Kya is a young quadrantia humanoid female in service of Rambo Nation. Once a unnoticed as an operation lieutenant commander she served onboard Rambo ships, doing her duties like all other Rambo officers and crewmembers.

Yet fate decided otherwise, meeting with Grand Mandator Garlboz she became his personal yeoman and servant, eventually she was placed at the head of Rambo Command, assuming the position of Marscalcus! Now the difficult task of leading Rambo Command awaits her, with sceptical Rambo officers and a great pressure from Imperial Command, Kya must find her own way in leading Rambo Command.

Kya led Rambo Command for many years, until she grew displeased with the usurper, High King Rambert Ramveral. In february of 19 aQF she led an unsuccesful coup d'etat and went into hiding.


Early History[]


Kya was born in 19 BQF at the space port of Javan. Kya had a nice youth and enjoyed her school time a lot, often playing in playyards with her friends and girlfriends. At high school Kya grew to become a fine example of a humanoid female, and Kya was well aware of it and sometimes made use of it. She liked to party a lot, though also kept her study as a priority. During high school she also took lessons in self defense, something she continues to practice four days a week. Upon graduating from high school she joined the Rambo Acadamy as Kya proved to be an excellent operational student.

Service for Rambo Command[]

Kya negotiates a peace truce with the Icolian, Gorauriens and the Caizini

During her early carreer in Rambo service she served onboard the USS Dallas as a operation ensign under then captain Ramcard. After four years (03 AQF) she reached the rank of lieutenant and was transffered to the Quadrant 21 Space Station. There she helped Rambo Command with mapping the empires around the Rambo Deep Space Colonial Sector and was vital in setting up an intermittent relation with the Icolian and a fine trade relation with the noble and gentle Caizini, as well as a truce with the Goraurien that allowed Rambo Nation to make use of their space station in the middle of the southern trade route of Quadrant 21. This acts made her more and more interessted in mapping the Quadrant Galaxies and hoping to unify all of the Quadrants in peace and prosparity. When Javan came under attack by the Cognatus Alliance and later on the Vartekians, Kya heard the news while in Q21. Though her appartment was destroyed by falling debris and incoming missles, her parents survived both assaults at the planet. Afterwards Kya bought a new appartment. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus took control over Rambo Nation in 05 AQF/01 NE after the signing of the Nim-Glaré Concordat, she drew the attention of Grand Mandator Garlboz who was setting up his inner council, a few persons he could trust a lot within Rambo Command. First Kya refused, as she was never fond of Cyrannians though Garlboz influenced her into serving him. Upon her agreement she was promoted to the rank of lieutenant-commander and was transffered to the Angforst and acts as the personal yeoman of Garlboz. Some within Rambo Command saw her promotion as sad as they believe she was forced into serving the Grand Mandator, some believe she did it all for her carreer while others claim the two have a relation.

She joined Garlboz to Rambo Prime when he negotiated a weapons truce with the Hutters, Xiaans and surrender of the resisting Rambo colonies. She was quite surprised that the colonies accepted the Empire her protectrate, as they all claimed they had trust in their Empress. When Rambo Nation was well underway of becoming a protectrate of the Empire, Kya helped Garlboz in organising the Rambo and Empire fleets in Quadrant 82 and the Rambo colonial sectors. In the fifth month of the Dark Times (01 NE) Kya was summoned to Empress Ramashe her throne room by Garlboz.

Recieving the promotion of Marscalcus

Arriving in the throne she saw various high ranking Rambo officers, like vice-admirals Ramcard and Ramtainus, while Garlboz himself was also present. During the gathering Empress Ramashe herself also entered, and all present bowed before her, including Kya. This was the first time she ever met Ramashe in person and she was greatly impressed by the Rambo Empress. when she told all could rise Garlboz took word and proclaimed Ramtainus as the new vice-admiral and Kya as the new Marscalcus, leader of Rambo Command. This came to Kya as a great surprise and she didn't expect it, nor wanted the position. One of the admirals present, Ramaxar raised his voice but was silenced by the Empress when she ordered all to obey the new promotions. Then all left and Kya started to cry, she didn't had the experience nor strong will for such an important position in her own eyes. Though before Ramcard left the room he gave Kya some comforting words, and offered his advice whenever she needed it.

Afterwards Kya took her seat at the Rambo Command Marscalcus office in Rambo City, there she began monitoring fleet protocols, movements, tactical alerts and intelligence and more. A day after the meeting Kya recieved intelligence that the Hutter Kingdom blockaded the Quadrantia 82-89 wormhole and dispatched Ramtainus to deal with it. She even allowed him to take command of a second ship, the recently finished Preator-class Tormentor.

Relieved the Hutters retreated without risking a full scale war Kya returned to her duties and studies into the ways of Rambo Command. During the first month of 02 NE Kya was relieved to hear that the Shipyards of Rowar were once again producing Rambo Nation ships, as Empress Ramashe and the Rambo Senate decided to act against Garlboz his orders of only producing Empire vessels.

Informing the Emperor about current events

Later on Kya was summoned by both Garlboz and Ramashe to be present in a holographic meeting with Emperor Tyrómairon to inform him about the current troubles within the Quadrants (-the Quadrantia Grox conflict with the Serpentaxy and the recent Hutter attack at the K-7 station). Kya didn't like facing the Emperor as Garlboz ordered her to inform the Emperor himself, a perfect way to get blamed at. During the meeting she informed the Emperor, who listened with great care to her words. When she finished informing him the Emperor grew angry with Garlboz and warned him to solve this matter, or the full power of the Imperial Navy will decent upon Quadrant 82.

Kya and Ramcard face the Vamrasht

After the meeting Kya left for her own office again, confused and feared by what next weeks might bring. The following weeks were un-eventful for the Rambo, something Kya didn't mind as she now had more time to learn and explore her position as Marscalcus and advisor to the Empress. During the 4th month of 02 NE, Kya and Ramcard were in discussion as some officers and senators within the Nation disliked the "protectrate" status and urged the Empress and the military to do something about it. Both Kya and Ramashe knew the Rambo military could do little against the Imperial Navy and Army alone. When Kya told Ramcard she followed explicit orders of the Empress not to invoke the wrath of the Empire Ramcard implied that some within the Navy and Army believed it were Garlboz his orders. The wordt hurted Kya, but Ramcard assured her he believed her and stood at her side.

Ramtilsae is crowned Regent of the Nation

Suddenly in front of them a large portal opened itself, with Vamrasht emerging from it a nearby Dread Lord Trooper came to aid the two officers. Soon surrounded both Ramcard and Kya looked in awe as more Vamrasht and other demonic creatures escaped the portal. Both took up arms when they suddenly heard the scream of the Empress! Entering the throne room after fighting through the Vamrasht, they found all the Royal Guards dead and the Empress missing. Suddenly all Vamrasht dissapeared and Kya jolted in shock, with tears rolling down her cheeck she saw all hopes of resisting the Empire vanish before her eyes without the Empress. Later on Kya and Ramcard began talking about a solution. A week after the incident, with the 4th month of 02 NE reaching her conclusion, both officers still handn't found a solution and the people began wondering if the Empress had became ill.

A week later, Kya was present when her niece Ramtilsae was crowned Regent of the Nation- a position she would hold on until Ramashe was recovered. Eventually Ramashe returned to her throne and Kya remained in her position as leader of the Rambo militairy departments.

Apaltar contacts Rambo Nation

She advised Ramashe and the current events, and was happy to see Apollo return for his children. She was a bit less confident with the fact that they were allowed by the Empress to live on the Rambo Capital- as she viewed them as a security risk for the Nation due to Apollo's high profile. None the less she accepted the Empress her decision. Later on, in the 3rd month of 03 NE/06 AQF she was in meeting with the empress and vice-admiral Ramcard about certain intelligence reports about an Icolian, Lizardian and Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel presence within the unclaimed territories of Quadrant 82. During the meeting count Apaltar of the Republic in Exile contacted the Nation to talk about peace and trade. Ramashe agreed to meet with the count in person when he was availible, and Kya was happy yet disagreed with Ramcard' more suspicious feelings for those in Exile. The meeting eventually resulted in a Conference in wich the New Cyrannian Republic was formed.

Rambo Command Emergency session is disturbed!

Kya wanted Rambo Command to make simulations in response of a possible hostile movement by the Republic, but before they could be reviewed the Rambo Capital was shocked by a terrorist bombing at a passenger liner- killing innocent civilians. Shocked she called for an emergency meeting with admirals Ramaxar, Ramcard and Ramtainus. During the meeting they expressed their concerns that they weren't sure who actually was behind the terrorist bombing. Before they could discuss the fact further, a lone freighter suddenly hovered in front of the admiral's chamber and opened fire. While Kya, Ramcard and Ramtainus managed to take cover, Admiral Ramaxar was unable to do and was killed in the attack.

Rambas is given a choice, return to the fleet as captain or face trail as a traitor!

Shocked, Kya told her fellow officers that the Nation was under attack. Further analyses indicated that the bomb had Yudimaran origins. As protocol indicated, she ordered an immedate occupation of Yadumarth, something her fellow admirals agreed with. Sometime later she recieved intelligence of the whereabouts of vice-admiral Rambas. It turned out he and two of his remaining crew members were in hiding in a saloon at Javan. Taking a platoon of clone troopers she faced Rambas and his two crewmembers and gave them a choice. Accept demotion and take command of space station near the Oddysei wormhole, securing it for Rambo Nation or face trail and risk the penalty of death. After some debate all three decided to accept a return into Rambo Command. Pleased Kya returned back to the Rambo Capital.

Kya informs Apollo that the Empress wishes to speak with him

Sometime later, Kya was informed by Rambo Intelligence about an impending attack by the New Cyrannian Republic on Starbase 08. Kya decided to confront the Empress with this information, who at the time was already changed into her sleeping attire, confused Ramashe asked Kya to find Apollo as she wished to speak with him about it. When Kya told the Empress she would arrest him and bring him before her, Ramashe warned Kya only to escort him otherwise she would have her head. Complying, Kya took two Dreadlord troopers with her and confronted Apollo and his daughter, Kara, though Kara was forbidden to follow her father. Kya brought Apollo to the Empress her throne room and left him alone to speak with the Empress.

Ortum a Dynastia & Tertius Bellum[]

Main article: Ortum a Dynastia & Tertius Bellum.

Ramtainus, Ramcard and Kya meet

During the 12th month of 06 AQF Kya confronted her two vice-admirals, Ramcard and Ramtainus Ramveral for a weekly meeting. While Kya wished to discuss recent events and the outbreak of the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts, a possible threat for the Quadrant Galaxies where Rambo Command had to prepare themselves for. However Ramtainus instead brought in the topic about an upcoming request to lift the "protectrate" of Rambo Nation. Furious Ramtainus claimed that the Empire was their only protection against threats from beyond, with their fleet spread very thin after five battles and the invasion of the Empire, Ramtainus believed that a singel Quadrantia Grox sphere could cause significant devastation upon outer colonial regions.

Kya was being scolded for not advising the High Council on this matter and Ramtainus left muttering about him returning to Rambo Prime, leaving a confused Ramcard and herself behind. During the first morning in 07 AQF, she informed both Empress Ramashe and Hand of the Monarch, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo about the Viral Outbreak at Koerband. A few days later she travelled with senator Lord Ram'Lendila to starbase 08, better known as Lianna-station to be present at a conference organised by Apollo, with representatives of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation in order to discuss matters of great, mutual importance to the factions of the Cyrandia Cluster.

Kya during the meeting at Lianna

Aidan Collins of the Allied Terran Republic was present as well at the meeting. During the meeting matters like the human colonisation within Quadrants and the repeal of the Ním-Glare Concordat. After the meeting, before leaving she became smitten with the Aidan Collins, representative for the Allied Terran Republic. Though initially distrustful of the Terran, the two spent the rest of their time on the station overlooking the wormhole to Cyrannus, as they chatted about their culture and empires. After the meeting, she returned to the Rambo Capital, hopeful that she would speak to Aiden again.

Kya send captain Venullius and the crew of the Brittain on their way

During he fifth month of 07 AQF, Kya attended the Rambo State Visit when Emperor Tyrómairon visited Empress Ramashe again in person. Afterwards she returned to her duties as Marscalcus.

During the first days of 08 AQF, Kya tasked captain Venullius to find and locate the missing USS Grissom that was under command of S'aur before contact was lost. In april of 08 AQF, Kya was present to welcome the newly elected president of the New Cyrannian Republic, president Nexarón Valkistair who conducted a state visit to Rambo Nation and pledge his concerns in the wake of the Fury.Kya's concern grew larger later on in the year when Empress Ramashe was gravely injured and rendered comatose during the Torments.

An attempt to remove Rambert from rule by Kya!

Kya was shocked when she recieved the word Lord Regent Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo had passed away and House Le Rambo was usurped from the throne by the self proclaimed High King Rambert Ramveral in 12 AQF. First giving the new Monarch a chance, she soon grew displeased with many of his decisions and his desire for a large military build-up instead of turning the Rambo fleet more into an exploration and defense fleet. In february of 19 AQF, Kya sabotages a diplomatic meeting with the Lizardian in orbit of Jatooine and attempted to arrest the King. Due to the intervention of captain Sinhai Kakharis her plan was thwarthed and Kya fled in the ensuing chaos in hopes of finding her way to the Cyrandia Resistance and target Rambo Nation with them as well.

Personality and Traits[]

Kya is a kind and noble person, gifted with a natural curiousity for scientifical events, anomlies and books. As such she is quite clever and knows a lot about the Quadrants and their empires. Sadly Kya is also a bit unsure about her own abilities which resulted in her assignment to the Quadrant 21 Space Station. Having a free job without a lot of control from higher officers Kya managed to do some great jobs, which were noticed by the Grand Mandator Garlboz. She also likes to train herself, to keep at weight and having a sporty look makes her happy. Her favorite fruit is apples and strawberries.

Kya, as a Marscalcus wears a red colored decorated command uniform, with shoulderpad, lower arms and chest decorations show she is the highest authority within Rambo Command! She also changed her hairdress.



LoveRelation.pngThey mean a lot to me


Green face.pngFriends who I can trust


Yellow face.pngNot sure about them


Red face.pngSurrender to the authorities of Rambo Nation!


I have faith in her, even though she is still young and inexperienced I am sure she will lead Rambo Command back to the days of exploration and making peace and to boldy go where no Rambo has ever gone before

- Empress Ramashe

Through her I control Rambo Command! Mwhuhahaha

- Garlboz

I will stand with her, and give my advise whenever she asks for it!

- Vice-admiral Ramcard


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