Kyaan Desaa (ᎧᏲᏌᏌᎻ ᏐᏣᏎᏎᏌ in Asconian) was born on planet Ascon in the Desaa clan. His father was a legendary knight known as Shaank Rumta'ee , the close friend of King Glynn. Kyaan's mother, Sumael Desaa, never married to Shaank, even after the birth of their first son, Reathee Desaa. Because of this, Kyaan and Reathee were often frowned upon by other Volver due to them taking the name of their mother's clan. Kyaan never truly knew his father, due to Shaank's death prior to his birth.

Kyaan was very brilliant as a child, often taking after his great-grandfather Noruuk, who had been advisor to the kings for at least three generations. He was able to comprehend a few of Dr. Talihar Que's books and government structure at the age of 6.

He and his brother Reathee shared a close bond as children, but due to his passion to serve the empire, Reathee left home early to become a Knight. Kyaan, being much younger than his older brother, was depressed. He later became friends with Brygon, Prince of the Volver Empire, due to his great-grandfather's relationship to King Glynn. Brygon filled the gap that Reathee left and became something of a brother to Kyaan, who didn't have many friends. Being the son of Noruuk, Kyaan was upholding his lineage, as his line were close comrades to the kings, and Brygon would reign in the future.

Knight Training[]

Kyaan left his home to become a knight like his father and brother at the age of 10, like most Volver children. Again, Kyaan was looked down on by his peers and teachers for his family's situation. After hearing who his father was however, many of the teachers began to expect great things form him. Kyaan was determined to deliver. He outshone many of his peers, including his older brother, who had graduated years prior, beating most of his old scores.

Kyaan trained for years, progressing through the underling ranks before reaching Knighthood. He eventually met up with Brygon again, serving as the young prince's good friend once more.

Scientific Work[]

After working as a Knight for a few years, Kyaan found himself under the mentorship of Dr. Talihar Que, the most brilliant Volver mind in the known cosmos. Kyaan worked as security within the doctor's lab, guarding many of his important experiments and inventions. Que took a liking to Kyaan's scientific insight and taught him many things regarding chemistry, engineering, and astronomy. Kyaan's role as a guard later ended due to short staff within the king's castle.

Nebulorian-Alpha War[]

Kyaan received word from his commander, Anthil Agna, that a mysterious race known as the Nebulorians attacked the planet Minera, the Homeworld to the Helmore, trusted allies to the Volver Empire. Kyaan took up arms and went to Minera along with four legions of knights and many marines to aid in pushing the foes back from the planet. They succeeded, freeing the planet from the Nebulorian attack. Kyaan was ordered to stay stationed on Minera along with the troops he arrived with to protect the planet from attack.

Kyaan, after spending about a week on Minera, was ordered to aid in the fight to take back Militora, which was lost earlier in the war. Kyaan fought bravely, cutting down many Nebulorians before he passed out from his wounds and exhaustion. The Volver and Soldarian militaries recognized Kyaan's warrior spirit and his leadership skills and promised him a grand promotion for helping take back Militora.

Kyaan was later deployed to help destroy the weapon that Lord Ne'yon created to open up a portal into another dimension.He witnessed in horror as King Glynn sacrificed himself to save the Volver Empire, the UFG, and possibly the entire universe. After the battle, Kyaan rushed to Brygon's side to console him.


Due to his valiant efforts in the Nebulorian-Alpha War, Kyaan was appointed to the rank of Knight Lord, or Alor. He was in command of entire legions of Knights. He had even surpassed his older brother and Anthil, who were simply a Knight Captains at the time. Even after this promotion, Reathee still cared little for Kyaan, and even shunned him for surpassing him.

As a Lord, Kyaan was granted access to stay in the castle. He even helped organize Brygon's coronation. Kyaan was proud to help crown Brygon as the new king, as they both considered each other to be real brothers.

Second Infectant War[]

One calm morning, the main city was bombarded by attacks by the Infectant Horde. Kyaan, along with his trusted guard, jumped into action to protect Brygon and Noruuk during the battle. They managed to drive the Infectants off of Ascon about an hour later

Kyaan followed Brygon and Noruuk during the great battles that took place after the attack including the counter strike against the Infectants on planet Floo. The battle was eventually own, leading Kyaan to return with the other knights to help defend Ugandalore. He later met up with Brygon during Ordros's defense against the Infectant Hive Mind and discovered that his great-grandfather, Noruuk, had perished in the previous battle. Kyaan was struck with grief, though he continued to fight on. The Hive Mind was eventually destroyed thanks to the efforts of Brygon and his allies. The war was over.

Eventually, he began to notice that Reathee had been acting completely bizarre after the war ended. Anthil had brought this to Kyaan's attention, but he dismissed it as nothing important. Reathee wanted Brygon to die in those battles prior to the war's end. Kyaan was angry at Reathee after discovering this and labeled him a traitor. Reathee responded saying that he is simply following the will of the true god. Kyaan had heard a few other Knights spouting that, but be believed that they were all just as crazy as Reathee. Kyaan and Reathee never spoke after that day.

Becoming Grand Advisor[]

Due to Noruuk's death, Brygon was in need of an advisor. Since Reathee and Kyaan were the only children of Shaank, Brygon decided to choose from one of them. Dr. Que of course recommended Kyaan due to his intelligence and his close bond with Brygon. The young king agreed and decided to give Kyaan the position of Grand Advisor. The king usually has many advisors, but the king must always have one advisor that he trusts to the fullest. Kyaan and Brygon were upholding the tradition laid down by generations of kings and advisors.

Second Ascon Civil War[]

Kyaan was attending his normal duties, such as going over the king's schedule and conversing with the council, on a rather calm afternoon. He was later informed that King Brygon had been attacked by a once loyal Volver Knight. Kyaan rushed to the wounded Brygon to tend to his wounds while the medical staff prepared to treat him. Kyaan was shocked to learn that his own brother, Reathee, was behind the attack. Brygon had ordered a territory wide search for Reathee, who now called himself "Crimson". Kyaan obeyed this order reluctantly, as he was hunting down his own blood.

Later on, Crimson and his legion of rebel knights attacked Ascon, laying waste to the main city of Gartoomia. Kyaan fought hard against the legions, but was defeated. His life spared only because of his past relationship with Crimson. Brygon and his allies later returned to Ascon, retaking it and driving the traitors away. Kyaan was relieved to hear that his brother was still alive, but still heartbroken that someone as loyal as Reathee could be corrupted.

Enlightenment War[]

About a few weeks after this war started, Kyaan was tasked with commanding a fleet of Volver ships, making a blockade around Volver controlled space. He did his job well, as there were no battles that took place within his designated zones. He later joined up with a few Ugandalorians to help defeat the Proditkar Movement while using his fleet. He also organized a few attacks alongside the great Enlightened Ones of Mirus, even gaining some of their respect.

After the War, Kyaan found out that his brother Crimson, Reathee, had fallen. Kyaan was saddened to learn this, but knew that his brother had truly lost himself years ago. It was for his own good.

Return of THEM[]

Though his involvement was delayed due to his deployment of the knights, Kyaan played a rather large role in this war. The Nyarqaeshu, a strange race of ultra-terrestrials, had awoken from their long slumber. Their leader Xizothano Ada, was a self proclaimed god of the Void. He wished to recapture Tyris Major, and conquer the entire Milky Way. Kyaan aided Kossi'Valicar during Ada's first strike against the UAE by holding off the Nebulorian Fleet until the Ascon Warship arrived. Luckily, Pulporius V, leader of the Soldarians, arrived with a massive fleet, allowing Kyaan and Kossi to continue their fighting.

Kyaan later teams of with Brygon, Ugandalore the Untouchable, and former enemy Lorka Gredyc in order to protect Dr. Que's lab as the doctor prepared a new weapon to stop Ada's godly power. Under Brygon's orders, Kyaan went to guard the lab's exit with Lorka. Kyaan did not expect to run into any trouble, but to his surprise, he was attacked by Crimson.

Kyaan and Lorka were shocked to see Crimson alive, as he had died years ago. Kyaan and Lorka pleaded with Crimson to stop serving Ada, but he refused. Ada had granted Crimson power, making him hungry for more. Kyaan called out to Crimson in his real name, Reathee. Crimson stated that the name means nothing to him and that he did not consider Kyaan as his brother. Kyaan, hurt by his brothers words decided to enrage his own blood. Lorka joined Kyaan's efforts and they managed to defeat Crimson. Crimson attempted to fill Kyaan's head with words of anger, stating that Brygon and other Volver hated the Desaa clan. He was trying to convince Kyaan that Ada was true salvation. Kyaan ignored him, and killed Reathee for good. Kyaan did not regret killing Reathee, as they were no longer kin.

During the Endgame, Kyaan met up with Kastor Darius to organize a fleet to attack Ada's domain. The allied fleet engaged Ada's combined fleet of Infectants, Nebulorians, and the addition of the forces of the Dark One. Kyaan did an amazing job of downing many Nebulorian ships, proving his worth to stop Ada's forces from escaping the Abyssal Domain.

Eventually, Ada entered his God Form, destroying this own forces and even Makutoris, the UAE capital world. Thanks to Kyaan and the other's great protection, Dr. Que was able to fire his weapon, the Deity Pulse, at Ada, stopping his godly powers for a short period. The allied fleet and ground forces quickly overwhelmed the lone being and defeated him. The Dark One appeared and absorbed Ada however, and expelled the allied forces from the Abyssal Domain. The war was over.

Brygon's Departure and Temporary Rule[]

Kyaan was given temporary rule over the Volver Empire by King Brygon himself after the end of the Nyarqaesian Invasion (Return of THEM). Brygon decided that he needed to understand the nature of the new Void Essence what he was recently granted. Kyaan understood, but had many concerns. For starters, Kyaan, despite being Brygon's trusted advisor for years, was still a part of the Desaa clan. Many civilians believed that Kyaan wanted to rule intentionally due to the fact that the Deaaa clan ruled Volver-kind in the olden days, but that rule was ended due to the Ta'raron clan, Brygon's clan. Others also did not trust Kyaan because of his brother's actions. Crimson's betrayal caused many people to distrust the Desaa Clan entirely. And being Crimson's brother did not help him either.

Kyaan, despite all this, still served his people, and gained their trust. He did not want to rule the Empire at all, as he stated it several times. He did begin to loose patience with Brygon however, as the King had been gone for months. Kyaan was forced to enforce a strict law that banned the worship of Ada as main god. Due to the discovery that Ada did indeed create the Volver race, Ada worship became stronger than ever. Such worship bred traitors who continued to threaten lives as terrorists. Kyaan and a legion of knights attacked churches that practiced Ada worship and imprisoned those who followed the false god as well.

Gigaquadrantic War in Mirus[]

Year One[]



  • Rumta'ee Blade - A blade bestowed unto Kyaan after his initiation into knighthood. This trusty blade has never failed Kyaan in combat. The sword is very durable, capable of clashing with the likes of metals such as Alphorium without breaking. This sword has been passed down from Noruuk, to , to Shaank, and then to Kyaan himself. It is truly a family heirloom. Despite all of its years if use, the blade is still very useful, especially after being converted into a Lightning Striker.
  • Volver-Class Plasma Rifle - The Plasma Rifle is a basic weapon for most empires. This version has been upgraded and modified by the Volver to better suit them in combat. It holds 3 plasma rods (30 shots per rod), and has a quick reload time. It fires quickly too, which makes up for its low power.


  • Volver Knight Shield - A shield made of Asconium. It can absorb the attack of the enemy and convert the force of the blow/shot into energy for the wielder's armor. It is capable of blocking even tank shells.
  • Volver Knight Lord Armor - Some of the most durable armor ever crafted by Volver hands. This armor is made of an Asconium-Titanium alloy that is durable enough to take missiles head on. The armor is layered with mainly a strong outer plating, but a soft inner plating for the comfort of the wearer. Despite all of the defensive power the armor boasts, it still allows the wearer to move with a great amount of speed and flexibility.
  • Volver Knight Lord Helmet - This helmet has the same defensive nature of the Knight Lord Armor. It allows the wearer to make contact with their units and ships.

Skills and Abilities[]

Kyaan, being trained as a Volver Knight, has proven himself to be a very capable fighter. He has knowledge of the Volver Martial arts, as well as a few Ugandalorian martial arts due to his time spent on Ugandalore. His swordsmanship skills, while not on par with Brygon's, are very well developed. He has defeated many enemies thanks to his years of vigorous training. Kyaan has also been shown to be an amazing tactician, gaining recognition from other empires and even the Enlightened Ones. His battle strategies alone could allow the Volver Empire to actually beat the Soldarians in space combat.

Kyaan, being a pure blooded Volver, has many adaptations that give him the edge on the battle field. He has the ability to shoot highly toxic poisonous gas and or liquid from his tail, breathe under water, survive in space for shot periods of time, and can fly using his wings. Kyaan also sports one of the largest wingspans of all Volver, being roughly 14 feet long. His wings are powerful enough to allow him to fly at over 160 mph.

Personal Information[]


Kyaan, as a child, was a very curious boy. He was often lonely however, due to his family's situation. He later became a bit less timid once entering the Knight Training Academy.

As an adult, Kyaan has shown himself to be a very outspoken individual. He has no problem defending those who need help and gives to the poor frequently. Even after reaching a noble title, his actions never changed. Kyaan, despite all of the ridicule he got from his brother's actions, managed to continue being a positive influence of the Volver Empire. Kyaan is very loyal to Brygon, often times putting Brygon's life before his very own. Because of his loyalty, Kyaan is one of the most trusted members if the UAE.



King Brygon - My King, we grew up together as kin. I will die serving you. I would not have it any other way.

Barda Clett - Ugandalore the Untouchable, such a grand name for one of the best warriors and leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

W'tze - This man is a mystery to me. As side from all those pheromones he throws around, he is a very great person to be around. We've shared many laughs together.

Lord Lavern - Possibly the most powerful warrior I have ever known. Even in death, he still remains the mightiest of us. May he rest easy.

Averil Daxur - Averil...well, he has been a great help,over the years. He was once an enemy to our empire, and now we are working together. Who would have thought?

Oskel Leton - A proud and honorable warrior of a very high caliber. He would easily be a Knight Lord if he were a Volver.

Queen Si'daal - The Queen is a very influential individual. Her empire was once a hated enemy of the Volver. All it took was a common foe, and now we are the best of friends. Si'daal changed the way her empire thought.

Emperor Pulporious V - A violent, meat headed war chief. Pulporious, while being quite violent, is a very helpful ally. His love of combat has bailed us out a few times, and for that I respect him.





  • Anthil Agna - You...what you have done...can never be forgotten. You will burn in hell for your crimes traitor.
  • Crimson - You said it yourself. We are no longer brothers.


Quotes from Him[]

My brother's actions do not define me. I am not him.

I walk the path of my father, and his father, and his father before him. I live to serve the Empire

Quotes from Others[]

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Kyaan, my trusted advisor, my Lord, no...my Brother. You are truly my closest of friends. As you would draw your sword in my defense, I shall draw min in yours.

- King Brygon