Lassai Chiakian is a Chinawkya male born at Ivalaë, serving the native Chinawky navy, he joined Rambo Command after his people signed the Treaty of Fornaeria in 02 AQF. After two years at the Academy, he was temporally assigned to the experimental USS Elgorodaurl during the Great Cyrannus War, sadly he and his crew got relocated to the Endless Space, far away from Rambo Nation space.


Early life[]

USS Elgorodaurl in dry dock

Lassai Chiakian was born in 20 BQF at his home world of Ivalaë. Ever since childhood, he, together with his brothers were trained by their father to serve the Chinawkya navy. Lassai showed great promise, eventually becoming a commander at a young age. After the Chinawkya signed the Treaty of Fornaeria, they became members of Rambo Nation. Lassai was allowed to join Rambo Command as an exchange and integration officer. After two years at the Academy, Lassai graduated as captain and hoped to see action at the frontlines of the recently outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War. Instead he was send to Lesrekta, to oversee new experimental ship constructions. When Lizaconda of the Liberty II threatened the safety of Lesrekta’s hidden location, Lassai was ordered to take command of the experimental Tirithsilliana-class, the USS Elgorodaurl during the second month of 04 AQF. Trusting intelligence given, he took his crew and ship into the Metruia-Nebula, though an anomaly struck them and relocated them to the Endless Space, 126 years away from Rambo space.

Lost in Space[]

Main article: Lost in Space.

Briefing his senior staff

Shocked, he was informed that the chief engineer and medical officer, as well as his second in command were killed during the relocation. Of the skeleton crew of 35, fifteen were wounded and five were killed. His two remaining command or senior staff, lieutenants Lassa Evaana Penaeli and Corbar also told him that the propulsion systems were down, supplies, food and medical restriction would allow them to travel four months at warp 1.2 before resupply was necessarily. His second shock came then when Evaana informed him that in all directions for at least four months they would not encounter a single ship. Ordering his crew to stay alert, start repairs and work double shift, including himself the USS Elgorodaurl set course to the nearest planet. Halfway at the journey, he dismissed lieutenant Evaana that she had to deal with the crew getting on edge, sadly admitting to himself activating the holodecks would drain to much power, the crew had to hold on another two and a half months.

Gorzaks, Lassai and Zaa settle a deal!

At month six of 04 AQF, they finally reached Kirioohsk after almost four months of travel through the “nothingness”! During their survey of the surface, Lassai, Evaana and Corbar encoutered the Cargura girl, Zaa Ashara. After listening to her tales the group was forced to hide from the Gorgorian duo, Malgrim & Grizeala who took Evaana hostage and brought her to Gorgorthrond to be used as a pleasure girl. Devicing a plan with Zaa, the two managed to decieve the Gorgorian leader, Gorzask long enough to get Evaana off the planet. In return, Lassai earned the eternal hatred and promise of damnation from the Gorgorian leader. Afterwards, the ship returned to Kirioohsk to stock up their food and water supplies before continuing their journey.

Mandabit arrive at Boronia

Near the end of july in 04 AQf, the Elgorodaurl finally arrived at Boronia borders where it was soon confronted by two large vessels that provided an escort to the water-planet. After meeting a delegation, Lassai gave his crew shore leave and time to find new supplies and to expand their own. He met with Morg, and the two had lengthly debates about the Argoroth Sector and the Quadrants. While oboard the bridge, he noticed the arrival of the dreaded Mandabit in the sector and ordered his crew to return to the ship at once. While his crew was complete, with various refugees he ordered his crew to engage the insect vessel. Sadly the Rambo vessel was soon overwhelmed by the far more advanced weaponry of the Madabit and was forced to retreat. Lassai eventually cut the transmission coming from Boronia, he was tired of listening to the voices of the dying Boronia below. Contintuing their journey further south, Lassai and the crew had a few uneventful days until Evaana picked up a ship on long range sensors, with Cyrannus Galaxy signatures. Hoping for a relieve vessel from the URC he ordered to intercept. To their horror, it was a Cognatus Empire vessel that hailed them at once the moment they dropped out of warp.

Lassai meets with Xellunaion in person

Following standard procedures he cut the transmission, raised shields and opened fire though was unable to prevent boarding parties to enter the Elgorodaurl. But parties put a valiant fight but the outnumbered Rambo-crew was soon overwhelmed. Upon the Cogsangui entering the bridge, Lassai ordered his crew to make a last stand while he personally opened fire at their commander, N'thavo Xellunaion. Protected by his personal shield he grapped the captain by his throat and ordered Lassai to surrender. Looking at his crew with blades at their necks, Lassai had no choice and surrendered his vessel and himself to the Cognatus.

To his surprise the Cognatus commander simply wanted to know why they were in the Endless Space. Surprised he promised the Cogsangui to tell him the answer in his ready room where he come to the shocking conclusion that both were lost and stranded in the Endless Space and searching for a way home. He decided to set their differences aside and join forces to find a way home. His science officer managed to come up with a plan by creating a singularity by firing a resonant graviton beam from the Elgorodaurl.

discovering the remains of captain Ramirrking

The plan seemed to work and the Cognatus fleet and the Elgorodaurl entered the wormhole but it soon faced a collapse. He was relieved when Evaana came up with a temporarily solution by using the ships deflector and navigational dish to create a subspace tensor matrix in hope of stabilizing the wormhole. It worked for the Cognatus though the Elgorodaurl was send spinning out of control and was send into the future and wound up in the Finduila Sector. During the fall Lassai broke his arm and his ships was falling apart. He ordered Corbar to travel to a nearby asteroid field to avoid attention. Upon the approach they picked up a Rambo signal and investigated, discovering the remains of the Kelvin-Class, USS Divide. Two days after the discovery, he took Evaana for a search party and travelled onboard the Divide. Onboard they found the remains of the crew and captain Ramirrking. Before he could explore the database both ships came under attack and the warning of Corbar came to late as Lassai was taken captive soon after.

Personality and Traits[]

Lassai is a stern and demanding person, strictly following the rules when enabled to use them. He has little patience for internal strive or complaints and demands the best of his crew and surroundings. Though not a scientist and hates investigating special anomalies and events, he has a lust for adventures and often goes on an away mission himself. He is skilled in self-defense and the use of a phaser. He likes reading and sports.



Green face.pngThose closest to me!


Blue face.pngI appreciate their company


Orange face.pngDefeat is inevitable!

  • Gorzask - Threats don't hurt, Gorgorian scum!


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