The Legion's malice is its own doom, we see the true will of the dark whispers, we hear them on every inch of our steps, but we will not condone their whims. Our power is our own, and we shall not falter!

- Archon Serdna.

Our kind has been torn to pieces, then assembled again into beings that are as blind as the pitch black of the void. We lack the numbers, but our resolve has never been stronger. The Andrudans will prevail.

- General Dersan.

The Lankrass Legion is a new empire that was founded in the middle stages of the First Chandras Crisis by an alliance of Andrudans from two different universes, the Mirror and the Prime. The Andrudans surviving the Annihilation suspiciously arrived at the Mirror universe during the events of the Great Psionic War, revealing the Prime Universe to the Yasuul Legion and prompting them to invade the Chandras Galaxy. Moved by the relentless heart of General Dersan, an Andrudan veteran from the times of the Cianju Alliance, the Andrudans from the Mirror universe banded with their refugee brothers to oppose the Lantians, who ruled the Yasuul Legion with unnatural malice and violence.

The Lankrass Alliance was formed as the Andrudans uncovered ancient Krass technology, which they used to liberate the Mirror Andrudans from the psionic coverage of the Yasuul, making them similar to the Nigtrions of old. The Lankrass Alliance fought on the other side of the Vof Valar gate in an attempt to escape through the Mirror portal and into the Prime Universe.

Now official inhabitants of the Chandras Galaxy, the Lankrass immediately called for a non-aggression pact with the Singularim Pact and the newly formed Xolarum Republic. The latter two at first did not recognize the Alliance as a sovereign power in the galaxy, but as the First Crisis escalated into an all-out-war against the numerous threats, the Lankrass joined forces with the Singularim and the Xolarum, finally recognized as new nation.

If one thing could be said to define the Alliance, is that, unlike the Singularim and the Xolarum denizens, they do not use the Iluvii Realm, but instead seek to drain energies of dark psionic energy to energize their technology, a practice largely debated by its neighbours. Nevertheless, the Lankrass Alliance has become a valuable ally and supporter of the Galactic Commissariat of Chandras






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