Lana Yrel, a former cheerful girl living on Koerband, a girl whos fate changed with the Viral Outbreak and her encounter with the Cogsangui warrior Voro Acetenus. Taken by surprise when climbing a fence that protected them against Virals, she was taken away and bitten. Saved by the most unlikely entity, she was seduced by Morgandaûr, the Sorceror of Carnthedain and became a pawn in his malevolant plans.


Student at Koerband[]

Driving a car with Voro

Lana Yrel is born in 11 BQF at Terra Prime, as youngest child in a family of eight. After finishing high school, she went to the university at Koerband, where she studied laws and history. With the money of her parents, she managed to rent an appartment in Arthenost, a mere hour away from her school by bus. At the university she got nice marks, hoping one day to be able to serve within Rambo Command under the most known individual within the law sector, Judge Magister Ramgaarbath, son of the famous vice-admiral Ramcard.

In 07 AQF, during the first month of that year an accident happened that resulted in the Viral Outbreak. The entire Western Peninsula was closed at orders of Rambo Command. She didn't take much notice to it and often climbed the fence in search of free articles in the abandoned shops and stores, she would refer to it's as findings fee instead of stealing.

Virals attack Voro and Lana

When visiting Cardolast, eating diner in a cafeteria she overheard Voro Acetenus, Stench and ambassador Ram'Vell talking about entering the peninsula in find of his friends. The ambassador told he could not help the large Cogsangui warrior who left the cafeteria furious. Following him she offered her his help as she had to go to Arthenost either way. Driving her car at full speed to Arthenost, as there were no traffic controls due to the Outbreak they reached Arthenost before twilight. When twilight fell in she took Voro over the fence where they were ambushed by the Virals. As Voro valiantly fought against the horde of Virals, he was unable to safe Lana who got dragged into the woods, where she was bitten and infected, weakened she managed to reach a river but fell into it and washed ashore 15 kilometers downstream where she was found by the entity known as Morgandaûr.

In service of Morgandaûr[]

Morgandaûr sets his new servant loose!

Morgandaûr teleported her to his ruined fortress at Carnthedain, where he healed her and removed the physical manifestations of the Viral infection, though was unable to remove all. The treatment gave her a more sickening white skin color, and turned her hair darker. She was awoken by the entity who told her he had saved her, though wondering why she was naked under the blanket she understood that is was needed to remove the Viral manifestations, leaving scars that would heal in time. Suddenly he placed his hand on her forehead and Lana saw all what happened, though she also felt something dark slip into her mind. Not caring about it anymore she understood she had to serve her savior without question. When he told her that the one who swore to protect her only used her as bait, she cried though Morgandaûr comforted her and gave her a new appearance, a new armor and an energy saber to fight her enemies. She knew she needed some training by Morgandaûr in the use of the blade, she was sure by the end of the week she could get to work for her master and would be known as Yrel.

Riordan attracts company inside Skull Temple!

She swore that when she encountered Voro again, she would hurt him very much, and would kill him painfully slow. During the second month of 07 AQF she was dispatched to Ramalivua in search of an Atlantica artifact, in persuit of known explorer and adventurer Riordan Rambertan. When Riordan explored the temple, Lana followed him and remained out of sight due to the fog inside. Facing him in the central chamber holding the statue and the artifact, she drew her energy sabre. Before able to strike, Bolgrash Bloodhammer emerged from the fog as well and knocked her out. When she woke up she managed to escape the temple without being noticed by the orcs.

Lana assassinates Ramashe at behalf of Morgandaûr

In July of 08 AQF, Lana Yrel travelled to the mythical planet Arcaniox, where recently the evil entity the Tormentor was defeated, thwarthing the plans of her liege Lord. To regain hold on his plans, he send Lana to assassinate Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation. Eagerly complying, Lana used her personal cloaking device and approached Ramashe and her companion, Shoa-San Greenbeard during the celebrations. Without hesistation or remorse, she plunged her energy sabre through Ramashe's chest and send Morgandaûr's regards to the Serindia Empress. In the ensuing chaos Lana managed to escape and return to her master.

Lana and Trashnak face Aoirtae and Ryen

Later on, Lana joined her master and Trashnak to the mythical planet known as Aldár where she attempted to destroy the temple of light. During the battle, she faced Aoirtae Valaeris in personal combat. As the two crossed blades, Aoirtae managed to surprise Lana with a telekinetical push that send her crashing into a nearby wall. As the battle progressed, she aided her master, Morgandaûr and disabled the Yodian Aenaró when she pierced his shoulder from behind. She watched in horror as the Sorceror was defeated and killed by Aoirtae and Lana fled and wandered the outer rim for a while, dissapearing from public sight.

Personality and Traits[]

Lana Yrel is a clever and smart person, who loves to enjoy live, studying, hanging out with friends and eating chocolate and drinking sodas. She loved driving her car and crossing the speed limits. She likes listening to the Quadrantia Net Music Hitlist and considers herself a fan of both the Intergalactic Band and Osha Stefani. She often wore a mini skirt, a tank top and some feathers as a hair braid.

After being saved by Morgandaûr, she lost the soft and sweet color of her skin, as it had turned into a sickening white color. He also gave Lana a new outfi: black shoulder pads, as well ass blac leg and neck armor, a loose blue/black scarf design serving as a top with two ends hanging from her shoulder, giving her an enormous cleavage. She was also given a large energy blade and wich she became quite handy. In addition, her transformation and infection with the Viral virus gave her enchanced reflexes and abilities, she is able to control gravity to a certain level and can use it to push people away or get objects floating to her.



Yellow face.pngCan't kill you it seems, yet!

  • Morgandaûr - My master and savior, I owe you my life debt my Lord!

Red face.pngBlergh!


I can only trust you my dear, a new dark power grows and strengthens. Our obstacles are severe, but known. The Quadrants are ours to grasp, let us reach!

- Morgandaûr


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