Ktrn is one of the bounty hunters loyal to the biggest crime lord of Rambo Nation, Morglûkia the Great. Ktrn is known as a quiet and kind bounty hunter, skilled at stealth and the use of the ancient bow and arrow and she rarely misses her targets.

Though a bountyhunter to the crimelord, she is also his slave and as such she had no freedom whatsoever. Due to this she has to give Morglûkia massages, another thing she is well known for.


Early history[]

Ktrn is Feolhviaeri, born around 18 BQF at the Rambo colony Karzamahri Nui. Upon her birth she was signed in as an extra-galactic colonist. As such her younger years were tough, as extra-galactics had to pay for everything they wanted to use at Karzamahri Nui. Sadly in her younger years Karzamahri Nui was raided by pirates and they took Ktrn from her parents by force and she was brought to the Syndicate HQ where she was put to work for the Syndicate. She remained in slavery of the Syndicate for years, until 0 BQF. In 0 BQF the Second Galactic War broke out between the Rambo and the Imperial Alliance. The war brought a lot of fame for the Syndicate and they began holding slave markets. During one of these markets Ktrn was sold as a slave to Morglûkia, a notorious and dangerous Rambo Nation criminal.

Ktrn was 18 years old when she was sold to the slug like criminal lord, who brought her to his office at Anummiae.

Slave and Bountyhunter[]

Upon her arrival at the one of the moons of the Rambo Capital Ktrn refused to submit to Morglûkia without a fight. As such she didn't simply complied with her master and was listed as quite stubborn. Sadly after being abused she accepted her fate, but never forgot her dreams of one day reclaiming or earning her freedom again. As a servant and slave to Morglûkia, she soon became his most favorite bountyhunter and he began learning her the arts of bountyhunting. As such she is (almost) always at his side, giving advice to the crimlord. She also dances for him and gives massages when the crime lord wants it, much to his pleasure. But she also gives him the paper works he requests and also acts as his administrative servant.

Morglûkia, Ktrn and Zevracence in conversation

As Morglûkia grew fond of Ktrn, he allowed her to be trained with the bow and arrow and various defensive arts. She soon turned out be be gifted with the bow and arrow, and Morglûkia sometimes uses her as a bounty hunter or assassin when needed. Though Ktrn is quite nice looking, all whom serve the Crime Lord know to fear her, as she doesn't hesitate to kill in service of the dreaded crime lord.

When the Feolhviaeri joined Rambo Nation around 03 AQF, Ktrn became a Rambo Nation citizen and she once again had hopes of reclaiming her freedom one day.

She was present when Zevracence was hired in the 1st month of 04 AQF by the crime lord during the Quadrantia Disorder. He showed him the exact coordinates of his target and later on gave him the means to travel to the Senate Building at Väressaë. After the Ramsoria Run had been breached due to the fall of Karzhamahri Nui into Confederate hands, she was present with a holo transmission between Zevracence and her master, Morglûkia. After the transmission which revealed Zevracence was trapped at the planet he currenty is, she feared an abuse by her master. However he ordered the bountyhunter to find a way to come into contact with a Confederate official, something she was pleased with. She could leave her master his office now to find a Confederate official. Later on when Rametru Nui was liberated, she returned to inform her master, who was pleased as the trade routes were now secured again. She then awaited her next mission.

Ktrn at the bridge witnessed the USS Attentive decloack and firing

Her next mission arrived in the twelth month of the year 04 AQF when Senator Chuinaylia wanted to hire her. At first her master, Morglûkia refused as he didn't understood why a Nation senator would want to hire a bounty hunter in service of him. But Chuinaylia showed Morglûkia a special pass which would give a free from inspections for over a year by Rambo authorities. Morglûkia complied and escorted both Chuinaylia and Ktrn outside, while placing his hand on Chuinaylia her hip. Ktrn noticed it, and found herself a little bit jealous (though she would never admit it). She travelled with Chuinaylia onboard a blockade runner to the Mortalitan Fist where they docked at the shuttle bay of the massive dreadnought. They were escorted to the bridge where they met with Mortizavaé, the captain of the Mortalitan Fist. When Chiaoik also arrived at the bridge Chuinaylia simply smiled, as at the same time the USS Attentive of Captain Junelda decloacked and openend fire at the dreadnought. Mortizavaé roared in anger, realising he was fooled but before he could get revenge, Ktrn placed a high kick at the Mortalitas captain which send him down plummeting down the stairts. At the same time the party was teleported to the USS Attentive by her teleporters and when the second battle of Ivalaë started at the same time the USS Attentive escaped the battle and brought them to safety back at the Rambo capital.

Zevracence, Ktrn and Barda in the saloon of Ramaakota

Since then she remained at Morglûkia his side, loyal and kind to her master. Though she was allowed to wear new armor and Ktrn was often send to spy on the senators in the nearby executive palace using her stealth abilities.

Later on Ktrn travelled to Ramaakota as she recieved an invitation of Zevracence. This event happened sometime during the early days of 01 NE. Zevracence and Ktrn met with another bounty hunter, by the name of Barda Clett. It seemed Barda and Zevracence came into contact once, though Zevracence didn't want to comment on the matter and simply called him a good fellah. In addition Bara commented on the fact that if they stole eachother their bounties, they would probably try to kill eachother. The three met in a saloon at Ramaakota, and Zevracence showed a generous side of himself.

Dark One and Morglûkia meet

He paid all the drinks and even hired a Yunilinage danceress. Barda seemed to enjoy himself a lot, as did Zevracence who after a few hours was quite drunk. After the evening the two left and promised to meet eachother soon again.

Now, with the Rambo as a "protectrate"- an event disliked by Ktrn a lo the smuggling and bountyhunter activities decreased, simply due to the increased Empire patrols and far harsher treatments when captured. As such Ktrn was surprised when she recieved an official invitation from Morglûkia to be present at a festival for the arrival of the Dark One, a crime lord from another galaxy and new ally of Morglûkia. As such she travelled to Anummiae and was present when the Dark One and his servants arrived. She enjoyed the party a lot and left it quite drunk.

Around the third month of 06 AQF/03 NE she arranged the quite arrival of Flovos Pretio and the Queen of the Panthrea Slaver Guild so they could meet with Morglûkia.

Personality and Traits[]


Ktrn personality can best be described as a mistreated young woman, never knew freedom since her childhood and in slavery ever since. Though in recent years Ktrn has become more cold and distances herself from her childhood, a trait she shows in her excellent markswoman skills. As such Ktrn forgot the pleasures of her childhood, like her fondness for flowers and cloathing and instead became a cold assasin in service of Morglûkia.

Ktrn wore a loose raiment when she was bought a slave, but in later years she began wearing an armor, colored in white to show her "freedom". Her upper body is protected by the metal as most snipers aim for the hears. Ktrn her legs aren't protected by armor as she needs them to be as light as possible for her powerful high and low kicks.



Green face.png “'Kind person, perhaps even friends?'

  • Chuinaylia - A kind and brave senator of Rambo Nation.

Yellow face.png “'They need to be watched!'

  • Morglûkia - My master.
  • Uruviel - A kind and cute fellow bountyhunter, not sure what to think of her.
  • Zevracence - A fellow yet dangerous and cunning bountyhunter.

Red face.pngFear me!

  • none at the moment


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Quotes from Others[]

My dear slave, you will never escape me!

- Morglûkia

Hmpf, workable

- Zevracence


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