Laria Silveria is the youngest child and daughter of fleet captain Silveria. Laria serves onboard the USS Enterprise-A due to her fathers influance and friendship with its captain, James Rambo. As an engineering ensign onboard the Enterprise, Laria is fundamental for keeping the warp engines running.


Early Life[]

Laria was born in 18 BQF at the planet Koerband, daughter of fleet captain Silveria. Since her youth, Laria has dreamed to serve within Rambo Command as an officer and hopes to one day become a chief-engineer onboard a space ship. Upon graduating from highschool, Laria joined the Rambo Academy where she studied engineering and became one of the few female who became well familiar with a warp core. She eventually graduated the Academy with the rank of ensign, and was assigned to the prestigue and promising ship, the USS Enterprise-A under James Rambo.

Service onboard the Enterprise[]

the Enterprise being drawn into the wormhole

Laria came onboard the Enterprise after they returned from their dealings at the Atlantica planet Aecor. She soon proved to be a promising ensign, Laria was assigned as a dayshift engineer assistance. Onboard she showed herself as a capable engineer, knowing her stuff and listening to what Mr. Doohan had to say or instruct and soon became the right hand of Mr. Doohan.

When the Enterprise faced a Congregation cruiser that attacked the Enterprise while exploring the NX-Region, Laria managed to keep the engines running and provide the essential means to escape the dreaded cruiser. Shortly after the ship was drawn into a wormhole leading to another timeframe. During the rocky travel through the wormhole Laria got bumped her head badly against plasma conduit and needed medical treatment.

Personality and Traits[]

Laria is a kind and humble person, a little bit on herself she is often thought to be a hard working crewmember who takes little time for herself to relax. Laria has blond hair and is often thought to be attractive. She wears the white coloration uniform and protective gear to work on the warp core and ship systems in safety. Onboard she became friends with Hannity and Walter, though also kept good relations with Tania, Codoberia and Janice. She isn't really fond of E’Leana and sees Mr. Doohan as her example and has a great respect for him, as well as for the captain.



LoveRelation.pngMy family!


Green face.pngI consider them friends

  • Codoberia – ‘’Another friend of mine!’’
  • Doohan – ‘’My mentor and superior officer’’
  • James Rambo – ‘’The captain of the Enterprise’’
  • Tania Lefler – ‘’The nightshift commander of the Enterprise’’
  • Tash Hannity – ‘’A friend and colleague onboard the Enterprise’’


Blue face.pngI can work with them


Orange face.pngUgh!

  • none yet


My beloved daughter, she will be a great addition for the crew of the Enterprise

- Bill Silveria


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