I don't need men willing to die. What I need is men able to endure pain with patience.

Kuruki is a Commissar of the United Persan Descendant's Planetary Armed Service. Highly trained and well respected by troops and fellow commanders alike she is a rising star in the UPD military. She is well known for being a firm, but fair leader who inspires great loyalty and drive to better themselves in all fields. While very friendly and personal she is rather bloodthirsty and a touch psychotic.

History Edit

Training and Achieving Third Stage Edit

Kuruki Hyne first joined the military when the UPD was still the Vanara Empire. Noticing her ability to support her fellow cadets and keep their moral up, as well as her adherence to the rules she was offered to undergo special training to become Commissar. Accepting Kuruki was given training not only in military strategy, but also in psychology and the law and it's interpretation. During this training the planet she was stationed on was attacked by the forces of Darkling Bloran. Kuruki put herself in harms way evacuating all the civilians the armed forces could and killing many of Bloran's servants herself. However she then face Bloran himself and was almost killed when the Darkling exposed her to a bio agent which almost killed her had she not suddenly been granted third stage and absorbed the bio agent which allowed her to move three seconds ahead of her current place in time. Using this she out maneuver Bloran before detonating a fusion explosive in his face and then escaping herself.

After the incident Kuruki was given honors and a chance to join the Vanara Six. Kuruki declined and chose to continue her Commissar training. Passing with flying colors she was assigned to the Revenant 153rd Regiment of the 63rd Division of the 120 Corps. Rising through the ranks she would quickly become the Commissar for the 63rd Division and finally the 120th Corps when the Vanara Empire reformed into the UPD.

Conflict With the Xonexi Edit

For a safe, sovereign, and independent Mirus. That would be amusing, if wasn't complete and total bullshit!

While Kuruki and 120th never had direct engagement with the Xonexi when she heard about the outcome of the Second War of Mirusian Coalition she reacted with what could be called as righteous indignation. Together with Lieutenant General Asarvax, a Boyk of Clan Cinder Bear, she requested the 120th be sent to the Xonexi front. This request was granted and she was deployed alongside the rest of the 120th.

Traits Edit

Appearance Edit

Kuruki is a extremely pale she Naiyu Vanara(formerly third stage) with long, jet black hair and blood red eyes.

Personality Edit

Kuruki could be best described as a motherly psychopathy. To the troops she is supposed to be maintaining the morality and discipline of she shows a great deal of care for and concern for their well being. She can often be seen conversing with the troops and sharing meals with them and has made it a personal point of counseling troops who may be in need of psychological therapy due to stress and shell shock that long campaigns can bring on. Still Kuruki believes in firm, but fair punishment and will not tolerate insubordination of any kind. Still her punishments tend to be of the moderate kind, only assigning beatings and imprisonment only for the most serious crimes of desertion and treachery. Executions are something she has never issued believing such a thing is something for the courts to determine.

However in combat Kuruki turns into a blood thirsty, merciless sadist. She will utterly butcher her enemies with out remorse, often times dragging it out if she has the time, and enjoys mocking them. This ruthlessness towards enemies and supportive attitude towards her own has made Kuruki one of the most feared and respect Commissars of the UPD.

Equipment and Powers Edit

Kuruki is armed with a Ragnarok WarArmor that is armed with a helical railgun, twin beam blades, and grappling cables. It's defenses are Fold out Armor and an AEC(Active Energy Canceler) field. The WarArmor is also boosted with flight capabilities. She can move three seconds ahead of her present place in time allowing more effectively out maneuver and out pace her enemies.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Green face My primary concern is your moral and mental health.

  • Lieutenant General Asarvax - A pleasure to serve alongside you.

Friendly Edit

Blue face It's good to work with these folks.

Neutral Edit

Yellow face I may have to discipline them.

Hostile Edit

Orange face I'm going to enjoy this way more then I should.

Enemies Edit

Red face Your slow, painful death is going to be the highlight of my day!

Quotes Edit

From Her Edit

Yes keeping discipline is not easy, but there is no call to be a tyrant about it. Firm but fair usually does the trick just fine.

Always ensure that the troops know that fallowing the rules will be more rewarding then breaking them, but that if they break them it will not be a pleasant day. Most will be perfectly willing to do as you say.

Anyone who goes around shooting and beating troops to keep up "moral" and enforce "discipline" tends to end up with a bunch of trembling ninnies who shit their pants at the first sign of danger, but are too scared of you to retreat. They also tend to end up dead a suspiciously long ways away from the front lines.

Building discipline with fear is easy, but said discipline tends to fall apart easy as well. Building it with respect is much harder, but also takes a lot more to disintegrate, if at all.

From Others Edit

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An interesting command style. But nothing I am not used to. Vanara are always so much fun to work with.

- Kiun

HAHAHA! You are women after my very heart! Where it not for the war, I would court you myself. But, instead, I expect the next best thing. A Battle to remember for ages!

- Wulkun of the Skallin Junt Tribes.

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