The Bygorians are all weak. They must follow the master well, or die.

- Kul'Talis

Kul'Talis is a savage Bygorian cybernetic warrior, now serving the Zarbania Powers as a major fleet commander, assassin, and personal lieuntant and aide to Kradik, another member of his species who he is devoted to, seeing him as a benevolent ruler and god, who could potentially unite the Bygorian race.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Kul'talis was born on the Bygorian homeworld of Bygor Major, and, as such was educated in the fields of science and military from an early age. Always working hard, Kul's life was mostly uneventful, wars rarely happening due to the Bygorian's isolationist attitude, something that kept them away from most Cyrannian conflicts. However, he did grow up hearing the old legends that detailed the life of Kradik and his extravagant adventures to leaving the mother-galaxy. Kul was always the most curious of all the history students. Who was Kradik? Was he really a messenger or son of the Gods? Was he descended from the most powerful Emperors. Where's most other brushed Kradik off as a ego-centered madman, or a pirate warlord, Kul saw him as a role model and potential leader for their people.

Kul would never know. He merely kept to himself, and maintained a peaceful, uneventful existence, serving the Bygorian Imperium as a scientist in the fields of astrology and Spatial studies.

Leaving the Bygorian people Edit

When the Bygorian people where split between the traditional Primal Movement, and the true government of the Imperium, Kul immediately left due to Emperor Ancreest's brutality towards the Movement, something he felt was unwarranted. However, after joining the Primal Movement, he began to feel dissatisfied with their way of doing things. They at times, where just as savage and monstrous as the Imperium, if not more so.

Deciding that both where too dangerous to be left alone, and at war, that could potentially destroy the galaxy, Kul left to seek out Kradik. Surely the Great and Powerful warlord would know what to do.

Getting a personal transport freighter, Kul set out, facing marauding pirates and blood-thirsty warriors, Kul kept forward towards Kradik's rumored location, and finally, after a dangerously spent 2 years, made it out.

Joining the Powers Edit

Kul'Talis, finally, arrived in The Zarbania Powers' territory, seeking Kradik. While at first turned away, he sneaked into Kradik's personal citadel, and attempted to meet with him in person. However, he was almost killed in a confrontation with Kradik's Zarcosian guards, and Kradik, seeing a kindred spirit in him, had him brought back with a series of advanced cybernetics and nano-machines.

Kradik, liking Kul's loyalty, had him made a Military Commander and his personal aide and bodyguard, and included him on Kradik's plans to not only unite the Bygorians, but to conquer all of Cyrannus in the process.

New Cyrandia Wars Edit

Yes! The plan begins! Now, our race shall serve an empire worthy of themselves, rather then those 2 savages.

- Kul'talis
KP 02

Kul'Talis briefs his Changelings on their mission.

Kul'talis, when Kradik began his Invasion of Cyrannus, was there to join his master and the commanders he had selected. While Kradik's fleet found a planet to colonize, Kul'talis was tasked with overseeing both Bygorian Imperium and Royal Army infiltrations, and monitoring them for their weakest moment.

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

Kul'talis is completely dedicated to serving Kradik, who he sees as a savior to their divided race and a potential leader of the home-galaxy. Kul, also, displays apathy and disdain for his own kind for failing to see the Power Kradik wields, while also seeing other life-forms from the galaxy in a similar light. He is a deeply religious, and follows the God-worship that all Bygorians follow.

As a commander, Kul is an intelligent and careful leader, and while his victories are not as flamboyant or extravagant as others, he keeps his soldiers alive, something the grunts of the Powers appreciate.

Kul is known for his cool, almost sleasy way of speaking, a side-effect of his ressurection. He never loses his calm and rarely gets angry, and is willing to stand up to baing much more powerful than himself without any trace of fear. Around Kradik, however, Kul is extremely submissive.

Appearance Edit

Kul appears as a normal Bygorian, a tall, reptilian being with powerful arm and leg muscles, and 3, narrow, savage eyes. He is covered in scars, and his eyes have a ghostly glow, as well as his chest in low light, the only time his cybernetics show.

His body is covered in a set of armor that mixes Zarbanian, mostly Duetzalanian designs and Bygorian ones into one armor-type. The armor is smooth, with ridges along it's shoulders and wrists, and holds a place for his twin throwing blades. It's wiring runs across his body, interconnecting to other parts of the armor as well as his body. As such, this gives him better reflexes and control with the armor then before.

Equipment Edit

Kul'talis carries the traditional Bygorian weapon, twin throwing blades capable of slicing through most armors, and returning to their yielder automatically, as well as doubling as melee weapons. He also carries a Bygorian Energy whip, used for striking multiple targets with lethal speed and strength.

Abilities Edit

Kul is extremely flexible and agile, like many of his kind, and capable of amazing feats of speed and strength. Kul can target enemies with his throwing blades with amazing accuracy, and has heighted reflexes as well as hearing, seeing, and healing. He has trace amounts of essence in him.

Kul's armor is capable of deploying an anti-essence field. While this weakens him and his allies' essence power, it also weakens his enemies'. He usually uses this on beings whose powers out-does his own.

Relations Edit

Green face Master Edit

I am the harbinger of your will!

  • Kradik - My lord. There is no doubt in my mind that he is the most perfect of rulers.

Blue face Allies Edit


  • Gridlock - An ally of the master is an ally to me.
  • Kamal - Lord Kradik's pupil. Therefore, a brother in arms.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

Just don't stop me now.

  • Cravidor - Hmmm...I can see why lord Kradik thinks highly of you...
  • Skali'Draz - What use is an Impaler if the massive amounts of technology it has accumulated prevents it from impaling well?
  • Bisarko - You are...strange.
  • Makatus - Bisarko spawned you? How?

Orange face Annoyed Edit


  • Cruon - Testing Lord Kradik as you did...Can't you see an higher being when you bask upon his glorious form for the first time?
    • Caracalla - Watch your tongue, Dragowar. Or I shall not be mercifull. Even if we are on the same side.

Red face Enemies Edit

Wanna hear something funny. You died.

  • Azuris - You are a traitor whether you realise it or not. Let us cross blades.

Quotes from others Edit

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Such devotion will serve our race will, Talis. Continue to serve me.

- Kradik

Remeber. Just because you worship the three-eyed brute, does not mean you will not show me equal respect, worm, lest I send you back to your planet in a box.

- The Rogue

Do not stand in my way, Kradik's servant. AND DO NOT GET ME TO REPEAT THAT, YOU HEAR ME!?

- Cruon

Strange? Coming from a three-eyed, cybernetic, undead lizard.

- Bisarko
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