Lassa Evaana Penaeli is a female Amiaeria, once a subject of the Aurilithiae Order before she decided to join captain Rambam and travelled backwards with him in time. Arriving in 02 AQF, she joined Rambo Command and graduated in 04 AQF as a lieutenant and was assigned as a science officer onboard de USS Elgorodaurl and its subsequent endeavors in the Endless Space.

After the Lost in Space adventures, she wound up a slave on Gorgorthrond until she was saved by the crew of the USS Harakaze and assigned as her Head Science Officer.


Early Life[]

Lassa Evaana Penaeli was born in the future alternate future of The Legacy, within the Aurilithiae Order. Ever since her youth, she has shown promises in science and the use of limited telekinesis powers, something loathed by the cruel Visaria. When captain Rambam arrived in her timeline by accident, she sought refuge on his ship and travelled back towards the Quadrant Galaxies of his time. Once there, her birthdate was recalculated to 10 BQF and she became a citizen of Rambo Nation. She decided to follow in the footsteps of her hero, captain Rambam and joined Rambo Command. During her Academy days, she sat one year in the same class as Tania Samantha Lefler and Zule Grunzar and were known as beauties and party animals.

USS Elgorodarul & Lost in Space[]

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Evaana confronts the captain with her displeasure!

Lassa Evaana Penaeli, or simply Evaana to the rest of her crew was assigned to the experimental Tirithsillian-class, the USS Elgorodaurl. Evaana was assigned as their chief scientist, though young and inexperienced the Great Cyrannus War and the legacy of the Second Galactic War saw young promising officers assigned to prestige positions to quickly serve onboard vessels that dire needed crew. To her horror, Chinawkya captain Lassai Chiakian took command of the Elgorodaurl during the second month of 2802 (04 AQF), with a skeleton crew to prevent Lizaconda of the Liberty II to discover Lesrekta. Sadly everything went wrong when the captain took the vessel through the Metruia Nebula, struck by an anomaly and relocated 126 years from Rambo Space, they found themselves stranded in the Endless Space.

Freed from Gorgorthrond

During the initial moments, she briefed her fellow senior officer. Corbar and the captain about the medical and food supply, claiming rations and shutting down none essential systems would allow them to pass the four months ratio of empty space. Evaana was happy to reach Kirioohsk where she was amazed by the local wildlife and was intrigued to meet with the Cargura Zaa Ashara and became intrigued how a native Cyrannus Galaxy species wound up in the Endless Space.

Getting comfortable with Zaa

Sadly, the arrival of the Gorgorian duo, Malgrim & Grizeala meant trouble and Evaana was taken hostage and brought to Gorgorthrond where she was stripped of her uniform and given a pleasure girl outfit, various whips and abused and trained to become a pleasure girl in service of her new master, the Gorgorian brute Gorzask. Luckily for her, days later a clever plan of Zaa and her captain resulted in her freedom and she was brought back to the Elgorodaurl. After her debrief with captain Chiakian, she was left alone in the captains ready room when Zaa suddenly entered, crying softly and comforted by the Cargura, she suddenly kissed Zaa who in turn was perplex. Satisfied and less sad, Evaana left the ready room to change into her uniform again, leaving a rather startled Zaa in the ready room.

A pleasant nightshift

Three weeks after their ordeal and her capture in july of 2802 (04 AQF), the Elgorodaurl approached the planet Boronia. They were welcomed by an escort and provided landing permits to the surface. Evaana had drawn the shortest straw so she had to be on the bridge for the first night shift. During the shift while the rest of the night shift was getting some refreshments, Zaa brought a visit, the first time the two were to speak since their "kiss". Both uncomfortable discussed what happened and agreed to remain friends. In turn Zaa surprised Evaana by a kiss on her cheeck before leaving the bridge. Shortly after the bridge crew returned and looked rather surprised at the dreamy officer and the untouched snacks that appeared out of nowhere to them.

Facing the Mandabit on Boronia

The next few days, Evaana could be found on the surface of Boronia, enjoying shopping, the bars and the warm weather. A nice shore leave that was in due time for her. On a particulair morning, together with Corbar the two were in search for supplies though the two still didn't like each other much. Deciding to settle their differances, the two ordered Boronian cocktails at Morg's place to talk and get to know each other better. Suddenly a massive shadow passed over the restaurant and a massive ship appeared in the sky. Morg yelled in panick that the Mandabit had come! The harvest had begun according to the frightened bar tender and the two had to fight their way to their shuttle. While returning to the Elgorodaurl unharmed, their captain barked orders to engage the Mandabit-vessel. A well placed return shot disabled most of the Elgorodaurl's systems and they were forced to flee the dying population on the surface below.

On 10-08-2802, while cruising through space Evaana informed her captain that she had picked up an unusual ship on long range sensors with signatures from the Cyrannus Galaxy. Hoping for a URC relieve vessel the captain ordered to intercept. Dropping out of warp, Evaana was the first to recognise the Cognatus design. The Cognatus soon invaded the Elgorodaurl and brought the crew to their knees, while Evaana had a blade to her throat she saw in pain the surrender of her captain.

Discovering the remains of captain Ramirrking

In disgust she saw her captain and the Cogsangui known as N'thavo Xellunaion enter the ready room. She none the less followed his orders to cooperate to find a possible way home. Evaana designed a plan to create singularity by firing a resonant graviton beam. The plan seemed to work and the Cognatus fleet and the Elgorodaurl entered the wormhole but it soon faced a collapse. She came up with a temporarily solution by using the ships deflector and navigational dish to create a subspace tensor matrix in hope of stabilizing the wormhole. It worked for the Cognatus though the Elgorodaurl was send spinning out of control and was send into the future and wound up in the Finduila Sector. During the fall Evaana hit her head badly and remained in sickbay for a few days before she was able to join the captain to explore the recent discovery of the Kelvin-Class, USS Divide. Onboard they found the remains of the crew and captain Ramirrking. Before she could explore the database both ships came under attack and Evaana was taken captive.

Harakaze Exploits[]

Tash and Velinde discuss Evaana's condition

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Evaana soon found herself enslaved once more by Gorzask and was employed at Gorgorthrond after they were seemingly transported to 2820 after the Cognatus incident. In June 2820, Evaana was rescued by the crew of the USS Harakaze that was stranded as well in the Argoroth Sector. Transported onboard, commander Tash Hannity and crewman Velinde Autumnlight tried to get her back to her senses, but still drugged they decided to leave her in sickbay under the supervision of Velinde, much to the dismay of the Carnthedain Elf.

By August her drugged state had worn off and after some time to process the things she had endured, Lassa was happy that the newly field promoted Jenna Lenissa Rambo allowed her to retain her commision and deployed her as the Head Science Officer of the Harakaze.

Personality and Traits[]

Evaana in her slave outfit

Lassa Evaana Pinaeli is a gentle, intriguing and by nature a curious person. She loves wildlife and nature, often amazed by its wonders and often makes sketches and drawings of the creatures she encounters. She is blessed with limited telekinesis powers, though is hesitant to use them. She is a gifted science officers, with a keen eye on patterns and recognizing the anomalies encountered at that what she has been taught at the Academy. Though gets easily frustrated when she doesn’t know or recognizes things, and has a short temper with people who think to know better to her. A flaw she doesn’t recognizes herself, as she berates many onboard as well with her own knowledge. In such things she is rather naive and often uses the "if" prefix in naive situations, often blaming others for dire situations.

Her hobbies are cooking, meditating, sun bathing and reading books and watching movies. After her experiences at Gorgorthrond and her encounter with Gorzask made Evaana a bit more quieter and synical in dealings with brutes and slavers. She still bears some scars from the whips on her back.

Service Record
Location Assignment Dates Rank or Rate
Rambo Academy Student Officer Unspecified Cadet
USS Elgorodaurl Head Science Officer 2802 - Timeskip to 2820 Lieutenant
USS Harakaze Head Science Officer 2820 - Ongoing Lieutenant

USS Elgorodarul


Lassa's appearance during the Lost in Space saga

Green face.pngMy friends!

Blue face.pngI am fond of them


Orange face.pngSo tiresome!

  • CorbarIf he was a better pilot, we wouldn’t be stranded in the Endless space
  • Gorzask - A terrifying brute of a Gorgorian
  • Lizaconda - Its his fault we are stranded in the Endless Space!
  • Malgrim & Grizeala - Stay away, you foul hunters!


Escape doesn't matter little green girl, you remain my property and I am coming for you!

- Gorzask of Gorgorthrond


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