does not mean that all souls henceforth will now be harvested by the league, though persons who die within a few lightyears of any patron, their area of effect, will often be. League members say they want to harvest every soul within their area of effect, but an outside force which most of them have not yet identified prevents them. When asked about this force's nature, Alikos the Lightbringer has cited Cult of Spore dogma, though philosophers have made somewhat persuasive arguments for negative immortals and limitations on the Patrons and their use of essence.



Isuma is the Lightbringer's home moon. It is a lush paradise, seemingly designed to pander to mortal’s most primal desires. The moon is covered in delicious foods, varied enough to provide some food for almost any organism. The fruit is low hanging, and small rodents sometimes crowd around carnivores and omnivores as if asking to be eaten.

As one ventures closer and closer to the Lightbringer’s palace, the quality of all of the sensations on the moon gradually improves. Once one enters the palace, one begins to find steaks, pastries, and other foods which typically must be processed. As one travels closer and closer to the Lightbringer’s chamber in the center, the food becomes even better until one reaches the Lightbringer’s chamber, at which point it is all but impossible to resist the urge to eat the food.

The Lightbringer spends much of his time in this chamber. This is also where he keeps Riffrex, whom he considers to be his “pet” mortal. In the center of the Lightbringer’s chamber is the table Riffrex eats off of, which contains foods designed to be as enjoyable to him as possible, some of which have tempered this by putting secondary priority on nutrition.

There is also a television in the Chamber. Where exactly it receives its broadcasts is not clear, but they often mirror television, and even more often, internet podcasts, videos, and webshows from 21st century earth (though this is not the case with everything it plays). The Lightbringer seems to have absolute control over what it plays, however, deepening the mystery as to their origin. Often Riffrex and the Lightbringer watch them, whilst the Lightbringer sits on the throne in the room and Riffrex lies across his lap whilst being stroked by the Lightbringer.


Solomon is the Researcher's moon. Is bassically a giant scientific station used by the Researcher as a base and, ocasionally, as his home. The surface of the moon is a barren desert with some active volcanoes, which could indicate seismic activity, which is quite artificial. No animals live in this area with very few exceptions of certain beings escaped from the underground laboratories.

No structure exists on the surface of Solomon, with the exception of a ziggurat-shaped building, where there is access to the interior of the moon. Once in the ziggurat, the subject attempts to enter is scanned, cleaned and sent by teleportation into the moon. Inside there is an amalgam of studio facilities of fundamental physics, biology in extreme habitats, essence and its uses, extreme energy and intelligence development.

It can recognize five key areas inside the moon. The Jungle, a huge "savage paradise" where, from high-tech climate control, different environments where dwell strange beasts, most dangerous and strange powers related to the essence. The Lab, a large laboratory where we study advanced particle physics and high energy physics, is notable for being riddled with high-tech devices and a giant particle collider. The Temple, a small structure which channels a large amount of elemental energy, and the spiritual center of Solomon. The Son of Helios, a huge power generator that is located in the center of the moon, it is unknown what kind of fuel is fed. Finally Home, a sort of palace located between the Temple and the Son of Helios, basically a structure composed of pure energy that the Researcher used as resting place.

The main inhabitants of Solomon are self-aware droid energy compounds, created by the Reseracher to continue his research while he is performing tasks of a patron. The leader of these is called "Headache", by the feelings that you have if you talk for more than ten minutes with him.



Revoluta is the Firebrand's moon. It is a very quiet moon, as the Firebrand does not seek followers, and even then, allows them to go to the afterlife of their respective cultures, instead of taking them to Revoluta. The only individuals he takes, are those who willingly used to oppress others in life. Even those he does not take to his own moon, but rather hands offf to the Judge for punishment. When their time in Heretica is over, the Firebrand will appear before them, and attempt to guide them to the afterlife of their people. Most accept, with only those who not only came around to the Firebrand's point of view, but also became willing to aid him in his endeavors, staying on his moon.

Revoluta, as a result, lacks much of the infrastructure present on other moons. It even lacks a central palace, as the Firebrand does not allow himself such a dwelling, instead sleeping in an enormous wooden beer keg made in the Zarbanian style stuffed with warm furs, both items he took from the Patron of Power. Indeed, redeemed souls oftentimes possess more luxurious residences than the ascetic Patron of Equality himself does. These communities still live a relatively primitive existence, but are fully self-sufficient as everthing is geared towards their contentment. Most of the Revoluta is still very pristine, and filled to the brim with all forms of life that caught the eye of the Firebrand during his travels trough the universe. The Firebrand often takes long strolls trough his moon, which can last for days, to visit the various communities he gave a better life, so that he never forgets what he is fighting for.

The ecosystem of Revoluta, regardless, is rather strange, and generally a much brighter variant of the traditional Zarbanian afterlife. There is no water on the moon, but springs of beer, which purify all it touches. Fields of wheat stretch as far as the eye can see, often broken up by forests of edible bamboo which, on closer inspection, is already cooked. For those pure of soul, it is impossible to go hungry on Revoluta, for readied drinks and pre-prepared food will literally rise up from the earth to offer themselves to the supplicant.



Serena is the Peacemaker's moon, and home to the souls of his worshippers and those he has gained control over by slaying their host bodies in combat. Most of the moon is a giant battlegound, where all but the most heinous of souls train by day for the eventual grand battle which the Peacemaker believes will see the League of Patrons firmly entrenched as the Ultraterrestrials of Elemental Energy. The most bellicose of souls who arrive on the moon were often personally hunted down by the Peacemaker in life. They come to Serena still believing war is by nature a positive thing, only to be ritually declared war upon by the Peacebringer and his armies. By day, they are hunted down for sport by the purified souls swelling on Serena, and forced to suffer trough their often horrific injuries, though they cannot be killed. These injuries vanish by nightfall, and these unrepentant warmongers are then forced to prepare the feasts for the night, though they cannot partake in them. The war upon them resumes by the break of dawn, and this cycle continues over and over again until the soul finally renounces war as a positive thing.

From that time onwards, their service in the armies of the Peacemaker begins. Souls are pitted against each other throughout the day, and must hone their skills in combat without resting, though in truth they neither need rest, nor food, nor drink. While combat skills held by souls in life remain, they are trained in every form of combat imaginable, from swordsmanship to rifling to harnessing essence, and even to cyber-warfare. As such, no matter the origin of the soul, there will always be an area of combat for them to train in. By nightfall, the Peacemaker makes certain these souls feel extremely exhausted however, and sends them to his Great Hall with the souls who have already become purified warriors. Instead of being given luxurious feasts by the helot-souls, black broth is prepared for them, even more distasteful and vile than the blood soup served to legionaries in the Imperium of War. This broth immediately restores the stamina and energy of those who drink it, though as noted tastes extraordinarily bad. The length of this training directly correlates to sins done by the soul in life, and thus for morally driven individuals it is extremely short, as martial skill comes naturally even when they possessed none before. For more sinful individuals, the training seems to be almost impossible, and progress in the various martial arts occurs extremely slowly.

Regardless, the training is never eternal and all souls eventually become purified warriors in service to the Peacemaker. The military exercises do not actually change, though souls will no longer tire from them, and experience the rush of combat previously withheld from them. They are also allowed to hunt down bellicose souls at their own discretion, allowing them the sastisfaction of meting out punishlment upon the unjust. At the end of the day throughout the night, they are served an endless feast in the Great Hall alongside the Peacemaker, able to pick whatever food and drink they can imagine, and never getting full. At the first rays of dawn, the stuffed warriors become lean and reinvigorated once again, and take up a new day of training.

In the past, Serena was mostly inhabited by the souls of war criminals killed by the Peacemaker, though after the Imperium of War fell to become the Consulate of Praxis, which took the Patron of War as their god, the moon has seen an enormous influx of souls. Luckily, the Peacemaker had been well prepared for this event, and his armies have grown a thousandfold.


Hegemonia serves as the home of the Comptroller. As a Patron-in-training, the Comptroller's moon is only newly formed and smaller than the others. The surface of the world is blanketed in a thick layer of fog which renders the surface invisible. Well-defended citadels rise up from this fog and float above it, connected to one another with bridges of light. The citadels themselves are bustling with souls harvested from the United Hegemony of Exterioris, both from its present and its past incarnations, who obey their Patron's every command. So vast are these structures, build out of white gold and veined marble, that they rise up into space. In this, Hegemonia is the exact opposite of Durac, the lost homeworld of the Comptroller, where rugged and gray buildings reached up into a sky of industrial smog. Inside, the enviornment is no less luxurious, as priceless gemstones and minerals are build into every surface.

The gilded citadels are positioned geometrically over the planet, all arranged around the Comproller's own palace, which is the most luxurious of all. Each of the citadels is hollow, and the Comproller projects an image of himself onto the center of each. Upon arrival, each soul is modified by the Patron of Control to have the desire to worship him unconditionally, though new souls are placed into the citadels with only limited awareness and thus cannot see his face. There they will be locked into prayer for a day as the Comptroller makes further modifications. An additional day will be added for each time the soul the Comptroller had to interfere in the life of the soul. When this time of repentance is over, they are taken down to the planet by him, and allowed to enjoy the same pleasures as he did in life, including hunting, fishing, hiking, and reading, as well as caring for the Comptroller's extensive menagerie of birds. As purified souls on Hegemonia are intrinsically connected to the Comptroller, they essentially become part of him, and enjoy all the things he does. Hence, it does not matter that the only relaxations available on Hegemonia are those the Comptroller enjoys, for Hegemonia's purified souls will automatically find them enjoyable too.

True to his patronage, the Comptroller himself spends his days managing the events on the moon down to the second. As all souls on Hegemonia are linked and subservient to the Comptroller's own. Their every action is in directed by him as they serve as extenstions of his own being. This allows the souls on Hegemonia to rest in true bliss, knowing that the Comptroller does everything for, and trough, them. Because of this, souls arriving for permanent stay upon Hegemonia are granted a new, angelic shape by the Comptroller, gaining smooth and metallic skin of gold and white, and growing wings with blades for pinions. This new shape fashions them into deadly weapons by themselves, giving these souls little need for the ceaseless training demanded on Serena, for exemple. It furtehrmore implants them with a tiny sliver of the Comptroller's own Aura of Acquiescence, making those who gaze upon their forms more likely to obey the demands of the Comptroller and the League. As the Comptroller was ascended upon the very edge of death, he changed to become a coldly arrogant being devoid of the compassion and mercy he possessed as Marius Yecron. As such, the Comptroller has the unending desire to stamp out all opposition to the League of Patrons and even to bring reality to heel if need be, but cannot do this due to the regulations set in place by the Trainer. His training currently focusses on rectifying this flaw, preventing the youngest Patron from leaving the system much.


The League of Patrons do not possess a standing military, instead working through their servants and influencing the allies of these servants to do their bidding. A decade after the destruction of the Drakodominatus Tyranny, the League has gained control over those Harbingers of Agony that once kidnapped and guarded Ameius Wildlight on orders of his father, then-Dominatus Mortrig Malevon. Through sheer chance, most of these Overseers survived the Great Tyranny War, and after the Trial of the Dominatus constituted a little over half of the legion. After the Aeoneonatrix Empire had been relocated to the Andromeda galaxy, each of them was personally tracked down by Ameius, including a Praetor, Punisher, and ordered to dedicate themselves to the League. As Ameius was born a Dominatus and these Overseers had once been ordered to attend to his every need by his father Mortrig, the nature of their genetic engineering obliged them to obey without question. As a result of their dedication, these Harbingers of Agony are no longer exceptionally cruel, though still exist to cause pain to those souls incarcerated by the League. They are furthermore fully capable of temporarily reverting to their former mindset when the League wants to make an example out of enemies they deem as cruel as these Harbingers once were.


Green face Servants Edit

"Our beloved followers."

Green face Allies Edit

"Not our followers, but still our allies."

Blue face Friends Edit

"We like these."

Yellow face Neutral Edit

"We are largely apathetic."

Orange face Dislike Edit

"We dislike these."

Red face Enemies Edit

"These are our enemies."

Quotes From Others (Add here)Edit

My brother? An all-powerful being? Ha, ha! I'll believe it when I see it!

- Great General Vankalian when he heard that his deceased brother belongs to the League

So the ascension is not impossible... Interesting...

- Commandant and guru Edelmut Ren

I cannot believe my brother would side himself with these heretics.

- Makatus

Reckless and arrogant. A mere step above the Mali.

- Isio'Nar


- Sanktanaar Divin-Ra

Is the only way you know of torture and torment? Truly you are deities of death and not life. For this reason you will never have the power and position you seek. Those who master the powers of death and torment cannot ever hope to obtain the throne of life and love.

- Kiradonai, avatar of the Persacron

What is this, is this a fairytale? Because I find it extremely hard to even consider believing this to be real.

- Eko Angarg

Oh that's just adorable. A bunch of ascended-types formed a club where they can pretend to be 'gods' and pat themselves on the back. Some morons are even gullible enough to worship them.

- Nu'Iva Shal


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